shipcover vs USPS insurance

Shipcover vs USPS Insurance: What Are Their Differences?

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A lot of concerns arise while making a choice on what delivery service you should use for your business or company’s deliveries. Such questions include, which is safer? Are the goods going to arrive in the customer’s hand in good shape? Above all, you consider dependability.

Although the United States Postal Service (USPS) seem to be a good option, there is a host of other delivery agencies that battles expertise with them. That is why we are bringing you this article on shipcover vs USPS insurance.

This is so because the security of the goods in transit is another aspect one has to think of especially if it encounters a mishap, there has to be insurance for it.

The table of contents below will highlight more on the need for insurance while bringing you the comparisons between shipcover vs USPS insurance and how they operate. Read on!

Why do I Need a Shipping Insurance for my Goods?

Delivery is an expedient factor for customer experience and with research showing that 11% of goods encounter mishaps on transit, one has to be very intentional about getting shipping insurance.

This is because if eventually, something goes wrong, you have the customer to face and it won’t tell good of you if you don’t take responsibility. However, one way you can take up some fraction of the cost off your neck is by obtaining shipping insurance.

Each delivery carrier has its own set of laws, cycles, and procedures, and by studying them before purchasing insurance, you can better prepare for these situations.

Finding out what kind of protection comes with your package and what you might have to pay extra for when transferring is a good place to start.

Shipcover vs USPS Insurance | What should I Consider before I get Insurance?

While seeking security for good you dispatch on a daily is expedient, it won’t be a bad idea if you put certain things into consideration. These things vary but range from no cost for lost plan, additional coverage, etc.

This is especially if you are stuck in between going for either shipcover or USPS. See things you should consider in the list below.

  • Affirmation of signature: When you include mark affirmation, you can track your goods’ delivery process or when a trial was made to make it happen. This feature is usually available on request through USPS.
  • Collect on delivery allows customers to pay for their order after they receive it. With this option, you can also get an insurance coverage worth $1,000 depending on the insurance coverage you choose or the amount collected.
  • Return the Receipt: This option allows you to get an electronic or printed copy of the conveyance record with the beneficiary’s signature.
  • Pricing: This is an important consideration to make because one may not totally rule the need to consider risks ad expenses involved in shipping large quantities of goods.

While we have listed some considerations you have to make, it is expedient to acquaint yourself with any special consideration for insurance so you can prepare in advance.

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Shipcover vs USPS Insurance: Which is Better?

At the time of writing this article, there isn’t a single piece of information about which insurance option is may be better.

However, you’ll see a thorough review of what they all bring to the table in the subsequent lines.

ShipCover Insurance

  • Shipcover is slightly less expensive on pricey items, but more expensive than USPS insurance on less expensive items
  • Client testimonials reveal that this is more reliable than USPS with paying claims. This could result in the need to establish confidence and its stance as a recent shipping service.
  • The words ‘guaranteed’ are not imprinted with shipcover insurance. The customers have no slight inclination that you got insurance for it. Most importantly, anyone dealing with the package on the way will not know who can protect it.
  • There is no government recognition for this service. Before making a shipment, ensure you check the legitimate conditions of the services you intend to use as that of shipcover reveals it can collapse anytime and will have all future cases dissolve. Such doesn’t exist with the USPS insurance.

USPS Insurance

  • USPS’s insurance is slightly more expensive on less expensive items usually under $50 but slightly less expensive on more expensive items; above $100 to $200.
  • It takes a long time to get and process a claim and customers agree USPS will stall on purpose.
  • It is has the government’s backing and a longer track record of reliability
  • Before you file a claim with USPS, you’ll have to go or contact the postal center for a few times and probably do some administrative work.

How do I File a Claim with USPS?

Filing a case with the USPS is quite simple and can be done online. The web-based security guarantee method allows you to provide documents with any supporting documentation and includes the following features:

  • Visit the USPS website and sign in with your username and password. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one.
  • Fill in the blanks about the bundle. The site’s security guarantee structure requires that you input details such as; the USPS tracking number, name, date of shipment, address and other case specifics.
  • Choose the rationale for filing a case and explain what happened and the reason for the claim.
  • Send a viable proof of value such as a major receipt
  • Send an insurance proof. Always keep your receipt safe for times when you’ll be asked to send it over.

Also, remember that the USPS does not keep track of who purchases insurance, thus they have no method of looking this information up.

How do I File a Claim with Shipcover?

  • On the website, go to shipping names
  • Find the shipping label for the item and click on ‘file a claim’
  • Complete the claim structure

You will receive an email confirmation of your case, which will include the case number, guarantee sum, and guarantee number.

Remember the following while filing a claim with Shipcover:

  • To file a case for a damaged item, you must wait at least 7 days after the exchange closes.
  • To file a case for a lost item, you must wait at least 30 days from the assessed conveyance date.
  • If you sent several items but only one arrived damaged, you may only file a claim for that one item.

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Shipcover vs USPS Insurance: Cost

For all shipping services, the expense of delivery protection relies upon the worth of the sent things. The more important the things, the more costly the bundle is to guarantee.

See how much shipping insurance costs for Shipcover and USPS here:

Shipcover insurance costs:

For domestic delivery, Shipcover protection starts at $1.70 every $100 of inclusion, and for global transportation, it starts at $2.83 per $100 of inclusion. You can buy $1,000 worth of inclusion.

USPS insurance costs;

Value of contentsUSPS Insurance cost
Up to $50.00$1.65
$50.01 to $100.00$2.05
$100.01 to $200.00$2.45
$200.01 to $300.00$4.60
Every additional $100 value over $300 (for a value up to $5,000)$4.60 + $.90 per $100 increase

Shipcover vs USPS Insurance: Is Shipping Insurance Worth the Money?

Whether shipping insurance is worth the money depends on the volume of your shipments and the value of your items. A standard mail or bundle has an infinitesimal chance of being lost or damaged.

If you’re carrying many valuable items, providing insurance will almost certainly pay for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to ship goods with insurance?

It depends on the carrier and the value of the sent items. The costs of transportation insurance from all the major carriers and postal administrations have been published previously.

How does shipping insurance work with the two providers?

When a package is missing or damaged, file a claim with your transporter or backup plan to be reimbursed. You should provide documentation to back up the items’ value.
If an item is lost or stolen, it may require the transporter to search for it, which could take up to 10 days. Claims processing usually takes only a few days.


At the core of every customer’s happiness lies you having their experience at heart. Shipping insurance is one way to achieve that aim.

However, it is essential to have a laid down process to handle the eventualities that may come up. It’ll help you be more consistent in delivering your services while minimising loss in the future.


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