Brief Description

The Jackrabbit Guarantee is a commitment by SDSU to award a minimum of $1,000 in academic scholarship aid per year to eligible students.The scholarship funds come from a variety of sources – departments, colleges and the university – and will be used to meet the university’s commitment. For example, a student may receive the Butler Scholarship for $750 from an academic department. An additional $250 from another source would be awarded to the student to meet the $1,000 total.


A Jackrabbit Guarantee scholarship will be awarded to any new, incoming freshman who has earned an ACT score of 24 or higher (1090 SAT) and who attends the main SDSU campus in Brookings.

Students who attend the University Center in Sioux Falls or Rapid City or any other off-campus sites are not eligible to receive the scholarship.


1. All Jackrabbit Guarantee recipients are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0. Any student who drops below the required CGPA will automatically be dropped from the Jackrabbit Guarantee program.

2. Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours on the Brookings campus each academic year (fall and spring). Summer courses do not count toward the total. Credits can be taken in any combination. For example, 12 credits in the fall and 18 in the spring, 15 credits each semester, etc.

3. Advanced Placement (AP), CLEP and transfer credits do not count toward the 30 credit hour minimum.

4. A Jackrabbit Guarantee recipient must remain continuously enrolled at SDSU. If a student does not enroll or withdraws during any fall or spring semester, s/he will be dropped from the program.

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5. Students with special circumstances such as participation in National Student Exchange (NSE), study abroad or internships must notify the university scholarship coordinator to obtain approval prior to leaving SDSU.

How to Apply

To be considered for most SDSU scholarships, including the Jackrabbit Guarantee, admitted first-year students must complete the Freshman Academic Scholarship Application. Along with the application, students should submit a recommendation letter and personal statement.

Priority is given to applications received on or before January 15.


South Dakota State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer (Female/Male) and offers all benefits, services, educational and employment opportunities without regard for ancestry, age, race, citizenship, color, creed, religion, gender, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, or Vietnam Era veteran status.

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