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5 Below Hiring Age: How Old Do You Have to Work at 5 Below | Working Experience 

Over 13,000 people are employed by the public chain of American discount retailers known as 5 Below, which Tom Vellios and David Schlessinger founded. It consists of 1000 stores scattered across several regions. Therefore we will be talking about the hiring age of five (5) below.

They deal with many different things, including those related to sports, education, electronics, bath and body, confections and drinks, accessories, and much more. 

The age of minimum five below hiring is 16. No minors are permitted to work for the company since it is stringent about considering the employee’s age.

You must scroll down your screen and keep reading to stay current in all these areas and more. This includes learning more about the 5 Below hiring age, the work culture, employee reviews, and the benefits provided to employees.

What is the Five (5) Below Hiring Age? 

You must be 16 years old or older to work at 5 Below. Anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted to work for the company since it is strict about considering the employee’s age.

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Why is the Age Requirement Important at 5 Below?

The minimum age requirements for specific job roles may well represent the prerequisite level of maturity and experience.

Employing those who meet the age requirements can contribute to a more effective and efficient staff, particularly for positions that require employees to make decisions and solve problems quickly.

Identifying the target market for a company’s products and services is a common practice. By selecting people who meet the required age ranges, 5 Below may better understand the desires and preferences of its target market.

By establishing age restrictions, recruiting practices are consistent and fair for all candidates. It promotes equal opportunity for all applicants and prevents ageism in the workplace.

How is the Work Culture at 5 Below?

Below, we have briefly described the work culture of a few positions.

The primary responsibilities of a stocker include loading and unloading products, monitoring arriving and outgoing mail, lifting and dragging big objects, and remaining active throughout the workday.

They operate behind the scenes and are rarely visible to the customers. 

A sales associate’s job is to assist and direct consumers in locating their interests in the vast environment. They have to be gracious and patient. Also they must also be fully knowledgeable of the locations, numbers, and prices of each item on the shelf.

A cashier must appropriately bill the things purchased while considering any current discounts or incentives. Before requesting the customer to pay, they must also clarify the total products and the final bill.

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Work Experience. Testimonials from the Employees.

“Working hard at 5 below is pointless. They do not reward hard work; it is prayed upon. The only great thing about the 5 below is the team and relationships that are fostered through collective customer service trauma. But you can work with great people… anywhere.”

“I make $16 an hour and ‌function as a GM without the title. To five Below, this is normal. Managers are expected to take everything on while getting out two pallets a day. It’s ridiculous. With experience, I became the only person in the store who knew how actually to manage the store.”

“My location is basically the red-headed stepchild out of the district. We are the oldest store, and we constantly have problems (turnover of employees, theft almost every day).”

“Coworkers need documentation of expectations written down and company policies in plain sight. An infraction is grounds for being written up. 3 times and you are done.”

“Better pay, better treatment of employees, managers not taking off EVERY weekend and leaving other managers ALWAYS to work them”

What are the Job Benefits When Working at 5 Below? 

In addition to a competitive salary and a fun workplace, Five Below attracts and keeps talent by offering a range of alluring employment incentives. 

A full range of medical benefits, including dental, disability, vision, and general health insurance, are available to eligible associates. Financial perks for qualified employees include 401(k) retirement plans and product discounts. 

A bonus program for store managers, professional development opportunities, and paid vacation time are a few of the additional well-liked employment perks offered to qualified candidates. Most employment benefits are only available to full-time employees of retail establishments.

Opportunities for Career Advancement: 5 Below prioritizes internal development and routinely gives employees the possibility to advance their careers within the company.

Training and Development: The business may invest in training initiatives to assist staff members in improving their skills in relation to their respective tasks.

To recognize and acknowledge exemplary work ethic and performance, 5 Below may have employee appreciation initiatives.

An environment that is focused on working as a team: The company encourages a friendly, supportive, and cooperative work environment.

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The minimum hiring age for 5 Below is 16 for most employment. There might be a few exceptions for professions that demand particular knowledge or abilities. 

Confirming the particular age restrictions and employment options with your neighborhood store is crucial. 

Although it is not always necessary, prior job experience might be advantageous when applying for a position at 5 Below since it shows accountability and a strong work ethic. 

FAQs – Five (5) Below Hiring Age

What is 5 Below’s PA pay rate?

In Pennsylvania, Five Below earnings range from $22,000 to $38,000 annually. The income at Five Below Pennsylvania is less than the $30,430 national average salary. The director of distribution position at Five Below earns an average salary of $176,358 per year, making it the highest-paying position in Pennsylvania.

What is the pay rate at Five Below in Texas?

The typical hourly wage at Five Below ranges from $9.87 for a customer service representative or cashier to $30.00 for a truck driver. Salary data is derived from 188 data points gathered in the last 36 months from Indeed job postings, users, and direct interviews with employees.

What is the pay rate for the 5 below in Michigan?

The average hourly wage at Five Below ranges from about $9.25 for a Freight Team Associate to $27.84 for a Stocking Associate. The weekly average salary at Five Below ranges from $1,123 for sales associates to $1,990 for retail sales associates.

What is the pay rate for 5 below in Maryland?

Five Average Hourly salaries for the positions listed below range from roughly $11.79 for a Sales Associate to $18.45 for a Merchandise Manager.



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