Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description Template for 2022

Companies lose a lot of money in paying bills. Most times, they are not giving the right bill.

To avoid this scenario, the services of accounts payable clerks are employed. And, their duties and responsibilities are embedded in an account payable clerk job description.

This article will discuss in detail all that is found in a job description for accounts payable clerks. It is a great read for individuals looking forward to this career path.

It also answers pertinent questions on this job role. The table of contents below highlights all subtopics.

Why Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description?

Clarity of job yields productivity. So, employees of labour express what they need in a job description.

An accounts payable clerk job description states clearly the daily duties of an accounts payable clerk. It also reveals the minimum requirement for the position in the company.

Job seekers can find remuneration and other financial packages on a job description for an accounts payable clerk.

Generally, it is a document released to the public which helps job seekers know if they are a perfect fit for the job.

A good job description for this role must reflect the job summary, responsibilities, requirements and qualifications.

Most likely tell accounts payable clerk salary alongside tools an applicant must be conversant with.

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Who is an Accounts Payable Clerk?

The job role suggests that an accounts payable clerk is part of the accounting department of any organization.

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The position put them in charge of making sure a business pays its bills accurately and on time. In fact, they go further to ensure that the business is paying the right bill.

If a business is overcharged for electricity, it is negligence on the part of an accounts payable clerk.

Generally, they are responsible for performing a range of accounting and clerical tasks that relates to the accounts payable function.

What is another Name for Accounts Payable Clerk?

Some companies organizations call accounts payable clerks purchase ledger clerks.

You could also see roles like bank clerk and counter clerk on some job descriptions. Whichever one is used to describing this role, their roles and responsibilities are usually the same.

However, it is important you read through the job description before sending in an application letter.

Do You Need a Degree to be an Accounts Payable Clerk?

No, you don’t need a degree to become an accounts payable clerk. With a high school diploma certificate, you can get an entry-level position.

However, it is important you secure an associate degree to maximize career prospects. You can earn an associate degree in accounting, finance or business to advance.

Generally, you should be good at economics, accounting principles, spreadsheets, and computerized accounting taxes.

Is Accounts Payable Clerk an Accountant?

Though they have similar roles, they are not exactly the same thing. Most accounts payable clerks have an associate degree in accounting. This basically gives them a solid background in basic accounting practices.

While an accounts payable clerk sees to payment of bills of organizations, accountants calculate and post business transactions.

They also provide other clerical support necessary to pay the obligations of the organizations.

What Skills are needed to be an Accounts Payable Clerk?

Accounts payable clerk job description states clearly all the skills and qualification requirements for the role.

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To become a good account payable clerk, you must be able to produce accounting work that is consistent, timely and useful.

One of the most vital skills in the job is accuracy and attention to detail. Other necessary skills for this job role include:

  • meticulous attention to detail
  • organizational and planning skills
  • information collection and management skills
  • problem identification and resolution
  • written and verbal communication skills
  • vendor relationship skills
  • confidentiality
  • professional integrity
  • ability to meet deadlines
  • team work

Qualifications of an Accounts Payable Clerk

To be a good fit for this job role, you need to have knowledge of accounts payable. Also, you need to have a knowledge of general accounting procedures.

Most companies require 1-3 years of general accounting experience. With a high school diploma, you can get an entry-level position. For career advancement, it is best to get an associate degree in any related field.

Other qualifications include proficiency in data entry and management and a good knowledge of relevant accounting software

What are the Duties of an Accounts Receivable Clerk?

The duties of an accounts clerk are found in an accounts payable clerk job description.

Depending on the entry position and company, the daily responsibilities of an account clerk may vary.

However, most job descriptions templates for accounts payable clerks will itemize the following tasks:

  • flaging and clarifying any unusual or questionable invoice items or prices
  • assembling, reviewing and verifying invoices and check requests
  • sorting, coding and matching invoices
  • entering and uploading invoices into system
  • setting invoices up for payment
  • tracking expenses and processing expense reports
  • preparing and processing electronic transfers and payments
  • preparing and performing check runs
  • posting transactions to journals, ledgers and other records
  • reconciling accounts payable transactions
  • preparing analysis of accounts
  • monitoring accounts to ensure payments are up to date
  • researching and resolving invoice discrepancies and issues
  • maintaining vendor files
  • assisting with month end closing
  • corresponding with vendors and respond to inquiries
  • producing monthly reports
  • providing supporting documentation for audits
  • maintaining accurate historical records
  • maintaining confidentiality of organizational information
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How much Does an Accounts Payable Position Pay?

Your earnings as an accounts payable clerk can be influenced by a number of things. Where you work, location and job position determine your pay.

Generally, accounts payable clerks at managerial levels will earn more than clerks at entry-level positions.

Salary Guide reports an accounts payable clerk salary to be $36, 500 at entry levels position. It also projects accountants payable clerk manager salary to be $63, 750 annually.

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Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description Templates 2022

The job description templates for accounts payable clerks below will guide both job seekers and HR managers.

It will give deep insight into all you need to excel in the accounts payable clerk job role. Also, human resource managers can create a perfect job description that suits that company need with these free templates.

Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description Templates 1

Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description Templates 2

Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description Templates 3


Outsourcing sectors that help you focus on your business is essential. Employing the services of an accountant is great but you need an accounts payable clerk.

A deep study of an account payable clerk job description will reveal that they are both important in an organization. And, their roles are quite specific and unique.

Read through this piece to find answers to your questions and download the templates for free.



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