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30 After School Program Jobs That Pay Well

Are you a graduate or in the process of earning a degree from a prestigious institution? This article will cover many areas and answer most of your questions on the after-school program jobs that pay well. 

One of the things that bother graduates in recent times is the high unemployment rate, which has led many students to mid-depression and even drop out of college. Having a degree has many benefits, and earning one will open doors to various opportunities and boost your self-confidence and chances of getting a job. 

Why You Need To Have A Degree

Generally, earning a degree will increase your access to various job opportunities; this will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and prepare you for real-life events. Having a degree is often seen as a pathway to success and advancement.

These are a few school programs and degrees that can guarantee an after-school job:

  1. Doctoral degree: an academic degree awarded by universities, usually taking four to six years to complete.
  2. Bachelor’s degree: this is an undergraduate academic degree that can be earned in universities and  colleges after the completion of a course of study which usually takes  three to six years. The two bachelor’s degrees are the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS or BSc)
  3. Associate degree: this is an undergraduate academic degree that can be in universities and colleges after the completion of a course, An Associate’s Degree is a two year degree. 
  4. Master’s degree: this academic degree can be earned after completing a bachelor’s degree, and it usually takes close to one to two years for completion.
  5.  Other types of school program includes: Informal Education, Non-Formal, Special Education, Elementary School, Secondary Education and Post-Secondary Education.

After School Program Jobs that pay well

Here are 30 after-school program jobs that pay well:

1. Underwater Welder

This is one of the high-paying after-school program jobs that require hard work. The underwater welder, also known as a Hyperbaric welder, is an expert of welds at elevated pressures underwater. 

Duties of Underwater Welder:

  • They practice safe and efficient welding underwater.
  • He/she also performs cutting, fitting, and rigging to salvage sunken equipment.
  • They adjust all materials and equipment for welding and diving.

Average salary:  $53,990 annually.

2. Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist monitor,  evaluate, and observe patients before, during, and after surgery, while delivering anesthesia, leading the Anesthesia Care Team, and ensuring optimal patient safety. 

Duties of an Anesthesiologist:

  • Anesthesiologists’ main focus is on anesthesia care, pain management, and critical care medicine. They also Approve necessary sedatives and regional or local anesthetics to patients when needed.
  • They assess patients, diagnose, support breathing and circulation, and help prevent infection. 
  • An anesthesiologist must supervise medical files and lab results.
  • They advise their patients of risks associated with anesthesia.
  • They contribute to emergency medicine, and  providing airway and cardiac resuscitation and support and advanced life support, while helping patients deal with pain.

Average salary: $267,020 annually.

3. Commercial Pilot

 A commercial pilot is someone authorized to fly a regularly scheduled passenger service, and also Create flight plans, detailing flight altitude, planned route, and fuel required.

Duties of a commercial pilot:

  • A commercial pilot inspects aircraft, engines (when needed), instruments, and control systems before flights.
  • They also Calculate speed necessary for flight based on altitude,wind speed,  flight path., temperatures, and weight of plan.

Average salary: $69,774.00 annually.

4. Arbitrator

This position might not be familiar in most countries but it pays well to be an Arbitrator. Who is an Arbitrator? 

This is a professional who settles legal disputes outside the courts and in some cases beyond international countries. An arbitrator plays the role of a neutral person, who makes decisions on a disagreement based on the evidence presented by the parties.

Duties of an Arbitrator:

  • One of their responsibility is to learn and comply with these standards of ethical conduct for arbitrators in commercial disputes set forth in the Code of Ethics. They write a notice of arbitration clarifying what is expected of the parties and specifying all matters of the debate.
  • An arbitrator organizes and controls arbitration meetings or hearings where both sides present their evidence and also summarise each side’s position in a written document.
  • They make research and compiling  the evidence from the claimant and the respondent.

Average salary: £28,000.

5. Orthodontist

This job position is listed as one of the top-paying after-school program jobs. An Orthodontist is an expert that coordinates the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws, and misaligned bite patterns of a patient.

Duties of an Orthodontist:

  • Generally, Orthodontist are specialized in diagnosing, preventing and treating dental and facial irregularities of their patients.

Average salary:  $208,000 annually.

6. Freelance photographer

As a freelance photographer, you can decide to work for yourself, any organization, or private events. Freelance photography is the taking of photographs as a contract or self-employed photographer.
Duties of a freelance photographer:

  • They attend special occasions and make use of their special talents.

Average salary: $42,869.

7. Teacher

Teaching is a typical job worldwide and they are often regardless as an Educator because they are professionals who assist students to attain more knowledge, competence, or virtue. Teachers help students learn by imparting knowledge to them.

Duties of a teacher:

  • They support and mentor students

Average salary:  $38,617 annually.

8. Cardiologist

One of the high-paying medical positions is Cardiologist, and they often Diagnose and treat disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Cardiologists Conduct early-detection screenings of patients.

Duties of a Cardiologist

  • They develop ongoing treatment and disease-management plans.
  • A cardiologist performs patient exams and order or conduct diagnostic testing.
  • They prescribe medicine and conduct referrals as necessary.

 Average salary: $351,827 annually.

9.  Chartered Accountant

they are professionals in the laws and regulations governing businesses in various countries around the world. Chartered accountant deals in accounting systems and processes, financial reporting, taxation, corporate finance, business recovery,  insolvency, auditing, and forensic accounting.

Duties of a Chartered Accountant:

  • They assist with financial advice and collaborate with clients.
  • It is the duty of a chartered accountant to review the company’s systems and analyse risk and also report financial details.
  • They advise clients on tax planning and also audit accounts when needed.

 Average salary:  £84,500 yearly.

10. Marketing and advertising

You can become a marketer after your school Program and a marketer helps to prepare a product for the marketplace while an advertiser produces content for your goods and services and make them known to customers. They both monitor market trends and develop advertising campaigns based on demographic data provided by clients.

Duties of a marketer and advertiser 

  • They organize events with client companies and discuss goals.
  • A marketer and advertiser performs market research and also design relevant content and prepare advertisements as needed.
  • They create advertising plans and content to reach those demographics.

Average salary: $88,509 per year.

11. Sales associate

You can become a Sales associate with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. A Sales Associate is an individual who helps customers throughout the buying process. Sales associates always find ways to achieve the department’s sales goals monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Duties of a sales associate:

  • They welcome customers to the store and answer their queries.
  • As a sales associate, you are supposed to survey customers’ needs and provide assistance and information on product features.
  • They offer unique sales service to customers

Average salary: $38,375.

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12. Physical therapist

With an after-school program, you can become a physical therapist to patients, and also help take care of patients in all aspects of healing, from initial diagnosis through the restorative and preventive stages of recovery while reviewing patients’ medical histories.

Duties of a physical therapist:

  • Physical therapists usually develop treatment plans for patients.
  • They outline visible goals for patients and the expected outcomes of the plan.
  • They test patients by observing their movements and listening to their concerns.

Average salary: $89,440.

13. Physician Assistant

This is a high-paying job, as a physician assistant, your primary duty is to diagnose illnesses, develop and manage treatment plans for patients, and they are also licensed to prescribe medications, and in most cases assist with surgery.

Duties of a physician assistant

  • They diagnose illnesses and manage treatment plans.
  • A physician assistant order and interpret laboratory tests and X-rays of patients.
  • They prescribe medications relevant to the disease.

Average salary:  $112,260.

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14. Software Developer

Software developers earn well in recent times, they are experts with inventive minds behind software programs, and they have the technical skills to build those programs or to oversee their creation by a team, they often write and test code.

Duties of a software developer:

  • They write and develop software
  • They work with other experienced developers while using development tools for programs.

Average salary:  $107,510.

15. Nurse Practitioner (NP)

With an after-school program, you can become a Nurse practitioner.  NP’s are registered nurses and are well trained to assess patient needs, diagnose disease, order and interpret diagnostic and lab tests. 

Duties of a nurse practitioner:

  • NPs diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions. And also prescribe medications relevant to the illness. 
  • They order, perform and interpret diagnostic laboratory tests and manage patients’ overall care.

Average salary: $111,680 per year. 

16. Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and health services managers are professionals who assist with planning, directing, and coordinating medical and health benefits. They support patients by helping them access health care within the limits of their insurance.

Duties of a medical and health services manager:

  • They plan and implement staff meetings and also create budgets.
  • Additionally, they generate billing for services and scheduling providers.
  • They provide customer service to patients and communicate directly with insurance company representatives.

Average salary: $104,280 per year.

17. Physician

Also known as a medical practitioner/ doctor, is an expert who practices medicine, which usually includes maintaining, promoting, or restoring health through the diagnosis, research, prognosis, and treatment of disease, injury, and other physical and mental disabilities.

Duties of a Physician:

  • They prescribe medications and interpret diagnostic tests.
  • Physicians usually advice patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare
  • They study medical histories of patients before proceeding with treatment.

Average salary: $237,000.

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18. Statistician

A Statistician specializes in collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting quantitative information.

Duties of a statistician:

  • They consult with clients and agree on what database will be collected.
  • A statistician designs and implement experiments, surveys and trials in order produce relevant data.
  • They collect and analyze data while interpreting the data 
  • They also monitor the collected data and are always private with the source(s).

Average salary:  $91,160.

19. Speech-Language Pathologist

You can become a Speech-Language Pathologist with an after-school program. SLPs work with people of all ages, from babies to adults, and they cute several types of communication and swallowing problems, such as Speech sounds, language, social communication, and other speech-related issues.

Duties of a speech-language pathologist

  • SLPs work on patient screenings to examine and diagnose speech-related illness.
  • They help patients (children & adults) improve speech skills.
  • They detect and treat speech, language, and swallowing disorders.
  • Design tailored treatment plans for the unique needs of each patient.
  • They support and educate family members with such disorder.

Average salary: $74,000.

20. Neurosurgeons

A neurosurgeon is a medical practitioner who focuses on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders of the central and nervous system which usually include tumors, congenital anomalies, vascular disorders, infections of the brain or spine, stroke, declining diseases of the spine, or trauma.

Duties of a neurosurgeon:

  •  Neurosurgeons perform surgery on the brain, spinal cord in order remove tumors, relieve chronic pain, and treat ounds.
  • They also use surgery to relieve hydrocephalus, which is the abnormal build-up of cerebral spinal fluid in the brain. 
  • They are mostly Brain surgeons who specialize on the correction of deformities and treatment of diseases of the spinal cord.

Average salary:  $614,661 yearly.

21. Financial analyst

A Financial analyst is an expert responsible for tracking a company’s financial performance against a plan, analyzing business performance and market conditions to create forecasts, and undertaking financial analysis for external or internal clients. They normally assist senior management with strategic decisions.

Duties of a financial analyst

  • They analyze past results and work closely with the accounting team to ensure correct financial reporting.
  • Financial analysts advice clients evaluate current and historical financial data.
  • They study economic and business trends and also observe a company’s financial statements to determine its value.

Average salary: $83,660 per year and $40.22 per hour

22. Dermatologist

Dermatologists are medical practitioners who work with the skin and diseases of the skin. Dermatologist make research and diagnose skin disorders of the skin and also detect Cancers, cosmetic and aging conditions of the skin, and provides treatments.

Duties of a Dermatologist

  • They prescribe medication for the treatment of disorder
  • They refer patients to specialists in other fields if their condition does not require their experience 
  • The examine patients’ skin diseases, conditions, and ailments to determine appropriate treatment and also monitor their patient medical progress.

Average salary– $281,906 annually.

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23. Nurse anaesthetists

Nurse anesthetists work under the supervision of a doctor or anesthesiologist to guarantee a safe administration of anesthesia. A nurse anesthetist provides patients with anesthetic care before, during, and after procedures.

Duties of a nurse anesthetists

  • Nurse ananesthetists assist with pain management, stabilization services, and ensures patients’ recovery.
  • They observe patient’s vitals and continually evaluate patients as they recover.

Average salary: $183,580 per year.

24. Dentists

Dentists are trained professionals that take care of the teeth and mouth by removing buildup/decay from teeth and Repairing/ removing damaged teeth
Duties of a Dentist:

  • Dentists Review X-rays and diagnostics and work with the laboratory results
  • They Give anesthesia before proceeding with surgery
  • They Check the growth of teeth and jawbones.

Average Salary: $183,300 annually

25. Pediatricians

A pediatrician is a medical doctor who manages the physical, behavioral, and mental care for children from birth until age 18. A pediatrician is trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases.

Duties of a Pediatrician:

  • They give recommended immunizations and inform you of your child’s nutrition, health and needs.
  • They ensure your child is meeting developmental milestones in growth, behavior, and skills, They also perform physical exams.

Average salary: $177,130 per year.

26. Database Administrator

With an after-school program, you can become a data administrator, and they deal with storing, organizing, installing, and testing new versions of the database management system.

Duties of a Database Administration

  •  They detect users need in order to develop databases
  •  A database administrator monitors the operations of a database efficiently
  •  They design database for storage

Average salary: $93,750 yearly

27. Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers are high-income earners, and they are mostly involved in all aspects of oil and gas field evaluation, development, and production. They collaborate with Geoscientists, production and reservoir engineers, and commercial managers to interpret well-logging results and estimate production potential.

Duties of petroleum engineers:

  • Petroleum engineers compile well-logged development plans of reservoir performance 
  •  They choose relevant equipment in the well for various functions

Average salary: $137,720 yearly

28. Obstetrician/Gynecologists

They are specialist that deals with treatments, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases and disorders that affect women. They control and apply treatments to diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and menopause. 

Duties of an Obstetrician/Gynecologists

  •  They monitor and treat pregnant mothers, childbirth, and postpartum.
  •  Obtetricians and gynecologists manage routine check-ups on patients.
  •  They diagnose and prescribe treatments for diseases.
  •  They keep and revisit medical histories of patients.

Average salary: $208,000.

29. Editorial assistant

Editorial assistants are responsible for providing direct assistance to the main editors. In most cases they provide administrative assistance to editors by answering phones, taking messages, running errands, and performing other tasks. 

Duties of editorial assistant:

  • As an Editorial assistant, you  are responsible for providing direct assistance to editors. 

30. Flight engineers

They are in charge of monitoring and conducting complex aircraft systems. They are often referred to as air mechanics.

Duties of Flight engineer:

  •  Flight engineers perform pre-flight and post-flight inspections when the aircraft is away from home station and also control the systems while in flight.
  •  They monitor and inspect all aircraft engine.
  • Flight engineers communicate with the pilot constantly.
  • They make necessary adjustments if  needed.

Average salary:  $80,790 yearly.

31. Learning mentor

As a graduate, you can become a Learning mentor who provides support and guidance to children and young people who are experiencing difficulties in learning due to social, emotional, or behavioral problems or other issues.
Duties of a Learning mentor:

  • Learning mentors help children and young teenagers overcome behavioural, social or emotional problems that are affecting their learning and also discuss and help decide how to understand their needs.
  • They make use of basic strategies and support learners in self-esteem and confidence-building activities,while helping learners who are not doing well in their subjects, either on a one-to-one basis outside the classroom or within lessons.
  •  They learn to listen to children and assist them with various issues that are creating barriers to their growth.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to have a degree for a high-paying job?

Earning a degree will increase your access to various job opportunities, not only will this help you discover your strength and weakness but it will also prepare you for real-life events.

What After-school program jobs pay well?

There are several jobs that pay well, such as petroleum engineers, chartered accountants, flight engineers, and more.

Can I get a job immediately after school?

Yes, you can get a job immediately after school.

How long does it take to get a degree?

It depends on the type of degree, it usually takes up to 2 to 6 years.


It is always nice when you get a good job after school, so it is nice to get the necessary degree and in some cases skills required for the job. There is a high demand for your services and skills as a graduate in many organizations.


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