how to apply for unemployment in Georgia 2023

How To Apply For Unemployment In Georgia 2023 | Full Guide

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Employees who are temporarily jobless through no fault of their own may be eligible for unemployment benefits in Georgia, as in every other state.

Each state has requirements for historical pay, benefit levels, and other data. The following are the main guidelines for collecting unemployment benefits in Georgia.

Read below to find out how to apply for unemployment benefits in Georgia.

What Exactly Is Unemployment Insurance?

Unemployment insurance provides a temporary source of income for employees who are unemployed through no fault of their own. 

These people are either looking for another job, have a firm recall within six weeks of their last day of employment, or are engaged in approved training. 

Employer taxes are used to fund unemployment benefits.

Employees are not responsible for any expenses.

How Can I Apply For Unemployment Benefits In Georgia?

You can file an unemployment claim in person at any Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) job center or online from any computer with internet access.

You must have a valid email address to file a jobless claim online. Because They will send private and confidential information about your claim to your email address, be sure it is yours.

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How Can I Qualify to Apply For Unemployment Benefits In Georgia In 2023?

There are various qualifications for unemployment in Georgia, but the following three are critical:

  • You must have earned enough money during the base period to file a claim.
  • You must be unemployed by no fault of your own.
  • You must be able to work, available, and actively looking for work each week you apply for assistance.

How To Apply/File For Unemployment In Georgia 2023| Application Process for UI

Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Find out how to register a new regular UI claim, reactivate an old one, or both after pausing your weekly compensation requests.

  • You must have completely lost contact with your employer;
  • Must still be employed, but your employer has reduced your hours;
  • You must have lost your regular full-time job, but you are still working a part-time or temporary job with pay less than your weekly benefit; or

Neither state nor federal legislation presently provides emergency unemployment compensation (EUC).

Neither state nor federal legislation permits using State Extended Benefits (SEB).

What Information Should I Have on Hand When I File a Claim For Unemployment In Georgia?

When filing a claim, all persons should bring a copy of the following;

  • Current government-issued picture identification
  •  Employer Separation Notice if one was provided.

Former Military Personnel:

At least one of the following documents, including your W-2 form(s), most recent DD-214 Member 4, “orders to report,” “orders of release,” military earnings and leave a statement, and W-2 form, from your most recent military service (s).

Previous Federal Employees

You should have a W-2 form, Standard Form 50, or pay stubs (if you worked for the federal government during the last 18 months).

Union Members

Union membership card (if you are a union member, that assists in finding employment).

Those Affected By Disaster

Suppose you are self-employed or a farmer applying for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA). In that case, you must attach a copy of your most recent completed income tax return or proof of quarterly estimated income tax payment (s).


A copy of the front and back of your job authorization papers.

Who Is Eligible To Submit Application For Unemployment In Georgia Online?

You may file a Georgia Internet claim if you have received payment from Georgia in the preceding two years.

For those who are unable to submit a Georgia claim online, the following information is provided:

If you live in Georgia but haven’t worked there in the last two years, go to a Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) career center for information on filing a claim against the relevant state. They will also enroll you in employment services.

What Browser Do I Need to File/Apply an Online Claim for Unemployment in Georgia?

You can use any browser that supports adobe reader to apply for unemployment in Georgia.

Pop-up blockers must be set to accept pop-ups, and You must turn JavaScript on.

The claim filing procedure contains PDFs that may need to be printed, and Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. You can obtain software for free. Please confirm that this software is available before beginning the claim submission procedure.

What is the Method for Payments of Unemployment Insurance in Georgia?

Following your claim submission, you must declare your eligibility for each week you want to receive benefits and give evidence of your job search for each week you wish to receive benefits.

Benefits can be applied online, in person at a GDOL Career Center, or via the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Direct deposit and debit card payments are also accepted. The ideal method is direct deposit into your personal checking or savings account.

If you do not sign up for a direct deposit, they will pay payments to your Georgia UI Way2Go Debit MasterCard®, which acts like a traditional debit card.

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How To Apply For Unemployment In Georgia| Work Search Requirements

It would help if you genuinely tried to find work as soon as feasible. Only the weeks in which you actively sought employment are payable. Unless the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) expressly exempts you from this duty under state law, you must make at least three new reportable job contacts per week.

These discussions must take place with uncontacted employers. Employers can be contacted in person, by phone, online, or by sending their resumes through fax, mail, or email.

You must keep a detailed record of your job search efforts and produce documentation of three verified contacts through email or fax as part of your weekly certification.

To do so, you must devise a workable strategy for your job search. Making as many employer contacts as possible will be an important aspect of your re-employment strategy.

Keep detailed work records. GDOL validates contacts from job searches. You could be selected for an audit or eligibility check at any time. The particulars of an employment search record are determined by the activities involved.

In your record of employer contacts, you should keep the following information:

  • position title
  • date
  • person contacted
  • method of contact
  •  firm name or other identifying information, such as a job reference number,
  • person contacted

What Are The Criteria I Must Meet To Apply For Unemployment In Georgia?

For anyone to be eligible for state unemployment insurance (UI), people must meet the following criteria:

  • Be financially capable (have enough wages from past employers to qualify).
  • Capable of carrying out tasks
  • Be available for the task.
  • Look for on-the-job opportunities.
  • Let us know about your weekly employment search.
  • Create an Employ Georgia account and accept a suitable job if one is offered.

Georgia law allows claimants to obtain unemployment insurance benefits for up to 26 weeks. Those who qualify receive a weekly compensation of $55 to $365 per week, depending on their former wages.

For those looking to re-enter the workforce, the GDOL provides many online services.

Claimants can use Employ Georgia’s job advertising, resume writing assistance, career counseling, skill evaluations, fair job information, job training programs, accessibility, and special accommodations for people with disabilities and veterans re-entering the workforce.

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How to File an Appeal in Georgia for Unemployment Benefits Denial

You have 15 days to seek an appeal if the Appeals Tribunal rejects your unemployment claim. You must send your request for an appeal in writing (in letter format) to a GDOL Career Center through mail or fax.

After receiving your appeal request, the GDOL will arrange a hearing before the Appeals Tribunal. The Appeals Tribunal will hear testimony from you and your employer at your hearing. The Appeals Tribunal will then issue a formal judgment, and they will mail a copy to you.

If you disagree with the ruling, you may appeal it to the Board of Review by the deadline in the Appeals Tribunal’s decision. The Board of Review will review the entire case, but no more hearings will be placed. If you disagree with the Board of Review’s decision, you can appeal it to the Georgia Superior Court in the county where you worked.

Visit the GDOL’s website.

What Benefits Are Available To Me After I Lose My Job In Georgia?

Go to the local Georgia Department of Labor office to apply for unemployment benefits. A list of offices is available at or by contacting (404) 232-4490 in Atlanta or 1(866) 873-5676 toll-free.

To apply, you will need your Social Security number, proof of your immigration status if you are not a US citizen, and the separation letter or notice if you received one.

If you lose your employment, you should apply as quickly as feasible.

Benefits are only paid after an application is submitted. You must be unemployed when you apply (or on an unpaid suspension).

To be eligible for benefits, you must have worked and earned enough money in the previous year and a half (base period). Unemployment benefits are paid every week.

Depending on your earnings throughout the base period, you might receive as little as $49.00 or as much as $330.00 weekly. Each week you receive unemployment benefits, you must indicate that you can work, are actively looking for work, and are available.

Unemployment benefits are unavailable if you cannot work owing to a physical condition, are on a leave of absence at your request, or are on vacation.

If you worked part-time for the bulk of the base period, you might look for equivalent part-time work; otherwise, you must be looking for available full-time work.

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What Precisely Is The Claim Status Tracker?

The Claim Status Tracker, which you can access through MyUI, was designed to keep you updated on the status of your unemployment claim.

You will be able to learn whether your claim was received, processed, and whether an eligibility determination was made public, as well as whether an appeal was filed.

The Claim Status Tracker only displays information for claims confirmed during the last 52 weeks of the current date.

Check My UI Claim Status

How Long Must It Be Before I Can Be Paid Unemployment Benefits, And What Is The Duration Of Payment?

Before payment is due, six weeks must pass. As a result, when calculating the maximum number of weeks potentially payable, a person with sufficient earnings for the base period may be eligible for anywhere between 6 and 14 to 26 weeks, depending on the circumstances.

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How Many Weeks Can a Normal Unemployment Claim Be Established For?

The maximum number of weeks that can be lawfully established for a claim is determined by the seasonal adjusted statewide unemployment rate in effect when the regular UI claim is filed. It can range between 14 and 26 weeks.

The Georgia seasonal adjusted unemployment insurance rate for the previous April will be applied to claims filed between July 1 and December 31.

The prior October’s seasonal adjusted UI rate in Georgia will be applied to claims made between January 1 and June 30.

The minimum payment period is six weeks.

FAQs On How To Apply For Unemployment In Georgia 2023

What is a base period?

We examine the base period when considering whether you have received sufficient wages to sustain a claim. Georgia’s base period is the first four of the most recent five completed calendar quarters when your claim is filed.
Only when the typical basis period is insufficient to sustain a claim will the most recently completed four calendar quarters be used as an alternative base period.

How long do I need to have worked before I can prove a claim in Georgia?

The basis for your claim is the covered wages you received during the base period, corresponding to the first four of the five completed calendar quarters as of the day your claim was filed.
You had to have worked for qualifying pay in at least two of the four quarters of the base period. The base period’s overall pay must be at least 1.5 times higher than the top quarter’s.
A supplementary calculation will be performed when the one-and-a-half time criterion is the only reason for denying a claim. Only when the typical basis period is insufficient to sustain a claim will the most recently completed four calendar quarters be used as an alternative base period.

What are Georgia’s weekly minimum and maximum benefits?

The weekly benefit amounts are $55 and $365, respectively. The amount an individual will receive depends on the wages earned in the base period.


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