15 Best Bakersfield Solar Companies | 2023 Careers, Location

Thanks to solar energy companies, we can use one of nature’s most plentiful and cost-free resources—the sun. Non-renewable resources have hurt the ecosystem for too long, having irreversible repercussions because of their excessive use. To use this resource, here are the best Bakersfield solar companies.

The finest solar installation firms in Bakersfield to consider are those who assist you in making the most of the solar tax credit, California’s solar net metering program, and regional solar incentives.

Continue to read to learn everything you need to know about the best solar companies in Bakersfield.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Bakersfield, CA?

In Bakersfield, California, solar energy is undoubtedly worthwhile. In truth, solar panels are a good investment in most places.

However, your break-even point may vary depending on the power cost, subsidy availability, the local climate, and the sun’s angle. Installing a typical solar system can save you tons of money over the next 20 years.

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Best Bakersfield Solar Companies

Here are our top picks on the best solar companies in Bakersfield in 2023:

  1. Sunrun
  2.  Solar Optimum
  3.  SolarQuote
  4.  All Seasons Solar
  5.  American Array Solar & Roofing
  6.  Peak Power USA
  7.  Vivint Solar
  8.  Sunpower
  9.  Solarguru
  10.  Baize Electric and Solar Technologies
  11.  Jeff Periera Home Energy
  12.  Staples Energy
  13.  Sun Solar
  14.  Fuzion Energy
  15.  Golden State Power

#1. Sunrun

This business provides individualized service, unique solar design concepts, and an industry-leading warranty.

They guarantee to walk you through the procedure, and their website offers a free estimate. With minimal to no upfront expenditures, they provide both solar batteries and panels.

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#2. Solar Optimum

One of the top solar companies in Bakersfield, Solar Optimum serves the entire state of California. The business has Enphase, Tesla Energy Powerwall, Panasonic solar panels, and REC solar installation certifications, providing a cost-per-watt rate of $3.53.

On solar inverters, solar panels, mounting systems, roofs, and labor, Solar Optimum provides a guarantee of up to 25 years. The organization has experience with solar energy storage and providing standard on-grid solar system installation.

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#3. SolarQuote

SolarQuote is one of the top solar companies in Bakersfield and the neighboring counties since it provides one of the most affordable pricing quotations. The cost-per-watt rate for the corporation might be as low as $2.90, based on the residential area.

SolarQuote provides up to a 25-year guarantee on labor, the battery system, and solar components besides a 25-year maintenance plan, despite its competitive cost per watt rate. Additionally, connected to Sungage Financial and SolarEdge is the business.

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#4. All Seasons Solar

All Seasons Solar offers full-service solar installation in Bakersfield and other California counties. Besides providing installation, repair, and maintenance services for solar systems, the company’s service menu covers electrical contracting and energy audits.

It is one of the best Bakersfield solar companies.

The cost-per-watt rate for All Seasons Solar is typical $3.75 in the Californian counties around Bakersfield. The business has ties to several solar component producers, including REC, Enphase Energy, SunPower, and Q Cells.

Additionally, the business has ties to several financial institutions, including LoanPal, Dividend Solar, and Sungage Financial.

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#5. American Array Solar & Roofing

One of the most superb alternatives is American Array Solar & Roofing, which has an industry-leading guarantee of up to 30 years. It is considered one of the best Bakerfields solar companies.

The firm is one of the competitive solar installers in Bakersfield and nearby counties since it also provides competitive cost-per-watt prices, ranging from $3.50 to $4.50.

Along with its main solar installation service, American Array Solar & Roofing also provides energy auditing, financing, electrical contracting, and minor roof repair services.

The business has ties to several solar component producers, including SunPower Corporation, LG Solar, Panasonic, Enphase Energy, Solaria, and SolarEdge Technologies.

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#6. Peak Power USA

Being one of the oldest firms, Peak Power USA is a reputable provider of solar panels in Bakersfield, California, and neighbouring counties. Because the company’s corporate office is in Bakersfield, it is devoted to serving Kern County.

Peak Power USA provides home solar installation services for about $3.80 per watt. The firm is a certified installation of the Tesla Powerwall and specializes in providing solar energy storage alternatives.

Customers also receive a 25-year labor, materials, and solar components guarantee.

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#7. Vivint Solar

Regarding operating scale and network, Vivint Solar is one of the biggest solar enterprises in Bakersfield and throughout California.

The firm provides a cost-per-watt rate of $4.51 and various payment methods, including a loan, lease, PPA, and total cash payment.

Customers may receive a solar system, roofing, and battery system warranty from Vivint Solar for up to 20 years. Since it is now a part of Sunrun, the business is partnered with its new parent organization.

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#8. Sunpower

One of the biggest and greatest solar firms in Bakersfield and around California is Sunpower. The business specializes in installing on-grid solar systems and offers its clients a range of flexible payment options, including complete cash purchases, loans, PPAs, and leases.

In addition to a 25-year guarantee on the solar system, solar inverter, roofing, battery system, and labor, Sunpower provides a standard cost-per-watt rate of $4.07. The business also provides a new lease option with monthly payments beginning at $99.

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#9. Solarguru

Solarguru is also among the best solar companies in Bakersfield. Since they began installing solar PV systems 35 years ago, they have worked tirelessly to raise the standard of every aspect of their customer service, from the first call to the final installation.

They aim to make a fully educated selection, which takes much diligent work to keep up with all the products in their emerging and new industry.

They adhere to a single principle: energy in its pure, natural form, capturing the rays; and aiding you in leading a more independent life powered by the sun.

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#10. Baize Electric and Solar Technologies

Locally owned and managed, Baize Electric and Solar Technologies provide design and installation services to Bakersfield residents and owners of commercial properties.

It is also among the best solar companies in Bakersfield.

It offers solar energy system solutions from several manufacturers, such as Enphase, Solaredge, Qcells, and LG. Also, it performs energy audits to assist clients in locating and addressing energy waste. Furthermore, it aids with panel updates.

The firm’s workforce, founded in 2004, has over 30 years of combined industry expertise.

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#11. Jeff Periera Home Energy

Since 2009, Bakersfield homes and businesses have been able to purchase and have solar energy systems installed by Jeff Periera Home Energy.

The business, a SunPower-approved dealer, creates monitored solar panel units tailored to each client’s specific roofing configuration and long-term energy needs.

To boost conductivity and durability at low and severe temperatures, every SunPower unit has a copper backing.

For owners of electric vehicles, the company’s Tesla-approved electricians also install interoperable chargers with automobile manufacturers like BMW, Audi, and Honda.

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#12. Staples Energy

In Bakersfield, Staples Energy is a solar energy provider for houses, businesses, and public buildings. It has been installing solar panels that increase home value and let consumers benefit from tax rebates for over 20 years.

Additionally, the business supplies electric car charging stations from ChargePoint and Loop and energy efficiency initiatives.

Staples Energy employs weatherization experts, journeymen electricians, HVAC professionals, and Energy Advisors who use the Energy Snapshot program to collect and analyze data.

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#13. Sun Solar

Sun Solar serves owners of homes and businesses in the Bakersfield region. A locally owned company installs SunPower Equinox Systems, which have a simple design and enable customers to add backup power.

To provide customers control over how much energy is used in their homes, its team also installs Tesla Powerwalls and SunVault Storage. The professionals also install solar energy systems for carports and the ground.

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#14. Fuzion Energy

Fuzion Energy is also another one of the best solar companies in Bakersfield. It offers solar solutions to customers in Bakersfield, CA.

The company’s creator, Jason Wilkerson, has over ten years of experience in the solar power sector and has personally supervised over 25,000 solar installations. From panel selection through installation, he helps clients at every step.

Panasonic Solar considers Wilkerson’s company an exceptional installer and a Solar Edge recommended partner.

A nonprofit called GivePower receives funding from Fuzion Energy and provides clean water to tens of thousands of people in low-income regions worldwide.

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#15. Golden State Power

Clients in Bakersfield and the nearby metros have their solar energy requirements supplied by Golden State Power. For over 20 years, the business has created and built unique renewable energy generators for homeowners, offering specialized solutions for various customer needs.

Its team installs solar power systems on building rooftops, parking lots, open fields, and other commercial or governmental facilities.

Golden State Power executes turnkey, customized projects nationwide while installing wind equipment.

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How to Choose the Best Solar Companies in Bakersfield

You need to search for specific criteria while selecting one of the top CA Solar Solutions for installing solar panels. There may be many solar companies in Bakersfield, but not all will offer you satisfying solar solutions.

You must consider the following criteria while installing solar panels in Bakersfield, California:


Ensure they have experience in this field before choosing one of the top CA Dust Bowl Solar Solutions for solar panel installation. The NABCEP, a body certifying solar installers, must certify most of CA Dust Bowl Solar Solutions.

They won’t just possess one of these accreditations; they’ll also have others.

Look into their reputation.

The internet reputation they have developed with customers like you is the next item to check for if you’re searching for one of the finest solar businesses in Bakersfield, California. Customers can submit comments on service providers they’ve previously used on specific review sites, if not the majority.

You must choose another firm for your needs if unfavourable reviews of this company are placed on these platforms. But there are pros and cons to online reviews. Read the good and negative comments because they could benefit your decision-making process.

Before hiring a firm for solar panel installation in the Bakersfield, CA region, it is recommended that you check out local recommendations and reviews about them.

You can also get a recommendation for a specific business they have previously collaborated with from a competent Bakersfield, California, solar installation in this sector.

Warranty of workmanship

For the installation of solar panels, some firms provide a workmanship warranty. Depending on your chosen firm, the guarantee may last one to 25 years.

Liability Protection

Ensure that the business you choose is insured. This liability insurance will safeguard both parties in case of an accident while installation or maintenance work is being done. Most of them must carry these insurances by law.

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How Much Does Solar Installation Cost in Bakersfield?

In Bakersfield, California, solar panel businesses typically charge between $2.82 and $3.50 per watt. This is only sometimes the case for everyone, though, as the cost of solar panels in Bakersfield relies on their total capacity and where you live.

Remember that a variety of additional factors will influence the ultimate cost. The overall cost increases with the surface size you wish to cover. Always confirm a company’s dependability and if they employ high-quality products before deciding on a price. Different firms charge in various methods.

If the price appears too low, the materials used may not have been of high quality, or the manufacturer may not warranty the product.

The system you wish to install may also affect the cost. Due to their higher efficiency, commercial solar systems are often costlier than residential ones.

Despite the rather hefty price, you may expect to save more than $90,000 on average over 25 years.

What Is The Average Cost Of Solar In Bakersfield CA?

As of March 2023, the average solar panel cost in Bakersfield, CA is $2.93/W. Given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW), an average solar installation in Bakersfield, CA ranges in cost from $12,452 to $16,848, with the average gross price for solar in Bakersfield, CA, coming in at $14,650.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last In Bakersfield, CA?

Solar panels generally last 10 to 15 years. This shortened lifespan is due to how hard inverters continually work to convert energy from solar panels into usable electricity for your home. On average, solar inverters cost $1,000 to $2,000 to replace.

The longer your solar panels generate electricity effectively, the more money you will save. According to Forbes, most residential solar panels should operate for 25 years before degradation (or reduced energy production) is noticeable.

FAQs – Bakersfield Solar Companies

Is there a downside to having solar?

Cons include that solar energy can only be produced when the sun is shining, requires a large amount of land, and that some solar technologies call for rare elements.

Is solar cheaper than an electric bill?

Due to the growing cost of electricity, individuals discover that solar energy is far more inexpensive than electric power in the long term, despite requiring an initial investment to gain and install.

Who is the most reputable solar company?

Solar Optimum
All Seasons Solar
American Array Solar & Roofing
Peak Power USA
Vivint Solar
Baize Electric and Solar Technologies
Jeff Periera Home Energy
Staples Energy
Sun Solar
Fuzion Energy
Golden State Power


Given the solar potential of this city, the money you will save, and that you will assist the environment, installing solar panels in Bakersfield is a wise choice.

While California may not be the least expensive state for solar panel installation, there are incentives you can enjoy to help you fund this procedure. Your new solar panels might be installed within a few days once you select the best business!


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