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10 Best Answers To “Why Are You Looking For a New Job?” Question in an Interview 2023

In a job interview, you can bet that the interviewer wants to know why you’re looking for a new job. While it is one of the most often asked interview questions and requires you to be truthful, It is important to keep your mouth shut about the question, ‘why are you looking for a new job’?

Being negative about the genuine reasons you left your former job for another may portray you as a bad person or jeopardize your chances of getting the job.

Whatever circumstances were responsible for your quit, there is a way to beautifully craft your answers and leave the venue with your head high. Take a sneak peek at our tips on how best you can come up with a response.

What Does the Interviewer Want to Know?

The level of preparedness you put into getting a new job should be the same as you put into answering questions about why you left your job.

This is because the reasons you present have a way of selling you out than they do about your previous job. Maybe, the interviewer wants to know what kind of employee you’ll make when you’re hired, but when you’re too hasty in giving answers, you ruin the diplomacy that was supposed to come with it.

However, the interviewer wants to know if you;

  • Are diplomatic while discussing difficult topics
  • Intend to hang around your former organization if they employ you
  • Are a good team player
  • Are a good fit for the new role.

Reasons Why you are Looking for a New Job

While it is normal to encounter this question, they expect you not to fidget at it when it comes. So, we have provided you with a long list of reasons you may look for a new job.

They will help form a clue of what to give as an answer in your head.

  • Your firm will retrench some staff members, and although you’ve not been laid off, you believe it is a good time to hunt for a more secure job.
  • You want to advance in your career, but your current company can’t provide you with the opportunities you want.
  • Your current position has shifted
  • You’ll prefer to work in a different corporation
  • You are relocating for reasons best known to you
  • A recruiter has contacted you to try out this opportunity
  • You envisage that there may be a downtime in the organization’s finance, and you want to leave before that happens

Tips on how to answer the Question ‘Why are you Looking for a New Job’?

To help you with how to answer the above question, we have this step-by-step guide for you. So read the rules and apply them where necessary.

#1. Be Honest

Basically, the panellists throw this question at you to know just how many thoughts you’ve given to the decision of dropping one job for another.

However, it is important to have a strategic yet true reply. Ensure you focus on things that could build your chances of landing that job than things that will dwindle your chances.

Discuss how you’re seeking for a new challenge in your career, learning a new speciality area or wanting to find a new job. These are relatable reasons that anyone can consider as valid.

#2. Focus on the Future

Instead of concentrating on what you rather not talk about, seize every opportunity to create a picture in the interviewer’s mind of how and where you’ll love to get to by venturing into their line of career in no time.

Ensure you tell them of the many opportunities you see with them and how you’ll like to contribute to the organization’s goals.

This goes a long way to show whoever your interviewer is that you’ve carried out necessary research and that you’re keen about being a force in the team if given a chance to.

#3. Study the Interviewer

Remember that the tendency for your interviewer to have gone through a similar career shift is always there. What matters is what you make out of the opportunity at hand.

Being a conversationalist never got any better as this question could be the sunray you need into your interviewer’s background.

After you have given a satisfactory reply, give your interviewers a chance to describe how they could manage their shift experience.

#4. Weave in Your Skills

While the question ‘why are you looking for a new job’ is all about you, you need to see it from the interviewer’s point of view.

You could dive into your skills and talk about how you’re looking for a place where you can put them to good use.

#5. Conclude with Something About the Company

As you finish responding, return your attention to the company and it will be nice if your summarize all you have said and wrap it up with how enthusiastic you are about the organization and why.

Why Are You Looking For a New Job? 10 Best Answer Samples


‘I was one of the 30 percent in my department who was laid off. I enjoyed the job and learned a lot, but the company was in financial trouble during my tenure there. I’m trying to locate a company that is in a better financial condition so that I may continue to learn and grow as a Staff Accountant and eventually take on more duties. Another factor that drew me to your position was the industry you work in. I’ve always been interested in the travel sector, and I’m a frequent traveler myself’!


My current position is fulfilling, but I’ve been with the company for six years and believe it’s time for me to move on to a new challenge and continue to develop professionally. Because we work in the same business, I’ve known about your company for a long time and have always admired your product line. I also read some excellent testimonials from current employees on the internet’.

Both answer samples above explain that you have cogent reasons for wanting to work with them. However, see other ways you can answer this popular question from your interviewers.


My family is coming to the Chicago region for my wife’s employment, therefore I’m searching for opportunities to advance in my career here as well‘.


My family had to move for personal reasons, and my commute is now 90 minutes each way, therefore I’m looking for a recent work. I’m trying to locate a job that is both local to home and offers a wonderful next step in my career. I noticed that your job description offers the possibility of managing client projects with multimillion-dollar budgets. That was something that piqued my interest.  This last quarter, I supervised 12 projects for my present job, with a total budget of $900,000, so I felt this could be a good fit’!


‘I like my present employer, but we’re going through a lot of changes right now. My managers and the person who recruited me into the company have left the company, and I believe now is a wonderful moment for me to explore for a new opportunity if I can find one’.


‘I wasn’t actively looking for work when a recruiter approached me, and your position sounded fascinating. I was interested in learning more about your company’s history and recent expansion after hearing their narrative’.


I’ve worked with my present employer for three years and have a lot of project management expertise under my belt. However,  in my most recent tasks, I’ve worked directly with the marketing team and develop copywriting and SEO abilities. I’d like to apply these skills in a new role here at ACME, and be a part of the new team you’re forming to revamp the company’s digital marketing strategy’.


‘My present employer is a fast-paced, high-achieving organization, and I’ve learnt how to compete and achieve in such a demanding environment. However, with such a large and well-established company, there isn’t much room for advancement beyond your current position. I’d like to wear over one hat at a time in my next career and maintain that momentum. That is why the startup industry appeals to me so much. One more thing: While I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead and expand a team’s afraid the culture at this organization isn’t right for me. I want to work in a setting that promotes collaboration and teamwork‘.


‘I was let go because the business landscape changed because of a merger with another company, and as the newest employee, I was let go first. I’m now hoping to put everything I learnt there to use at your prospective company.


I’m looking for a job with a positive work environment. I want to ensure that my next job will allow me to feel supported and help my coworkers.


There are many reasons to be looking for work, and there isn’t one proper answer when you’re asked, ‘why are you looking for a new job’?

Follow the samples above to get yourself ready for what you will say so you don’t get caught up in the web of confusion.

Answer, and you don’t have to explain every reason, but you must provide some rational explanation. In addition, if you’re unemployed, the hiring manager will want to know why.



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