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21 Best Daily Planner App For Office Productivity In 2023

Do you want to know what kinds of applications can help you become more productive? Our list of daily planner apps includes time management applications and online planners, as well as others meant to enhance your attention, correct poor behaviors, and even keep you from procrastinating and becoming sidetracked.

In this article, we’re excited to bring you the list of the best daily planner apps for office productivity.

21 Best Daily Planner App For Office Productivity

Please remember that these best daily planner apps are not listed in any specific sequence. They are all excellent at what they do. My goal is to assist you in better understanding how each of them may suit your needs to increase productivity.

#1 Serene (macOS)

Pricing: $4/month

Serene is a macOS program that gives you productivity superpowers by combining three proven strategies for increasing focus.

The distraction blocking feature helps you improve focus to achieve more quickly. It’s designed to get you into deep work and achieve goals faster.

The Serene app does not only keep you organized it also improves habits to focus on deep work.

This productivity app is for entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, freelancers, designers, writers, etc.

Key features:

  • Focus session timer – Clearly defined intervals of focused work with a timer that shows you the timing. Knowing how much time you have left to complete tasks, gives you extra motivation.
  • Website and App blocker – It helps block website access to keep you focused. Knowing the apps that highly distract you will help to increase focus. Staying productive during focus sessions allows staying on tasks without unnecessary interruptions.
  • Activities tracker – Getting clear on your productive times is a great way to track your activity. While knowing your most common distractions is a key element in improving habits.
  • Daily planner – The daily planner feature helps you plan according to one focus goal is a great way to staying organized. It helps to get stuff done with clearer intention and focused attention.
  • Focus music – With this feature you can play background music to keep yourself focused and motivated.
  • Phone silencer – It puts your phone on silent mode automatically eliminates unnecessary distractions.


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2. Todoist (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

Pricing: Free/ $3 per month

Todoist is one of the most popular best daily planner apps amongst solopreneurs, team managers, and larger companies. It helps you organize and manage your tasks.

Todoist integrates with a variety of different apps, allowing for more efficient workflows and task management. With several benefits, this software meets the requirements of a well-organized management system. It includes features such as subtasks, sub-projects, repeating tasks, alerts, and more.

Todoist is a great way to stay on top of your tasks and be productive. It’s an easy-to-use to-do list app that lets you manage and share your tasks with your coworkers.

Key features:

  • Prioritizing tasks – This helps you get the most important tasks done.
  • Task management – This feature helps you create subtasks, indicate recurring tasks, include due dates for individual tasks is an easy breeze. It also labels tasks according order of priority and sets reminder to keep you in check.
  • Progress management – This feature keeps track of progress with the app’s measurement and reporting features. It enables you to follow the actions and take measures according to the wanted outcome.
  • Project management – It is designed to help you set up project goals and make you stay on track.

Todoist has a free version, and its paid offer starts from $3/month.


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3. Things 3 (iOS)

Pricing: $49.99 on Mac/ $19.99 on iPad and $9.99 on iPhone

Things 3 is your personal business and life organizer. It offers the most assistance in increasing your productivity and keeping you organized. Its straightforward design makes it simple to comprehend and administer.

Key features:

  • Easy input – This feature helps you input your tasks easily.
  • Heading – It enables you to add titles to your checklists to seperate tasks. This means each task can be broken down into smaller tasks with checklists and deadlines supporting them.
  • Integrations – It adds your email to your to-do list for smooth tasks management. Seeing your to-do and tasks together as you integrate your calendar is a way to never miss a thing.
  • Planning – This feature gives you a clear outline of actions to take.
  • Search option – The search feature makes it easy for you to search for any word you’ve typed on teh app.


4. (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

Pricing: $2.99/month is a daily planner productivity app that will help you organize your tasks, lists, and reminders and sync them seamlessly across all your devices.

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Known for its high effectiveness in the office, keeps track of your progress.

Key features

  • Data Synchronization – An activity or item added on automatically synchronizes across multiple platforms like Google Calendar and WhatsApp reminders to keeps you efficient.
  • Offline Access – With, you can access your tool anywhere and anytime. This gives you great deal of freedom, peace of mind, and the ability to always be on top of things.
  • Task management – This feature integrates your to-do list with a calendar to make planning and scheduling easy.
  • Voice capture – This voice capture enables you send out instructions even without having to punch your keypads. has a free version.


5. Trello (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

Pricing: $10/month.

Trello is one of the best daily planner apps that helps individuals and teams collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks.

Tasks can be grouped into boards and cards which can contain another set of tasks in themselves. Individual tasks can be assigned to groups or individuals with deadlines and checklists.

With Trello cards, you get to assign tasks, keep track of tasks assigned, alter checklists, and lots more. The platform gives room for customized workflow and strategic collaboration.

Key features

  • Effective to-do list – adding due dates, assigning to a specific team or person lets you manage the progress.
  • Collaboration – inviting anyone to get things done. It helps you make things happen without a complicated onboarding process.
  • Instant messaging – discussing tasks in real-time adds efficiency and makes it easy to communicate from anywhere.


6. Friday

Pricing: Free

Friday is your command center for winning the workday. Never miss another task again with the Friday daily planner.

Everything is right there on Friday–including your tasks and meetings in one view.

Integrate your work in one place so that you can have a clear sense of what you need to accomplish, which is ideal when you are working for your company or business remotely.

Another great feature? Friday pulls in tasks from the apps you already use, or you can make a brand-new to-do list. Friday collects information from all these apps to give you a clear view of your day so that you can focus on being productive. 

Key features:

  • See your meetings next to your tasks
  • Integrate personal and work tasks from the task management apps you already use
  • Receive a daily agenda email that summarizes the day ahead
  • Block distracting websites with the Chrome extension & free up more time to focus
  • Use it for work journaling or bullet journaling
  • The Today view makes it easy to see what you need to work on next (see image below for an example)


7. Google Calendar

Pricing: Free

Google Calendar is perfect to have a daily, weekly, and monthly overview in terms of meetings, work, and more.

Friday lets you connect your Google Calendar with your to-do apps to give you a much clearer picture of your day.

Best features:

  • Get an email first thing in the morning to see what your day looks like
  • Connect all your apps for seamless productivity
  • Stay updated on upcoming meetings and pending tasks


8. Notion

Pricing: Free

Notion is one of the better-looking workspaces to organize your tasks, schedule, create notes, project plans, presentations, organized docs, and more into one online planner. You can use the tool for yourself or invite your entire team to collaborate in one place.

Key features:

  • Seamless cross-functional collaboration
  • Create a detailed database for your existing and new employees
  • Track projects and keep an eye on your tasks


9. Twobird

Pricing: Free

Whether it’s returning an email, collaborating with your family on a party list, or remembering a follow-up — Twobird lets you manage it all from your inbox. It takes away the need for having an additional app and works with what you already have.

Key features

  • Prioritize your tasks according to the importance
  • Clean up unwanted subscriptions by easily unsubscribing
  • Manage everything from one place – your inbox


10. Microsoft Outlook

Pricing: $5/month

Emails aside, Microsoft Outlook, has become a great scheduling and events tool over the years. You can easily access your Microsoft Office files, add smart filters, transform your inbox to a priority inbox, and more. If you integrate Microsoft Outlook with Friday, you can easily connect the app with your other to-do and project management apps to give you a much clearer picture of your day.

Key features

  • Schedule emails
  • Share calendars
  • Manage tasks efficiently


11. ZenDay

Pricing: $2.90 – $19.00 per item

As the name suggests, ZenDay, is meant to bring more zen to your day. The app gives you the option to focus on just one task or see your entire day before getting started. It has a color-coding feature that helps you prioritize important tasks and note pending to-dos.

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Key features:

  • Color coding tasks to ensure you don’t miss anything
  • Seamlessly syncs with all your calendars
  • Debrief on your previous weeks to check your progress and improvement


12. Habitica

Pricing: Free

Habitica is free productivity and habit-building app that simplifies your daily life. It offers in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you to complete your tasks. Habitica also offers a strong social network to inspire you and help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy.

Best features:

  • Earn rewards for your goals
  • Social community to feel inspired
  • Stay accountable by tracking your goals and to-dos


13. TickTick 

Pricing: Free

TickTick helps manage your day-to-day life, whether for work or for personal productivity. Write out tasks and put out deadlines. TickTick helps you with reminders to get the work done. Easily share your tasks with others, so you can collaborate on the things that matter.

Key features: 

  • Voice feature to quickly add tasks
  • Focus feature with the Pomodoro method
  • Gamification of progress with Achievement scores, acting as an incentive. 


14. nTask 

Pricing: $2.99/month

nTask is a project management software you can incorporate into your workday. Plan out your tasks and projects in a way that’s easy to keep track of. Set deadlines for collaborative tasks and see how it progresses along the way. 

Key features:

  • Create to-do lists so you can identify what tasks need to be completed
  • Manage meetings with your team, without having to use other apps
  • Kanban board for organizing tasks


15. Calendly

Pricing: Premium plan $8/month and the Pro plan for $12/month

Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.

When you sign up for a Calendly account, you’ll be prompted to sync your calendar and choose your availability preferences, including time windows (15 minutes/30 minutes/45 minutes/etc) when you’re available. When you need to plan a meeting, simply provide the individual your Calendly link, and they may select the most convenient time period for them. There will be no back and forth.

There are also a number of Calendly alternatives you can check out which offer different functionalities at various price points.  


16. Forest 

Pricing: Cost: $1.99 with an option for additional in-app purchases

Forest is an excellent tool for those who struggle to put down their phones and focus on a single activity. If you want to stay focused, you can simply launch the Forest app and plant a tree whenever you need to focus. This tree will continue to grow as long as you remain attentive and do not touch your phone.

If you choose to exit the app at some point before the task is completed, your tree will die. To make it fun, users can eventually turn these trees (and hard work) into an entire forest. At the end of it, players are rewarded with additional tree species and calming sounds to accompany their forest collection. Even better, Forest has partnered with Trees For The Future, letting users redeem earned coins to plant trees in real life.


17. Toggl

Pricing: Free for up to 5 users. Starter plan for teams beginning at $8 per user

Toggl is recognized for its clean and straightforward design, which distinguishes it from other time-tracking applications and makes it extremely simple and intuitive for users. Toggl Track, its time-tracking application, is ideal for a wide range of users, including developers, artists, and businesses of all kinds.

It provides capabilities like custom reports and billable hours, in addition to basic time tracking tools, that may help any organization develop. Toggl also allows your company to quantify how much time is spent on various tasks, which aids in the identification of process inefficiencies. It’s also simple to use on the road, with applications for mobile, laptop, and even your browser.

Key features

  • Time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Project and revenue management
  • Team scheduling and management

Download For: iOS, Android, and Desktop

18. Engross

Pricing: Free for the basic app download.

Engross is a time management tool that aids in the improvement of attention and the control of distractions. The app’s Pomodoro method timer is one of its most noteworthy features. The Pomodoro approach boosts productivity by dividing work into smaller intervals of 25-30 minutes, each separated by a few-minute mini-break. Users may modify the intervals in Engross’ timer based on how long they want to work and how long they want to take a rest.

Another amazing feature is the distraction tracker. Simply press a button on the screen every time you get distracted, and the app will compile statistics about when you are most distracted throughout the day.

Key features

  • Pomodoro timer/stopwatch
  • Statistics & analysis
  • Planner & calender
  • Reapeating tasks & events
  • Reminders
  • App block/app whitelist


19. Hootsuite

Pricing: $29 per month

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Hootsuite is an all-in-one application that allows businesses to schedule posts and campaigns across all of their social networks. Once you’ve planned and scheduled your social posts, you can view them in a single complete calendar, which is incredibly useful for coordinating your campaigns and viewing the big picture.

Hootsuite does not only help businesses prepare and produce content, it also assists them in engaging with their audience and connecting with prospective consumers. Hootsuite users may use the site to track post-performance, reply to inquiries, promote good comments, and share additional articles. With the ability to allocate client inquiries to particular team members and filter incoming messages based on criteria like as.

With options to assign customer inquiries to specific team members and filter incoming messages based on priority, this tool has many features to increase your team’s productivity.

Key features

  • Publish
  • Engage
  • Monitor
  • Advertise
  • Analyze


20. Everhour

Pricing: $8.50/month

Everhour is one of the best daily planner apps that helps teams work more efficiently than they ever dreamed. Alongside being a handy time monitoring tool, Everhour’s intuitive functionality integrates seamlessly with project management tools such as Basecamp, Jira, Asana, GitHub, ClickUp and more, to allow stress-free projects and budget management. 

No extra fat! Just simple time tracking that makes managing a project effortlessly. Deliver solid results with no extra staff training to get started.

Everhour also offers a free 2-week trial before committing to a paid plan.

Key features

  • Reporting features – The reporting feature enables you dive deep into how your team spends time, money and resources
  • Time tracking – This helps you know the amount of time spent on each task.
  • Invoicing tools – it makes it easier to create an invoice based on tracked time and expenses.
  • Task management – This feature enables you to create tasks, organize them in sections, add time estimates to keep everyone in the loop and on track
  • Visual planning features – With the visual planning feature, you can view your team’s schedule, to know how busy or available someone is, and compare plan to the actual time spent.
  • Project budgeting – It helps you set to progress and track progress in real-time.


21. MindMeister

Pricing: Free for up to 3 basic maps. Personal plans start at $4.99/month; Pro plans start at $8.25/month

MindMeister is a digital mind-mapping tool that is perfect for everyday business situations. It helps you visualize data, plan projects, and brainstorm ideas.

Mind mapping is a great technique that helps you visualize and communicate your thoughts to others. It encourages a free flow of ideas, which makes it the ideal format for brainstorming and creative problem-solving sessions.

This daily planner app, used by creatives, managers, advisors, teachers, students, and all make it easier to collaborate and share ideas in real-time.

Key features

  • Collaborative brainstorming – The features lets you share mind maps with unlimited users and collaborate with them in real-time, ensuring that all participants are always on the same page.
  • Customiable designs – On MindMeister, you can customie your maps with different colors, styles and formattings.
  • Multimedia attachment – This feature enables you attach visuals and URLs on the platform.
  • History view – The History view enables you to go back in time and review the entire change history of your mind map. All changes are time-stamped and color-coded so you can easily check which collaborator contributed what and when.
  • Task management – This feature helps you manage your tasks easily.
  • Presentation – With the presentation feature, you can use slideshows to outline your talking points in a mind map.



Time management is all about planning and controlling the amount of time spent on your activities, and a daily planner app is one of the best tools for doing this. Daily planning apps tend to have daily or weekly overviews that allow you to key in all of the events and tasks on your schedule and any other ideas and information you need to jot down. Ultimately this will help you to get a “big picture” view of your schedule, allowing you to control better and plan your time and helping you ensure none of your commitments conflict with each other.


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