5 Best Flower Seed Companies in 2023

Finding the best flower seed companies is tedious for flower lovers like myself. Although the ones found in garden centers and big-box stores are nice, they typically aren’t the floral-inspired, Instagram-friendly varieties that win your heart and inspire you to grow flowers. 

Being in your shoes, I understand totally. That is why I have compiled a list of some of the best flower seed companies I discovered. These companies offer annual cut flower seeds to backyard gardeners.

At the end of this list of the best flower seed companies, you’ll have enough information to get you started on your cut flower gardening journey.

Which flower seed company should I buy from

You’ll probably feel overwhelmed once you’ve read our list of some of the best flower seed companies. Although getting a little something from everyone is nice, doing so is also the quickest way to go over your spending limit. Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself when deciding which two or three companies you will order from:

  • Is the business located in my area? (Not necessary, but a significant factor if you’re buying perennials.)
  • Could I buy my vegetable seeds there as well? It can be convenient to purchase your vegetables and flowers from the same supplier occasionally. 
  • Which company has, roughly 75% of the things I must have? Choose the vendor with most of the flowers on your wishlist before ordering smaller quantities from one or more additional vendors. 
  • Do I need unique colors and varieties, or will standard-cut flowers do? If you’re content with simple cut flowers, the company you order your vegetables from probably has a good enough selection. A specialty grower should receive most of your order if you require unique hues and varieties.

Where to buy annual cut flower seeds for the upcoming season is a decision without a right or wrong answer. I’m hoping these queries will make your response more understandable. 

What period is the best time to buy flower seeds?

For the best selection, it is probably too late if you read this in April or May. The most popular cut flower varieties run out of stock just days after the seed company launches its website. Get on their email list and stalk them if you love a company.

Perennials, dahlias, and ranunculus are some flowers that typically go on sale in the fall, around September or October, and are shipped out in the spring. You can usually still buy them in the spring, but the most popular varieties are frequently out of stock.

What is the best flower seed company?

Baker Creek has to be the best flower seeds company. By providing one of the broadest selections of seeds from the 19th century, including numerous Asian and European varieties, Baker Creek promotes and protects agricultural and culinary heritage.

A family-run business with headquarters in Missouri, you can see their personal touch and pictures of their loved ones and staff on their website and catalog. Additionally, there are no shipping or handling fees for any orders in the US.

15 Best Flower Seed Companies in 2023

Now let’s examine each of the best flower seed companies, in turn, to determine which one best suits you.

1. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

On their website, Baker Creek sells heirloom flowers and vegetable seeds. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds was started in 1998 as a hobby and has since become one of North America’s biggest heirloom seed businesses. Along with free shipping and, depending on your order size, free seeds, you can find a wide variety of unusual seed varieties. This company occupies the top spot on our list of the best flower seed companies in 2023

Company’s website 

2. Botanical Interests

Second on our list of the best flower seed companies in 2023 is Botanical interests. Since 1995, the Botanical Interests seed company has sold premium flower and vegetable seeds. For different growing conditions, they even provide mixed seed collections in their large selection. Farmers specifically love their “Grandmother’s Cut Flower Garden Mix.”

Company’s website 

3. Floret Flower Farm

A small family farm in the Skagit Valley is called Floret Flower Farm. This farm is one of the best flower seed companies. They specialize in heirloom, rare, and unusual seed varieties. Erin and her team are continuously testing new seed varieties. You can choose from a wide variety of lovely flowers ideal for your cut flower garden.

Company’s website 

4. Johnny’s Seeds

Amateur and professional growers can purchase annual flower seeds from Johnny’s Seeds. Various products are available, including biennial seeds, yearly flowers, cover crops, vegetable garden seeds, and biennial seeds.

Tools and supplies for farms and greenhouses are also sold at Johnny’s. Due to their wide selection of flower seeds, Johnny’s is where you can buy most of your bulk seeds, hence, why it made our list of the best flower seed companies.

Company’s website 

5. Renee’s Garden

Vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, including heirloom varieties, are available from Renee’s Garden. Many of their sweet pea and vegetable seeds have been grown by gardeners over the years.

Every seed is non-GMO. On their website, you can also find organic, heirloom, and numerous hybrid varieties of seeds; definitely one of the best flower seed companies online

Company’s website 

6. Seed Saver’s Exchange

More than 20,000 rare and heirloom seed varieties are preserved, shared, and distributed by Seed Saver’s Exchange. Each purchase made on their website benefits charitable endeavors.

The Bee’s Friend flower seed packet, which draws bees and other beneficial insects to the garden and makes a great bouquet filler, is the farmer’s favorite.

Company’s website 

7. Select Seeds

Quality flower seeds and plants can be found in large, exquisitely curated collections at Select Seeds. They specialize in selling rare annuals and perennials, heirloom, fragrant, open-pollinated annuals, bee-friendly seeds, and scented flowers. Select Seeds is one of the best flower seed companies online.

Company’s website 

8. Swallowtail Seeds

Along with flowering vines, herbs, and vegetable seeds, Swallowtail Seeds also sells annual and perennial flower seeds. A wide variety of sources of the highest quality are available for growing in your garden. One of our preferred resources for home gardeners is Swallowtail Seeds.

Company’s website 

9. Territorial Seed Co.

You can buy organic vegetable and flower seeds from Territorial Seed Company, another fantastic family-run seed company, which is why they are one of India’s best flower seed companies.

This is a great place to find wide high-quality seed varieties because it has more than 40 years of practical growing experience and a dedicated 75-acre trial, research, and production farm.

Company’s website 

10. Uprising Seeds

Uprising seeds makes our list of the best flower seed companies online. A small, family-owned and operated certified organic seed farm is Uprising Seeds. All of the seeds on this website come from American farms that use organic farming methods.

GMOs are unacceptable, and Uprising Seeds is committed to re-establishing a healthy food system. Check out Uprising Seeds if you’re looking for organic flower seeds. Even their selection of edible flowers is impressive.

Company’s website 

11. West Coast Seeds

Next on our list of the best flower seed companies is West Coast seeds. Family-owned West Coast Seeds provides organic, non-GMO seeds to farmers and home gardeners. Various gardening supplies, including seed trays, soil amendments, hand tools, and composting tools, are also available!

Company’s website 

12. White Flower Farm

There aren’t any annual seeds, but a stunning array of lovely perennials exist. White Flower Farm is a great mail-order choice if you want to concentrate on perennial cut flowers. The website is always up to date, and whatever is seasonal and on offer looks so good.

The perennials you order are of the highest quality and you can sort perennials by price, zone, growing requirements, color, and other factors.

Company’s website 

13. GeoSeed

One of the best flower seed companies in India and the least expensive places to purchase seeds is GeoSeed. However, their website is devoid of any images. Only names in Latin. You must Google the Latin names if you are unfamiliar with them. 

This is not the place to begin gardening if you’re a novice. But if you do purchase seed from GeoSeed, we have only heard positive things about their germination, customer service, and prices.

Company’s website 

For flower farmers looking for large quantities of cut flower seed, Harris Seeds has everything they could need and it is one of the best flower seed companies online. Their sister business, Garden Trends, provides a comparable selection in sizes better suited for the backyard gardener. 

You will enjoy their lovely selection of Ornamental Kale, Larkspur Cannes Mix, and Double Click Rose Bon Bon Cosmos.

Company’s website 

15. Richters

Richters is one of the best flower seed companies in India. An AMAZING variety of herbs and flowers can be found at Richters. There are easily 30 different varieties of basil listed, and most people are dying to get the chocolate cosmos. (They have a chocolate scent.)

The only drawback is that their website is not mobile-responsive, so placing an order on a desktop or laptop is recommended. A fantastic source for flowers that not all flower growers have. 

Company’s website 


Here are the 15 best flower seed companies. I hope this list was useful to you. We scrutinized each company, sifting through their websites, to determine which flower seed companies would be best for this roundup.


When is the ideal time to go flower seed shopping? 

Check to see if the retailer is offering seed that is packaged for planting in the current season. By placing your order early, you can ensure that the seed you want to grow is accessible. 

How should flower seeds be kept? 

Maximize the flower seeds’ shelf life after purchase. The seeds must be dry before being stored and kept in a cool area between 35 and 40 degrees. Keep seeds in airtight jars, seed envelopes, or other containers. Even silica gel packets, which serve as a barrier against moisture, can be added. 

How long are flower seeds good for? 

Without affecting the germination rate, seeds can be kept for up to a year, but they can stay viable for even longer. Although some sources, like beans, can be grown with seeds up to 10 years old, the germination rate decreases with seed age. 

By putting roots in a water container and letting them sit there for 15 to 20 minutes, you can determine whether they are viable before planting.

What seed company is the oldest? 

The oldest seed company in America was established in Philadelphia in 1784 and is called Landreth Seed Co. When David Landreth founded his business, he wasn’t particularly interested in the heirloom seeds for which it is now famous. 

When should I purchase flower seeds? 

The best time to order flower seeds is from January to April. 


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