Best Free IT Certifications

20 Best Free IT Certifications In 2022

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The IT industry is one of the fastest developing sectors globally and it has a lot of competition. That’s why you need to be on top of your game to secure a good place in the industry, and this is where getting an IT certification comes in.

There are lots of opportunities waiting for people interested in the IT industry. However, you cannot seize this opportunity by not having any knowledge of what IT entails.

Now just like other industries out there you need to learn the skills and knowledge needed to work as an IT expert.

Due to a lack of funds, you might be holding back from getting the required knowledge to start your dream career but don’t worry since there are lots of free IT certifications you can get from recognized educational platforms and institutions. 

This article contains a list of the best free IT certifications you can enroll in, but before that, we need to define some terms.

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What is IT?

IT means information technology, it has to do with computer technology like the use of software, hardware, networking, storage, etc., to create, process, analyze, secure, and save any type of electronic data.

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What is IT Certification?

According to Techopedia, IT Certification is a designation showing a professional’s competency in a certain aspect of technology. 

Webopedia says IT Certification educates and validates a professional’s specialized competency. Basically, an IT Certification is designed to show an expert’s skills and competency in a specific area of technology.

These certifications are usually obtained after a series of short courses, assessments, or examinations. IT certifications are normally overseen by certifying bodies like a professional association.

An example of IT Certification is Microsoft’s Certified System Engineer (MCSE) for its Windows operating system. Some IT certification providers include Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco, etc.

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Why Do I Need IT Certification?

Having IT Certification is very important because it serves as a validation of your skills when looking for jobs. IT certifications will ensure you stand out amongst your peers and it also helps in the advancement of your career.

Also, IT certifications show clients and firms the level of expertise and competency you have in executing IT-related jobs and performing well above expectations.

IT certifications will also help you in advancing in your career by getting promotions and higher salaries.

The IT industry is always evolving, so getting an IT certification will enable you to be updated and on par with the current trends in the industry.

How Do I Earn An IT Certification?

There are several steps involved in getting an IT certification and they include:

  • Researching for IT certifications that are most relevant in helping you get an entry-level job or a career advancement in your desired IT field.
  • Purchasing and downloading lots of self-study manuals and resources that will help your learning.
  • Registering for courses online that are taught by professionals in the field.
  • Apply for, practice, and complete the examinations, it doesn’t matter if you fail at your first attempt, keep trying.
  • Bag your certification and include it in your resumes, and professional networking sites.

What Are The Best Free IT Certification?

There are a lot of IT certification providers, some come with fees while others are free. Sometimes you might have the determination to earn an IT certification but be constrained due to the cost involved.

If you’re searching for the best free IT certifications, either as a newbie or an expert looking to advance your skills, here’s a list of the 20 best free IT certifications in 2022 that are in demand that will boost your knowledge and validate your skills.

  • Google IT Support Professional Certification
  • CompTIA Security+
  • Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification
  • NIST – Cyber Security Framework (CSF) Foundation
  • Digital and Cyber Security Awareness
  • AWS Architect Learning Plan
  • Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certification
  • Cisco CCNA 200 – 301
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Basic
  • Google’s Python Class
  • Computer Networking – Digital Network Security
  • SQL 101: Databases for Beginners
  • Machine Learning
  • Al For Everyone
  • Introduction to Networking for Complete Beginners
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • CompTIA A+ 1000 – Part 1

1. Google IT Support Professional Certification

The Google IT Support Professional Certification is designed to equip you with the right skills to gain an entry-level job.

You’ll learn how to execute daily IT Support tasks like wireless connection, computer assembling, installing programs, and customer service.

The Google IT Support Professional Certification will teach you how to identify problems, use systems like Linux and binary code. You’ll gain skills like debugging, cloud computing, customer support, and encryption algorithms. 

This certification has been broken down into 5 courses which you can learn at your convenience. It will take you nothing less than 6 months to complete, taking you from no experience to job-ready. There are no prerequisites for this certification. The certification also prepares you for the CompTIA A+ exam.

After the program, you’ll write an assessment test to get certified. Enrollment is free on Coursera. You can complete this course under 10 hours per week in less than six months.  

2. CompTIA Security+ (Exam SYO -501)

CompTIA Security+ is a free IT certification on Alison. The certification is designed to build your knowledge on how to identify security fundamentals and threats, analyze risk, and carry out security assessments.  

In this certification, you’ll learn how to implement a network, host, and software security including how to manage identity and access, you’ll also learn methods of implementing cryptography and operational security, handling security threats, basic security control, basic authentication, authorization concept, and ensure business growth.

You’ll have to get 80% or higher in each course assessment to complete this program. Registration, studying, and completing this course are free, but you’ll need to pay a small amount of money to collect your certificate. The program lasts for 10 hours.

3. Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification

Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification is also a free IT certification provided by Google on Coursera.

The course will teach you how to identify the purpose and value of the key Big Data and Machine Learning products in Google Cloud, employ BigQuery to perform interactive data analysis.

Use cloud SQL and Dataproc to migrate existing MySQL and Hadoop, pig, spark workloads to Google Cloud, and how to choose between different data processing products on Google Cloud.

You’ll gain skills like Google Cloud, Tensor flow, BigQuery, information engineering, and lots more. This certification uses hands-on labs using Qwiklabs platform which will let you apply the skills you’ve learned.

You’ll complete this program in less than five months studying under 3_4 hours per week.

4. NIST – Cyber Security Framework (CSF) Foundation

This program is an introduction to the basics, functions, categories, implementation, profiles, and components of the NIST’s Cyber Security Framework . It is a free IT certification on Alison. 

The NIST is the National Of Standards and Technology which is a physical science laboratory and a non-regulatory agency of the US Department of Commerce. 

The program is going to teach you the five major functions of the NIST’s Cyber Security Framework along with their codes and they include, Identifying Organization’s context (ID), Protect Organization’s assets, (PR), Detect business anomalies (DE), Respond to Incidents (RS), and Recover from Incidents (RC).

This program is greatly going to help you in acquiring knowledge about the NIST’s CSF and its framework. To successfully pass this course you need to get 80% or more on your assessment test. You can complete this program within 3_4 hours.

5. Digital and Cyber Security Awareness

Digital and Cyber Security Awareness are designed to teach you about digital citizenship, how it affects you online, and cyber security awareness.

You’ll learn the best practices for sharing online and proper digital etiquette. The program will also teach you about cyber security and protection from cyber-attacks. 

You’ll learn about the various types of security breaches such as malware, ways to prevent cyber attacks on your desktop and mobile, prevention software, and so much more. 

The course lasts for 4_5 hours. 

6. AWS Architect Learning Plan

AWS Architect Learning Plan is an Amazon free IT certification designed to aid cloud architects and solutions architects design on AWS using best practices. You’ll be taught architecting concepts important in AWS, 

This program will also help you prepare for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Certification Exam. The program lasts for a duration of 10hrs45mins. And enrollment is free.

7. Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certification

Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certification is a beginner-friendly course designed by Google to offer in-demand skills like Git, Python, and IT Automation to IT professionals for the advancement of their careers.

You’ll learn how to program with Python and how to use Python to automate common system administration tasks. You’ll also learn how to use GitHub, troubleshoot, and debug complex problems as well as apply automation at using scale by using configuration management and the cloud.

This certification can be completed in less than six months, there are no prerequisites for this program but you’ll need to have Python as well as GitHub installed in your system.

8. Cisco CCNA 200_301

CCNA simply means Cisco Certified Network Associate which is a beginner-friendly entry-level information technology certification issued by Cisco.

The program improves your knowledge of fundamental networking concepts demanded in networking roles in the IT industry.

This course is designed to expand your knowledge on all you need to know about CCNA. You’ll get this IT certification for free on Skillshare. At the end of the course, you’ll be fully prepared to take the CCNA 200 – 301 exam.

9. Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to Cloud Computing is free IT certification program offered by Udemy. You should have a basic understanding of IT principles. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of cloud computing. Using a solid, standards-based approach and real-life scenarios, you’ll be taught all the definitions that come together to mean a cloud.

At the end of the course, you’ll have a solid foundation to launch into your new job using the cloud. This course is designed for both beginners, developers, architects, etc. The course is divided into five sections which you can finish within one hour and it comes totally free.

10. Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals

Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamental is offered by Microsoft. Here you’ll be tested on your knowledge of the options available in Microsoft 365, the benefits of adopting cloud services, the software as a service (SaaS) cloud model, as well as how to implement the Microsoft 365 cloud services. 

The skills measured include your definition of cloud concepts, security, compliance, privacy, and trust in Microsoft 365. Your description of its pricing and support. You can learn these skills online for free.

11. CompTIA Cloud+ Basic

CompTIA Cloud+ Basic is a free IT certification course on Alison. The certification was designed to introduce you to the benefits of cloud computing, cloud delivery models, cloud service models, cloud infrastructure terminologies, and object storage concepts.

You’ll be taught the types of data storage and networking, routing, switching, protocols, and optimizing the network.

You’ll also get to know about disk types and configuration, examine file systems, understand RAID, storage technologies, access storage, and provision storage, finally wrap up with network types, network ports, optimizing the network, and more.

You can complete the program within 3_4 hours and it has a flexible schedule. 

12. Google’s Python Class

Google’s Python Class is a free IT certification by Google designed for beginners who have little knowledge of programming interested in learning Python.

You’ll be taught the basic concept of Python like lists and strings, moving up to advanced topics like processes, working with text files, and HTTP connection.

 You’ll have access to written materials, videos, and code exercises to practice Python. There are no prerequisites for this certification except for a little knowledge of programming languages like “variables” or “if statements”. The course is self-paced. 

13. Computer Networking – Digital Network Security

Computer Networking: Digital Network Security is a free IT certification focused on digital network security. You’ll learn the fundamentals of network architecture, security management, and protocols used in modern network security practices.

The program will also teach you the features and functions of VPN protocol and the Point to Point Tunneling Structure(PPTS). 

You’ll also learn PPTS captures Point to Point(PPP) frames into IP datagrams for transmission over an IP-based network. It also focuses on how a perimeter network keeps only certain information open to specific users or the public while keeping the rest a secret, and so much more.

There is a lot to gain from this course which you can cover in under 3 hours and it comes free.

14. SQL 101: Databases for Beginners

SQL 101: Database for Beginners is a free IT certification program offered by Skillshare.

It is a beginner-friendly course where you’ll be learning how to manage your data by selecting data, inserting data, updating data, and deleting data. You’ll also learn what schemas are, how to create and delete a table. 

You don’t need any prerequisites to take this class, just have a stable internet connection and willingness to study.

The course doesn’t require any software or special program and you’ll be doing two projects to practice what you learned.

At the end of the certification, you’ll go from writing basic SQL queries to designing a database.

15. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to perform without being explicitly programmed. It is a free IT certification program offered by Standford University on Coursera. The certification was designed to teach you the most effective machine learning techniques, how to implement them and get them working yourself.

You’ll also be taught the practical knowledge required to immediately implement these techniques to new challenges. The program also teaches you some of Silicon Valley’s best practices in 

You’ll also be taught the practical knowledge required to immediately implement these techniques to new challenges. The program also teaches you some of Silicon Valley’s best practices in innovation in relation to machine learning and Al.

You’ll be introduced to data mining and statistical pattern recognition. The certification can be completed within 61 hours after which you’ll gain skills like machine learning algorithms, logistic regression, and artificial neural networks.

16. Al For Everyone

Al For Everyone is offered by Deeplearning.Al on Coursera is designed for any organization that wants to become better at Al. The certification is for everyone especially non-technical people or employees. 

At the end of the certification, you’ll gain skills like Al strategy, Al terminologies, the workflow of data science projects, and the workflow of machine learning projects. The program is beginner-friendly and will take close to 12 hours to complete at flexible deadlines, making it one of the best free IT certifications for everyone.

17. Introduction to Networking for Complete Beginners

Introduction to Networking for Complete Beginners is a free IT certification on Udemy designed for complete beginners. Here you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of networking concepts.

After this certification, you’ll know how to do other courses like MTA Servers Fundamentals, General Networking, MTA Networking Fundamentals, CCNA, or VPNs. You’ll also practice with real-life scenarios to help you apply your skills as well as simplify difficult topics. The program has a total of 23 lectures which will take you 2 hours to complete.

18. Deep Learning

The Deep Learning program is a foundational program that will help your capabilities and consequences of deep Learning as well as prepare you to participate in the advancement of leading-edge Al technology.

Here you’ll build and train neural network architectures like Recurrent Neutral Network, Convolutional Neutral Network, Transformers, and LSMTs as well as how to improve them with strategies like BatchNorm, Xavier, Dropout, and more.

You’ll be introduced to their industry applications using Tensorflow and Python. Also, you’ll learn how to tackle real-life scenarios like music synthesis, speech recognition, chatbots, and more. You’ll gain skills like artificial neural networks and Tensorflow.

The program will help you in taking a definitive step in the world of Al by providing you with all the skills to advance in your career, you’ll also get career advice from experts in the field all for free.

19. Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a free IT certification program offered by LinkedIn learning. The program was designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of data analytics.

At the same time, you’ll be taught how to think about data, work with others in different roles to get the data you need, and the tools you need to work with data like Microsoft Access.

You’ll also be introduced to PowerBI, SQL queries, and more. You’ll learn syntax and how to interpret the data you see as well as data governance. At the end of each topic, you’ll do a challenge to examine your skills.

20. CompTIA A+ 1000 – Part 1

This CompTIA A+ 1000 is the first part of industry-approved certification that validates the credibility and competency of PC service experts. The program was established by the Computing Technology Industry Association in the USA but is now widely accepted and recognized all over the world.

Here you’ll be taught how to maintain safety for you and the computer components you work with.

You’ll be taught types of memories, storage devices like hardware, BIOS, CMOS, power supplies and voltage, and then ports, connectors, cables, input and output devices, other hardware like multimedia, printers, mobile devices, and more.

The program also uses practical examples of real-world application of these skills to train you on how to handle various challenges on the job. You’ll be able to complete the program within 6_10 hours on Alison for free.


IT Certification is designed to show an expert’s skills and competency in a specific area of technology.

Yes, getting an IT certification validates your skills and serves as proof to your employees that you’re competent enough to handle the job. It also helps you advance more in your career.

Yes, there are a lot of free IT certifications for beginners but most IT certifications for experts come at a price.

The salary you receive from an IT job depends on your area of specialization but the average salary in the USA is approximately $6,000.


Most of these programs are free IT certifications that you can use in developing your skills either at a beginner or intermediate level.

Though they come at no cost, some of them require little payment for the collection of your certificate at the end of the program.

You can start your journey to gaining a new skill and beginning your dream career at no cost. There are no prerequisites for these programs.


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