Best Interview Outfits for Women | What to Wear to a Job Interview 2023

If you are planning for an interview, then it’s no news that you would be a bit anxious about what to wear. Deciding on what to wear for an interview is strenuous, adding that what you wear says volume about you.

Your outfit makes the first impression for you, and it is only regular that you go for the best when picking out an interview outfit.

We have compiled a list of interview outfits for women in this article that we believe would be suitable for your interview and first impression. Let’s see what we have in store.

What are the Tiers of Interview Attire?

We have established powerful strategies to get a sneak peek at what people wear at the office you wish to interview. The next step is to be informed about the tiers of interview attire. These tiers would give you a general overview of how to grade each outfit you come up with.

Based on research, company/interview attire can be broken down into three major categories:

Smart Casual: This is a fun, light, professional clothing style. Choices should be neutral and comfortable but not overly formal.

While some employees may dress more informally at work, this is the minimum for an interview.

Business Casual: We’re not wearing a complete suit but more formal than Smart Casual.

This generally entails a sport coat, pants, and leather shoes for men. A neutral top (with a jacket or sweater if needed), fitted dress slacks, and elegant flats or heels are the essentials for women.

This is the most typical interview dress code.

Corporate Formal: This is a conservative, conventional business appearance. Consider bankers, attorneys, and consultants. Both men and women should wear a complete suit and formal shoes. However, just because it’s formal doesn’t mean you can’t inject some individuality into it!

Again, these are simply high-level examples to assist you in quantifying the various levels of the interview dress code. We’ll go through particular examples of men and women in a moment.

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What are the Best Interview Outfits for Women?

When it comes to the best interview outfits for women, it can get complicated with so many options. In this article, however, we have sorted out the best combinations to make you stand out and be memorable as you step into the interview.

Nothing too flashy would take the attention away from your intellect and skills, but something good enough to leave the interviewer refreshed by your presence. Here are the best interview outfits for women.

1. Wear a Navy-Blue Blazer for Endless Options

The blazer and blouse combos are great business interview clothes since they are three flexible yet straightforward items. Your interview clothing should include a navy blue blazer. You may wear a blazer on various occasions and with multiple looks, including over a button-down, shirt, or dress.

A basic blouse or button-down shirt looks excellent with a navy-blue jacket. It’s a classic look that pairs well with khaki pants, a skirt, and even dark-wash jeans for a casual office or interview.

2. Experiment with Button-Down Shirts

What’s more, guess what? Button-down shirts don’t have to be uninteresting. You don’t have to stick to the standard white, blue, or pink color scheme.

You may play around with materials such as transparent silk chiffon put over a camisole. Also, use color to express yourself.

When looking for a button-down shirt, remember that the neckline should be modest. Make sure they cover your bra and that no cleavage is visible.

Unless it’s a style that s meant to be worn untucked, it’s also a good idea to keep your button-down tucked in.

3. Look for Blouses with Interesting Details

An attractive style may be achieved with a shirt with a bow, which can be worn with a skirt or pants. A slim waist belt adds a bit of intricacy to the top, making it stand out.

A dress made of a unique fabric or a plain black pencil skirt is an excellent way to personalize a work outfit. You may dress up the appearance with a jacket, depending on where you’re being interviewed.

4. Think Menswear with a Khaki Mix-and-Match Suit

A khaki jacket with a menswear-inspired design is an exceedingly adaptable garment in your closet. Wear it with a blouse or a button-down shirt. It goes well with a matching skirt, dark-wash jeans for a casual start-up interview, or navy-blue bottoms for a dressier appearance.

The button-down is a simple blouse with pink embellishments that make it stand out. If you have a shirt with an attractive collar feature, you can button it up, removing the need for a necklace. A rounded Peter Pan collar is another choice for a distinctive collar accent.

5. Go Classic with a Black Dress and Tights

A classy “little black dress defines a minimal yet elegant professional attire.” Invest in a high-quality dress that falls just below the knee. Professional yet trendy, a dress with a rigid fit and attractive accent is ideal.

Pair the dress with patterned tights to liven up your look. However, make sure the pattern is subtle—a sheer stripe, cable pattern, or ribbed effect provides texture and intrigue, but anything that looks like fishnets isn’t acceptable for the office.

For a traditional, timeless formal business appearance, combine your attire with a pair of black heels.

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6. Pair a Sweater and Black Dress Pants

A woman’s interview clothing must include a pair of classic black trousers. It’s worth investing in a couple of high-quality black dress pants that fit nicely and last long.

Dressing up or down a decent pair of dress pants is simple once you have them. For a formal style, wear your dress pants with a button-down shirt or jacket; combine them with a sweater for a business casual approach.

Black dress pants don’t have to be dull with a bit of imagination. Wear a heather-gray sweater with black stripes and a button-down shirt with exceptional detail. This softens the image and adds a personal touch.

7. Try a Statement Dress

Although it’s vital to dress professionally and conservatively for your interview, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with color. An elegant dress in an intriguing hue is an excellent addition to your interview attire, such as a subtle turquoise or deep crimson.

You don’t need to wear jewelry or other accessories with a statement dress since the garment speaks for itself. If you’re going to work with bright colors, make sure the remainder of your outfit is modest.

It’s crucial to check the neckline and hemline for appropriateness: avoid short dresses and low-cut, exposing necklines. It’s more vital than ever with bright-colored clothing that the item covers you adequately. To finish off an outfit like this, you only need a pair of shoes.

8. Pair Up a V-Neck Sweater and Slacks

Pair a V-neck sweater with a shirt or a button-down top for a flexible style. If you’re interviewing at a start-up or informal firm, dress it up with black dress trousers or a skirt, or tone it down with khakis or dark-wash jeans.

The beauty of this combo is that it’s simple to put together several styles with only a few pieces. You’ll have nine distinct shirts to mix and match with different bottoms to wear to interviews and work if you invest in three plain blouses or button-downs and three sweaters that complement each other.

9. Add a Print Cardigan

Prints aren’t anything to be terrified of. Although you should avoid anything too bright or showy (animal designs, for example, aren’t ordinarily interview-appropriate unless they’re incredibly subtle), a two-tone print, like the one on this sweater, may liven up an otherwise monotonous outfit while still looking professional.

This is especially true if you won’t work in a traditional office setting. If you’re going to wear a bright design, stick to one and make the rest of your outfit modest and understated.

Prints aren’t anything to be terrified of. Although you should avoid anything too bright or showy (animal designs, for example, aren’t ordinarily interview-appropriate unless they’re incredibly subtle), a two-tone print, like the one on this sweater, may liven up an otherwise monotonous outfit while still looking professional.

This is especially true if you won’t be working in a traditional office setting. If you’re going to wear a bright design, stick to one and make the rest of your outfit modest and understated.

10. You can never go wrong with Khaki skirts

Because it can be worn with various tops, a khaki skirt is an excellent addition to your professional wardrobe. Depending on the occasion, it may be dressed up or down, much like the blazer.

The look is completed with a matching skirt, slacks, khaki skirt, or dress pants.

11. A Navy-blue skirt is unique

Finally, a navy-blue pencil skirt is a fashionable alternative to the classic black pencil skirt. It’s a little more laid-back than a traditional black skirt, yet it’s still polished, resulting in a casual and classy appearance.

Frequently Asked Question

What are interview apparels?

Interview apparel includes dress pants, pencil skirts, knee-length dresses, blazers, neutral or light-colored blouses, sweaters, cardigans, tights, and suits. Closed-toe heels, flats, or short boots are appropriate dress shoes.

Is overdressing for an interview an issue?

Overdressing is typically less of a worry than underdressing for an interview. Dressing in a way that demonstrates insincerity for the chance is more likely to turn off a recruiting manager. It’s crucial to think about a possible workplace’s dress code.

Best colors to wear for an interview

Neutral hues like black, navy, gray, and brown are the finest to wear to an interview. A shirt or blouse in white is also a good neutral color. Depending on your preferences, you may also add a splash of color to a neutral interview dress to bring your individuality.

Is white ideal to wear to an interview?

Because white is the most neutral hue, it’s ideal for most professional professions where fashion isn’t a significant consideration. You do it to draw attention to your abilities rather than your clothes.


There is an array of outfits to pick from appropriate for interviews. All you have to do is not overstep regarding color and decency. With the help of these, you are sure to shine once you step into that interview.


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