15 Best Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour | 2023

Making a little extra cash here and there is one of the beautiful spices of working. You can always have money to buy a little extra something, and if you save it, you could find out that a little can go a long way with the jobs that pay $15 an hour.

Hourly wages for the same job can vary widely based on where you are in the country. For most locations in the United States, a $15 per hour starting wage is still considerably above the federal minimum wage.

However, many jobs start at $15 without requiring an extensive education to qualify. 

This article outlines the 15 best jobs that pay $15 an hour. In addition, you would learn what a job is and why you even need jobs that pay $15 an hour. Keep reading

What is a Job

A job is regular work a person can do to earn money. By doing this job, you get paid, which is an important factor for many when it comes to job satisfaction. 2021 saw many hourly workers quit their jobs, in a trend now described as the Great Resignation.

Employees cited better pay and working conditions as the main driving force behind finding a new job. Fortunately, there are many high-paying jobs that you should consider if a good salary means something to you.

Many jobs out there offer more than the minimum wage, which has been $7.25 per hour since 2009. Getting a job that pays $15 an hour should not be so difficult in its way.

Why do you need a job that pays 15 an hour?

Some of the reasons why you should consider getting a job that pays $15 an hour are- 

A job that pays $15 an hour is a job that does not require a lot from you. It also does not have as many requirements as a job that would pay higher. 

Many jobs that pay $15 per hour have few job requirements. Additionally, these jobs don’t require a lot of formal education. Most of these jobs are in retail, healthcare, security, childcare, and manufacturing industries. 

Most of these jobs will require just that you have excellent communication skills, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. Adding computer skills is also a great way to improve your marketability.

With jobs that pay $15 an hour, you would most likely be paid immediately after you are done working, ensuring you have cash in hand. 

Are jobs that pay 15 an hour worth it?

Earning a minimum of $15 per hour is important because it provides you with greater spending power and a livable wage, especially if you are moving away from a job as a low-wage worker.

Earning $15 an hour could make a tremendous difference in your life, generating an extra $3,300 per year.

This means you could afford necessities like healthy food, health insurance, and childcare. So yes, jobs that pay $15 an hour could be worth it. 

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What companies pay $15 an hour?

Despite the economic challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many larger companies decided to revisit their payment structures to include jobs that pay a $15 per hour minimum wage or more.

You can do a different range of work with these companies and be sure to earn $15 an hour after work. Some of these companies are-

Amazon: Amazon recently increased its starting hourly rates to $15. You can get a job at Amazon even as an entry-level worker.

Target: Like Amazon, Target also recently increased its minimum wage to $15 for all hourly employees. 

Fifth Third Bancorp: This commercial and industrial loans lender raised its minimum wage from $12 to $15 per hour in January 2018. 

Wayfair: The furniture retailer has announced raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour starting January 2021.

Starbucks: Starbucks recently revealed its plans to improve working conditions and pay structure to allow all its hourly wage workers to earn a minimum of $15 to $23 an hour, depending on the store location. 

Under Armour: All employees at Under Armour earn at least $15 per hour, as the company increased its minimum wage on June 6, 2021.

Chipotle: The company recently announced that they had revised their minimum wage to an average of $15 per hour. 

Google: Google is one of the largest companies in the world. They offer many jobs at competitive salaries, including $15 an hour jobs.

Santander Bank: This Spanish-based bank is easily one of the USA’s top retail and commercial banks. It improved its minimum wage to $15 per hour in 2018. 

Best Buy: Best Buy is one of the first companies that revised its pay structure to a minimum of $15 an hour for all its employees. 

15 Best Jobs that pay $15 an hour

#1. Mail handler

As a mail handler, you would be responsible for selling postage, processing money orders, renting post office boxes, and receiving and sorting letters, packages, and magazines.

Mail handlers need a GED or high school diploma and may be required to pass a reading speed and accuracy test administered during the interview process. It is a job that pays $15 an hour. 

#2. Medical transcriber

A medical transcriber updates patients’ health records and checks for errors and missing information. Medical transcribers are expected to understand and uphold patient confidentiality at all times.

Many employers will provide the necessary training for this position, but certification programs are offered online at community colleges and vocational schools. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour 

#3. Medical assistant

A medical assistant aids doctors, nurses, and patients with medical forms, prepares exam rooms, and manages samples.

These are entry-level positions that require a GED or high school diploma; however, there are advanced certifications available that may increase salary potential. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#4. Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants file documents, manage calendars, arrange meetings, take notes, prepare letters and reports, maintain office supplies, and answer and transfer calls.

A high school diploma or GED is the minimum required qualification to be an administrative assistant. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#5. Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory assistants work with scientists, medical professionals, and researchers to facilitate a laboratory’s efficient operation.

They are typically responsible for ordering, stocking, and maintaining the materials and equipment necessary for experimentation and cleaning, disinfecting, and processing specimens.

If they work in a laboratory with animal subjects, they may also be responsible for the animals’ care. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#6. Veterinary technician

These people work in animal clinics and hospitals to support veterinarians, patients, and animal owners.

Common duties of a vet tech include administering shots and IV fluids, monitoring patient conditions, interviewing owners during intake, relaying veterinarian instructions, maintaining exam rooms, and collecting blood, urine, and stool samples as required. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#7. Construction worker

Construction workers are manual labourers responsible for demolishing, remodelling, and building structures according to a blueprint and client specifications.

They are also typically responsible for acquiring and maintaining their tools and managing building materials. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#8. Delivery driver

Delivery drivers are transportation professionals who convey products from one location to another using their vehicle or one provided by an employer.

Their duties involve following traffic and parking regulations, loading and unloading items, checking invoices, receiving payment, and completing necessary documentation. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#9. Bus driver

Bus drivers are transportation professionals who are responsible for safely shuttling passengers to their destinations. They must obey traffic laws, follow the company and municipal rules and procedures and provide good customer service.

Bus drivers have a variety of job options and may drive for schools, city bus services, shuttles, or private bussing companies. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#10. Medical billing specialist

Medical billing specialists work in various medical practices and hospitals where they track invoices, maintain records, submit claims to insurance companies, and bill individuals for services rendered.

When starting, the minimum requirements for medical billing specialists are a high school diploma or GED. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#11. Painter

Painters work at commercial and residential locations where they strip, prime, and paint walls and other surfaces.

Their job often includes building and working on scaffolding, ordering and maintaining records of all necessary materials, sanding, scraping, and removing old paint, mixing and cleaning fresh paint, and protecting the surrounding areas. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour. 

#12. Nanny

A nanny is a child care professional who works in a private household to care for the needs of one or more children.

Their duties vary by the employer and the child’s specific needs but typically include light cleaning, food preparation, educational support, and supervision. Many families that employ nannies offer in-house accommodation for convenience. 

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#13. Dental assistant

Dental assistants aid dental hygienists and dentists in delivering health care to dental patients and maintaining clinical equipment and offices.

They support the operation of dental practices by checking patients in and out, providing instructions, making appointments, preparing exam rooms, and performing other tasks as needed. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#14. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is responsible for the financial records of a company. They track expenditures, income, receipts, and invoices and sometimes manage payments.

A bookkeeper can work with a minimum of a GED or high school diploma. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour

#15. Fitness instructor

Fitness instructors work for gyms, community centres, or in similar locations where they organize and lead group fitness classes for people of all ages and skill levels.

Unlike personal trainers, fitness instructors do not always require certification, leaving a high school diploma or GED as the only real prerequisite. It is one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour.


Getting a job that pays $15 an hour is a way to make money as you work. On a day you don’t have a lot of energy, you could work for a short period, take your wages and go. You could resume the next day to continue.

If you have another job to complement your $ 15-an-hour job in a month, you will make more than enough to get by. The 15 best jobs that pay $15 an hour in this article are easy to get and truly do not require much from you. 

FAQs: About Best Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour

Is $15 an hour enough o get by?

$15 an hour is more than enough to get by, considering many people live off of min. wage. To live comfortably, you have to increase your income or decrease expenses.

What are the jobs that pay $15 an hour?

Mail handler, Medical transcriber, Medical assistant, Administrative assistant, fitness trainer, and nanny, amongst others.

What companies pay $15 an hour?

Amazon, Costco, Target, Chipotle, CVS Health, and Starbucks, amongst others. 

What is earning above average?

Compensation Survey. That works out to be $27 per hour. So to be above average, you have to earn more than $28 per hour.

Can you survive with $15 an hour?

Yes. You can, as long as you live in a city with a low cost of living index and do not have dependents. 


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