Best Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

20 Best Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

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You lack a degree but desire a basic job. Without a degree, low-stress employment that pays well can be found here, and they do exist.

Many individuals feel that to obtain employment, one needs to possess a degree. While this is accurate in part, it is not accurate.  

There are jobs accessible without a degree, but you must meet certain criteria, including possessing basic reading and writing skills and consenting to on-site training to acquire the skills necessary to perform the job quickly and effectively. 

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What is Considered a Low-Stress Job?

A low-stress job provides employees with flexible work hours, allowing them to attend to other commitments outside of the business. 

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Is it Possible to Obtain a Nice, Low-Stress Job without a Degree?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an easy job that pays well without a degree, as detailed in this article. 

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How Can Someone without a Degree find Low-Stress Employment that Pays Well?

Without a degree, low-stress professions that pay well are difficult to locate, but they have been explored in this article for your convenience. 

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The following is a list of many low-stress careers that pay well without requiring a degree, as well as their annual salary. 

1. Travel Consultants

Annual pay average: $46,650 

Without a degree, you may become a travel agent and earn a substantial annual salary, and aside from the hefty monthly paycheck, the job is a lot of fun.

As a travel agent, you’ll earn a good living while functioning in a less stressful environment. 

However, you will require specialized talents to succeed in this position. Typically, essential talents include strong communication abilities and basic computer expertise.

A travel agent’s responsibilities include selling package tours to clients, planning and selling transportation and lodging, and choosing destinations, travel dates, costs, and means of transport.

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2. Massage Therapists

This is a low-stress job that pays well without requiring a degree. Massage therapists operate in low-stress conditions, adjusting muscles and tissue to alleviate pain, heal injuries, and enhance the overall well-being of their clients.

To perform the job effectively, you will require broad knowledge, as well as the ability to develop skills and techniques. The industry’s typical education is a one-year certificate, and the majority of states demand massage therapists be licensed.

Enrolling in a certificate program in massage therapy can equip you with the necessary abilities. 

One-third of employees are self-employed, which gives them the flexibility to determine their hours and prices. The work schedule is versatile, and if you are self-employed, you can do business from home.

This high-paying job does not require a degree or experience and is one of the enjoyable jobs that pay well without a degree. The average annual wage is $75,000. 

3. Optician

As an optician, you will engage with patients who require contact lenses or eyeglasses after optometrists has seen them.

The job description requires that the employee take measurements of the client’s head and eyes to ensure that the contacts and glasses fit properly.

Additionally, you will design, measure, fit, and modify frames and lenses to clients’ optical diagnoses and specifications. As an optician, you will assist clients with inserting, removing, and caring for contact lenses and frame selection. 

Additionally, you will be responsible for maintaining records of a client’s medication, which can come in handy if their health changes.

As an optician, you can function in department stores or at eye doctors’ offices, as well as part-time. Opticians make an average of $41,380 per year, although the highest-paid make almost $62,180 ($29.90 per hour). 

4. Electrician 

The job of an electrician can be obtained through an apprenticeship scheme that lasts for a few years and does not require a college degree.

As an electrician, you will possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and procedures for working with electrical tools and close circuits and other electrical equipment. 

You can gain experience by registering in a technical school for six to twelve months, at which point they should finish you and possess the necessary abilities to work effectively in the field.

This is a simple job that pays well without the experience and a high-paying career that requires no credentials. There is an average salary of $56,900 per year. 

5. Artists

As a fine artist, you may earn a good living without a degree, and unlike the other careers covered thus far, you will not be required to enroll in the extra studies.

All that is required is talent, and the more time spent working and staying in the field, the greater your expertise and experience develop. 

As a fine artist, you will produce original artwork directly (with a toothbrush, paint, or sculpting) or electronically.

The job is versatile, and you may work around your schedule while earning an income and doing something you enjoy.

This is a simple profession that pays well without the experience and is one of the highest-paying careers available without a degree. The average yearly income for this position is $63,030. 

6. Freelance Photographer

While some people enroll in photography lessons for professional purposes, devoted freelance photographers whose hobbies include photographing beautiful landscapes, people, merchandise, and other subjects will attest to how gratifying photography is as a business. 

As a photographer, you must be familiar with how to use editing software and lighting equipment to enhance your subject’s appearance.

You can work as a photojournalist, a scientific photographer, a commercial and industrial photographer, or a combination of these three types of photographers. 

The typical photographer earns $50,290 per year, while the top-earning photographers earn more than $86,850 ($41.75 per hour). 

7. Installers of Photovoltaic Solar Energy 

Allow the big-name to deceive you into believing this work will be difficult or require a college degree; it will not, and it is one of the few careers that pay well without a degree.

Your responsibilities as a solar photovoltaic installer will involve assembling, installing, and maintaining solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, roofs, and other structures.

This may include the measurement, cutting, assembly, and fastening of solar panels and structural frames. 

The majority of installations require a high school diploma, but you can also obtain training at a community college or technical university.

Additionally, you receive up to a year of on-the-job training. Solar photovoltaic installers earn an average yearly pay of $48,020, with the top earners making more than $64,600 per year ($31.06 per hour). 

8. Cosmetic Artists 

Makeup artists are thriving these days, owing to the internet’s and media’s tremendous application.

The job is enjoyable and straightforward and does not require a degree, although fundamental communication skills are required. 

The job is adaptable, and if you go freelance, it becomes much more so, since you may offer in-house services and charge a premium. Annual salary average: $99,990 

9. Plumber

This is one of the low-stress careers that pay well without a degree, and all you need to do is a register in a one- or two-year apprenticeship at a city college or technical institution to acquire the necessary skills. 

A plumber’s responsibilities include constructing and connecting pipes and fixtures, repairing clogged toilets and sinks, and directing water to specific areas of a facility.

Annual pay average: $56,330 

10. Choreographers

Choreographers construct new dance routines and direct the routines’ rehearsal performances.

Additionally, choreographers can direct and stage presentations. The majority of choreographers begin their careers as dancers and work their way up. 

It’s worth noting that some choreographers opt to continue their education beyond high school by enrolling in institutions and universities that provide bachelor’s and master’s degrees in dance.

Many dance programs now feature curriculum in a range of different dance forms.

Meanwhile, the average annual pay for a choreographer ranges from $52,000 to $101,250 ($48.68 per hour). 

11. Glazier

A glazier’s career is not glamorous. Glaziers cut and install glass in a variety of different sorts of structures.

While this is physically and psychologically hard work, it is also less stressful and pays well. Glaziers are normally required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Your trade will be taught to you through a three- or four-year apprenticeship or on-the-job training. 

You will learn how to safely handle and operate tools and equipment, as well as how to measure, cut, fit, and install glass and metal framing or doors.

Additionally, you will acquire knowledge of various installation techniques, safety precautions, first aid procedures, and blueprint reading and sketching.

Glaziers earn a typical yearly pay of $46,080, with the highest-paid, experienced experts earning up to $83,640.

According to these wage projections, it is one of the least stressful careers that pays well without a degree. 

12. Contractor for Insulation 

Insulation contractors and workers utilize safe products to insulate homes and buildings, thereby regulating temperatures and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Insulation contractors apply material that conserves energy and contributes to the reduction of noise in buildings. The installation takes place near vats, vessels, boilers, water, and steam pipes. 

Additionally, they install fire-resistance materials to avoid fire and smoke from spreading throughout a structure.

If you want to work as an insulation contractor, you should be comfortable dealing in confined locations, such as between walls.

While no explicit education requirements exist for insulation workers, apprenticeships for mechanical insulators do require a high school diploma or its equivalent. 

Additionally, obligatory Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety training on insulation handling and asbestos abatement will be needed.

Insulation employees earn a typical yearly income of $41,690, with the highest earners earning more than $74,540. 

13. Specialist in Hearing Aids

A hearing aid specialist performs numerous tests on a patient’s ears and then chooses the appropriate type of hearing aid for them depending on the results of the tests.

As difficult as it may appear, it is a basic job that does not require a degree to begin. 

However, you need to enroll in a community college to earn a two-year associate degree as a hearing aid specialist.

This is one of the highest-paying occupations available without a degree or experience, as well as one of the most enjoyable jobs available without a degree.

The average annual income for this position is $52,630. 

14. The Operator of Construction Equipment

Working on building sites with excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks, among other big equipment, is a low-stress career that pays well without requiring a degree.

If you are interested in this career but lack experience, you must enroll in on-site training or a vocational education institution. 

This is a simple job that pays well without experience and is one of the highest-paying jobs available without a degree. The average annual income for this position is $49,770. 

15. Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers develop graphics that communicate an organization’s, brand’s, or person’s ideas, messages, and styles.

Basically, graphic designers may deal with text, images, or a combination of the two, and may create digital art or transfer handmade art to digital media. 

Graphic designers can produce virtually any form of visual elements for a business, including logos, product packaging, infographics, social media photos, and even aspects of websites and software programs. 

Certain organizations may employ full-time or part-time designers to create graphics for their own or customer needs, or they may develop partnerships with freelancers or contractors whose work they enjoy.

The average annual income for this position is $46,369. 

16. Customer Care Representative

Customer service personnel assist consumers by phone, chat, or email and aid them in resolving issues or getting information about a business’s products or services. 

This is a very popular alternative for folks looking for internet jobs. This position is suitable for individuals who enjoy connecting with others and are capable of dealing with dissatisfied consumers.

The average annual income for this position is $39,533. 

17. Specialist in Computer Support 

It is a low-stress occupation that pays well without a college degree; employees can work in an office, a contact center, or from home and are responsible for detecting computer issues; they can also work from home.

The knowledge needed varies according to the type of expert-selected. 

Getting an associate degree is the most stress-free method to acquire the skills necessary to become a computer support specialist.

Additionally, you can work independently and offer your services from the convenience of your own home. Annual pay average: $88,940 

A dietitian is a practitioner who has experience evaluating, diagnosing and addressing dietary and nutritional disorders. A dietitian’s role is to enforce good eating habits and to foster a happy environment. 

18. Dietitian

The career is low-stress and lucrative, and entry into the area requires at least an associate degree. Annual pay average: $60,115 

19. Deliveryman 

A delivery driver’s work is quite self-explanatory and maybe both enjoyable and thrilling; all you have to do is go about in your car or on your bike and deliver things or food. 

You do not need experience or a degree to apply for this position; however, you will undergo on-the-job training for a few days before starting full-time. Annual pay average: $34,340 

20. Carpenter

Although carpentry appears to be a less appealing trade to put on the list of low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree, it is creative, hands-on work that pays well and is an easy job with no stress to do.

As a carpenter, you must first participate in an apprenticeship program that will teach you the essential skills, information, and procedures while also providing you with the appropriate tools and equipment.

This is one of the simple occupations that pays well even if you don’t have much experience, and it is also one of the highest-paying careers available to those without formal qualifications. The average yearly pay in this field is $49,520.


If you lack a college diploma, this does not mean you cannot obtain well-compensated work.

Certain jobs pay as well as, if not more than, those that need a college degree. We hope this article assisted you in identifying a high-paying, low-stress job toward which you can begin working. 


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