10 Best Online Jobs For Musicians At Home | 2023

Being a musician is sometimes a hobby rather than a serious passion. Taking on side jobs rather than pursuing a profession appears to be the norm. However, owing to the internet, online employment for musicians ranges from side hustles to full-time careers.

Although becoming a musician can be extremely rewarding, becoming a celebrity is generally out of reach. Breaking into the music industry is notoriously difficult unless you have great connections, are incredibly gifted, or were born with good wealth.

However, you can still earn cash or make music your full-time job.

There are numerous choices accessible online if you wish to pursue a career in music or make money from your love of all things audio-related.

Regarding networking and presenting your talent, applying for music jobs in person is comparable to looking for online jobs. That part will never truly go.

Finding a job, on the other hand, is the difficult part. There are a plethora of chances available online today.

You may find an online job that is a good fit for you, whether your goal is to pursue a career in music or a related field or you want to make extra money doing what you enjoy.

Look through the list below to see if you can discover something that meets your requirements and talents.

We will discuss finding online jobs for musicians at home and all that sweet stuff.

What Are the 10 Best Online Jobs For Musicians At Home in 2023?

The following are the Best Online Jobs For Musicians At Home in 2023;

  • Teach Online Live Music
  • Produce And Sell Stock Music
  • Become A Music Or Content Journalist
  • Create An Online Course
  • Work as an Audio Editor
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Online Distribution of Your Music
  • You Can Sell Your Sheet Music
  • Earn Money By Listening To Music And Making Playlists
  • Earn Money by Listening to Music Online

1 Teach Online Live Music

If you’re comfortable educating in front of a group, one-on-one online tutoring could be a wonderful job.

Although instruments are commonly utilized in music classes, you are not forced to stay on the subject. You could also offer classes on themes such as musical theater, music theory, music production, and music appreciation.

Online music classes, such as those offered by Zoom or Skype, have risen in popularity since the pandemic began and are likely to become the norm for music education.

You can hold 30- or 1-hour-long classes for individuals or groups using video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.

To save money on marketing and promotion, you can also provide live lessons through Live Music Tutor, Lessonface, Music Lessons Anywhere, or another music lesson website. Many musicians provide music lessons on Patreon, a website designed to help artists earn recurring monthly money from consumers.

Keep going even if you don’t have a website to advertise your teaching services. Today, some websites connect music teachers and students, and many feature a virtual classroom and instructional resources to supplement online courses.

Whatever musical skill you have, there is a market for it online.

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2 Produce And Sell Stock Music

Musicians and composers can create passive income by selling stock music, sounds, samples, and loops. The more music you have in your catalog, the more money you’ll make from licensing songs.

To maximize your revenue, you’ll also need to analyze what’s popular right now. Not long ago, every firm and their dog had a product explainer video with uplifting ukulele/whistling music in the background. Other popular music genres include corporate video background music and movie trailer music.

Online markets also sell hip-hop beats and vocal recordings. In contrast to traditional stock music websites, beat marketplaces consumers are rappers and vocalists rather than companies and filmmakers.

Making stock music differs from writing music for a video or video game in that it is similar to producing a product that buyers can buy. Although it is less expensive, they can use the same stock music as another producer because it is easily purchased.

Because businesses and other content creators are continually looking for new tunes to accompany their videos, the stock music you create and sell can be a consistent source of revenue.

If you decide to go this route, begin by attempting to sell your music on platforms such as Pond5, Shutterstock, and AudioJungle.

3 Become A Music Or Content Journalist

Millions of new blog posts and magazine articles are published daily, opening up enormous opportunities for any artist who can string together a cohesive phrase.

A Google search for websites that produce the type of content you want to write about will help you find music writing jobs. There are two main types of websites to consider:

  • Online music magazines. Online journals cover all facets of music, from guitar gear to opera.
  • Business blogs.

Numerous music blogs and magazines also offer careers sections where you can hunt for remote employment relating to music, such as Social Media Manager.

Finally, freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and blogging job sites like Problogger are good places to hunt for music writing jobs.

This is an excellent online jobs options for musicians to work from home.

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4 Create An Online Course

Many musicians or musically interested enthusiasts transform their skills into a profitable online course where they assist others just beginning to learn the fundamentals of playing an instrument.

Setting up online courses means you have to go through the process once, and then many individuals can join, turning it into a passive income stream.

Unlike in-person coaching, the best thing is that you are open to people in your immediate vicinity.

In addition, unlike live tutoring through videoconferencing, you can accept as many clients as possible without being limited to instructing one or two pupils each hour.

You can begin by developing courses on services such as Udemy or Coursera.

You can eventually create your website and offer online courses on it. Provide additional items such as music sheets, companion guidebooks, and other learning aids to your pupils.

 You can also provide an example of leveraging your gift into a profitable online musical career in the tuition sector, such as JustinGuitar. Justin has been running his website since 2003 and provides excellent additional resources and courses that keep visitors coming back for more.

Creating an online job on this list is the best job for musicians at home. This is because you create the course once and earn from it perpetually.

5 Work as an Audio Editor

If you’re more interested in the technical aspects of music production, audio editing can be one of the musicians’ most lucrative online jobs.

This is a more competitive sector than most others on this list, but it’s still a viable option if you have any music editing experience.

According to my research, the easiest way to get started as an online audio editor is to freelance and find some clients. Popular freelance services such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork appeared to have plenty of work available.

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6 Create a YouTube channel

YouTubers make money by selling adverts on YouTube or providing sponsored content for brands. It is one of the best online jobs for musicians at home.

A YouTube channel can be a fantastic source of passive income if you publish videos on evergreen topics.

You can also utilize your YouTube account to advertise your music, establish an audience, or generate visitors to a product or website if you’re a music producer, singer/songwriter, or composer.

Don’t know what to make a channel about? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Product reviews, for example, guitar gear
  • Tutorials on music theory, music production, vocal warm-ups, and learning to play an instrument.
  •  Music for meditation or sleep
  • ASMR

You’ll need a condenser microphone and some video editing software to produce high-quality video footage.

Using strong video SEO can dramatically boost the likelihood of your videos appearing in YouTube search results. This includes optimizing keywords in your films’ titles and descriptions and linking to them from your website if you have one. Consider transcribing the video and pasting the transcript into the description.

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7 Online Distribution of Your Music

Getting gigs and performing in front of an audience is the ultimate goal. Starting small, on the other hand, can get you there.

Consider broadening your reach as an aspiring music producer or composer by sending your music to different channels via an online music distribution service.

TuneCore and other online platforms assist musicians in uploading and distributing their tracks to prominent online retailers such as iTunes and music streaming platforms such as Spotify.

If you’re serious about making it in the music industry but need help knowing where to begin, this could be a wonderful place to start.

Platforms for music distribution are exactly what they sound like: They distribute your music to major online music shops and streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer, allowing you to earn royalties and create a following as an independent artist. Remember to check out these Spotify analytics sites and applications if you have music on Spotify.

Pricing and functionality range amongst providers, with some giving free music distribution and allowing you to keep 100% of streaming royalties.

This is another best online job for musicians at home.

8 You Can Sell Your Sheet Music

If you write your music, you can sell it on your website or through other online channels. Of course, the caveat is that you will only make money with a large audience.

Join SMP Press, the Amazon KDP of the sheet music market. SheetMusicPlus, the world’s largest sheet music store, offers SMP Press, a self-publishing tool. You can earn 50% on sales of original compositions and arrangements of public domain music through the program.

Furthermore, you can earn a 10% commission on arrangements of over 1.8 million copyrighted songs to which SheetMusicPlus has secured rights.

SMP Press is free to join and has numerous positive reviews from musicians who have made sales using the platform.

9 Earn Money By Listening To Music And Making Playlists

Suppose you want to curate successful Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music playlists. In that case, you’re in luck: Playlist Push would like to compensate you for listening to and reviewing music by young independent artists. They hope you’ll consider adding a song to your playlist if you enjoy it. This is, without a doubt, one of the best online jobs for musicians at home.

As a Playlist Push curator, you may earn up to $12 per review. You can request a payout anytime, and your earnings will be transferred directly to your bank account. To become a curator, you must first have a playlist with actual followers.

If you’re a Tik-Tok creator, the company will also pay you to make videos with songs from their database.

10 Earn Money for Listening to Music Online

Surprisingly, this is a legitimate way to make money for musicians. Composers and musicians on the rise want music fans to listen to and critique their work.

Several music review websites will pay people to listen to the songs on their sites.

The trick here is to make sure that you find a reputable site that pays.

This is one of the best online jobs for musicians.

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In Conclusion

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” we’ve all heard. With so many remote music and audio jobs available, accomplishing what you love has never been easier or more convenient. This list of the best online jobs for musicians at home inspires you to pursue your musical goals.

FAQs on 10 Best Online Jobs For Musicians At Home | 2023

10 Best Online Jobs For Musicians At Home | 2023

Teach Online Live Music
Produce And Sell Stock Music
Become A Music Or Content Journalist
Create An Online Course
Work as an Audio Editor
Create a YouTube channel
Online Distribution of Your Music
You Can Sell Your Sheet Music
Earn Money By Listening To Music And Making Playlists
Earn Money by Listening to Music Online



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