17 Best-Paying Jobs in Broadcasting in 2023

The broadcasting industry covers everything from radio to television, film, and video. Because these industries are so vast, they’re each broken down into even more specific areas of expertise. 

For example, actors might get their start in the broadcasting industry on stage before moving on to screen acting and eventually finding success in movies and television shows. 

If you’re looking for some of the best-paying jobs in the broadcasting industry, this list will be an excellent place to start your search.

What Exactly Is Broadcasting?

Broadcasting is an industry that provides news, sports, entertainment, and other information to the general public via television, radio, and the internet. 

In every medium, both sides of the camera or microphone are available. Every day, reporters, correspondents, newscasters, and anchors work under pressure, go live, and gather information from various sources. 

Behind the scenes, a talented group of people, including producers, directors, writers, analysts, editors, and technicians, make it all possible. Bachelor’s degrees in journalism, mass communication, and related fields are acceptable. 

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What Does Broadcasting Jobs Pay?

Broadcasting jobs are among the highest-paying jobs in the world. That’s why most people strive to build a career in the industry. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of professionals in the broadcasting industry is about $62,340 as of May 2021. 

However, this salary varies according to the position, employee experience, and educational background.

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What is the Broadcasting Job Outlook?

Broadcasting is a promising industry, with a projected 14% job growth by 2030. Furthermore, the BLS predicts 151,500 new jobs. 

One of the factors contributing to the rapid growth of broadcasting careers is the increasing demand for digital content creation for various channels.

Job Satisfaction on the Air

Broadcasting jobs are rewarding and come with various perks, such as frequent travel, multiple tasks, and exciting assignments. 

Broadcasting, on the other hand, is a fast-paced industry with strict deadlines. As a result, some people may struggle to balance their work and personal lives. Depending on the position, the working hours and schedule may differ.

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Is Broadcasting a Good Profession?

Yes, broadcasting is an exciting and rewarding career, especially if you want to create and share content.

The broadcasting industry is changing and will continue to do so as digital entertainment media evolves. More people in the United States are getting their daily news from social media.

The median wage for most broadcasting jobs is higher than the national average in the United States. However, broadcasting is a highly competitive industry. 

To break into the field, you must have excellent communication, presentation, content writing, or videography skills and the ability to meet tight broadcast deadlines.

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15 Best Paying Jobs in Broadcasting

Here are the best-paying jobs in the broadcasting industry:

1. Assistant in Production

Average annual salary: $33,472

Production assistants are the first on our list of the best-paying jobs in the broadcasting industry. Production assistants are professionals who work in studios and on sets, assisting producers, directors, and other film crew members. Before filming, they help with equipment setup and lighting adjustments. 

As a production assistant, you will also take care of guests and on-air personalities. Aside from that, you will handle tasks like organizing interviews with guests, taking phone calls, and arranging catering and transportation.

2. News Reporter

The average annual salary is $36,116.

Next on our list of the best-paying broadcasting jobs worth building a career in is News Reporter.

As news reporters, you will be solely responsible for investigating current events and collecting data to provide accurate reports to the public. 

Also, you will be responsible for interacting with potential witnesses, pursuing leads, and writing or editing news articles. In some cases, you might be the one delivering camera reports. 

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3. Sound Designer

The average annual salary is $39,663.

A sound designer is another professional broadcasting job on our list of the best-paying jobs in the broadcasting industry. 

Sound designers in this field use sound engineering to operate audio equipment. They can record audio, edit it, and add sound effects.

They help set up instruments, microphones, and speakers for live shows and performances. 

Aside from that, they can also edit audio and fix sound issues, such as microphone feedback or broken speakers.

4. News Producer

Average annual salary: $42,023

News producers made it to our top list of best-paying jobs in the broadcasting industry because they earn higher than most professionals in the industry. 

A news producer collaborates with the news director to select broadcast content. Reports, graphics, and video content are all included in news programs. 

Moreso, they create shooting schedules and communicate arrival and departure times for the cast, crew, and special guests on set.

5. Video Editor

The average annual salary is $43,327.

Video editing is another career you will enjoy building in the broadcasting industry because it pays well. It pays more than some broadcasting jobs.  

As a video editor in the broadcasting industry, you will be responsible for assembling and editing raw video files to prepare the film for broadcast. 

You will also work on altering sounds by adjusting the volume, removing background noise, or adding unique sound effects.

Aside from that, you will add video transitions or color-correct footage to ensure the final product is straightforward and aesthetically pleasing. 

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6. DJ (Disc Jockey)

The average annual salary is $52,197.

Among the well-paying broadcasting, jobs are DJing, also known as Disc jockeys. Disc jockeys are radio personalities who handle various tasks to run a radio show.

DJs are responsible for managing the set list and scheduling music and commercials to play at specific times. They also introduce musical acts or breaking news items. 

In some cases, they may help conduct interviews with musical guests and other guests invited to the program by the station.

7. Talk Show Host

The average annual salary is $104,000.

Talkshow host is among the best paying jobs in the broadcasting industry compared to other broadcasting jobs or careers. 

The talk show host is the show’s public face, interacting with guests in unique and captivating ways and reporting on stories. 

These hosts frequently conduct engaging interviews with various guests from the worlds of politics, sports, and entertainment in front of a studio audience, while also sharing entertaining anecdotes. 

If the show is for entertaining, the host may also engage the audience in games and guide them through various sketches or segments. 

A talk show host may host a show daily, weekly, or irregular, with the show airing during the day or late at night.

8. Weather Forecaster

Average annual salary: $69,000

A weather forecaster, also known as a meteorologist, is among the professionals that earn a handsome salary in the broadcasting industry. 

Their primary role in broadcasting is to provide updates and analyses of current and predicted weather via a television network, radio station, or social media platform. 

As a weather forecaster, you also create short-term weather forecasts, investigate atmospheric factors that influence climate patterns, and present this information to an audience. 

9. Weather Anchor 

Average annual salary: $67,500

Although the salary of a weather reporter and weather anchor differ slightly, their roles differ. Unlike the weather forecaster, the weather anchor’s sole responsibility is to present the weather forecast.

Another exciting thing about this job is its numerous opportunities to help your career advancement and pay once you have years of experience. 

10. News Anchor 

Average annual salary: $65,000

Among the best-paying broadcasting jobs that you should look at is a news anchor. A news anchor delivers the news on television or during a press conference. 

Most people in this profession either work for a regional or national television broadcast or appear on a local news channel to report on local stories. Most news media veterans who work as anchors are also journalists. 

Many journalists cover a specific “beat” or topic before being allowed to anchor. As an anchor, you must be comfortable reporting on any case during the newscast.

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11. Correspondent

Average annual salary: $62,000

Correspondents are on-the-ground journalists or news reporters. They provide news to television stations, newspapers, and radio stations, often from remote locations and foreign countries.

Correspondents, unlike reporters, insert their own opinions into news stories and report as they see it. They may convey this information via video, audio recordings, or written articles.

Although there is room for advancement, the moderate salary range indicates that pay in this position will be consistent regardless of skill level, location, or years of experience. 

12. Education Reporter

Average annual salary: $59,000

An education reporter’s responsibilities for a newspaper, radio station or television news organization include covering educational stories and issues. 

You can also find work with news organizations on the internet. Depending on your employer, you may write about all types of schools or focus solely on public, private, or charter schools. 

In general, the duties of an education reporter require you to focus on K-12 education, though you may also cover higher education.

13. News Writer

The news writer is the person who prepares the news for the news anchor to read. 

In a smaller market, however, anchors may also be responsible for writing the news for their daily broadcast. This person must be an exceptional writer. 

Other duties include monitoring news feeds, booking guests for live interviews, and researching story information. Again, a news writer and producer perform the same tasks in smaller markets.

14. Television News Reporter

Average annual salary: $58,000

A television News reporter is next on our list of top-paying broadcasting jobs for this season.

Most television news reporters are responsible for gathering information for reports, conducting interviews, writing scripts or notes, and filming and editing footage in the field for use by producers during newscasts. 

Depending on your position, a team of camera operators and journalists may assist you in producing stories. 

Television news reporters are seen on camera during the newscast and frequently engage in conversation with the anchors and other newsroom staff members.

15. Investigative Journalist

Average annual salary: $57,500

An investigative reporter may conduct interviews or research to piece together their story. This type of journalism frequently focuses on a single topic at a time, may require travel, and may work irregular hours. 

You investigate various aspects of a story and identify potential sources of information in this line of work.

To determine whether products meet consumers’ expectations, you could specialize in a specific field, such as crime, politics, or consumer research. 

Some journalists take photographs to accompany their stories. A basic understanding of computers is required to write your story and format it for publication.

16. Morning News Anchor 

Average annual salary: $50,500

A morning news anchor reads the news from a teleprompter during morning newscasts. During a broadcast, you’ll usually be working at a desk. 

You may report on pre-planned news segments or provide updates on breaking news as needed. Because you work in the morning, you must arrive at the news studio early to prepare for the broadcast. 

As a senior newsroom member, you are responsible for introducing stories and reports from other members of the on-air team. You work with producers, directors, and news writers before and during broadcasts.

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17. Reporter Anchor

Average annual salary: $49,500

News anchors are journalists who inform the public by reporting on local, national, and international news stories and events. 

They use their public speaking skills as the lead journalist on a television news broadcast to accurately and concisely deliver the news to their audience. 

They are the professionals who anchor or hold a news program together, as the job title suggests. After field reporters deliver their individual stories, they maintain program continuity between segments.

Successful news anchors build a following of viewers who come to trust and prefer them over other options in a market. Some anchors cover specific historical events years after they retire.


Is broadcasting a viable career option?

Yes, broadcasting is a viable career option. The broadcasting industry offers thousands of exciting jobs in a variety of specialties around the world.

What kind of money can you make from broadcasting?

Broadcasters in the United States earn an average of $46,070 per year or $22.15 per hour. Hosts at the bottom of the pay scale, or the bottom 10%, earn around $22,000 annually, while the top 10% earn $93,000. Their location affects the amount of money a broadcaster can expect to make.

Is major broadcasting complex?

Broadcasting is a challenging and competitive industry but it can also be advantageous and fulfilling. As with any subject, you must ensure that you are prepared to handle the demands of a future career in broadcasting.

What is the degree in broadcasting?

Earning a degree in Mass Communication or Journalism is one of your primary options for becoming a broadcaster. Most colleges and universities offer degree programs in mass communication, with journalism as one of the specializations.

What skills do you need for broadcasting?

For broadcasting, you need excellent communication, performance, and presentation skills to enter broadcasting. Depending on the job, you might also need a specialized skill set such as video production, content development, or photo production. 


The best-paying jobs in broadcasting require a high level of experience and education. However, there are many opportunities for entry-level positions that can lead to a career in broadcasting.

With the proper training and dedication, anyone can find a rewarding career in broadcasting.



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