Is Home Furnishing is Good Career Pathway? 17 Best Paying Jobs in Home Furnishing

Best Paying Jobs in Home Furnishing: Furniture, appliances, and decor are expensive purchases, but even more so if you’re looking to furnish an entire home from scratch. 

However, specific jobs within the field can pay well enough that you might be able to afford to furnish your entire home through your day job. 

We’ve compiled 17 of the best paying jobs in the home furnishings field to help you decide if it’s worth pursuing as your career path.

Is Home Furnishing a Good Career Path?

Depending on your interests, you have several options in this career field. Some skills, however, are shared by the jobs listed above. 

You have a keen sense of aesthetics. The majority of the jobs listed here necessitate an eye for beauty.

It is essential to be able to draw something aesthetically pleasing, whether you are a home designer or an architect.

You place a high value on creativity. All the jobs listed above necessitate some level of creativity. It is the defining characteristic for some, such as a home decorators. However, all of these jobs rely on it.

You have an easy time building rapport with clients. Of course, as long as you’re successful, it doesn’t have to be easy.

Working with clients as a designer, architect, or furniture restorer is required in almost all jobs. Strong customer service skills are advantageous to all of them.

You enjoy having a completed product at the end. Of course, this varies, but whether you’re designing a house or a room, you’ll end up with something you can point to.

Different jobs have different requirements, skills, and inclinations appropriate for them. However, if you have the characteristics mentioned above, you should consider a career in home furnishings.

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How Much Does a Home Furnishing Professional Make on an Average? 

The average annual salary is between $25,000-$50,000. The amount of money you can make is determined by the type of home furnishing you choose.

Furniture & home furnishings store employees earn an average annual salary of $42,098. Furniture and home furnishings stores are the 198th highest paying industry group in the United States, out of 269 total.

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What is the Work of Home Furnishing?  

Home furnishers make people’s homes and spaces more pleasant and livable. Because people will always have homes and want to furnish and decorate them, home furnishing as a career path has a high level of job security.

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What are the Home Furnishing Career Educational Requirements?

As I mentioned earlier, you must have a bachelor’s degree to get any home furnishing job that pays well. The degree must be in any of the following fields:

Interior Design: You need an interior design degree in interior decoration. 

Fine Arts: Fine Arts is another essential degree to go for if you want to be a career in any home furnishing field. Taking this degree helps educate and enlighten you on using colors and materials. 

Interior Architecture: This is another vital degree worth getting if you must build a home furnishing career.  

Architecture: This one is important, especially if you want to design a house.

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17 Best Paying Jobs in Home Furnishing 

Here are the 17 best home furnishing jobs that pay well globally. Before getting any of these best-paying jobs in home furnishing, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Check them out!

  1. Architect
  2. Home Designer
  3. Design Architect
  4. Architectural Engineer
  5. Space Planner
  6. Consultant in Design
  7. Agent for Real Estate
  8. Furniture Designer
  9. Architectural Technician
  10. Upholsterer
  11. Furniture Sales Consultant
  12. Draftsperson
  13. Interior Decorator
  14. Home Stager
  15. Floral Designer
  16. Cabinet Maker
  17. Furniture Restorer

1. Architect

Average Annual Salary: $90,000

The first on our list of best-paying jobs in home furnishing must people enjoy taking up is an architect. Although this job is not entirely related to furnishing, it involves the art of making buildings. 

As an architect, your primary focus will build and designing the building structure. 

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2. Home Designer

Average Annual Salary: $62,000

Home designing is among the best-paying home furnishing jobs worth building a career in. As a home designer, you will create beautiful spaces using your creative and technical know-how. 

You will also help with finishing a building, decoration, and arrangement. 

To be exceptional in this work, you must be good at playing with colors, furniture types, lighting, window treatments, and flooring. 

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3. Design Architect

Average Annual Salary: $66,000

A design architect is among the best paying jobs in home furnishing. Just like the name sounds, a design architect is an architect that focuses on designing structures. 

Most design architects also work on repairing or remodeling old structures or new construction. 

Moreso, they have a team of architects they work with when performing their duties. To perform this role exceptionally, you must have good communication skills.

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4. Architectural Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $96,000

Another field of Architectural professionals that earns well are Architectural engineers. They are among the highest paying jobs in the world. These professionals are focused on designing bridges, structures, and buildings.

To work as an architectural engineer, you must have an advanced understanding of architectural terms and materials. You also know building materials that can make a building solid and standard. 

They must have a strong knowledge of architecture and materials, as they’re expected to ensure that facilities meet safety standards and use the best materials available.

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5. A Space Planner

Average Salary: $68,000

A space planner is among the best paying home furnishing jobs most people find interesting. As a space planner, you will be solely responsible for making best use of their available space. 

You will work in interior design, offices, and other workplaces. Moreso, you will determine how much space for furniture. Also, you will work on the layout of workspaces such as cubicles. 

Remember, to perform this role effectively, you must know interior design programs and space requirements regulations.

6. Consultant in Design

Average salary: $77,803 per year

Design consultants advise clients on the overall appearance of their homes. They may work on the interior or exterior, but their goal is to assist in creating a space that meets their client’s needs and desires.

Designing a home can be exciting for someone who wants to express themselves through decor, but it can also be very intimidating. 

To start with, prepare for the project by deciding on a style for your home before beginning any major renovations. 

This will allow you to ensure that all your furniture and accessories match while maintaining a consistent look throughout the house.

Plan when building new rooms or renovating old ones, so there is enough time between projects to ensure quality results.

7. Agent for Real Estate

Average Salary: $ 102,170

Generally, a career in real estate worth it?

Becoming a real estate agent can be a lucrative career path for those who enjoy home furnishings.

The average annual salary for this job is between $25k and $50k, but rising real estate prices are increasing the demand for home furnishing professionals.

For example, if you’re looking to buy a house or rent an apartment, working with someone who knows everything there is to know about furniture is the best way to ensure you get the best deal!

8. Furniture Designer

Average Annual Salary: $61,000

Furniture Designers’ primary role deals with making designs for furniture. 

They come up with layouts in detail used in making constructions. You must know the different structures and drawing programs to perform this role well.

9. Architectural Technician

Average Salary: $46,258

Like an architectural engineer, an architectural technician is concerned with the practical aspects of construction. However, unlike architectural engineers, they are not involved in the actual building or design of the project.

They collaborate with architects to assist with the structural design of the building. Their job is to advise the architect on whether their concept is structurally and materially feasible.

Most of these jobs will require more education and experience, which is why they are more well-paid. So this is an example of where your career could lead. 

Several of these jobs, while considered entry-level, will require an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. Others cause a college education. However, if you want to start a career in the field, they’re an excellent place to look.

10. Upholsterer

Average Annual Salary: $27,000

Next on our list of best-paying jobs in home furnishing is Upholsterer. As an upholsterer, your primary responsibility is putting fabric on furniture and replacing it when necessary. 

Also, you will handle some essential finish work on the wood. To fit this job perfectly, you must understand fabric, sewing techniques, and furniture finishing. 

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11. Furniture Sales Consultant

Average salary: $77,390 per year

Furniture Sales Consultant is among the professionals that made it to our list of best-paying home furnishing jobs. 

This is because of the commissions they make at every furniture sale. Someone in this position sells furniture. 

Furniture sales consultants sell furniture and make commissions based on their customers’ pay. 

12. Draftsperson

Average Annual Salary: $51,000

Next on our list of best-paying jobs in home furnishing is Draftsperson. 

A draftsperson basically draws up drafts based on the designer’s specs. To draw drafts, they have advanced knowledge of drafting tools, including computer programs.

13. Interior Decorator

Average Annual Salary: $45,000

Interior designers handle the overall look and feel of a space. They are to select furniture, decorative items, and paint colors to construct an equally functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Because you will work directly with your clients throughout each project, a career as an interior designer requires excellent communication skills.

This job requires exceptional interpersonal skills and creative thought to develop ways for each client’s tastes to come through in their home’s design.

14. Home Stager

Average Salary: $37,000

A model unit is common in apartment complexes and newly built subdivisions. It will also be furnished to make it more inviting. A home stager chooses the furnishings, decorations, and color scheme.

Their job is to make the place look inviting while leaving it bare enough for the prospective client to change it to their liking mentally.

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15. Floral Designer

Average Annual Salary: $47,000

Floral designers are another home furnishing job that pays well. These experts arrange flowers for weddings, funerals, birthdays, and engagement parties. 

To perform these roles, you must have a strong aesthetic sense and be knowledgeable about flowers.

16. Cabinet Maker

Average salary: $35,790 per year

A cabinet maker is well-versed in wood, woodworking, and woodworking tools. Some work alone, creating custom cabinets, but many collaborate with developers.

They can build the cabinet themselves or build it into the property wall. This usually causes an apprenticeship, but trade schools also teach various skills.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Cabinet Maker makes $35,790 annually.

17. Furniture Restorer

Average Salary: $ 36,630

Furniture restoration is the process of returning furniture to its original condition. It is a popular trend among homeowners and businesses alike, as it can save money and extend the life of valuable pieces. 

Restorers use various techniques to repair damage and restore beauty, including sanding, staining, and varnishing. 

Furniture restoration is essential to preserving our history and should be entrusted to skilled professionals.

According to BLS, a Furniture restorer makes an average of $ 36,630.

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What are home furnishing products?

Home furnishing products include Table linens, bedding, headboards, blankets, Pillows, Lampshades, Cushions, etc. 

How much is the home furnishing industry worth? 

The home furnishing industry is predicted to be worth over 202 billion U.S. dollars in 2024.

What are the best-paying jobs in Home Furnishing?

Home Designer
Design Architect
Architectural Engineer
Space Planner
Consultant in Design
Agent for Real Estate
Furniture Designer
Architectural Technician
Furniture Sales Consultant
Interior Decorator
Home Stager
Floral Designer
Cabinet Maker
Furniture Restorer


Best-paying jobs in home furnishing require a high level of experience and expertise. Jobs that pay the most include designers, architects, and sales managers.

While these jobs may require a higher level of education and training, they also offer the potential for higher earnings.



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