13 Best Paying Jobs in Professional Services in 2023

The professional services sector constantly expands, offering various career options. According to BLS, the sector alone added approximately 95,000 jobs in February 2023. Dentistry, computer design, technical consultancy, and scientific research are some of the highest-paying professions.

Before entering the field, you’ll need to research which professional service career is right for you. You might be curious about the salary for professional service positions.

Keep reading this article for all the information you require about the best paying jobs in professional services and the educational prerequisites and employment prospects for each career path.

What do Professional Services Do?

Professional services are those in which individuals are compensated for their knowledge and time.

In order to pursue their chosen job, individuals who wish to work in the professional services sector must possess a fair degree or course from an accredited university.

These professionals receive training to comprehend the demands of their profession and acquire real-world experience.

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Does the Professional Services Sector Have Any Subsectors?

These are some of the subsectors of professional services. You will also find out that most of them are among the best paying jobs in professional services. Read on to find out the reason.

Architectural/Construction Services

Businesses that plan and design institutional, commercial, residential, and industrial structures make up most of the architectural industry.

Numerous small-scale architectural firms collaborate with businesses with a broader market to access their services.

Management Consulting

Business consulting services such as general administrative management, human resources, marketing, logistics, physical distribution, technical services, and other general management services are all covered by management consulting.

Accounts payable

Financial auditing services, various tax preparation services, and numerous advisory services for corporate clients and private persons make accounting services a crucial component of the professional services sector. 

By 2030, this occupation may also be extinct, you heard correctly.

Engineering Service

The industry that contributes the most to total income is engineering. It is mainly focused on creating and designing tools, systems, materials, and buildings.

It also contains the feasibility studies conducted to guarantee the examination and assessment of the methods employed.

Legal service is a subsector of the professional services component that includes businesses that offer litigation support, patent agent services, and general corporate services.

Is a Career in Professional Services a Good Choice?

Professional services have numerous occupations with promising job possibilities. Thus it is a good career choice. 

Solutions for professional services are highly sought after since they are applicable in numerous industries. 

For example, a technology consultant in an accounting firm can develop the accounting software required to increase staff efficiency and client satisfaction. 

In order to maintain IT systems, architecture firms also require technology consultants.

While you can start off any professional services career with a bachelor’s degree, you will need the appropriate training to specialize in your chosen professional service. 

To rise swiftly from entry-level employment to higher and more fulfilling roles, you could also need years of work experience and advanced credentials.

How Much Do Best Paying Jobs in Professional Services Pay?

According to BLS, the average hourly income in the professional services sector is $37.97, or almost $62,400 per year. In other professional service sectors, like healthcare or banking, salaries are greater.

Other perks, including health insurance, paid time off, retirement pensions, and other employee benefits, are frequently included in annual pay. Entry-level employees make less money, but their pay gradually increases as they accumulate experience and credentials.

Outlook for Professional Services Jobs

Experts are in high demand in the professional services sector, and job prospects are anticipated to increase significantly over the next ten years. 

According to Indeed, the job forecast for each profession ranges from three percent to 24 percent.

Professional services experts are highly valued in the organizations and corporations they work for, and careers are in high demand. Usually, this means that many of these vocations result in fulfilling careers.

Both the monetary rewards and the employment opportunities are stable. 

13 Best Paying Jobs in Professional Services in 2023

  • Physicians and Surgeons
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Airline and Commercial Pilots
  • Lawyers
  • Actuaries
  • Software Developers or Engineers
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Architects
  • Postsecondary Teachers
  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Marketing Manager

Doctors and Surgeons

Salary: $208,000

Healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat illnesses and other medical issues, including doctors and surgeons, earn highly paid salaries. 

They are employed by clinics, hospitals, and public and private organizations.

Entering this field can take a number of years. Both bachelors and a medical degree are required. Depending on the area of expertise, you might need to spend an additional three to nine years in education.

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Computer and Information Systems Manager

Average Salary: $151,150 

Computer and information systems managers organize, facilitate, and manage all computer-related activities for a corporation.

These professionals are in charge of all business or organization’s computer-related operations.

To ensure proper management of the involved activities, they offer their services in the organization and management of computer activities.

One of the best paying jobs in the professional services sector is computer services.

Consider earning an IT certification, this can launch your tech career.

Becoming a Computer and information manager requires a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience.

Financial Managers

Salary average: $134,180

By creating reports, investing in resources, and creating financial strategies, financial managers assist businesses in the financial services sector in setting and achieving their financial goals. They also provide business financial advice.

You require a bachelor’s degree in finance or related fields and at least five years of relevant professional experience to become a financial manager.

An individual’s experience is taken into account in the financial industry and thus significantly impacts their career.

This is one of the best paying jobs in professional services.

Commercial and Airline Pilots

Average Salary: $130,440

For airlines, businesses, or governments, licensed pilots are in charge of flying helicopters or other aircraft. The safe takeoff, flight, and landing of aircraft are the responsibility of the pilots.

After completing a flight training program, you must have a high school diploma or the equivalent and a license from the Federal Aviation Administration to become a pilot. 

Airline firms typically require a bachelor’s degree and certification and training.

An individual’s experience is taken into account in this industry and thus significantly impacts their career.

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Salary: $126,930

Lawyers are professional who represents clients, practice law, and provide legal counsel. They work in various legal contexts, including corporations, courts, government bodies, and law firms. 

Before you can practice law, you must first graduate from a law school having received a bar Association accreditation, get a law degree, and pass the necessary bar exams.

They are one of the best paying jobs in professional services.


Salary on average: $111,030

Business specialists known as actuaries are experts in the mathematical study of risk and uncertainty. They employ their expertise to evaluate risk’s financial ramifications and aid organizations and individuals in making wise financial decisions.

The insurance sector most frequently employs actuaries. To work in this industry, you must possess a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, actuarial science, or a related subject.

Software Developers or Engineers 

Earnings on average: $110,140

Software developers provide technical services through the development, design, and maintenance of software programs. They test the applications to make sure they are operating properly. 

Training to become a software developer may take time, depending on your learning style.

Most people need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline to fill this position.

Human Resources Personnel

Salary: $105,500

According to Wikipedia, human resources personnel (HR) are in charge of several organizational tasks, such as hiring new employees and maintaining regulatory compliance.

You might help run the HR department, for instance. You are responsible for managing complaints, developing performance assessment programs, and defining job descriptions, pay scales, and benefit schedules.

Because many businesses depend on you to encourage job satisfaction, employee loyalty, and retention, careful attention to detail, a positive outlook, and practical communication skills are crucial.

This is one of the high and best paying jobs in professional services.


Average Salary: $82,320 

The crucial task of organizing, carrying out, and designing the building-construction process falls to architects.

Architects use drawings to create architectural plans, whether they are created manually or digitally.

A bachelor’s degree in architecture from an approved university is required to work as an architect. However, some states do not demand a degree if you fulfill particular training requirements and pass the certification examinations.

Secondary School Teachers

Salary on average: $80,560

Postsecondary educators who tutor students in various academic and technical subjects are called postsecondary instructors. They typically hold positions in colleges, universities, or professional schools like those for law or medicine.

You must first obtain a bachelor’s degree before pursuing a master’s in a particular topic if you want to work as a postsecondary instructor. 

After that, to acquire the requisite teaching abilities, you’ll need to finish a teacher preparation training program.

This is one of the best paying jobs in professional services.

Auditors and Accountants

Salary on average: $75,560

Accountants and auditors are experts in the financial services industry who assist companies and people in keeping track of their money, taxes, and records.

You must complete a recognized bachelor’s degree program and pass a certification exam to work as an auditor or accountant.

There are also lots of well-paying specializations in the accounting and auditing sectors that you can pick from if you don’t have a degree.

Customer Service Representatives

Typical Salary: $70,000

Your duties and responsibilities as a customer service advisor include managing and supervising the day-to-day operations of a company’s customer care or support department.

Similarly, you are responsible for collaborating with other senior leadership to decide the firm’s short- and long-term goals and what contribution your department can play in enhancing customer connections, happiness, and the speed at which the organization responds to concerns.

Additionally, you hire new department employees, manage their training, conduct performance reviews, assess customer service feedback, and work to establish and enhance your department’s customer service policies and practices.

Customer service representatives are one of the best paying jobs in professional services.

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Marketing Manager

Neither goods nor services sell themselves. Finding strategies to sell a certain service and determining the demand for it requires skilled people. 

It may not come as a surprise that marketing managers hold some of the highest paying positions in the professional services industry, given the importance of these duties to an organization’s bottom line.

Marketing managers need to be creative and business-savvy to succeed. Everyday tasks range from gathering market information to organizing advertising events to creating websites and social media campaigns.

A bachelor’s degree is often required for marketing managers, with coursework in management, economics, finance, computer science, and statistics being incredibly beneficial. A master’s degree might be necessary for jobs with intense competition.

Job Prospects The BLS projects a 10% increase in employment for marketing managers between 2020 and 2030, which is a greater growth rate than average.

Where can I find Professional Services Jobs with the Best Paying Rates?

  • Indeed: Millions of job seekers use Indeed to look for employment in various professional service sectors, including engineering, healthcare, and technology. You must have an account to apply for jobs on Indeed and communicate with potential employers.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional-focused social media site. You can utilize the website’s job board to look for employment. Additionally, you can narrow your search using a number of keywords such as company name, location, and level of experience.
  • Glassdoor: Glassdoor is renowned for offering accurate information about various businesses. The website also offers a list of open positions, showing the prerequisites, requirements, and median pay for each.
  • Google Careers: A search engine created especially for job hunters, Google Careers. You can use our search engine to find employment and rapidly tailor your results to your preferences.
  • Monster: Monster is a job board that offers positions for professionals with various levels of expertise in the service industry. It is comparable to Glassdoor but does not include information regarding wage expectations.

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Professional services are those in which individuals are compensated for their knowledge and time.

This article has explained the best-paying jobs in professional services. It also contains the job prospect, educational requirements, and salary.

FAQs on Best-Paying Jobs in Professional Services

Are there professional positions that don’t need a degree?

Yes, some professional positions do not require a degree. Although a bachelor’s degree is typically needed in the highest-paying professional services employment, certain positions only call for a high school diploma or equivalent.

What educational background is best for landing a high-paying position in professional services?

Many entry-level professional service occupations demand a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline. However, you can improve your chances of getting the position if you have additional skills like a master’s or doctorate, licenses, or specialized certifications.

What other skills do I need to earn a professional service job?

To land a professional service company position, one needs soft talents, including good communication, teamwork, problem-solving, analytical skills, and proactive thinking. These abilities will help you succeed in a very competitive field.

What are the 13 Best Paying Jobs in Professional Services in 2023?

Physicians and Surgeons
Computer and Information Systems Managers
Financial Managers
Airline and Commercial Pilots
Software Developers or Engineers
Human Resources Personnel
Postsecondary Teachers
Accountants and Auditors
Customer Service Representatives
Marketing Manager



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