20 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate | 2023

Real estate provides a diverse range of careers, many of which have the potential to earn a high salary. The best paying jobs in real estate may have an average salary of more than $80,000 per year, depending on location and training.

This field has several career options for persons interested in investing or self-employment, some of which can be a beneficial source of income.

The real estate market is quickly becoming a promising career path for the future, with many individuals investing in it and therefore producing a variety of work possibilities.

Are you interested in a career in real estate? This post reviews the best paying jobs in real estate.

What are the benefits of a career in real estate?

Growth opportunities

As a real estate professional, your success is frequently a logical result of the effort you devote to identifying, developing, and capitalizing on opportunities.

You’ll discover that your earning potential is determined not by a salary ceiling or hourly compensation, but by the amount of effort you’re prepared to put in.

As you strive to deliver compliant, high-quality service to clients and consumers, you’ll create future opportunities as the real estate demands of those you assist continue to develop.

Impressive pay

The best paying jobs in real estate are one of the most enticing benefits of selecting a career in the industry. Instead of being restricted to hourly earnings, real estate professionals may earn whatever they can sell.

Dealing in real estate without a salary cap is a significant advantage and a fantastic motivator to do your best.


You may work for yourself if you choose a career in real estate. Essentially, you can create your own company and identity. With your real estate expertise, you may also look for additional jobs both inside and outside of the real estate sector.

You may, for example, pursue a profession as a real estate investor, home appraiser, property manager, or leasing consultant.

What are the skills required for a career in real estate?


Communication is maybe the most crucial soft skill needed in the real estate industry. Many parts of communication go beyond the spoken word, such as being aware of your own and others’ body language, exposing difficulties, and appreciating other people’s time and efforts.

Investing in interpersonal and communication skills would be time well spent for a successful career in real estate. “Active listening” is one strategy.


Without negotiating skills, your chances of success in the real estate sector are negligible. Good communication based on the realities of the present market and property condition aids major real estate negotiations.

Furthermore, the negotiator should be able to see the transaction from both perspectives and make sound commercial judgments.

Active listening

A superb communicator is not only eloquent, but he also actively listens. To properly comprehend what is being said, active listening causes complete attention. This does not necessarily imply listening in order to answer.

Someone who actively listens to what is being said, whether as an employee or a business partner, may assist settle disagreements and spark new ideas. Active listening is one of the most important talents necessary for the best paying jobs in real estate.

What are the best paying jobs in real estate?

1. Real estate agent

One of the most prominent careers in the real estate market is that of a real estate agent. The real estate agent is fully responsible for the purchase and sale of properties on behalf of its customers.

Often, a real estate agent’s remuneration is based on the number of homes sold or purchased, and it is typically between 1% and 5% of the entire cost.

They estimated the average yearly salary of these individuals to be between $40,772 and $53,087, however, it may be more depending on the market and sales in general. Real estate agents have one of the best paying jobs in real estate.

2. Real estate associate

Real estate associates assist buyers in finding properties and sellers in listing properties for sale. They frequently work for large or small businesses and represent either sellers or purchasers.

In both circumstances, they show purchasers’ properties and guide them through the sales and negotiating process. They are one of the best paying jobs in real estate, with a salary of $52,808 per year.

3. Property manager

Property managers have a national average salary of $52,273 per year. Property managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations of a property, such as collecting rent from renters and performing repairs.

They also keep financial records and show potential tenants’ homes.

4. Home inspector

Home inspectors have an average salary of $53,134 per year. Home inspectors search for any problems or repairs that may be required. They frequently give projected costs for repair jobs to potential house buyers, realtors, and other real estate professionals.

5. Escrow officer

Escrow officers are one of the best paying jobs in real estate that enable professionals in the field to earn from sales percentages. Escrow officers handle real estate transactions, making certain that they complete all documentation and all legal criteria are satisfied.

They also educate house purchasers on all areas of the real estate acquisition process. Because they pay escrow officers a percentage of the final transaction price, their earnings potential might vary depending on their location and the worth of the properties they work with.

6. Real estate appraiser

With a national average salary of $62,521 per year, appraisers are one of the best paying jobs in real estate. Real estate appraisers check and evaluate the value of a property and deliver this information to their clients.

They are licensed at several levels, ranging from appraiser trainees to certified general appraisers, which may influence whether they operate under the supervision of a more skilled appraiser or autonomously.

7. Real estate broker

If the sound of making $72,626 per year in the real estate business, real estate brokers should be on your top picks. Real estate brokers recruit enthusiastic buyers, aid purchasers in locating homes that meet their needs, and aid sellers in valuing their properties under market values.

Every state requires real estate brokers to be licensed. Some real estate brokers supervise real estate agents who handle some of the buying and selling, but brokers must directly control the transaction process in order to comply with all state rules.

8. Property accountant

Property accountants make an estimate of $65,832 per year. Property accountants handle basic accounting for businesses or developers. Budgets are managed, finances are reconciled, and we monitor financial records.

They may also meet with persons engaged in all stages of building and sales, such as builders, and attorneys on behalf of their company to verify that all legal requirements are satisfied.

9. New home sales consultant

New home consultants make up one of the best-paying jobs in real estate, with a median average salary of $78,952 per year. They show potential buyers new properties or homes that are under development by new home sales consultants.

They frequently showed buyers blueprints, plans, or model houses as a reference to what they might anticipate from their finished home. New home sales consultants may also assist purchasers in designing a personalized house.

10. Realtor

A realtor assists buyers in discovering houses and sellers in locating someone to gain their property. They must register Realtors members of the National Association of Realtors in order to sell residential and commercial properties.

Realtors make up one of the best paying jobs in real estate with an average earning of $78,447 per year

11. Real estate attorney

Real estate attorneys have an estimated average salary of $95,701 per year, hence propelling them as the top best paying job in real estate.

They accredit real estate attorneys in real estate law, they are informed about applicable real estate regulations, and can analyze contracts to ensure the contract conditions are in the best interests of their clients. They may also help with the completion of property deals or complete the process of closing the transaction themselves.

12. Mortgage loan officer

When you’re earning $156,672, not being included as one of the best paying jobs in real estate will just be a total rip-off. Mortgage loan officers help purchasers through the mortgage procedure when they buy a house or property.

They also examine several loan choices and provide them to consumers to guarantee that they discover the finest solution for their specific financial circumstances. To work as a mortgage loan officer, they must license you in your state and have national certification.

13. Compliance specialist

Compliance specialists earn roughly $86,644 per year. Compliance specialists, sometimes known as compliance officers, must be conversant with local legislation and ensure that all legal criteria for transactions and development are satisfied.

They also supervise audits when a corporation is accused of breaking the legislation.

14. Real estate investment consultant

Real estate investment consultants earn an average salary of $62,824 per year. Real estate investment consultants advise customers on real estate investments including acquisitions or possible development projects. They offer financial guidance and do a study on the viability of future initiatives.

15. Foreclosure specialist

Foreclosure specialists concentrate on houses in different phases of foreclosure. They assist customers in modifying loans to help them meet payments and avoid foreclosure, as well as guiding property owners through the foreclosure process and locating repossessed properties for potential purchasers.

We estimate the national median earnings of foreclosure specialists at $60,243 per year.

16. Lease manager

A lease manager is frequently hired to help a corporation or property owner manage their properties. The lease manager is in charge of the records, costs, budget, compliance, and other documents associated with such properties.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lease managers earn an average of $58,760 a year, which can certainly rise dependent on the market and property value.

17. Property investor

Investing may provide a considerable amount of money if the investor is aware of the ropes and understands real estate and how to invest in properties.

A property investor frequently purchases many properties, which are then sold at a greater monetary value or rented out to tenants for an extended period of time. Property investors may earn up to $85,000 per year, making them one of the highest-paying careers in real estate.

18. Surveyors

Surveyors are not just one of the best paying jobs in real estate but one of the most sought after. A surveyor is someone who specializes in determining the formal boundaries of land, airspace, and water. Surveyors collaborate with civil engineers, landscape architects, regional and urban planners, and others to create complete design documentation. They operate outside on a variety of terrains, as well as indoors to compile legal papers and other reports. Surveyors earn a median yearly salary of $65,590.

19. Zoning manager

Zoning managers are one of the best paying jobs in real estate. A zoning manager is responsible for enforcing and reviewing municipal zoning restrictions on commercial or residential property. Zoning managers might work for the government or a private enterprise. In the case of the corporation, the zoning manager’s job description is entirely focused on ensuring that the company’s actions on properties do not violate the zoning regulations of the nation or city. Zoning managers earn up to $125,007 per year on average.

20. Builder

Builders are a group of specialists that play a vital role in the real estate business. Builders are expected to make around $115,000 or more on average, depending on their degree of expertise throughout the years. A builder may work in manufacturing, project management, or other related fields. The profession of a builder includes all aspects of property construction and upkeep.

FAQs on Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate

Is a real estate career lucrative?

Yes, a career in real estate comes with a blend of good pay and opportunities.

What skill do I need to get into real estate?

You must have effective communication and negotiation skills.

Do real estate agents make good money?

Real estate agents and lawyers make good incomes in the real estate sector.

What are the best careers in real estate?

Real estate managers and home inspectors are popular picks as the best career choice in real estate.


With the positive outlook of the various job opportunities available in the real estate sector, the best paying jobs in real estate are popularly sought after.

Real estate, being an ever appreciating plan, should be one of your top picks if you are interested in a career with a good income.



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