15 Best Paying Jobs in Retail Building Materials in 2023

As one looking to switch or start a new career, it is okay to wonder if retail building materials is a good career path. I asked the same question too. But after seeing some of the best paying jobs in retail building materials in 2023, I have my answer.

Because retail building materials, online and in-store, is a lucrative business, this sector continues to host many of the top paying professions.

So, if you have a passion for the building materials sector, you can work your way into one of the available jobs and convert your enthusiasm into a regular salary.

The good thing is that the retail sector is growing with more money consumers spend than ever before. And to meet growing demand, the industry does, however, need competent workers.

The high paying jobs in this field allow for flexibility and creativity in the retail building materials industry. This article will discuss the best paying jobs in retail building materials in 2023.

Is retail building materials a good career path?

Yes, retail building materials is a good career path. With a career in retail, you will have the chance to work for a company that is current with today’s trends and demands. Plus, it is ideal if you want to work in the construction sector and make above-average money.

As a result of the rising demand for building supplies, a career in retail building materials guarantees you a flexible job in the booming market.

Another perk is its acceptance of entry-level employees who want to start making money immediately. One of the entry-level positions might be a launching pad for a successful career if you have the motivation and drive to succeed.

If these perks are right down your alley, the list of jobs below will give you an idea of the careers available in retail building materials.

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Best paying jobs in retail building materials

Here are some best paying jobs that show that retail building materials is a good career path:

  • #1. Regional Manager
  • #2. Human Resources Director
  • #3. Marketing Director
  • #4. Legal Representative
  • #5. Sales Manager
  • #6. Call Center Representative
  • #7. Materials Manager
  • #8. Marketing Communications Specialist
  • #9. Merchandiser
  • #10. Warehouse Manager
  • #11. Inventory Clerk
  • #12. Forklift Operator
  • #13. Tool Technician
  • 14. Store Manager
  • 15. Floor Manager

#1. Regional Manager

Average Annual Salary: $97,000

When you have demonstrated your ability as an efficient manager over time, you can advance to a managerial level and enjoy the accompanying remuneration. Managing an area of retail building material stores is a tremendous responsibility you can handle even without a formal education. However, it takes time and experience to rise to the management level.

As the name suggests, a regional manager oversees or manages an organization’s operations throughout numerous regions or branches.

This means they manage business and operations for companies in particular areas. They also collaborate closely with general managers to ensure that goals are achieved.

#2. Human Resources Director

Average Annual Salary: $168,000

A human resources department is essential for every company, especially in massive retail stores. As one of the best paying jobs in retail building materials, the level of a human resources director demands a lot of training and experience for one to occupy.

Human resource directors manage budgets, HR systems, and employee relations, ensuring regulatory compliance, hiring, training programs, and creating pay structures.

Generally, it is one of the best career paths in retail building materials for people who want to serve as the intermediary between employers and employees.

According to salary.com, the annual salary for human resources directors range from $148,767 to $189,662.

#3. Marketing Director

Average Annual Salary: $173,637

Marketing is a crucial tool for many types of businesses, from family-owned hardware shops to the biggest chains of retail stores. With the ideal marketing strategy, a company may become the market leader, increase sales, and boost brand recognition. All of this is feasible with an excellent marketing director.

To land one of the best paying jobs in retail building materials like marketing director, you’ll need an education, experience, and a strong portfolio of previous marketing successes.

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Average Annual Salary: $90,644

Big retail organizations often have a separate legal department, and the building supplies stores are no exception. Legal representatives are one of the best paying jobs in retail building materials.

In this role, you will be in charge of anything that potentially has a legal impact on the company, including changes in tax legislation, issues with manufacturers, and changes in hiring laws. You may work in an advisory capacity or manage legal proceedings and possible legal disputes.

#5. Sales Manager

Average salary: $63,137

Sales managers direct sales teams toward success by creating effective teams to ensure that objectives are met on schedule. They analyze customer demands and then use new marketing and sales techniques to address them. They also work with product teams to create and deliver high-quality products for customers.

According to payscale.com, a sales manager earns from $46,242 to $79,127.

#6. Call Center Representative

Average Annual Salary: $29,000

Call center agents today often work from home while splitting their time between taking calls and responding to messages on live chat. Almost every company requires a call center agent, though you won’t always be on the phone.

After some on-the-job training, your duty will be to assist customers in ordering products or answering their questions.

#7. Materials Manager

Average salary: $76,768.

An organization’s purchasing, production, sales, and inventory are all under the materials managers. They are one of the best paying jobs in retail building materials in 2023 and will significantly impact the market.

Some of their responsibilities include acquiring supplies, creating manufacturing standards, handling financial reporting, hiring and supervising workers, and establishing business objectives.

According to payscale.com, materials managers earn between $61,271 and $88,400 annually.

#8. Marketing Communications Specialist

Average salary: $53,752

Marketing communications specialists create messages for the target audience that inform, educate, and persuade them to get a retail’s goods and services

Marketing communications professionals also use graphics, logos, and other promotional materials to advertise a company’s goods and services to current and potential customers. It is one of the most exciting and best paying retail building materials jobs.

#9. Merchandiser

Average Annual Salary: $31,000

In retail construction materials stores, the merchandiser is in charge of stocking, organizing, and displaying goods. Although these goods aren’t particularly advertised, they ensure the products are supplied and available in the store.

#10. Warehouse Manager

Average Annual Salary: $31,000

Working in the warehouse is a simple way to kick off your career in the building materials company, especially if you’re physically fit. Most stores in this industry are always hiring warehouse workers, and though physically demanding, the employment is stable, and you will learn about the company and its product acquisitions.

Over time, you can become a warehouse manager, responding to daily inquiries, directing the execution of orders, and overseeing an inventory of over a million items.

Warehouse managers ensure that the warehouse has products, the correct retail locations receive the merchandise, and the company runs smoothly.

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#11. Inventory Clerk

Average Annual Salary: $31,000

The inventory clerk plays a crucial function as a sales team member. They are responsible for tracking sold materials, what is available, and what should is not available.

The inventory clerks are the backbone of the retail construction materials sector. They also handle daily prep and sales, ensuring the store always has the correct goods. Being in good physical shape is crucial for this role because it can be physically demanding and requires high inventory management competence.

#12. Forklift Operator

Average Annual Salary: $33,000

Forklift operators are among the best paying jobs in retail building materials. Forklifts are special machinery built for moving heavy materials and other building materials, and forklift operators are the individuals who operate such equipment.

Although operating a forklift requires some training because it is a skill, you’ll be in demand across various industries when you get good at it.

#13. Tool Technician

Average Annual Salary: $44,000

For a job as a tool technician, you will need some training. The good thing is that most retail construction material shops that need this job role will train you. A tool technician is an expert in maintaining and repairing the tools used in the construction industry.

These tools may be ones that your company rents to clients or you may provide the service to clients who already have the tools. Either way, you should ensure the devices are functional in both scenarios.

14. Store Manager

Average Salary: $17,000/yr

Store managers must be knowledgeable in merchandising, inventory control, pricing, managing staff, and offering exceptional customer service, as they are customers’ first point of contact. Successful retail management also requires excellent communication skills.

The daily management of a small or medium-sized retail establishment will fall within the purview of the store manager. You can work as a store manager in various industries, including retail and offices.

15. Floor Manager

Average Salary: $16,000/yr

With the responsibility of handling daily duties, floor managers are usually self-sufficient and flexible.

They oversee and coordinate the sales floor, manage inventory, determine expenses and prices, ensure the store is organized, and plan for upcoming events.

A building’s floor manager is in charge of keeping it clean and orderly. Additionally, they ensure that the structure always complies with all applicable municipal, state, and federal laws.

FAQs about the best paying jobs in retail building materials

Why should I choose a career in retail building materials?

The best reason to choose a job in retail building materials is that it’s a steady business that will always require employees. A career in retail building materials also guarantees:
Job security.
Opportunity for advancement.
Easy entry.
Building and design trends.

What are the education requirements for a career in retail building materials?

Higher degrees or certificates aren’t as crucial in retail building materials as in some professions. But you may still obtain them to grow your career.
Many entry-level positions in the building materials retail industry require either a lot of physical strength or excellent interpersonal and customer service abilities

Which people need building materials?

Most clients of building materials include:

What are the categories of building materials?

The categories of the building materials include:
Heavy timber

What are the benefits of durable building construction materials in the construction industry?

A building’s material affects its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. So, using the right and durable building materials ensures that the structure lasts long and serves its intended purposes.

What building materials are most common?

Building materials are the materials used in the construction of houses.
The primary building materials are:

How do I get the best paying jobs in retail building materials in 2023?

Here are the five steps to getting the best paying jobs in retail building materials:
Identify your key attributes and skills,
Network with professionals in your industry
Build a career plan
Follow up with key contacts
Take action


The retail building materials industry offers more career options as the economy grows. We have successfully discussed the 15 best paying jobs in retail building materials in 2023.

So, you can look at these rewarding jobs, the salaries, and their job descriptions, and rest assured, retail building materials is a good career path.



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