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15 Best Paying Jobs in Semiconductor Companies 2023

Semiconductors are the chips that enable items to give excellent performance in terms of speed and visual quality. Professionals with engineering or computer science degrees and work experience are best suited for the best paying jobs in semiconductor companies.

For example, they could entrust these experts with enhancing the functionality of laptops, tablets, or other electronic gadgets. Also, hardware and software developers might find employment in this sector.

Other alternatives in the semiconductor industry include sales roles for chip developers who want their brand included in well-known hardware products.

If you aren’t sure about which semiconductor jobs to go for, here is a long list with their job descriptions and average salaries.

Why Choose a Career in Semiconductor Industry?

There are factors to consider before choosing a job in the semiconductor sector. Although working in this sector may not seem fascinating initially, there are several advantages.

  • Top motivations for choosing a job in the semiconductor sector include:
  • In five years, a 4.5% growth in the semiconductor market is anticipated.
  • There are many open positions in the sector.
  • The industry demands a lot of stems and interpersonal abilities, which are helpful for whatever future career you may land.
  • There are several amazing businesses that employ people in the semiconductor industry, like Intel and Micron Technology.
  • Most employment in the semiconductor business is some of the best paying jobs.
  • You contribute to advancing and improving technology.
  • The industry has some of the best paying jobs.

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Best Paying Jobs in Semiconductor Companies

  1. Technical Trainer
  2. Project Coordinator
  3. Equipment Technician
  4. Process Integration Engineer
  5. Field Service Engineer
  6. Preventative Maintenance (PM) Technician
  7. Facilities Maintenance Technician
  8. Product Support Engineer
  9. Technical Specialist
  10. Test Technician
  11. Semiconductor Wafer Inspector
  12. Sustainability engineer
  13. Software engineer
  14. Hardware engineer
  15. Electrical project manager

1. Technical Trainer

A technical trainer position entails determining the most effective method of instructing the subsequent generation of semiconductor specialists.

Technical trainers seek to provide the most efficient training methods and services to prepare newcomers for the sector. Most positions in this call for at least one year of teaching experience.

You must have worked in the semiconductor sector for at least three years to get this job position. Additionally, you must know all aspects of the semiconductor industry, not just their specific duties.

Even more, you must be the key person responsible for coming up with solutions when issues develop inside the organization. Technical trainers frequently operate autonomously without direction from superiors.

Because of their job’s importance, Technical trainer positions rank as one of the best paying jobs in Semiconductors.

Average semiconductors: $63,000 per year.

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2. Project Coordinator

The project coordinator for semiconductors is essentially the operation’s boss. They are to organize a project’s progress and ensure that it is carried out according to plan.

Additionally, project coordinators serve as a point of communication for department heads and other semiconducting job types.

A semiconductor coordinator is a great fit for someone who values spending the entire day with others. Basically, everyone participating in the operation must be dealt with by them.

There is a lot of administrative labor in this position as well. Therefore, it works best for someone who enjoys these activities.

This job has a lot of authority and pays well, but it also carries a lot of responsibility, and yet, it ranks as one of the best paying jobs in semiconductor companies.

Average Salary: $54,000 per year

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3. Equipment Technician

A semiconductor manufacturing and equipment technician’s responsibility is to maintain the tools and supplies used in semiconductor fabrication. This entails regularly evaluating the tools and goods to ensure they’re up to par.

Technicians in semiconductor manufacturing undertake various jobs, from conducting routine inspections and gathering data to calibrating and troubleshooting equipment before production.

A semiconductor equipment technician’s primary responsibility is to ensure seamless operation. They should know how things should operate, but they don’t always have to be the ones to find the ultimate fix if anything goes wrong.

Although it is an excellent entry-level position, it is one of the best paying jobs in semiconductor companies.

Average Salary: $42,000 per year.

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4. Process Integration Engineer

The performance of semiconducting processes must be monitored and, when necessary, improved by a process integration engineer.

A significant portion of a process integration engineer’s job is watching, making notes on how things may be improved, developing solutions, and implementing those ideas.

If their initial strategy fails, they will have to start over. For those who appreciate a challenge and have an analytical mind, it’s a terrific career.

Control systems, subsystems, and the specifications of all the systems that integration engineers work with require extensive knowledge.

Before being given the title of process integration engineer, a subcontractor must be an expert in that field.

A process integration engineer is compensated extremely well for their work, as with many other occupations that entail finding solutions to issues in the organization or sector. This position has to be one of the highest, best paying jobs in semiconductor companies.

Average Salary: $102,000 per year.

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5. Field Service Engineer

Field service engineers develop a highly specific understanding of CVD, PVD, or CMP equipment and are frequently asked to guide larger maintenance and engineering teams.

They are one of the most important positions in the semiconductor industry regarding problem-solving and adaptability. 

Also, they are the contact between customers and service providers and frequently offer in-depth advice on equipment management and operation because of their superior understanding of processes and equipment.

Being a good Field service engineer requires excellent technical communication abilities and strong and effective verbal and written communication skills.

For field service engineers, taking on the task of comprehending client procedures and guaranteeing customer satisfaction is becoming more and more crucial. This is an important position, and it ranks as one of the best-paying jobs in semi-conductor companies.

Average Salary: $87,414 per year

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6. Preventative Maintenance (PM) Technician

Manufacturing companies can easily gain a lot from adopting the practice and mindset stemming from the popular proverb that most technologists believe, which states, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

That simply means that if you can fix it before it breaks, you may save a ton of time and effort in the long run.

Maintaining equipment in top operational condition and carrying out regular performance checks and planned improvements means supporting the fab’s efficient production schedule.

In addition to having mechanical and technical expertise, PM personnel will also receive training that educates them on how to act responsibly while managing leaks and disposing of chemicals.

PM technicians often have a high school certificate, a GED, or an equivalent, as well as some prior equipment maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting expertise.

For better pay levels, preventive maintenance technicians should have more hands-on experience and a bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology.

Average Salary: $40,935 per year.

7. Facilities Maintenance Technician

Facilities maintenance professionals are involved in the strategic planning and ongoing on-site maintenance activities to guarantee that the facility satisfies or exceeds the legally necessary health, safety, and environmental standards.

They are tasked with routine maintenance, ensuring the facility’s cleanliness and aesthetics are meticulously controlled.

Besides maintaining mechanical and electrical equipment, technicians will also carry out basic electrical and plumbing repairs and maintenance on the property.

A high-performing technician benefits from having a solid technical grasp of blueprints, drawings, and rough sketches to traverse the many needs of the profession.

Successful facilities maintenance technicians will record operations and establish procedures to adhere to strict deadlines. They will also be well-equipped to function in fast-paced situations.

Technicians in facilities maintenance will have a few years’ worths of expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining mechanical and electrical facility equipment and experience with semiconductor tools.

They frequently possess an associate’s degree in electronics, engineering, or technology to enhance their effectiveness.

Average Salary: $48,591 per year

8. Product Support Engineer

Product support engineers help both new and seasoned clients by outlining features, clarifying usage guidelines, and offering troubleshooting advice.

They also help with repair requests and troubleshoot technological problems.

Additionally, they could develop training programs or materials and instruct or educate internal users.

Average Salary: $68,524 per year

9. Technical Specialist

The dynamic knowledge bases of the semiconductor industry are technical professionals.

They will use their specialized knowledge to resolve complex issues and complaints as they debug, evaluate, and monitor fab operations and equipment processes.

They give analytical help and guidance to their customers, clients, and team while staying current with the newest tools and equipment. Also, they frequently take on educating junior technicians on safe and efficient maintenance techniques.

To improve processes and oversee the planning, design, and manufacturing of specific projects, technical professionals also create and put into practice innovative solutions.

Highly mobile: While working on client sites, they are typically required to travel for up to 30% of their contracted job duration.

Technical experts often have an associate’s degree and at least four years of field service experience dealing with specialized capital equipment.

Candidates should possess a high mechanical aptitude, the capacity to manage various duties, strong communication skills, and an analytical approach to problem resolution to work well as technical specialists.

Average Salary: $68,512 per year

10. Test Technician

Before items are put on the market, test experts in the semiconductor industry are tasked with checking the functionality of the devices.

Additionally, they carry out routine testing on various equipment and monitor test methods. They make reports and identify recurring problems.

Average Salary: $53,940 per year

11. Semiconductor Wafer Inspector

A director is a junior executive in a business or organization in charge of a certain project, area, or division. A director of a firm oversees the regular operations of a department or division within an organization.

There are several directors, but they are all charged with inspiring people and achieving the organization’s objectives.

To achieve a goal, directors organize, carry out, and oversee. For instance, the sales director would manage the sales for a specific item or region.

The duties of an HR director would include:

  • Interviewing and selecting the best individuals.
  • Adhering to all employment regulations.
  • Resolving any personnel disputes.

Although this is an entry-level job, it ranks as one of the best paying jobs in semiconductor companies.

Average Salary: $31,000 per year

Best Paying Electrical Engineering Jobs

12. Sustainability Engineer

Sustainability engineers are to change and develop designs that have a minimal environmental impact.

They work out how to employ renewable energy sources to achieve a goal while also figuring out how to reduce energy waste and potentially dangerous consequences.

Sustainability engineers analyze a project’s potential effects on the local and global environment before recommending ways to recycle resources, save energy, and reduce pollution.

Average Salary: $94,752 per year

13. Software Engineer

To create new software programs and applications, software developers employ code. Programming languages are used to implement the features through a computer, web, or mobile software once they establish which tasks their customer wishes to automate.

Software programmers change their programs to run on different platforms and operating systems.

They do code reviews to eliminate defects, add cybersecurity measures, and provide clients updates.

Software developers can tightly integrate electrical engineering principles when working with hardware engineers.

Average Salary: $107,908 per year

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14. Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers design hardware for computers and other pieces of machinery.

They design and assemble components, including computer processors, hard drives, circuit boards, fans, routers, graphics cards, and memory chips.

Hardware designers ensure a device has the parts and power source to carry out its digital operations without overheating the system.

They keep track of system performance information while utilizing various hardware elements and base product recommendations on their findings.

Average Salary: $106,377 per year

15. Electrical Project Manager

For building projects, electrical project managers oversee new electrical system planning and execution.

They draft project ideas, set financial constraints, employ contractors, create project timetables, and monitor worker output.

Managers of electrical projects place supply orders, complete documentation for legal requirements, and work with other departments on building projects.

Average Salary: $83,703 per year


The aforementioned clarifies that jobs in semiconductors are fantastic career choices with some of the most satisfying employment prospects.

You should consider pursuing a semiconductor career if it interests you and you meet the criteria required for the position.

Other factors are involved, but you will succeed in this field if you combine commitment and hard effort.


Is semiconductors a good industry?

The global market for this technology is anticipated to grow from $573.4 billion in 2023 to $1.38 trillion in 2029 because of the rising usage of semiconductors for electronics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other developments.

Do semiconductor companies pay well?

Depending on your position, the largest earning potential is for semiconductor engineers, whose typical beginning wage is $96,000 per year.

Which semiconductor jobs pay well?

1. Technical Trainer
2. Project Coordinator
3. Equipment Technician
4. Process Integration Engineer
5. Field Service Engineer
6. Preventative Maintenance (PM) Technician
7. Facilities Maintenance Technician
8. Product Support Engineer
9. Technical Specialist
10. Test Technician
11. Semiconductor Wafer Inspector
12. Sustainability engineer
13. Software engineer
14. Hardware engineer
15. Electrical project manager


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