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15 Best Rated Window Companies in 2023

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Investing in quality windows can be costly, but buying from the best-rated window companies is worth it. A beautiful home is first noticed from its exterior, and windows are an essential feature of any building, especially a house. Windows come in different forms, shapes, sizes, and qualities.

The Window in your home should satisfy your architectural taste and still provide good functionality. 

Which brand is best for windows?

Based on my research on the 15 best-rated window companies in 2023, you’re assured of buying the best quality windows from any company.

Most companies’ pricing and warranty on windows depend on the product and sometimes differ by location.

What company has the best window replacements?

Renewal by Andersen windows manufactures the best window replacements and installation. The company provides a hassle-free home improvement service.

It is a subsidiary of Anderson windows, mainly for replacing windows and doors. The company has positive responses and quality materials reviews by customers. 

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What is the most cost-effective window

Your budget is one of the most important things to consider when replacing windows or buying for new construction. The cost of windows differs by company and depends on product material.

The vinyl window styles manufactured by Milgard are the least expensive from the company and start from $315

Searching companies for the best windows to buy can be challenging, so here is a list of 15 best-rated window companies in 2023.

1. Anderson Windows

This is one of the companies with a 4.8 rating on the Forbes list of best-rated window companies worldwide. The company has been in business for over 120 years, impacting the industry significantly, and is one of the top 10 window manufacturers.             

In 2021, Anderson Windows was named ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for its commitment to energy sustainability. Also, its longevity in the industry has earned the company public trust and assurance.

The company offers 20 years warranty policy on every component, which is great because it is transferable. If you sell your house, the warranty policy is transferred to the new homeowner.


  •    Certified by Energy Star
  •    Warranty is transferable
  •  Certified by Gold for low VOC emission


  • Window style option is limited

Visit the website now.

2. Milgard Windows

The Milgard Window company has been in business for over 50 years and is among the most common names in the industry.

Milgard windows offer six different window styles; their primary materials are aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. They have excellent customer reviews and extended warranty time.

The vinyl window Styles are the least expensive, starting at $315. Milgard windows offer great value for money and produce some of the best quality windows to suit your taste and style.      


  • Lifetime warranty
  •  Quality materials
  • Affordable price


  •   Minimal color option
  • Limited availability

Visit the website now

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3. Jeld – Wen

Jeld-Wen windows are one of the best-rated window companies with great wood products. The Jeld-Wen company has aluminum and Vinyl window options, and their wooden windows are made of 5 different types of wood.

The woods are available in 10 colors and are sustainably sourced. Jeld-Wen windows reduce sound penetration and are impact resistant.

This company is pricy, starting at $400, but quality windows are a significant investment.


  • Over ten window styles
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Different available glass options


  • High price 
  • Not available nationwide

Visit the website now

4. Marvin Windows

Marvin windows offer various styling options to suit your exterior design taste, and thus one of the best-rated window companies.

They produce extruded aluminum windows which is great if you live in a stormy area. In addition, this window company produces ten types of windows and has a collection for you to choose from.

Marvin Windows has excellent customer service and good-quality windows at a moderately affordable price.


  • Pricing is moderate
  •  Best-selling Awning Fiberglass
  • Good customer service


  • No vinyl windows

Visit the website now

5. Kolbe Windows

This family-owned business has been around for over 75 years, making superior-quality windows in innovative and unique designs, and is one of the top 10 window manufacturers in the world.

At Kolbe Windows, you have about 50+ exterior colors and many available window types at affordable prices.

Kolbe windows are one of the best-rated window companies in 2023 because they offer product options in interior finish, wood species, hardware, and divided lites with lots more.


  •   Different window types are available
  • Over 50 colors are available
  • Good quality materials


  • Window material options are minimal.

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6. Pella

This window company is rated 4 stars on Forbes Homes. It is one of the best-rated window companies in 2023 and has rightly earned its place in the industry.

Pella Window company offers excellent quality windows and great customer service. They have virtual consultations and in-home consultation services.

EPA recognizes this best-rated window company and is an ENERGY STAR partner like Andersen.


  •  Energy efficient
  •    In-home and virtual consultations
  • High-performance windows


  • Warranties are not all transferable

Visit the website now

7. Ply Gem

Ply gem windows claim to be the ‘number one building product manufacturer in North America.’ This window company will give you classic series options and stunning designs in good quality.

If you choose to Ply gem, you’re assured of high-quality purchase and classy, durable windows that are good for your money.

Furthermore, ply gem is rated one of the best window companies in 2023 because they offer several lines of Vinyl, composite, and wood-clad frames.


  •    Many vinyl styles to choose from
  •   High-quality materials
  • Unique designs


  • Limited warranty

Visit the website now

8. Window World

Ranked number one in price, ordering, and delivery sales at J. D. POWER 2022 award. The window company boosts quality, value, and trust. Window World claims to be the highest in customer satisfaction among window retailers.

Window World is amongst our best-rated window companies in 2023 because it gives customers good service. Their simple consultation process makes your buying and installation experience easy and quick.

Since its establishment in 1995, Window World is still one of the best companies to get affordable windows of good quality and warranty.


  •  Affordable price
  •   Good customer service
  • Good quality windows


  • Limited window materials

Visit the website now

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9. Weather Shield

The Weather Shield is a well-known window company and leading manufacturer of exquisite windows. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and colors in glass or wood at the weather shield.

I rate Weather Shield as one of the best window companies in 2023 because they have a collection with unique designs. This company offers both new construction and minor window repair services.

In addition, Weather Shield has over 30 years of warranty against wood rot. This is a show of good quality and credibility.


  • Replacement and New construction windows are available
  •  Unique designs
  • 30 years warranty


  •  Only five types of windows are available
  • Warranty varies by product and state

Visit the website now

10. Mi Windows

This proudly made-in-America window company is on our list of best-rated window companies in 2023 because they do personalized projects.

Mi windows offer new custom-made construction windows to suit your exterior taste at a reasonable cost.

The company is known for fast deliveries, and the windows are in good condition. Also, the windows are energy efficient, lowering your energy bills.

They make beautiful, well-constructed windows for new construction and replacements, with a functional website that provides detailed information making them one of the top 10 window manufacturers in the world.


  • Energy efficient
  • Online orders are available
  • Good customer service


  • Colour options are limited

Visit the website now

11. Harvey Windows

The Harvey Windows company has the best rating in air filtration in the industry. They have some of the best-selling double-hung vinyl windows in custom specialty shapes.

Harvey Windows does not sell directly to the public, but they have contractors that supply to buyers. This best-rated Window company makes high-performance residential and commercial windows built to last.

They offer a range of traditional and contemporary windows with an amazing lifetime warranty. Imagine not worrying about changing or repairing windows for as long as you live in the house.


  •    Best double-hung vinyl windows in the market
  • Quality material
  • High-performance windows


  • Limited materials and interior color options

Visit the website now

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12. Alside

Alside was founded by Jerome Kaufman in 1947 and has since been leading in producing quality exterior building products.

Make new construction windows and high-quality replacements that meet Energy Star performance requirements.

The company produces beautiful custom-crafted windows in exciting colors and offers good functionality to operate easily and efficiently.

Alside has a series of collections for new construction windows made of solid vinyl and the best woods, with approximately 10 types of windows available. In addition, the company offers a transferable limited lifetime warranty.


  •     Energy star certified
  •    Transferable lifetime warranty
  • Quality materials


  • Limited window materials

Visit the website now

13. Simonton Windows

Simonton Windows was founded in 1946 and is available in 50 states of the USA. The company windows are all made of vinyl and come in 10 varieties.

Price ranges from $200-$1200, and Simonton windows are of sound energy efficiency. The company was ranked high on the Energy Star Most Efficient list for 2022.

Simonton Windows offer different window styles and options for customization to suit your construction style. In addition, the company has beautiful designs to upgrade your home aesthetic.


  •  Energy efficient
  •  Available in 50 states
  • 10 types of windows are available


  • All windows are made of vinyl

Visit the website now

14. Castle Windows

This company is popularly known as the window people; an American window replacement company that has been in business for over 44 years with an estimated 1,218,485 customers served.

The family-owned window company provides high-quality functional windows to customers. Also, castle windows are certified by the American architectural manufacturers association and Energy Star.

Castle windows are on our list of best-rated window companies in 2023 because of their incredible customer service. Affordable and durable windows suitable for different constructions and home styles.


  • Certified by Energy star
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality functional windows


  • Limited warranty

Visit the website now

15. Champion Windows

Last but not least, champion windows are one of our best-rated window companies in 2023.

The company designs, builds, and installs top-notch windows with the best materials. Every window is hand-crafted by skilled experts, and Champion Windows offers a high-quality limited lifetime guarantee.

They give consultation services with a free in-home estimate. If you choose to buy windows from Champion, rest assured you will get the best quality windows, whether for new construction or replacement


  • Top-notch material
  •   Free in-home estimates and consultations
  • Handcrafted by skilled experts


  • Guarantee is limited

Visit the website now


The above-listed window companies in 2023 are a perfect guide for choosing from any of the 15 best-rated window companies to provide you with quality windows that suit your style and enhance the look of your home.

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What is the best window material?

Fiberglass because it balances durability and energy efficiency and has a fine appearance.

What window material is the most energy efficient?

Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are good materials to make windows that are energy efficient.

 What makes a window high quality?

Durability to withstand different weather conditions. Hence, the more comfort it provides, the higher its quality.

Who is the number one window manufacturer in the United States?

Anderson windows. The company has been in business for over 120 years. Manufacturing High-performance windows and offering a transferable lifetime warranty.

What time of year is the cheapest to replace windows?

Winter is the best time to install windows at discounted prices and special promotions. Also, you can take advantage of the installation company’s slow season in winter.

What is the best vinyl window on the market?

Anderson makes the best vinyl windows which are available in 50 states. The vinyl windows are customizable with full-service installation. In addition, vinyl windows are highly energy efficient.

Are Pella windows worth the price?

Pella windows are worth the price. The company produces high-performance quality windows and offers great customer service. 



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