15 Best Solar Companies In Orange County | 2023 Careers, Location

The sun is shining, and you’re ready to get solar! You’ve got your eyes on a house in Orange County that is perfect for solar installations. But before you start shopping for panels and other equipment, it’s essential to know where the best companies are based—and what makes them stand out from their competitors.

This article contains a list of the 15 best solar companies in Orange County; carefully read through.

Are Solar Panels Worth It In Orange County, CA?

In Orange County, California, solar energy is indeed worthwhile. Solar panels pay for themselves in the majority of locations. At the same time, specific elements, such as the price of power, available subsidies, the climate, and the sun angle, will impact how quickly you break even compared to other locations.

By installing an average-sized solar system in Orange County, CA, you may expect to save $63,664 over 20 years (assuming you pay upfront with cash).

If you decide to finance your system with a $0 down loan in Orange County, California, you can begin saving immediately (though your long-term savings will be less).

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15 Best Solar Companies In Orange County

Here are the 15 top Solar Companies in Orange County:

  • Solar Optimum
  • Powerfull Solar
  • GC Electric Solar
  • Infinity Solar
  • Sunlux Energy
  • Evolution Energy
  • Future Energy Corporation
  • Solar 360
  • AEC Solar
  • American Array Solar and Roofing
  • Skytech Solar
  • Paramount Solar, Inc.
  • Vivint Solar
  • LA Solar Group
  • Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC

1. Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum is still the top provider of solar energy systems, backup battery storage, and roofing for homes and businesses in California and Nevada.

Their team comprises experts who want to use the most recent technology to safeguard the environment while providing consumers with short- and long-term savings. Solar Optimum was named Installer of the Year.


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2. Powerfull Solar

Powerfull Solar is committed to assisting homes in creating sustainable energy. With over 25 years of expertise, they provide the best solar power installation services in Orange County.

Since its establishment, they have provided services to thousands of residential and business clients around Los Angeles, making them the industry leader in all things related to solar energy, including solar panel installation.


3. GC Electric Solar

Locally owned and operated, GC Electric Solar offers residential and commercial customers solar and electrical energy solutions.

Without using outside sources, they employ seasoned engineers and certified solar technicians to custom design and execute each project.

As one of the best solar companies in Orange County, they take great satisfaction in providing simple, trouble-free solar installations to homes and businesses of all sizes.

In San Diego and Orange County, we have installed home solar systems, battery backup systems, whole-house generators, and EV charging stations for many families, small companies, major corporations, and governmental organizations.


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4. Infinity Solar

Since 1999, Infinity Electric has proudly offered Orange County residents the best possible custom-designed electrical and solar solutions.

They enjoy providing only the latest technologies because the energy sector constantly evolves. Using batteries for energy storage is the future wave, and they can connect your solar system with your battery storage requirements.

A team of designers specially creates solar electric systems from Infinity to guarantee the best performance for your house. High-performance solar panels, inverters, racking, and a monitoring system for your analysis are all included in every system outfitted with the most recent technologies.


5. Sunlux Energy

SunLux Energy is one of Orange County’s largest solar companies, with over two thousand systems installed since its founding in 2005. The company has built an impressive reputation for providing quality products and services to homeowners in the region.

SunLux Energy has been recognized by several organizations as a leader in the industry, including winning the prestigious Residential Solar Dealers Association (RSoDA) South Coast Award for four years, running from 2014-2017. RSoDA also named them “Best Overall” in 2017 for their efforts in promoting renewable energy sources at home and abroad through community outreach programs such as Power Up Orange County!


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6. Evolution Energy

Evolution Energy specializes in the installation of solar power and energy storage systems. They are a stand-alone, privately held business committed to offering customers the best solar installation services.

Their constant aim is to provide the best value to their customers. As one of the best solar companies in Orange County, they are committed to delivering energy-dedicated solutions that give customers quick returns on investment and the best user experience.


7. Future Energy Corporation

Leading international power developer, Future Energy Corporation has expertise in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. FEC specializes in creating ground-breaking solar technologies that provide the most cutting-edge technologies to their customers, regardless of geography or industry.


8. Solar 360

Solar 360 has hundreds of satisfied clients in Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the surrounding areas. They assist clients needing a new solar energy system installation and repairs for their home or business.

When working with them the panels, equipment, and service will be of the highest caliber. They design the ideal system for your requirements, install it, and help you immediately lower your carbon footprint and monthly power costs.


9. AEC Solar

AEC Solar is one of the top solar companies in Orange County. They offer residential and commercial solar solutions, which means they can help you with everything from the initial design process to the installation of your system.

The company also offers free consultations with certified professionals who will walk you through each step of your decision-making process until you’re completely satisfied that AEC Solar is the best choice for your home or business!


10. American Array Solar and Roofing

With 80 years of professional experience, American Array Solar and Roofing put their customers first! They service all of California with 5 locations across the state.

As one of the best Solar and Roofing companies in Orange County, they partner with the best roofing manufacturers to bring you the latest, long-lasting, and high-performance technology.


11. Skytech Solar

Next on our list of best solar companies in Orange County is Skytech Solar. The company was founded in 2012 and offered installation and leasing options for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Skytech Solar provides solutions for homes, schools, and businesses. They specialize in solar panel installation and offer financing options so you can get the most out of your investment.


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12. Paramount Solar, Inc.

Paramount Solar, Inc. is a solar energy company that designs, installs, and maintains residential and commercial solar energy systems. Founded in 2005 by two brothers with a passion for renewable energy, Paramount Solar has become one of Orange County’s largest installers of residential photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Paramount Solar has been dedicated to providing homeowners with high-quality service at an affordable price point since day one—and they continue to thrive on this commitment today!


13. Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar is a leading full-service residential solar provider in the United States, serving tens of thousands of customers and installing over 100 MW of solar generation capacity annually. With over 1 million installations and over 100,000 employees worldwide, Vivint is one of America’s largest independent home energy companies.

Vivint offers a wide variety of products for customers ranging from small systems under 10 kW to large commercial projects with hundreds of kilowatts worth of photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on rooftops or lands owned by landlords who want to show their commitment toward sustainability through renewable energy sources.


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14. LA Solar Group

Southern California-based LA Solar Group is a solar design and installation business that provides residential and commercial clients with a range of solar goods and services.

Since its inception in 2012, LA Solar Group has since installed approximately 8,000 residential and almost 100 commercial solar energy systems in less than seven years.

LA Solar Group installs complete solar photovoltaic energy systems, which are available for purchase or via solar leasing agreements.


15. Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC

Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC is a solar energy company that offers residential and commercial solar energy solutions in the United States. The company was founded in 2005 by SunEdison, which also provides solar power to customers across Orange County.

Greenskies’ headquarters are in New York City, NY, with additional offices across the country, including California (Irvine), Colorado (Denver), and Hawaii.

While Clean Focus finances and owns the systems, Greenskies develops, builds, and operates them. Since its inception, Greenskies have built and run 285 MW of renewable energy installations across 549 locations in 19 states since our establishment in 2009.


How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Orange County?

Orange County’s solar panel cost is $2.81/W. An average solar installation in Orange County costs between $11,942 and $16,158 for a 5 kW solar panel system, with the average gross price for solar in Orange County at $14,050.

The net cost of going solar can decrease by thousands of dollars once the 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) and various state and local solar incentives are considered.

FAQs On Best Solar Companies In Orange County

Which companies are the best solar installers in Orange County?

According to our research, the best five solar installers in Orange County are:
Solar Optimum, Future Energy, G C Electric Solar, American Array Solar, and Roofing, Evolution Energy

How much do solar panels cost in Orange County?

The cost of a solar panel is $2.81/W. An average solar installation in Orange County costs between $11,942 and $16,158 for a 5 kW solar panel system, with the average gross price for solar in Orange County at $14,050.

How many solar companies are in Orange County?

There are about 34 solar companies in Orange County.

Is it better to lease or buy solar panels?

When deciding whether to buy or lease your solar panels, conducting your research is crucial. You are merely “renting” a solar system from the installer when you lease one or engage into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


We are excited to see all these great companies continue to grow and thrive in this space. As we know, the solar industry is booming right now, so new companies have many opportunities to enter the market. With this list of the 15 best solar companies in Orange County, you can be sure that there’s a company out there that fits your needs!


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