20 Best Spotify Playlists that Powers you up for Work

You will agree with me that there’re times when you don’t feel like working even with your exceptional skills and high commitment to work. You gaze at the clock directly opposite you every now and then praying for it to fly.

Most times, you just

Reading on, you will discover the 20 best Spotify playlists that power you up for work anytime and any day. These playlists cover a wide variety of genres and moods.

Whether you want to focus, be inspired, sleep, work on stress, connect, calm down, or even get over with work in your mind, these Spotify playlists can give you want.

What Kind of Music Can I Listen to while working?

The kind of music you should play depends on the mood you’re in at that moment. Generally, music has a powerful effect on mood, having the ability to wake you up and motivate you – or cheer you up when you’re depressed.

Regardless of the type of industry, your social enterprise is in, there are moments when you just need to shut down, shut off the world around you, and force it through your “to-do” list, and you need the appropriate music to keep you company.

As it turns out, there has been a slew of research looking at the impact of different forms of music on your productivity levels.

We’ve created and selected 20 Spotify playlists with specific studies in mind to help you find the perfect combination.

Below are the 20 best Spotify Playlists that can motivate you to work:

#1. AM Commute

This is one of the best Spotify playlists that help you get the best inspiration you need to work. With this playlist, you can be in charge of your day.

#2. Morning Coffee

With this Spotify playlist, you can easily block human distractions at your workplace. This playlist is more helpful when you’re just setting up for the day.

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#3. Brain Food

You can get all the focus and concentration you need at the workplace with this Spotify playlist. By just playing this song, you can find your zen and the motivation you need.

#4. Walk In Like You Own the Place

This Spotify playlist gets you ready for engaging meetings. You can get the pumped up you need for a meeting when you have this playlist playing in your ears.

#5. Afternoon Energy Boost

Need a boost on your post-lunch? This is one of the best Spotify playlists that you need.

#6. All the Feels

Crushing on someone at the office that you can’t stop thinking about him or her while trying to do your job? This is one of the best Spotify playlists that can save you. You really need it!

#7. Warm Hearts Feel Good

There’s no other way of celebrating and boost of what you do at the office that makes you happy other than listening to “warm hearts feel good.”

#8. I Hate My Job

Most times, we find ourselves doing a job we don’t like. In other to keep moving, this Spotify playlist can give you the motivation you need. Just make sure your boss doesn’t catch you!

#9. End of Day Uplift

End of Day Uplift by Jeffry Harrison is one of the best Spotify playlists to listen to when you’re going home and need to get the office off your mind.

#10. Peaceful Guitar

Do you love the sound of a guitar and you’re finding it difficult to get your job done, you will love this playlist of soothing audio tracks. Try it out!

#11. Young & Free

Want to spice up your work environment with exciting moments and fun times, Young & Free is one of the best Spotify Playlists that can help you out. It is a mix of pop music and alternative soundtracks.

#12. Study Vibes

Study Vibes is another playlist you will like if you haven’t tried it out yet. With this playlist, you can relax and focus when you really need to take action.

#13. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

It is okay if you decide to take a cup of coffee in the morning while setting up for work. It is even advisable because it energies and sets you up from within for your daily work.

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So, with Your Favorite Coffeehouse, you can get charged up while sipping your hot coffee whether you’re at home or office.

#14. Calm Down

Experiencing work stress at the office? Calm Down is of the best Spotify playlists Medley that can help you relax and focus on your task for the day.

#15. Motivation Mix

This mix of uplifting and energetic tracks will motivate you to get through even the most monotonous task at work.

#16. Walk Like Badass

Handling a presentation or going to a meeting can be stressful and experience most people tries to shy away from.

Now, not really because they can’t do it, but when they consider the stress, they prefer to avoid it expect there is a motivational factor.

Listening to Walk Like Badass is one way you can get pumped up for a meeting or presentation with fear or anxiety.

#17. Jazz Good

With Jazz Good, you can help keep you charged up and productive for the rest of the workday after a lunch break. In fact, it is one of the best motivational Spotify Playlists.

#18. Focus Modus

This is one of the best motivational Spotify Playlists that will motivate and keep you focused on the tasks ahead. Listening to this playlist can help you complete your deliverables before the deadline daily.

#19. Mood Boost

Around seven hours after you wake up, your energy level drops, making you seek some rest.

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Furthermore, certain factors can exacerbate an afternoon slump, such as eating a carb-heavy meal or staying at your desk for too long.

You can definitely listen to Mood Boost to avoid the dreaded post-lunch, 3 o’clock siesta rather than rubbing your hands together and patting your face with peppermint.

#20.Feel Good Friday

Looking forward to Friday? Want to take time out and reflect on your week? Want to know how well or poorly you performed? With this Spotify Playlist, you can get the vibes you need to do that.

How do I search for Playlists on Spotify?

  • First, sign up if you haven’t.
  • Then keep up with the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. It is updated every Monday, so be sure to bookmark it.
  • Create a playlist based on the single song you’d like to hear. Make use of MagicPlaylist to assist you.
  • Sort your tunes and build themed playlists for different times and moods of the day using the “Playlist Manager.”


Because there aren’t enough hours in the day to meet all of our obligations, we can do more by being more effective with the time we have.

Things can get difficult for most of us on a daily basis, and no matter what profession you have, there are certainly days when you could use a little more support.

Music may help you unwind, invigorate, focus, and motivate you to make your day more enjoyable. With a trusty playlist by your side, you’ll be more alert, able to move fluidly from task to task, and won’t get lost nearly as much.


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