10 Best Truck Driving Schools in Charlotte, NC in 2023.

You’ve found the best guide if you’re seeking the best truck driving schools in Charlotte NC. In Charlotte and the surrounding region, several truck driving schools may provide you with the training required to become a professional truck driver and acquire your commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Truck driving schools in Charlotte may help you realize your dream of owning your own business or becoming a tanker driver, flatbed truck driver, refrigerated freight driver, dry van carrier, or any other type of truck driver in only a few short weeks.

To become familiar with the routes and maneuvers needed for the truck driving exams, enrolling in a truck driving school in Charlotte would be preferable. They might instruct you, conduct a “practice test,” and help you develop your driving abilities near the testing location.

While you enjoy our ranking of the best truck driving schools in Charlotte NC, you’ll be able to decide which of these driving schools in Charlotte NC suits you at the end of the article. Read on!

Is there any truck driving school in charlotte NC

Yes, there are truck driving schools in Charlotte NC and Most of the truck driving schools teach the same thing regarding truck driver training. 

Truck driving schools in Charlotte Nc Wilkinson blvd are no different. You can anticipate learning about the following topics in the classroom as a student:

  • reading a map
  • Trip Preparation
  • Logbook procedure
  • necessary driving abilities
  • proper inspections both before and after a trip
  • fundamental mechanical systems and specific vehicle parts
  • Federal laws governing the operation of commercial trucks
  • Local and state regulations that apply to commercial truck driving

Skills Training

You may often anticipate learning and putting these skills into practice on the training lot, which is where you learn how to operate a full-sized rig:

  • entering and exiting the tractor
  • shifting gears, accelerating, braking, and clutching
  • the tractor to the trailer is connected
  • releasing the tractor’s connection to the trailer
  • examining both the trailer and the tractor
  • Tractor-trailer turning
  • reversing the tractor-trailer
  • Putting the tractor-trailer in tow
  • Practice serpentine driving

Remember that while some schools train their students to drive tractor-trailers using computerized simulators, the majority of truck-driving schools use actual trucks and trailers.

Highway Training

Finally, you’ll watch as the instructor demonstrates how to drive a tractor-trailer on the highway. The instructor will put you in the driver’s seat once he determines that you are ready and will watch you as you perform most or all of the following:

  • without a load, operate the tractor-trailer
  • Fully load the tractor-trailer and drive it.
  • On rural roads, operate the tractor-trailer.
  • Drive the tractor-trailer through the city.
  • On highways, operate the tractor-trailer
  • In low-traffic areas, operate the tractor-trailer.
  • Drive the tractor-trailer through areas of medium-to-heavy traffic.
  • Drive the tractor-trailer downhill and uphill.
  • Nighttime driving of the tractor-trailer

The remainder of your time will probably be spent getting ready for the CDL Road/Skills Test after you’ve logged enough hours driving.

How much do Truck Driving Schools Cost in Charlotte Nc?

Depending on the school you select and where you reside, the total cost of a truck driving school in Charlotte, North Carolina, can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

However, if passing the CDL exam or attending truck driving school is one of your priorities, the average tuition is $2,481 and students receive an average scholarship of $1,509 per student.

How Long Are Truck Driving Schools in Charlotte NC?

Four weeks will be needed for training at a truck driving school in Charlotte, North Carolina, of which one week will be spent in a classroom and the other three on the road.

10 best Truck Driving Schools in Charlotte Nc

In different categories, this is an overview of the best truck driving schools in charlotte NC ;

  • Accredited/Licensed Truck Driving School in Charlotte NC
  1. TransTech
  2. Roadwayz School of instruction
  3. 160 Driving Academy
  • Free Truck Driving School
  1. Schneider
  2. Knight Transportation
  3. Stevens Transport
  • Paid truck driving schools
  1. Millis Training Institute
  2. Charlotte Truck Driver Training School
  • Class B Truck Driving Schools
  1. CRST Expedited
  2. York technical college

Accredited/Licensed Truck Driving School in Charlotte NC

A school fully licensed by the state and examined by a third-party organization to ensure the school complies with a given standard is known as an accredited or licensed school.

Only those who complete the US DOT standards for the trucking business can graduate from an accredited institution. An accredited school also complies with the rules and guidelines established by the US Department of Education. These schools are listed below;

1. TransTech

TransTech is one of the Accredited/Licensed Truck Driving Schools and one of Charlotte, NC’s best truck driving schools.

The focus on highway safety in TransTech is one of the appropriate curricula given together with how much truck drivers spend on the road.

Additionally, they have maintained a low student-to-teacher ratio to guarantee that each individual receives the required care. There are four students per teacher.

Their curriculum is separated into three segments and conveys the content in several ways.

The classroom portion comes first. You’ll review issues like equipment safety, state and federal requirements, and pre-trip inspection. Due to the lifestyle truck drivers lead, they even provide driver wellness coverage to keep you constantly in top condition.

You then engage in a field exercise. It enables you to drive the car in a small place.

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2. Roadwayz School of Instruction 

Although Roadwayz School of Instructions may not have as much experience, that doesn’t stop them from being one of the best truck driving schools in Charlotte NC.

A benefit is having a teacher with real-world experience. You will acquire all the essential knowledge and practical skills. They will be by your side while you receive behind-the-wheel training to ensure you act appropriately.

They provide a $3,200 CDL curriculum available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3:45 pm. When joining, ensure you have a Class A permit, a DOT medical card, and a current driver’s license.

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3. 160 Driving Academy 

Your CDL test is the first step in starting a career in trucking, and 160 Driving Academy is one of the truck driving schools in Charlotte NC makes sure you’re prepared to take it when the time comes. Their curriculum can be finished in four weeks, each taking 40 hours from you.

Your time is split equally between in-class education and practical driving training. What to anticipate from each segment is as follows:

instruction in a classroom: Although it only consumes a quarter of your 160 experiences, this segment is quite essential. It’s where you go through truck driving laws and restrictions.

This program’s phase helps you prepare for your CDL exam’s written component.

Training on the steering wheel: Being a great driver doesn’t necessarily mean you understand every aspect of truck driving. Only real-world experience can accomplish that. That is why BTW instruction takes up much of your CDL curriculum.

160 Driving Academy divides this out even more. You’ll start practicing on their private course to get used to the controls in a secure environment. You will eventually begin practicing on public roads and highways, though.

They also provide interstate routes to ensure you can pass your CDL road exam because you’ve improved your driving techniques.

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Free Truck Driving Schools

 Free truck driving schools in Charlotte NC, are sometimes a better choice.

Its greatest benefit is that it won’t significantly deplete your money. As the name suggests, a trucking company pays your tuition in advance rather than you.

Although you won’t have to worry about looking for work again, you won’t have the same freedom to pick your employer. The business that paid for your education will often withhold a portion of your paycheck as tuition once you begin working there.

But only these provide free truck driving school in charlotte nc, and also home to many trucking businesses.

The free truck driving schools in charlotte nc are listed below;

4. Schneider

Several alternatives are available from  Schneider if you wish to take advantage of their Free truck driving education in charlotte nc. Here is a quick summary of your options.

Apprenticeship Program for CDL (CAT)

A paid apprenticeship will be provided for you at one of Schneider’s sites. Don’t worry; they’ll cover your lodging and meals in addition to the transportation.

Over five to six weeks, training comprises both classroom education and behind-the-wheel training.

Once you’ve finished your training, a job will be ready for you if you choose this route. Schneider pays for your tuition and assists you in finding a local truck driving school. They will also cover your travel expenses if you have to go anywhere other than Charlotte.

Tuition Reimbursement

Veterans and active duty military personnel can use their GI benefits to pay for school; therefore they are the most outstanding candidates for this choice.

But even people without a military history can benefit from this choice. Schneider offers monthly tuition reimbursements in increments of $200 or $400 up to a maximum of $7,000. Whether you’re a solo or team driver will affect the sum.

You must collect the required paperwork to guarantee that they process your compensation. These include the enrolment agreement from your school, which details the program’s cost, and a copy of a receipt or loan agreement proving that you have paid for truck driving education.

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5. Knight Transportation 

If you’re aiming for a free truck driving school in charlotte nc, Knight Transportation is a  good option.

Three weeks are spent at CDL school as part of their program, followed by four to six weeks of paid training. Knight doesn’t pressure you into joining a team because they understand that drivers may have diverse choices.

Between excursions, you’ll have two to three days to spend at home with your family. The amount you are paid depends on the distance you have traveled, but there are 0.05 monthly bonuses, and after 60 days, you are eligible for full benefits.

You become eligible for a 401(k) at six months, which is important, especially during retirement savings.

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6. Stevens Transport 

To give aspiring truck drivers free driving schools in Charlotte NC, there is a chance to be eligible for company-sponsored training, where Stevens Transport teamed up with Trans Tech. The 165 hours of classroom instruction you complete will culminate in an orientation with Stevens Transport in Dallas.

Not to worry. Stevens provides transportation to get you to orientation, which is a requirement. Once you’ve finished it, they’ll view you as an official employee, at which point they’ll pay you.

Stevens offers assistance even if you are already a client. Their over-the-road program matches mentors with new drivers. It enables you to apply what you’ve learned while having an expert driver nearby in case anything goes wrong.

For best effectiveness, the training is extensive and done one-on-one. Over five to six weeks, prepare to spend 240 hours behind the wheel. They expose you to routes that pass through the five regions of the United States and pay you once every week.

After completing this program, you’ll receive your equipment, and your payment will no longer be calculated per week but rather per mile. Within your first year, you’ll receive three automatic pay hikes, which might help you reach financial stability.

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For those of you considering acquiring your CDL license but are deterred by the exorbitant tuition at the private CDL truck driving schools in charlotte NC, paid truck driving schools are an alternative to private CDL truck driving schools.

One way to obtain your CDL license (and the cheapest one) is to speak with a primary carrier and let them know you want to work in the trucking industry.

There are compensated CDL truck driving schools in Charlotte, NC offered by most major carriers. They also offer to pay you during the training term but at a modest rate. Below is the list of schools that offer paid truck driving education;

7. Millis Training Institute

One of the best truck driving schools in Charlotte NC is Millis Training Institute, a for-profit institution.

The school is regarded as among the friendliest and most dedicated, even permitting drivers to travel with their pets. The institution, which is among the best in the state, provides excellent instruction and first-rate student amenities.

The training for the CDL Class A certificate is fast-paced and student-centered. Following graduation, you’ll be prepared to hit the road and have the opportunity to work for a firm.

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8. Charlotte Truck Driver Training School

The Charlotte Truck Driver Training School is a truck driving school in Charlotte NC and the fees that are paid are less. Charlotte Truck Driver Training School has a fantastic opportunity to begin a new career or advance your education.

The teachers here are professionals in their fields, and the school possesses some of the most cutting-edge equipment and vehicles. The institution is renowned for its commitment to providing every student with a top-notch education.

Training for the fundamental CDL class A certificate only takes a few weeks. You can take excellent classes and receive on-the-job training to help you acquire the skills and information necessary to work in this fantastic business.

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Class B Truck Driving Schools

 Class B Truck Driving Schools CDL is the second most sought-after CDL. Although it doesn’t offer the same privileges and freedoms as Class A, Class B CDL training is widely regarded as an excellent entry point into the trucking industry for several reasons. However, high-quality Class B CDL training can be difficult to find.

The Class B CDL, however, has a minimum age requirement of 18. This facilitates their entry into the field and enables them to make money sooner. Additionally, Class B CDL holders can choose from various other trucking occupations.

This enables a lot of diversity in the sector and gives every aspiring driver a wonderful place to start. The truck driving schools in charlotte NC and fees lesser that offer class B Truck Driving education are;

9. CRST Expedited

One of the best, biggest and most well-known truck driving schools in Charlotte NC is CRST Expedited, and its fees are lesser.

Along with one of the top instructional facilities in the country and some of the best student facilities, the school offers a high-quality transportation service. Here, over 4500 incredible truck drivers received their degrees.

Your preparation for a fantastic profession in a rapidly expanding field is the goal of the CDL program. After a few days of theory, you will travel for on-the-job training with excellent instructors.

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10. York technical college

As a truck-driving student, York Technical College is a great place to attend classes. The campus is very nice and friendly, and the institution is renowned for having some of the most up-to-date training facilities in the entire area. The instructors are courteous and helpful and will support you at every turn.

The goal of the CDL certification program is to employ everyone. For you to excel in your field, the curriculum places equal emphasis on theory and practice.

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As previously stated, you can satisfy the educational criteria for your license application with any CDL instruction. Your choice of which kind is preferable for you depends on both advantages and disadvantages. It’ll come down to your preferences and unique circumstances in the end.


Does truck driving school check for drugs?

Yes, truck driving schools check for drugs.

Can Felons enroll in a trucking driving school?

Yes, each candidate is taken.

What is the best trucking driving school?

The best truck driving schools include;
1.       TransTech
2.       Roadwayz School of instruction
3.       160 Driving Academy
4.       Schneider
5.       Knight Transportation
6.       Stevens Transport
7.       Millis Training Institute
8.       Charlotte Truck Driver Training School
9.       CRST Expedited
10.   York technical college

Why a trucking driving school?

Many employment opportunities are available in the rapidly expanding field of truck driving. Choosing to work in the trucking sector could be one of the best decisions of your life if you’re seeking a long-lasting career.

While at truck driving school, do I get paid?

The truck driving school you choose to enroll in will determine this. 



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