15 Best Tucson Solar Companies | 2023 Careers, Location

Given that Tucson experiences 300 days of sunshine yearly, being aware of the top solar providers in the city is crucial, and this justifies the reason our focus is on the top best Tucson solar companies.

Many of its citizens are aware of this and have seized the opportunity to use the sun for activities that are more profitable and useful than merely unwinding by the pool for a cold soak. 

According to a number of studies, Tucson is thought to be the state’s sunniest city and is best adapted to harness solar energy. 

With more than 296 solar companies, Tucson, the fifth-ranked state in the US and a city well-known for its solar installations have put in enough solar panels so far to power 945,767 homes.

Your home as well as the homes of other homeowners in Tucson can be powered by Tucson’s solar energy resources. Do not worry about locating the top Tucson solar providers, despite the fact that it could be challenging. 

Our team of experts has thoroughly investigated the top Tucson solar companies and is prepared to assist you in making your choice using our detailed guide to the 15 top Tucson solar companies for your home in order to lessen your stress.

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Does switching to solar have an Environmental Impact in Tucson?

The two main variables influencing homeowners’ interest in solar energy are its financial and environmental benefits. But how much of an environmental benefit does going solar actually provide? 

For homes that are concerned about the environment, installing solar panels is a great idea, especially in a city like Tucson where energy demand is quite high. 

In fact, switching to solar energy could result in a 100-pound annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. For those who care about the environment, the initial cost of solar is a small price to pay for reducing your carbon footprint.

What Benefits Do Solar Energy Systems Offer in Tucson?

When installing a home solar system in Tucson, a homeowner can anticipate recouping their entire investment in 7.1 to 8.7 years on average and saving more than $30,000 over the course of 25 years. 

Compared to the national average of $111.67, Tucson families spend an average of $128.40 for their power. 

The state’s energy consumption naturally increases significantly during the scorching summers in Tucson. 

Due to their typically higher electricity costs, single-family homeowners typically benefit financially the most from owning a home solar energy system.

Tucson is experiencing a climate catastrophe, just like the rest of the nation. The future of the state depends on cutting carbon emissions since Tucson suffers more than 50 days of high heat annually. 

Tucson residents can reduce their carbon impact one home at a time by converting to solar power.

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Cost Of Solar in Tucson?

The cost of a household solar system may vary widely, even within the same state. These include: 

  • Roof pitch, age, and type of roof 
  • Any structural adjustments necessary 
  • The caliber of the solar panels 
  • license costs
  • condition of the area.

We examined price quotes from SunPower as well as estimates acquired from independent sources for thousands of homes around the US in order to help you understand the cost of installing solar in your location. 

Before applying any applicable tax credits or incentives, we discovered that the cost to buy a 5 kW solar system in Tucson ranged from $12,650 to $40,000, or, in other words, from $2.53 to $8.00 per watt. 

Tucson has experienced a 70% average drop in solar panel prices over the previous ten years, similar to the rest of the nation. 

This development has greatly increased the availability and affordability of solar systems for houses.

In 2010, the average cost of a household solar energy system was $40,000. Currently, a PV system in Tucson typically costs between $9,000 and $11,000. 

Given that Tucson residents who decide to install a PV system can benefit from a 26% federal solar tax credit, residential solar energy seems even more alluring. 

In addition, the state provides significant tax breaks for solar energy, such as a 5.6% sales tax exemption, an added value exemption from property taxes, and a 25% (up to $1000) state solar tax credit.

15 best Tucson solar companies

Below are listed the best Tucson solar companies;

1. America’s Best Roofing and Solar

Tucson-based Residential and commercial clients in the region are helped by America’s Best Roofing and Solar. For customers wishing to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, the company offers solar energy solutions. 

Additionally, it handles low-slope, metal, tile, and shingle roof installations, repairs, and replacements. Its crew has prior expertise dealing with products from companies like Malarkey and Boral Limited. 

The business also manages neighborhood development initiatives including roof restoration. It is a preferred contractor of Owens Corning.

Visit America’s Best Roofing and solar here

2. Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric

Tucson homes can get solar energy system services from Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric. Prior to the installation of solar panels, it performs evaluations and designs specialized systems. 

It has a SolarEdge monitoring platform that tracks system performance and updates, minimizes energy loss, and eliminates power losses. 

The business also fixes solar panels when they have a few issues, like loose screws and connectors, broken glass, cracked boards, and dust accumulation. It has Advanced Solar PV and System Design NABCEP certifications.

Visit Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric here

3. Custom Solar and Leisure

Tucson residents and businesses are served by Custom Solar and Leisure. Solar panels and water heaters are installed, repaired, and maintained by the organization.

 Its NABCEP-certified consultants assess the properties and create systems that are appropriate for the client’s space requirements and energy requirements. These include SunValue, Panasonic, EnPhase, Heliocol, and LG, among other brands with which they collaborate. 

The business, which has been operating since 2007, is a Tucson Electric Power alliance contractor and offers renewable energy tax credits to its solar electric customers.

Visit Custom Solar and Leisure here

4. JMAC Electric, LLC

The Tucson area is serviced by JMAC Electric, LLC, a residential, commercial, and industrial contractor. The family-run company installs solar technology and panels for customers hoping to save money on their energy bills and increase the value of their homes. 

The crew also manages electrical and computer systems, and they have more than a century of combined experience. The maintenance and repair of electrical systems are also available. JMAC Electric offers unique accommodations for first responders and active-duty military personnel.

Visit JMAC Electric LLC here

5. Net Zero Solar

Tucson-based Net Zero Solar is an owner-operated business. Its staff erects a range of solar energy systems, including off-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid models. 

Additionally, the specialists install solar good pumping systems for clients whose homes are not serviced by power grids or who frequently face blackouts. 

They use items from several manufacturers, such as LG, Enphase, and MidNite. Chad Waits, a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer with 20 years of experience in renewable energy, is the founder and CEO of Net Zero Solar.

Visit Net Zero Solar here

6. Saguaro Solar

The Tucson metropolitan region and surrounding areas are served by Saguaro Solar. For owners of both commercial and residential property, it installs solar energy systems and offers ongoing support. 

Site evaluation, design and layout development, document signing, system installation, inspection, and bi-directional meter installation are all parts of the process. The business also provides upkeep services such as system removal and resets, troubleshooting, updates, and critter guard installation. 

Both the Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce and the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce are members of Saguaro Solar.

Visit Saguaro Solar here

7. Solar Gain

Solar Gain has been assisting Tucson area homeowners and business owners with energy bill reduction, property value enhancement, and environmental protection for more than ten years. 

From site assessment and permit acquisition through design and installation, our staff handles many facets of solar panel installation. It provides ground-mount, canopy, and rooftop solar power system options. 

Repair and upkeep of solar energy systems as well as the installation of equipment for charging electric vehicles are other services offered.

Visit Solar Gain here

8. Solar Solution AZ

Tucson-based Solar Solution AZ, which was established in 2012, assists both residential and commercial clients in Tucson in saving money on power. 

With over 50 years of combined experience designing and installing various kinds of solar panel systems, its NABCEP-certified team of solar panel professionals is an industry leader. 

Additionally, they help with permit applications and carry out a careful analysis to fix or improve any installed system components. Partner companies that Solar Solution AZ works with include Q Cells, Aptos, SolarEdge, and Enphase.

Visit Solar Solutions AZ here

9. Solgen Power

A green energy equipment provider with customers all around the Tucson region is Solgen Power. To install solar panels on roofs and on the ground, its team of specialists has undergone thorough training. 

Chris Lee, Daryl Kelly, and Roby Clyde, the company’s founders, have more than 30 years of combined experience in the solar sales industry. In the year 2021, Inc. 5000 named Solgen Power as the 12th Fastest Growing Company.

Visit Solgen Power here

10. Sunbright Solar

A Tucson-based energy supplier called Sunbright Solar serves both residential and commercial customers. The NABCEP-certified business has been designing, building, installing, and maintaining solar panel systems for communities for over 20 years. 

Its staff provides grid-tied systems that are mounted on roofs or built into parking and shade structures. The installers also offer off-grid systems that can be used to power communication towers and pump water, among other things. 

Sunbright Solar is a SolarEdge Preferred partner and a Panasonic Solar Premium installer.

Visit Sunbright Solar here

11. Technicians For Sustainability

Tucson-based Technicians For Sustainability is an employee-owned business. Since 2003, it has assisted hundreds of clients in reducing their carbon footprint by installing solar energy systems in their residences and workplaces. The systems have proactive monitoring built to check their operation. 

The business has teamed with Amicus, a buying group that offers its customers solar equipment. In order to help the movement for resolving environmental and social issues, it is also a member of the B Corp community for recycling its packaging and work materials.

Visit Technicians for Sustainability here

12. The Solar Store

Sustainable energy is made available to Tucson-area homes and businesses via The Solar Store. Installing panels, batteries, and generators, it assists clients in capturing and using solar energy. 

The business also provides a wide range of solar-powered services, such as water pumping, off-grid photovoltaics, floor, pool, and water heating. 

Teams of internal professionals with decades of combined experience in managing solar projects work for The Solar Store. Katharine Kent, the company’s president, has an MS in Nuclear and Energy Engineering.

Visit The Solar Store here

13. V3 Electric

The energy industry is entering a new phase in which consumers can pick how they want to pay for their power. The largest local household solar provider in the Tucson region, V3 Electric was established in 2014 and now serves homeowners throughout Arizona. 

Customers’ reliance on utility companies is further reduced by V3’s provision of installation, monitoring, and maintenance services for solar and battery backup systems. Giving someone a choice gives them freedom. 

Visit V3 Electric here

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14. Icon Power

Award-winning EPC solar company Icon Power has offices in Tucson, Safford, Houston, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Its headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona. 

Two brothers who were passionate about providing families in the Southwest with clean, affordable electricity started Icon Power. Icon Power was just named the 146th Fastest Growing Private Company on the INC 5000 List as well as the 5th Fastest Growing Company by the Phoenix Business Journal. 

Icon Power takes great pleasure in its 4.9 Star Google rating and the outstanding customer experience it offers to its clients because of its commitment to quality and customer care.

Visit Icon Power here

15. SolarMax Technology

Since its founding in 2008, SolarMax Technology has become a market leader, establishing a series of innovations to increase solar energy for Tucson homes and businesses’ accessibility and affordability. 

Their 165,000-square-foot facility in Tucson is where we design and assemble our premium solar panels. This is also where we’ve planned and carried out more than 12,000 custom installations. 

You should be aware that SolarMax is dedicated to driving the industry forward and is constantly looking for innovations to ensure that everyone has access to clean, renewable energy. They are particularly proud of our numerous industry firsts, among other things.

Visit SolarMax Technology here

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Who is Tucson’s top solar energy provider? 

Due to its 25-year panel guarantee and extensive protection plan, Palmetto Solar is at the top of our list of Tucson solar companies. The company also provides a range of customer service options.

Who is the solar company with the best reputation?

Based on our extensive study, the following is our rating of the top solar panel installation firms in the market: 
The most energy-efficient company is SunPower. 
ADT Solar is the best defense. The one that is the simplest to use is momentum solar. Most advantageous features of Blue Raven Solar. options for environmentally friendly homes’ best solar roofs.

Which solar system in Tucson is the best? 

The leading national supplier of Tucson solar panels is SunPower. The excellent local installer is Sun Valley Solar Solutions. Outstanding Local Installer, Elevation Verde Solar Power is a renowned regional installer. The best warranty coverage is offered by ADT Solar.

Is there a solar tax credit in Tucson? 

A homeowner may be eligible for a tax credit equal to up to 30% of the cost of the system if they install solar panels on their home and meet the requirements. On the cost of installed residential solar systems, the state of Arizona provides a 25% solar tax credit. (Personal income tax credits of up to $1,000.)


If you want to work with one of Tucson’s top solar companies or want to purchase solar panels. 

You can look through many of the top Tucson solar companies that are listed in the aforementioned article. 

Whichever of Arizona’s top solar companies you choose, we hope you enjoy working with them.



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