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20 Jobs You Can Get With A Business Administration Degree in 2023

A degree in business administration covers various business fields, including finance, office building administration, accounting, designing, development, quality assurance, marketing, data analysis, sales, project management, information technology management, research, and development. 

Business majors can develop critical skill sets like knowing how to analyze problems using and applying data by studying business theories and learning best business practices. Business majors can also learn how to manage large groups of people and how to foster professional communication.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 20 jobs you can get with a degree in business administration.

Where Can I Obtain A Business Administration Degree

This business degree is very common in today’s world of business and as common as it is, there are satisfactory career opportunities available, this unique degree can be obtained in colleges and universities.

Business administration does not only deal with businesses, it also focuses on entrepreneurs, accounting, finance, auditor, and many more. A business degree opens all types of career opportunities for graduates in almost all kinds of private/government companies and organizations with good salaries.

As a business student, you should be aware of the degree programs available and the duration. Master’s degree programs and MBAs in business administration unusually require one to two years. Associate’s degree programs also require up to two years and this degree provides entry-level opportunity while it also gets students to understand how an organization functions and its emphasis on business law and ethics, the principles of marketing and project management.

While a Bachelor’s degree program usually takes three to four years depending on the university and it generally covers every aspect of the management of a business, which also includes strategic and risk management. You should also know that it covers and focus on different levels of marketing, entrepreneurship, real estate, accounting, and many more.

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Business Administrations Certifications

Certifications are industry-recognized credentials an individual can use to demonstrate their abilities in different areas. Getting at least one of these certifications will improve your chance of getting the job of your dreams.

You can obtain the following business administration certifications: Professional Certificate in Team Leadership, Salesforce, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), Project Management Professional (PMP), APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification (CSCP), and more.

Career Opportunities Available In Business Administration Degree

1. Accountant

A business administration degree opens opportunities in accounting with unique pay, and accountants are responsible for recording, keeping, and interpreting financial records. The expected salary of an accountant usually depends on the services rendered, the size of the company, and other factors. This means companies can offer more than the average salary.

Duties of an accountant:

  • As an accountant, you are to evaluate financial operations to recommend best-practices, identify issues and strategize solutions, and help organizations run efficiently.
  • An Accountant gives guidance on revenue enhancement, cost reduction, profit maximization to the firm they work with.
  • An accountant prepare and maintain important financial reports.
  • They also prepare tax returns and also make sure that taxes are paid on time.
  • The duty of an accountant is usually to have absolute control of the financial policy and formation of planning, and also make preparation of budget.

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2. Business Consultant

One of the jobs you can get with a Business administration degree is Business consultancy. Business consultants are also known as management consultants,  and they offer various companies and organizations genuine solutions and also offer ways to improve the lifespan of a business, and also a business at the edge of bankruptcy.

They also offer business owners and managers solutions on how to make an organization more successful and lucrative through low costs and high profit. A business consultant is an expert who offers professional advice in a particular area such as security, management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, financial control, engineering, science, digital transformation, exit planning, or any of many other industries.

Duties of a business consultant:

  • The duty of a business consultant is to examine trade area for new business opportunities, And they also make trips to new and ongoing clients businesses. While, they successfully pitch an optimization strategy to new clients.
  • Business consultant work with marketing and business analytics to design and make use of a strategic business plan, And they offer solutions after making research to their clients.

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3. Auditor:

With a degree in business administration, you can become an auditor. An auditor is a person or employed by a company to execute an audit. That is, to act as an auditor, a person should be certified by the regulatory authority of accounting and auditing or possess certain specified qualifications such as a business administration degree.

Duties of an auditor

  • An auditor prepare an Audit Report
  • They Form a negative opinion, where necessary, I.e either good or bad they give their review on the accounts they audited and also offer assistance in an investigation.
  • An auditor make general inquiries and also make Report of any fraudulent activities.
  • As an auditor, you will offer help in case of a branch audit.
  • One of the rules of auditing is to adhere with the auditing Standards and they comply to the Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct.

4. Office Administrator

One of the popular jobs available in business administration is office administrators. An office administrator is an administrative expert who works on varieties of clerical tasks to help an organization’s operations run efficiently of day-to-day activities. Office administrator salaries can vary depending on employees’ experience level, job responsibilities, and the size of the company.

Duties of an office administrator:

  • The duty of an office administrator is to Oversee administrative functions and supervise other members of the administrative staff
  • One of their job function is scheduling meetings and events, and organizing any necessary materials for them. They also, welcome customers/clients, and answer their calls and get feedback from clients.
  • Office administrator usually operate and maintain office equipment such as printers,  fax machines and computers. They also conduct research and compile reports for supervisors and other employees.

5. Budget analyst

A budget analyst helps to analyze the company’s budget and source for ways to use resources more efficiently so as to increase profits. With a business administration degree, you can become a budget analyst. Budget analysts spend most of their time analyzing data, evaluating budget proposals, recommending spending cuts, redistributing extra funds, and preparing annual reports for companies.

Duties of budget analyst

  • A budget analyst work with program and project managers to develop the organization’s budget and they also review  the managers’ budget proposals and funding requests for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with laws and other regulations.
  • A budget analyst brings program and department budgets into a consolidated organizational budget and also explain funding requests to others in the organization, to legislators, and to the public.
  • They help top managers analyze proposed plans and find alternatives if the projected results are not satisfactory enough.

6. Human Resources Manager

With a business administration degree, you can become a human resource manager of a company. This job position is very important in a company as it is a  valuable asset, and they lead and direct the routine functions of the human resources (HR) department including hiring and interviewing staff, administering pay, benefits, and leave, and enforcing company policies and practices.

Duties of Human Resource Manager:

  • They are in charge of workforce administration, which usually begins at the recruitment level and continues through payroll, training, compliance, benefits, scheduling, retention, counseling, strategic planning and more. 

7. Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is an administrative worker that helps a company understand who their clients are, what products they should be selling more, and how they can successfully promote those products. One of their top responsibility is to create surveys, teach and supervise/monitor interviewers who conduct the surveys. 
Duties of a Market Research Analyst

  • They gather data on consumer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits. … They must interpret what the data mean for their client, and they may forecast future trends.
  • Market research analyst consults different types of individuals or products by collecting, processing, and translating business-related information for their employers or clients.

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8. Compensation/benefits specialist

Compensation and benefits managers commonly known as payroll managers are the human resource specialists that hold the purse strings. With a business administration degree, you can become a compensation and benefits manager.

Duties of compensation/benefits specialist:

  • Compensation and benefits manager are usually responsible for ensuring fair and accurate compensation, including regular salaries, bonuses, stock options, pensions, and any additional employee benefits.

9. Procurement Officer

This is an administrative job position commonly known as purchasing officers. A procurement officer is in charge of acquiring products that are very important for business operations. As a procurement officer, you need to have these essential skills: to be analytical, organizational, and also have negotiating and bargaining skills. Their main responsibility is to undertake an executive role within an enterprise, focusing on sourcing, procurement, and supply management.

Duties of procurement officer

  •  Procurement officer are responsible for the management, administration, and supervision of the company’s acquisition programs. 
  •  They are also  in charge of the contracting services and may manage the purchase of supplies, equipment, and materials. 
  •  A procurement officer, in most case source for goods and services and to negotiate the prices and contracts till it suit the company.

10. Financial analyst

A financial analyst is an expert in undertaking financial analysis for external or internal clients, and with a business administration degree, you can become a financial analyst as this job position deals with securities analyst, research analyst, equity analyst, investment analyst, or rating analyst. A Financial analyst makes research and obtains data from various sources, and this includes earnings releases, running financial models, and making financial recommendations.

Duties of a financial analyst

  • One of the main responsibility of a financial analyst is to analyze current and past financial data and performance while evaluating current capital expenditures and depreciation.
  • They prepare reports and projections based on their analyses, and also explore investment opportunities while Establishing and evaluating profit plans.

11. Personal finance advisor

A  personal financial advisor assesses the financial needs of individuals and helps them with decisions on investments which usually includes stocks and bonds, tax laws, and insurance. This job position offer solutions to clients in other to plan for short- and long-term goals, such as meeting education expenses and saving for retirement through investments.

Duties of as personal financial advisor:

A personal Financial advisor makes market research, market analysis, recruit and soliciting clients. And also assess their clients’ needs and complaints: They recommend strategies and monitor accounts while working on new strategies.

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12. Sports Operations Manager

A sports operation manager is an expert who manages the field businesses with sports and recreation. A sports manager is also known as a sports marketer, event manager, facility manager, sports economics, sports finance, and many more. With a business administration degree, you can become a professional sport optional manager. 

Duties of a sports operation manager

  • They create and organize sport schedules and also promote their clients on different types of  media platform.
  • They also seek endorsement deals for their clients, while handling and negotiating contracts.
  • A sport manager ensures compliance with rules and policies and also Maintain a positive public relations.

13. Advertising and Marketing

With a business administration degree, you can become a professional at marketing and advertising. Advertising and marketing work hand in hand. Here is a quick view of what defines the two. A market is an expert who identifies customer needs and seeks ways on how best to meet those needs. while an advertiser is a professional who helps in promoting a company and its products or services through various media platforms. 

Duties of a Marketer and Advertiser:

  • An advertiser and a marketer creates editorial and content creation calendars for various media platforms and outlets. While conducting market research, collaborating with the sales and design teams to create targeted ad campaigns, reviewing multimedia ads to ensure consistent brand voice, and monitoring the performance of ad campaigns to measure return on investment and to inform future marketing.

14. Loan officer

A loan officer is a business person who evaluates, authorizes, or recommends approval of loan applications for people and businesses. A loan officer is a representative of a bank, credit union, or other financial institution who helps borrowers in the application process.

Duties of a loan officer:

  • A loan officer evaluate credit scores by processing loan applications and documentation within specified limits, while they interview applicants to understand fully if they are financially eligible and worth the risk of granting loans.

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15. Logistician

As a logistician, they operate software programs created mainly for managing logistical functions, which include procurement, inventory management, and other supply chain planning and management systems.

Duties of a logistician:

  • A Logistician oversees activities including purchasing, shipping and transportation, inventory, warehousing, and delivery
  • A Logistician plans ahead  and manage logistics, warehouse, transportation and customer services. While directly optimizing and coordinating full order cycle. They also Liaise and negotiating with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

16. Training and development specialist

Training and development specialists focus on improving employees’ skills and knowledge by planning, conducting, and administering training programs.

Duties of development specialist:

  • It is the duty of development specialists to training and development specialists help create, administer, and deliver training programs for businesses and organizations.
  • Training and development specialists work in nearly every industry. They spend much of their time working with people, giving presentations, and leading training activities.

17. Purchasing manager

A purchasing manager, commonly known as a purchasing director or supply manager, is the head of a team responsible for procuring goods and services for resale or company use. They usually look out for the best available quality for the lowest price. 

Duties of a purchasing manager

  • A purchasing manager supplies, negotiate contracts, and review product quality. While Determining order frequency.
  • They evaluate different suppliers. And  Negotiating with contracts.
  • He/she ensures purchases to  meet the criteria of the company and Defining shipping requirements.
  • They develop  a purchasing strategy and also reviews and processes purchase orders.
  • It is the duty of a purchasing manager to maintain records of goods ordered and received.
  • They negotiate prices and contracts with suppliers while they build and maintains relationships with vendors.

18. Business Developer

 A Business developer is a professional who formulates and applies strategies to help companies expand their commercial location. In most cases, they may come up with new products and services, or forge partnerships or enter new territories. For medium and enterprise-level companies. They help companies to understand business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions.

Duties of a Business Developer:

  • A Business developer helps with business plans, while designing and developing  strategies and plans 
  • They provide assistance with implementing suggested plans and strategies  and also oversee and examine new strategy progress and development. They educate, lead and supervise members of the business development team to ensure the project’s achievement 

19. Meeting, Convention and Event Planner

This is an administrative job position and with a business administration degree, you can become a conventional and event planner. Convention and event planners coordinate all aspects of events and professional meetings. They arrange all kinds of events and professional gatherings, and they work in their offices and onsite at hotels or conference centers.

Duties of Meeting, convention, and event planner:

  • An event planner meets with clients to understand the purpose of the event while they Plan the scope of the event, including its time, location, and cost
  • They try to obtain bids from venues and service providers. They also Inspect venues to ensure that they meet the client’s requirements, while they Coordinate event services such as rooms, transportation, and food for the guests.

20. Sales manager

A sales manager is a professional who is responsible for leading and guiding a team of sales people in an organization. He/she oversees the company’s sales team and is ultimately responsible for revenue production within an organization. 

Duties of a Sales Manager:

  •  A sales manager oversees regional and local sales managers and their staff and they resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service
  • They prepare budgets and approve budget expenditures
  • They analyze sales statistics and also monitor customer preferences to determine the focus of sales efforts, while they project sales and determine the profitability of products and services.

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  

Is Business administration a good major?

Yes, with a degree in business administration, there are various jobs offer available for graduates.

What jobs can you get with a business administration degree?

With a degree in business administration, you can become a — business consultant, auditor, human resource manager. Purchasing manager, accountant, and a lot more.

Is it difficult to get jobs with a Business Administration Degree?

No, it is not difficult to get jobs with a business administration degree.


A business administration degree will help you with a lot of advantages when applying for any job listed above, with this degree, there is a high demand for your services and expertise as a business administrator in many flexible companies. I do hope you find this article helpful, and good luck in getting the right job for your career.


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