20 Cheap Gifts for Co-workers Under $5 in 2023

Gifts are little things that make us happy. There are unique gifts you can get your co-workers without appearing like a weirdo. If staying on a budget is the goal for you, then consider getting something affordable, special, and impressive.

You don’t have to go over the board to get a gift. You can get creative with what you are getting your co-worker. Since the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and not the store, This is why you can get a gift under $5 for your co-worker.

Most of the time, our co-workers are our best friends. You get to meet them almost every working day, and during weekends too.

They are special people and should be treated as one, and this might inspire you to get something special and affordable without spending beyond your budget.

You can consider getting your coworker something useful to them at the moment and probably for a longer time.

Spending less for a gift doesn’t make it less special, it’s the thought that counts, and when you put your heart into the gift you’re getting your co-worker, you signify that you appreciate their presence and their support in your life. 

Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness. Regardless of the price tag of a gift, it is the joy that comes next we look out for.

Although staying on budget is important, understanding what matches your co-worker’s personality also matters, as you won’t want to get them something that won’t be appreciated.

Being thoughtful about what you’ll be getting them can be tiring but this overview will give you an insight into everything you need to know about the top 20 cheap gifts for coworkers under $5 that’s still very impressive.

Why Buying Gifts for Co-workers is Important?

Co-workers are more like our best friends, and we often treat them. We spend most of our time at work together, and our co-workers are truly special. You don’t have to wait for a general holiday before celebrating with your friends at work.

Getting your co-worker a gift will help strengthen your work relationship, and also make it a positive one, especially if you’re forward to know them more.

Giving is an act of kindness, and when you give out gifts to people you see almost every day, it can inspire them to have a positive attitude towards you and their work.

Most times we don’t even want to leave our beds in the morning but when you have a friend that inspires you, you find every reason to stay positive.

What to Consider when Buying a Gift for a Co-worker

Gifts are supposed to bring happiness to the recipient and each gift has its meaning you wouldn’t want to be misinterpreted over your choice of gift to your co-worker.

Here are a few things to consider when getting a gift for a co-coworker:

1. Stay within your budget

When getting your co-worker a gift, stick to your budget. Cheap gifts don’t mean that the thought behind the gift is cheap. Regardless of the price, your co-worker will probably appreciate you for giving them something thoughtful.

2. Hobbies

Co-workers are our friends at work, so when buying a gift for a co-worker, you should consider their hobbies and what they love doing in their leisure time, as this will help you decide on the perfect gift for them.

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3. Avoid getting too personal

There is a limit to getting your co-worker a gift, often time, they can misinterpret special things like gifts as they represent something meaningful. If you’re not close with your co-worker, you can get something that won’t be misinterpreted. 

4. Choose your gift thoughtfully

Being thoughtful about what you’re buying your co-worker will help you stay on budget and also help you become more creative. You can easily get them something they need at the moment, like a special pen or a cookie, to help them stay in a good mood.

5. Avoid giving out cash as a gift

Cash gifts for a co-worker can be weird, especially when they earn more than you. It is the thought that counts when giving a co-worker a gift. So avoid cash gifts; instead, liquidate the cash into a meaningful gift.

6. Avoid exchanging gifts when everyone is around

If you are giving an original gift to all of your co-workers, consider giving them personally instead of giving them when everyone is around. It will add more meaning to it, except if the occasion calls for sharing the gift publicly.

20 Cheap Gifts for Co-workers Under $5 

Here are a few gift ideas for your coworker that are under $5: 

1. Portable USB Fan

Regardless of their size, USB fans are one of the best gifts you can get for your co-worker which is $5. If they don’t have one already, you can consider buying one as a gift. USB fans are not one-gender gifts, you can get them for anyone.

They also help to make work desks look attractive, although they don’t cover a room they still help cool some things and make you feel comfortable.

You can get a USB fan for less than $5; they have many benefits. You can get an eFluky mini desk fan that comes with lighting, or a SmartDevil Desk Fan for desk use, on amazon

Website Link

2. A Mug

If you’re finding it difficult to decide what to get a co-worker for a gift, you can consider buying a mug. If your co-worker loves coffee, hot chocolate, or even tea; you can gift them a beautiful mug.

Mugs are often affordable and they will help you stick to your budget without the need to overspend. They usually come in different colors, meaning you can get your co-worker his/her favorite color. 

Making it one of the cheap gifts for Coworkers that is under $5.

3. Hand Warmers

One of the best gifts for co-workers is hand warmers. Although this gift might not be for everyone if your coworker gets cold easily, you can consider getting a hand warmer.

Hand warmers are best for keeping you warm at all times and one of the best parts of getting someone a hand warmer is that, they can use it for a very long time and they are affordable, you can get them for as low as $5.

4. Pen with special features

Well, not your average pen, one of the best gifts for a co-worker is getting them a multi-tool pen that comes with various features.

Pens are essential in every workday activity, and getting something small yet unique is something that your co-worker will appreciate.

Some of these pens come with attractive features like flashlight, laser, designing, repairing, and many more.

These features are for as low as $5 and usually come in various colors, making it easier for you to take your pick. 

5. Squeeze Balls

Getting a squeeze ball for your co-worker is only perfect, it also means you sincerely care for their health. They are inexpensive, and you can get them in any color you like.

Squeeze balls can be used as hand therapy, to relieve arthritis pains, to increase positive energy, and it also helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

The benefits of squeeze balls make them one the best for co-workers under stress, and you can get them for less than $5.

6. Night Light

One of the best cheap gifts for co-workers under $5 is a night light. Yes, night light; after a stressful day at work, you need a good night’s rest. Getting your co-worker a night light means you care about their rest.

The night light comes in different colors and designs. They are usually small and colorful. They can be used as a decoration for a desk or at home as they provide enough light to view things in the room or office. You can get a Night light for as low as $5 or even lower.

7. File Folder

If you’re looking for simple and unique gifts for a co-worker, give them a file folder. A file folder helps to protect important documents, money, magazines, or even CDs.

They are valuable in any working company or firm; they are affordable and they come in different colors. Y

ou can get your co-worker a fancy or professional file folder for their needs. You can get a file folder for as low as $5 or even lower, making it one of the cheap gifts for coworkers under $5 on our list

8. Pedicure Kit

One of the best cheap gifts for your co-worker is a pedicure kit. This gift is perfect and unique for all gender. Pedicure kits are small and inexpensive, and they’re usually made up of nail clippers, foot files, nail polishes, nail files, exfoliating scrub, and others.

Getting a Pedicure kit for your co-worker is not only thoughtful, but it is a clear sign that you cared. You can get a pedicure kit for as low as $5 or even lower.

9. Phone Stand

Phone stands are one of the best cheap gifts under $5 you can get your co-worker. Not only are phone stands cute their function also makes them special.

They are easy to use and they come in various shapes and colors, they are also cheap and you can get them for as low as $5. They help your phone sit properly, they can be used on a desk, bedside nightstand, or kitchen counter.

10. Long Back-Scratcher

One of the best gifts for your co-worker is a back-Scratcher. Regardless of how long your arms are, scratching your back might seem like an impossible mission.

You should your co-worker a back-Scratcher for their back, they are useful and cheap. They help reach parts of your back where your hands can’t get to, they can be used in the office or at home.

11. Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual calendar for the office is one of the cheap gifts for coworkers under $5. You can get a personalized perpetual calendar for your co-worker.

The calendar is used for determining the day of the week on which a given day falls, you can easily set a countdown to a special day on the calendar.

They also serve as a useful decoration for a desk, perpetual calendars are cheap and you can get them for as low as $5. 

12. HDMI Cable

One of the best gifts for co-workers is an HDMI cable. An HDMI can transmit digital video, documents, and audio from one source to another, from a computer.

HDMI is useful in an office space and they are cheap. They come in different types and lengths. Gifting a co-worker an HDMI cable is very thoughtful and you can get it for as low as $5.

13. Adult Coloring Book

One of the best gifts you should your co-worker is an adult coloring book. The health benefit associated with this book makes it a perfect gift.

Adult coloring book helps to reduce anxiety and stress, improves sleeping, and also help adults to stay focused when working. Adult coloring books are affordable and coloring goes beyond just doing it for fun, it is a perfect gift for people that easily get stressed.

14. Playing cards

One of the best gifts for co-workers is cards. You’d be surprised at the benefits of playing cards, when you gift a co-worker a card gift, the card games can improve their motor and memory skills.

Playing cards can also help them stay focused and improve their patience and concentration level. Playing Cards are beneficial to the brain and they also serve as a perfect gift for co-workers. You can get playing for as low as $5.

15. Lip Balm

One of the best gifts for co-workers is lip balm. Lip balm is a perfect gift for everyone with dry lips. Workers usually experience dry lips during winter, and getting them a lip balm will help keep their lips moisturized and heal them faster.

Lip balms will make your lips look attractive and plump while it heals the cracked part. You can get a lip balm for as low as $5.

16. Exfoliating gloves

One of the best gifts you can get your co-workers are exfoliating gloves. This gift is perfect for your co-workers as it will help them scrub away dead skin cells and excess oil.

Exfoliating gloves have many benefits; when used properly, they will help unclog pores and improve circulation. They are easy to use and also affordable. You can get an exfoliating glove for as low as $5.

17. Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are also cheap gifts for coworkers under $5. As the name implies, hand warmers keep the hands warm from the cold. They help reduce headaches, and they also help reduce aching in muscles.

Hand warmers are thoughtful gifts, especially when the recipient gets cold easily. They are easy to use and they are also affordable. You can get a hand warmer for as low as $5.

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18. Car Coasters

One of the best gifts for your co-workers is car coasters. They are easy to use and they are often round. Gifting a co-worker a car coaster will help them keep their cup holders neat. Car coasters help soak up spills from your mugs, cups, and glasses.

They are highly absorbent and they also protect your cup holder. Car coasters are cheap and you can get them for as low as $5.

19. Metallic Bracelets

This gift is one of the cheap gifts for coworkers under $5. You should get your co-worker a metallic bracelet, they can be worn on the ankle or wrist, and they’re usually metal.

They are beneficial; metallic bracelets help to ease rheumatoid arthritis pain, reduce stiffness, and provide more energy. You can get a metallic bracelet for as low as $5.

20. Waterproof Wallet

A waterproof wallet is one of the cheap gifts for coworkers under $5. This gift is classic and often appreciated as we all need something to help us keep and protect our valuables.

A wallet keeps belongings like money, credit cards, and other valuable documents. Getting a waterproof wallet for a co-worker is something that the recipient will appreciate. You can get a waterproof wallet for as low as $5.

FAQs On Cheap Gifts For Coworkers Under $5

How do I show appreciation to my coworker?

You can show your coworker some appreciation by buying them a useful gift.

What gifts can I get my coworkers?

You can get them anything from number 1 to 20 on the list above.

Is it wrong to gift my coworker?

Getting your coworker is not something wrong.

Can I get my coworker a gift card?

Yes, you can get them a gift card if you can afford to.


Giving coworkers a few presents shouldn’t be seen as weird, especially when you enjoy their company at work.

Presents are not supposed to be limited to holidays only, every day is a blessing and it should be celebrated. I hope this overview gives you an idea of the gifts you can get your coworker.



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