Client referral thank you letter

Client Referral Thank-you Letter | Example & Templates

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A gift is often sent with a client referral thank-you letter, especially from a business partner. The first referral receives the most lavish thank-you present. Consider the commission. You would have paid a sales representative for sale and the cost of advertising to attract this new customer. When referral prizes are issued, word spreads quickly.

You’ll find that other people will refer you to even more folks. Referrals are a common source of revenue for many businesses. If someone sends a client to you, thank them and tell them how much you appreciate their help.

What Is A Client Referral Thank-You Letter?

A thank-you message for a client referral reference expresses gratitude to someone who has suggested your services, products, or business to others. If you received a new contact or customer as a result of a referral, you must express your gratitude in writing. The greatest way to develop your professional ties with consumers or other businesses promoting your products and/or services is to send a business referral thank-you note. This can also help you obtain additional business through referrals, especially if you reciprocate by giving these people referrals.

Thank-you letters for client referrals are frequently sent out when:

  • A customer recommends your company to a friend or family member.
  • A firm or its employee refers a new customer to you.
  • A friend or family refers a client to you
  • A business partner sends a client to you

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Why Should You Send Thank-You Note For A Referral?

That person is devoting time from their schedule to help you and your company by speaking or writing a referral letter on your behalf.

When you express gratitude for a reference, it shows that you value their time and work. It also fosters repeat business and referrals in the future.

Fostering business relationships in this manner can lead to valuable collaborations between you, your company, and others.

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How To Write A Client Referral Thank-You Letter

1. Introduce yourself to the receiver professionally

Include a salutation and use the recipient’s last name to greet them. This approach of greeting them displays professionalism and respect.

2. Show your appreciation

Explain how the referral benefited your company by being explicit about the nature of the referral. Sharing how their referral resulted in a specific result would demonstrate your sincere gratitude.

3. Be as descriptive as possible

When thank-you letters are personalized, they have a greater impact. That involves including as much information as possible about this specific interaction. Don’t make the receiver think you’re copying and pasting from a template. (This is especially critical if you’re using a template to write from.)

4. Keep it short and to the point

When it comes to thank-you notes of any kind, less is more. This is especially true for thank-you cards received via email—online readers have short attention spans and will scan for the gist quickly. A few paragraphs of genuine gratitude will suffice instead of a long, convoluted note.

5. Bring your letter to closure

Make a succinct conclusion. Consider providing a free service or a discount on future purchases. If your referral came from another company, you might show your gratitude by promising to return the favor with client referrals.

4. Make your contact information available

Include your direct phone number and email address to foster a pleasant relationship. This is to ensure that there is a way the person knows who you are or might want to refer more people. You can never really tell.

5. Proofread your letter before sending it

If you’re sending a thank you note by email, use spellcheck to ensure it’s free of grammatical errors and typos. If you’re mailing a thank-you letter, have a friend or coworker proofread it for any misspellings or other mistakes.

Client Referral Thank You Letter Examples

#1. Client Referral Thank You Letter Sample

January 3, 2020

Jeannie McValen, Manager

Dear Ms. McValen,

I’m writing to thank you for referring our company, Creative Office Solutions, LLC, to your customers. I appreciate your trust in our products, especially since your recommendation has allowed us to establish new business ties.

I’d like to present a unique deal for your organization’s future office supply needs as a sign of my appreciation. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a business discount or if you have any questions. Thank you one more.


Victoria Torrano, President

Creative Office Solutions, LLC


#2. Letter to a company for a client referral

October 29, 2019

Eliza Harrison, Product Development

Concord Technologies, Inc.

Dear Ms. Harrison,

I’d want to express my gratitude for the client referral you provided. Your thoughtful gesture has spurred the start of a long-term financial data monitoring and reporting initiative for G and M, which we are now building. Concord Tech’s financial documentation software has been a pleasure to work with since the beginning of our business partnership. It will be a significant contribution to Heines Financial’s monthly revenue and growing reputation to be able to take on an additional client where my project teams can put their knowledge in your products to use.

Please contact me if there is any extra help or influence that Heines Financial can provide to Concord Technologies in order to create a long-term relationship. Thank you again for your thoughtful gift, and I look forward to working with you in the future. 


Isaac Stringer, Co-founder

Heines Financial, Ltd.


#3. Client Referral Thank You Letter to an Individual Customer

December 14, 2019

Dear valued customer,

I’d want to express my gratitude for your kind recommendation and great evaluation. At Urban Natural Foods, we value and encourage our customer relationships, and your kind recommendation of our natural and organic food items helps us reach out to more people like you who want to improve their health and wellness.

Urban Natural Foods would like to extend to you a special discount on your next purchase at one of our locations or through our online marketplace as a sign of our gratitude. Simply download, print, or save this coupon on your device to scan at the register during checkout. Thank you once again for your valuable patronage. 

Kindest regards,

Kerry Dubois, General Manager

Urban Natural Foods, Inc.


#4. Client Referral Thank You Letter To an Employee for Referring a Candidate

June 14, 2020

Dear Mr. Shabazz,

 I’d like to thank you personally for going above and above in your work for our firm. You’re an ambassador who has helped bring new talent to our organization in addition to successfully executing your allocated job. Workers like you are the lifeblood of our organization, and without you, nothing we do would be possible.

We’ve added a bonus to your next paycheck as a thank you for bringing a new member to the Deep Sea Fishing family. Thank you once again for all of your efforts on our behalf and for portraying our organization in a great manner.

Best regards,

John Ericson, Chief Human Resources Officer

Deep Sea Fishing, Inc.


#5. Client Referral Thank You Letter Sample

Dear _______________,

It’s not every day that I get a business recommendation from a well-known member of our community who has a stellar reputation for honesty and integrity. Thank you so much for introducing Mr. and Mrs. Klein to my legal office and for putting your faith in me. I am grateful for the recommendation. I want you to know that both myself and my legal team will provide exceptional help to this wonderful couple. They will be cared for and respected to the fullest extent possible. Thank you once again for thinking of me and sending me this vital business referral. 

Sincerely yours,


#6. Client Referral Thank You Letter Sample

Dear _______________,

It was such a pleasure to serve you, and I appreciate your recent referrals. Thank you so much for your trust and confidence. Great clients like you are the reason my firm is thriving.

With sincere thanks,


#7. Client Referral Thank You Letter For Business Referral

I want you to know how much I value your patronage. All of our valued customers can expect outstanding service and high-quality items from our team. Sending us new clients is the highest praise we can receive. I am looking forward to our friendship continuing.

With sincere gratitude,


#8. Thank You Card for Business Referrals

Dear _______________,

We appreciate your loyalty to our business and the constant client referrals. Thank you so much for sending several new customers our way. We look forward to helping these new clients achieve their dreams. Please accept this small gift as a token of our gratitude.



#9. Client Referral Thank You Letter

Dear _______________,

Thank you for introducing Mr. Mark Allen to our software firm. We’re excited to provide him with specialized services and custom goods that will help his company run more smoothly. I appreciate your trust in our ability to assist him in achieving his goals and completing the task correctly. Thank you once again for your fantastic business recommendation.



#10. Client Referral Thank You Letter

October 24, 2020

Dear customer,

At this time, I’d want to express my gratitude for your kind recommendation and excellent assessment of my company. At Peoples’ Choice Natural Foods, we cherish and encourage our customer relationships, and your thoughtful recommendation of our organic and natural food items allows us to reach out to more people who want to improve their health and wellness.

Peoples’ Choice Natural Foods would like to extend to you a special discount on your next purchase at any of our locations or on your online marketplace as a token of our gratitude. Present a paper copy of this coupon at any of our stores or scan it at the register at checkout. Thank you for your interest in doing business with us.

Warm regards,

Richard Perter, General Manager

Peoples’ Choice Natural Foods


#11. Client Referral Thank You Letter

Dear Lyddie,

I can’t thank you enough for recommending my hair and beauty salon to your friend Nancy Joy. That was really thoughtful of you. I’m honored to have been able to provide you with exemptional services for the past year, and I hope to be able to do the same for your buddy.

I appreciate it. My business can only develop through referrals, therefore it’s good to know you trust us enough to refer a friend to us. I look forward to serving you again soon. Your next hair and pedicure appointment is on us.


Jane Rose.

#12. Client Referral Thank You Letter

Dear Fredrick,

I just found out that our most recent customer was referred to us by your organization. Thank you for taking the initiative. We are confident that Virtual Reality Limited will be able to provide them with excellent service. That was a wonderful gesture, and I appreciate it.

I hope to be able to repay the favor to you as soon as possible. I’m going to a networking event early next month, and if anyone needs an HR outsourcing solution, I’ll be sure to refer you. Fredrick, thank you very much.



Client Referral Template

Use this template as a guide when creating your client referral thank you letter


[Recipient’s name], [recipient’s job title or department]

[Recipient’s address, if mailing]

[Recipient’s organization]




[Your first and last name], [your job title]

[Your company]

[Phone number]

[Email address]

[Business website]

Tips for Sending a Client Referral Thank-You Letter

  • The sooner, the better. You should send thank-you notes within 24 hours of whatever inspired you to send them, whether that’s a client referral or a job interview, or a professional reference.
  • Check for typos. Read your email or note out loud, or have a trusted friend check it before you send it.
  • Handwrite if possible
  • Research on who the person who gave you the referral is to better address them properly
  • Use a professional tine
  • Address the recipient appropriately
  • Be respectful and courteous
  • Be thankful


A customer recommendation thank-you letter is an excellent, non-intrusive technique to boost sales and referrals. Always appreciate a customer or business associate who refers a customer to you (and a thank you gift wouldn’t hurt if it’s a big customer). There is no expense to you to advertise or sales commissions for every customer you recommend.