Easiest Way To Drop A Client

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Ever worked with a harsh client or a bad client before? Did you drop the client? And, was the experience Good, Excellent or just there? Well, here we will outline some ways or methods how to handle the situation better. 

Based on Judging facts, about 85% of your clients are easy to work with, and most especially they are fantastic to cope with. You learn and they give you interesting projects that will enhance and make you better than you were before. 

Most clients are just based on their recommendations alone. They don’t care about your recommendation and your design or outlook on the job you were given. The ones that teach you most of their works and also recommend you to other clients are really small and the number keeps breaking every day. 

According to a study some clients do become close friends and be the life of your business. But throughout your life, you will always come across clients who we give you bad effects on your journey and make your efforts towards their work look bad. They will question in and out of the work hoping you do it just the way they want, argue Incessantly, and also they won’t give you the necessary and adequate information you need. 

Most clients undermine your ability and could really go a long way in distrusting your other clients, and your previous works and also give you a bad name. 

When A client becomes more than a hassle, you let them go!

Now, the real question is how do you drop a client without causing confrontation or any bad background? Here’s our guide. 

Why Let Bad Clients Go?

  • Bad clients waste your time. Most clients we have nowadays not only waste your fruitful efforts, but they also create an effect on your time and reduce your worth. Clients that do this always have illogical things to say like you did not do this work as expected, You did not carry out the project well; You did this below average and when they say all these, Your precious time has gone. Bad clients are the snails in business! 
  • They make you lose money. Times you are supposed to be attending to other clients you attend to them. They deprive you of your worth to other clients that need you and give what they are supposed to give you to other companies.
  •  Bad clients also interrupt your cash flow. They consistently change the root of the business they have with you thereby costing you to makeover the cash you have lost.
  • They also reduce your self-worth and damage your reputation. Bad clients are known for this. They reduce your work with other clients. They ensure they always get the results they expected. When you don’t treat them well, they complain and make other clients or industries k down on you and reconsider your partnership with them. 

Karen Higginbotham lay out a well-proven fact that employees with high-stress levels engage less, are less productive, and take more sick leave than workers who are more content. Well, this is true! 

Getting rid of bad clients can reduce stress, It can create a sense of good morale and productivity. And also that will improve your positive thinking and attitude towards your business. 

Now, this leads us to how…

How to Drop Bad Clients. 

Create an encouraging pathway 

Clients are the movement of business and we all know that. Clients move business and if it is just a client that moves your business, I suggest you follow this guide properly. 

Follow up with them

Clients love it when the business they give a work to reach out to them concerning some issues, They always love to keep them in touch in one way or the other. Clients are the most dramatic people you can find. They always have this sense of attitude when you follow them up. 

Bring them closer

Clients need to be closer to you. Let them feel a real sense of attitude in your business. Clients always have this positive approach to your business especially when it comes to something they gave you to do. Clients are sometimes nightmares.  

Check the date you began to work with them

Keep up with the time you had them on your sleeves. Check the date and duration the whole work will last. Always create a timetable to easily access which client is leaving this day. 

Maintain Your self worth

Whatever the case may be, maintain your self-worth and be balanced. Don’t let any client push you off the limit of you accessing your self-worth. Be there for yourself and engage with other professionals like you. 

Resist the huge urge to explain your side of the story

In any way you think is best for you, don’t ever explain yourself or engage irrationally in a conversation with them if it is not necessary. Have adequate information beforehand if you think you need to. But I think a bit is not necessary to engage. 

Give them referrals

Yes, this works very well as they will think you are rewarding them with a favor. Clients like this need to be faced off squarely with other people and not you. Learn to take some time off with them and reduce your level of engagement with them. 

Finish the work

Do the work you were told to do. Behave in a good manner after you have submitted the work and thank them for trusting you for this project and possibly you can enlighten them on the useful ways that the project can help. 

After you might have done this,

You go ahead for what we call

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The straight talk…

Now, to begin this conversation, you might as well say you find them pleasing and encouraging to work with or you can say something like this 

   Dear Lione, 

             Thank you for entrusting us with this beautiful proposal you sent. It was ging and brightened up our business toward you. 

              It was a nice time working with you. And also you were nice in taking us through the good side of the work. 

However, because of some changes that occurred at the engagement level, we have decided to no longer pursue our interest in this type of work and project. We have given you some alternatives to our other partners like reading.co, Sugary butter Inc and others we will drop later if you are interested. 

Thank you once more for the trust and moment you worked with us. 

                   Yours sincerely 

               Bianco Inc 

Then you end it there. 

However, Some clients can be strenuous to work with so you elaborate more on the issue also, If you want to give some information about the difficulties you are facing, you can try to explain to them easily and find an excuse that will solve the problem without leading to a bad side. 

You can use this lovely approach to start with… 

  • We have new management, and they have come up with new strategic planning.
  • We have a new follow up direction
  • We’re increasing our proposed fee and other fees. 

Here is a good sample email you could send… 

      Dear Sandra 

 As of March 7, A new management came on board and improvised other projects ongoing.

The laid down rules were effective on that day and since then, It has proven to be true and a bit weightlessness of works is presently ongoing. 

With this notice, we have cut through some things that were left behind. We sincerely apologize for the shortcomings. We hope you bare it in mind that you can reach out to us anytime. 

       Yours sincerely

       Jessica Simpson

There you end it!. 

If you want to drop a client because of the number of tasks, projects you have on you, or perhaps anything relating to the downside of the why you want to, you have to be patient and easy-going to them. 

Increasing fees or excessive support or any huge changes that require attention could solve the problem with ease.  

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How to prevent such cases from happening again in future? 

Congrats on letting go of clients that don’t deserve your efforts and create a bad impression on you. You have successfully won the delivered race now is the time to create a more deserving and peaceful client. 

It sure feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder. Well, yes it does! You discover yourself well and create a better view of your future well. 

Now, The steps you can take to prevent it from happening again. You can consider, 

Improve Yourself

This needs to go a long way in achieving successful lifestyle changes. You need to be overboard with your mental life.

Create a new strategy plan

Come up with plans that suit you. Create a new approach to your work and time of working. Have a desired and well-approved plan by you

Have a good qualification and onboarding process

Before any client can reach out to you, create a good profile on who you want to work with. Have a systematic review of your works.

Change your fees structure

Changing your pricing structure can chase bad clients away and ease the tension of you dropping most clients off.

Argument your client’s desires

Have a good profile that can attract more good clients to yourself. Note the following sections you might need to improve yourself on. Follow up with what your previous clients liked and what they don’t like. Create a good approach for your new clients. 

Create a broad list of clients.

Place clients on a priority list. By doing this, you create a level of discipline with yourself and have a sense of who and who is the main top desired want in your company. Categorize clients based on who is the most wanted among your other competitors. You could spell them as XYZ or ABC Or I II III. 

Clients are the major growth of a company. Even though they are needed more in the industry. They can be encouraging and they can be discouraging. Clients are a significant approach to starting your business and before you think about the term, How to drop a client, think of how to avoid them. Before you take any bad decision note some things down and how you will tackle them if there is a need to. 


How do I avoid bad clients? 

Change your approach 
Re-strategize the look of things 
Create Client acceptance criteria
Watch out for red signals on when to leave 

How to politely leave a client?

Check your agreement and contract 
Get a referral 
Inform the client of your decision 

How do you dump a client? 

You can dump a bad client by being any or a combination of the things listed below


Is it good to let a client go? 

Yes. It is. According to a case study. If you feel like you need to, please do. 

Will the client feel bad? 

Some may feel it is unfair. But don’t look at that have a goal in mind for yourself.




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