Elevator Pitches: Examples and Templates for Students in 2023

As a student, you never know when you will stand next to the professional you want to impress or amid big employers. That’s why it’s good always to be prepared by developing an elevator pitch. 

An elevator pitch summarizes your professional and educational accomplishments and other information relevant to your skills, career aim, and goals. 

All students should have an elevator pitch up their sleeves. You use it to introduce yourself and tell people more about you.

Elevator pitch examples for students differ from workers or non-students, but both convey the same message of selling oneself.

Keeping an elevator pitch short is of key importance. That is why the speech is called an elevator. It entails the duration for a person to get off an elevator, which could be 30-60 seconds. 

Most individuals think they don’t need the elevator pitch, but here are some points about what an elevator pitch is, why a student should need one, and how to use the elevator pitch examples for students to craft a suitable pitch.

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What are Elevator Pitches for Students?

An elevator pitch (or elevator speech) is a short statement that gets attention, makes people genuinely interested in you, and gives details about who you are, what you do, the organization you work for, and of course, your contributions. 

It is called an elevator pitch because of its duration, which is expected to be quicker than an elevator ride.

For students, an elevator pitch needs to be a quick overview of their education and professional success. It should include details of their skills, goals, and how they set to accomplish them.

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How to Hook your Target Audience with an Elevator Pitch

During an elevator pitch, you know you have little time, and one way to increase your time is by prompting your target to ask more questions. 

Now, when your target gets to ask, you have successfully hooked them and sparked their curiosity to know more.

A hook is a statement to get attention; therefore, use it as your first sentence in your message, making it about your aims, audience, and approach.  

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How to Write a Good Elevator Pitch for Students

For students seeking an internship, a good elevator pitch is great for promoting yourself for the position. You should consider the following points as a constituent of eye-catching elevator pitch examples for students:

  • Give a proper introduction by stating your name, the college you attended, your year of possible graduation, your major, and the type of career you are working towards.
  • Talk about what you hope to do with your degree and the goals and aspirations you set to achieve.
  • Describe any extracurricular activities or volunteer works you have been involved in. This is vital and sets you apart from other aspirants.
  • Describe your qualifications and why they are suitable for the internship.
  • Now, conclude your elevator pitch by questioning the listener, collect a business card so you can be in touch for further details, and also hand out a resume or business card. 

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Key Information Every Elevator Speech should Contain

Great elevator speeches should be able to get the listener on a hook, willing to listen more, and deeply interested. To get this, your elevator speech should be drafted based on some catchy statement that provides an answer to the following question :

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • How do you do it?
  • Why do you do it?
  • What do you achieve by doing it?

Be smart, specific, and concise about what you do. Your target wants to know how you can help them attain their goals and advance their organization.

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Elevator Pitch Examples and Templates for Students

Now that we know what an elevator pitch is and how to write a good one let’s dive into a few examples for students to help them understand better. An elevator pitch examples for students to utilize include:

Example 1

“Good day, I am _____and I’m a________(year in school) at _______(school name) in________(town and state). I am interested in working as a _______. I enjoy _______in my free time.

Example 2

“Hi, I’m Melisa, and I am a second-year Biochemistry major at _______university. I am interested in performing laboratory tests and analyses. I am organized and set for the internship you are offering. In addition to taking classes, I have spent my time working as a laboratory assistant with ______ and also volunteering with_____. This internship will be right for me because I will get to work in a field I like and wish to be part of. My skills include___ and ____. Here is my resume. It would be a pleasure to learn more about the position. How can I get in touch?

Example 3

“Hi, my name is ________ and I’m a student at_________(university or college), studying _______. I’m interested in pursuing work in the ________field, and I have been involved in ________ (extracurricular, organizations, volunteering); as a result to achieve this aim. I have further developed these skills by participating in various _________(internship, working a particular job, etc.).

Crafting a good pitch to land you that desirable internship or work position is possible with these elevator pitch examples for students. Understand that these are elevator templates that you can fine-tune into a suitable elevator pitch and not dive into using them exactly the way they appear here.

Example 4

“Good day, my name is ______, and I’m currently studying______ at ______ (university or college). I found interest in working in the ________department of your organization. I have been involved in _______ (extracurricular or volunteering activities) to achieve this aim. Also, I have participated in ______ (internship) to learn more about this aspect of work.

How to Effectively Write an Elevator Pitch for a Career Fair

A career fair is an event that gives students and employers a chance to meet one another, build and develop professional relationships, and also discuss potential job and/or internship opportunities.

Many employers from various industries attend this event, thus providing job opportunities. If you find writing a pitch for the career fair hard, try using the elevator pitch examples for students mentioned above.

Here are some examples you can try out.

Example 1

Hi! My name is _____, and (You are) I am a senior at Hallel College. I’m studying organizational communication and interactive media. (What you want to do) I am interested in working in your company because of (What value do you bring) my experience last summer interning in media relations with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, where I learned a wide range of skills such as building a subject matter expert database, growing client intelligence, and identifying share content and influenced sentiment. (State how the company interest you) I am interested in interning with Apple next summer because the cross-functional business strategy Apple describes on its website is the best for me. (Closer) I am confident I can use my experience, writing skills, and commitment to learning to contribute positively to your company.

Example 2

I’m Brinton, and I just graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English! For the past three years, I’ve worked freelance for websites and publications like writers gig and Fiverr. I want to grow as a full-time reporter in the entertainment sector, travel, or breaking news space. I’m good in Photoshop, certified in Google Analytics, and have experience in managing social media channels of any kind. ”

Example 3

“I’m Jane, a computer engineer with a background working with high-known e-commerce startups in Canada and the United Kingdom. Currently, I am looking for a job opportunity that will bring me closer to my family and friends in the United States. I specialize in computer programming and have four years of experience in Python, PHP, and other programming languages.”

Example 4

“My name is Ken, and I work at Sancho’s in the United States. I’m studying finance and spent last summer as an analyst for Benzels and co ltd, focusing mainly on ensuring comparative financial analysis. By June, I will graduate from the University, hoping to find a full-time job as an investment analyst in your company.”

You can use these elevator pitch examples for students to prepare your pitch. Fill it in with the information that corresponds to the questions. Your skills, volunteer work, experiences, and what makes you unique should be included in your pitch. Don’t forget to include an introduction and closer; be smart to alter this as necessary during natural conversations.

Elevator Pitch for Research

As I said before, different elevator pitches are crafted for different purposes. Crafting an elevator pitch for research is one of those purposes. Most pitches focus on getting you that job or internship, while some deal with getting that research approved. Before we look at how to write an elevator pitch for research, let’s know what research elevator pitches are.

 Research elevator pitches are short statements that tell your target of your research interests and experiences. This can be presented at a conference during a brief encounter with a scholar, in a roundtable meeting, or perhaps during an introduction to a guest speaker in the hallway right before his/her talk. 

The goal of research elevator pitches is like every pitch; to create a memorable and positive impression and open the door to further conversation.

How to Write Elevator Pitch for Research Purposes.

  • Identify the topic of your research.
  • What problems, issues, or questions are you asking and addressing in your research?
  • Why should the problem be addressed? 
  • How does the research connect to your field of study?
  • Lastly, state how it can contribute to your target organizations or audience. 

  Importance of Keeping the Elevator Pitch Short

First of all, be reminded that it’s called an elevator pitch because it has to be short enough to present during a brief elevator ride.

It is a way of selling yourself. Sharing your expertise and credentials quickly yet effectively with people who don’t know you but might help you.

A good elevator pitch example for students should include 30 seconds long at the maximum pitch, short enough to pass your message across and not lose the attention of your target.

When to Use an Elevator Pitch

There are many situations where an elevator pitch can be useful in getting a good word with someone who interests you professionally, academically, or in your career.

It can be used during internship interviews, job interviews, or job fairs, but you can equally use them whenever you meet someone –anywhere-who might be helpful to you or of interest to you.’

Again, consider utilizing your social media profiles and updating them to look more professional by editing some of the best elevator pitch examples for students.

How to Deliver an Elevator Pitch

Using the elevator pitch examples for students mentioned above to craft a proper pitch, another aspect found difficult for students is how to deliver these pitches. Here are ways you can deliver an elevator pitch and grab the attention of your listener:

  • Determine the outcome of your pitch on your target
  • Tell your target the benefits of accepting your proposal.
  • Use hand gestures or movements to attract your targets
  • Be honest while speaking, and don’t rush so you don’t seem anxious.
  • Give breakdowns of your points  
  • Close in a remarkable way

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use an elevator pitch in a seminar presentation?

Yes, you can use a good elevator pitch fin seminar presentations.

Is an elevator pitch a skill?

An elevator pitch demonstrates a student’s skill, educational background, achievement, etc. They should have an elevator pitch ready to be delivered anytime, regardless of their school stage.

What is an elevator pitch?

A personal elevator pitch is a 30 -seconds introduction of yourself, what you do, and what sets you apart from others in your field.

Can an elevator pitch be 3 minutes?

Yes, it’s possible to write a 3-minute pitch, but you should keep a pitch 30- 60 minutes short to avoid lengthy conversation and be more straight to the point.

Can anyone use an elevator pitch?

Yes, anyone can use it, but they should update it to suit the status or stage of the person using it for a better result.


Having a well-prepared elevator speech up your sleeve can be handy anytime, anywhere. Using the students have been able to craft more reliable pitches.

You don’t know when the next big employer will work past you, and you have nothing to offer. You could miss that internship or job opportunity.

An elevator pitch wraps up the information about you and gets you prepared to be able to explain why you are the best fit for an internship, industrial training, or a job.


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