15 Environment Experts to Follow on Social Media

Nothing is worth more than having a host of environment experts bring you the right tips during climate change. So, if you want to be a part of the climate change conversation, you need to know the right people on social media to follow.

Social Media is well-known for providing up-to-date information about what’s going on in the world.

And with environmental and climate changes, there’s high need for one to get accustomed to environment experts.

But who are the people and organizations you should be following if you want to learn more about climate change?

Well, most people often utilize Instagram and Twitter these days.

Instagram is inundated with people raising awareness of the importance of environmental activism if you’re searching for some inspiration on how to make more sustainable decisions.

If you’re looking for sustainable fashion, Instagram has over 10 million posts to choose from.

Another popular place is Twitter, which has over three million postings from people sharing their zero-waste living suggestions.

On the front lines of environmental justice, five entrepreneurs, policymakers, and advocates gave us their recommendations.

The top environmental experts to follow on Instagram in 2022 are listed below.

What Do You Call an Expert in Environment?

An environment expert is someone who is concerned about and/or advocates for environmental conservation.

Also, he’s someone who practices or believes in environmental philosophy.

The Environment Expert will apply the environmental actions listed below in a clear and systematic manner.

At the PIP stage, the Environment Expert must submit an Environmental Management Plan to ensure that the project will not have major negative environmental effects and, when possible, will increase favorable environmental effects.

a) Make certain that adequate environmental protections are in place;

b) Ensure that mandates/projects are examined for environmental factors, such as climate change mitigation options and adaptation requirements that match present and predicted future conditions.

The Primary Responsibilities

The following are the specific tasks of the Environmental Expert:

  • Create an environmental management plan that will be incorporated into the Project Implementation Plan;
  • Assess environmental issues associated with planned mandates in coordination with the Project Manager;
  • Draft ideas in coordination with the Project Manager to make it easier to incorporate environmental concerns into mandate submissions;
  • Prepare environmental reporting at the project level in compliance with the standards’
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of relevant country-specific trade and investment-related environmental issues in Asia Pacific assistance provided by Canada and other developed country partners to be provided upon request by the Department to facilitate the project’s implementation and delivery of expected results; and
  • Produce guidance materials and tools to help mandate proponents in including environmental issues into their proposals, as well as identify experts and implementing partners to incorporate environmental factors into their technical support.
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15 Environment Experts to Follow on Social Media

Whether you already have a job in sustainability or are on the lookout for one, these 15 Twitter and Instagram environment experts will keep your feed up to date with high-quality knowledge and thought-provoking viewpoints you can bring to your job or next interview.

1. Ariel Schwartz @arielhs

Schwartz is the senior editor of FastCo Exist, a mash-up of design, sustainability, technology, and social good on the Fast Company blog.

She conducts the weeding for you in her role as editor, publishing and tweeting just the most interesting green oddities and inventions.

2. Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg)

Greta is the quintessential environmentalist and influencer.

From organizing a school strike to lobbying the Swedish government to take action on climate change, the 17-year-old has inspired millions to follow in her footsteps, leading to her meeting with international leaders, sailing across the Atlantic, and being voted Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2019.

She utilizes her Instagram account, which has 11 million followers, to publish photographs from her campaign.

3. Jonah Sachs @JonahSachs

Sachs first came to my attention when I attended an unintentional storytelling class he delivered at a GreenBiz conference in 2012.

Sachs is the founder and CEO of Free Range Studios, as well as the author of the book Winning the Story Wars.

You’ll enjoy the way Sachs draws you in and makes you want to change the world if you like new media sites like OZY or Vox.

Why doesn’t CNN cover climate change more often? CNN Chief explains he’s following the ratings http://t.co/aLfBqC9wjI via @HuffPostGreen.

4. Immy Lucas @sustainably_vegan

Immy Lucas, a Londoner, makes the low-impact lifestyle look beautiful.

She utilizes her account as the founder of the Low Impact Movement to campaign for zero waste, environmentalism, and vegetarianism, as well as sharing suggestions on how to reduce waste by producing your own snacks and cosmetics.

5. Bill McKibben @billmckibben

Bill McKibben, the father of modern environmental activism, was one of the first to publish a book on climate change in 1989 and has just released a new book, Oil and Honey.

This individual is also the founder of 350.org, the largest new movement to raise climate change awareness and oppose denial.

Follow him to stay up to date on the Keystone XL pipeline.

6. Wilson Oryema @wilson_oryema

Wilson Oryema is a model, poet, and campaigner for the environment.

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Regenerative Futures, a Gen Z social change effort, and Surface Tension, a platform focused on the positive potential of materials, are both co-founded by him.

Wilson, a strong supporter of sustainability in the fashion business, produced the documentary “How Toxic Are My Clothes?” in 2019, which examined the industry’s usage of chemicals and their impact on the human body.

He is currently serving as an ambassador for Mulberry’s Made to Last Manifesto, which represents the brand’s commitment to being a completely regenerative and circular business by 2030.

7. Hannah Jones @hjones_nike

In the field of corporate sustainability, Hannah Jones is as near to a star as we’ll get.

She is a visionary who also works for one of the world’s trendiest and largest companies (Nike).
Her capacity to influence green consumer items is unrivaled, and she’s also funny.

Jones is focusing on high-tech green materials after pioneering open data and green supply networks.

#Sustainability #innovation check out our sustainability report; http://t.co/0ST3PHeNSA pic.twitter.com/nknxFebSjr

8. Madeleine Olivia @madeleineolivia

Madeleine, who is based in Brighton, has a grid full of gorgeous images of her great hair and intriguing dishes that you should try.

She uses the platform to give tips on how to live a more sustainable vegan and minimalist lifestyle, as well as advice from her book, Minimal: How to Simplify Your Life and Live Sustainably.

9. Hunter Lovins @hlovins

Hunter Lovins, a true thought leader, created the term “natural capitalism” on the eve of firms understanding they needed to get their environmental act together.

Green business may also be good business, as Lovins argued, is a modern tenet of corporate sustainability today.

Lovins tweets about corporate sustainability, climate change, and mountain life.

“This just makes so much sense. Then I could drive my Leaf anywhere. It’s such fun never going to a gas station now.” – http://t.co/VFdSzCLlfy.

10. Shaway Yeh

Shaway Yeh is the creator of yehyehyeh, a creative sustainability consulting firm she founded in China in 2017.

She is a pioneer of the sustainability movement in China, as well as a disruptor and immensely influential figure in the Chinese fashion media sector.

She’s also a member of Mulberry’s Made to Last Manifesto as a participant ambassador.

11. Elaine Hsieh @elaineishere

Hsieh is the director of VERGE, one of the most prestigious energy-tech-data conferences, and a great source of energy sector knowledge.

She used to work as a consultant for DNV GL (previously DNV KEMA), so you know she knows her stuff.

For 201-level information on clean mobility, microgrids, energy markets, and farm technology, follow Hsieh on Twitter.

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Distributed computing for climate change: Cool way to use your computer’s extra processing power for climate modeling http://t.co/6i5gDu3TGX.

12. Tolmeia Gregory @tollydollyposh

Tolmeia has been writing her ethical fashion blog since she was eleven years old.

If you want to create an ethical wardrobe, she is one to follow, with her emphasis on exhibiting sustainable designs by the likes of G-Star RAW.

She’s also the designer of the popular Instagram filters “Climate Action” and “Climate Emergency,” which cycle through various ways to safeguard the environment, from veganism to donating to an environmental organization.

13. Dr. Ayana E. Johnson

During a family vacation in Key West when Dr. Johnson was five years old, she fell in love with the water.

She became a PhD marine biologist and self-described “ocean policy nerd” as a result of her enthusiasm.

She is now the CEO of Ocean Collectiv and a lecturer on ocean conservation at New York University.

Follow her to learn more about the relationship between the ocean, climate change, and climate justice – or #OceanJustice, as she calls it.

Woah! I’m in the @uofalibraries display featuring black scientists. #BlackHistoryMonth pic.twitter.com/dYA8wWTthi – — Dr. Ayana E. Johnson (@ayanaeliza).

14. James Whitlowdelano @jameswhitlowdelano

James is the founder of @everydayclimatechange, a group of six photographers from around the world who capture the real-world effects of climate change.

His posts are direct and help to highlight global environmental challenges.

15. Katharine HayHoe

If you want a little of anything climate-related, this is the account to follow.

Dr. Hayhoe is a well-known climate scientist and the director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University.

On her Twitter page, she discusses everything from the newest climate reports to the relationship between climate and religion.

She also tweets whenever a new episode of Global Weirding, the popular YouTube series she hosts, is released.


However, we’ll be pleased to steer you in the correct direction – that is, to our favorite climate experts to follow on Twitter.

We compiled a list of 15 environment experts who have interesting climate change feeds. It’s a guarantee you’ll want to see them all, because we’ve included specialists who work on a variety of facets of the climate catastrophe, from melting glaciers to climate justice.

We’ve highlighted a few above, but don’t miss the rest of the list!


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