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30 Best Going Away Gifts For Coworkers | 2023 Tips

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The adage says that friends are the family you pick. Similarly, coworkers are the family that the mysterious forces of capitalism have chosen for you. This article explores the top 30 going away gifts for coworkers.

Show the folks you work with that they’re special, valued, and more than simply “work friends” with these gift ideas, whether you’re back to seeing your teammates in person or still conducting meetings over Zoom.

These best going away gifts for coworkers will leave a lasting impact no matter how long you’ve worked together.

Is it appropriate to give gifts at work?

However, you may wonder whether or not it is ethical to provide gifts when conducting business.

It is, in fact, ethical. But, like anything else, it’s only ethical within limited parameters. Gifts should not be presented intending to manipulate, flattering, domineering, or maliciously torment your coworkers. And nearly no one should ever ask for a gift (is it really a gift if you demand it?).

Gift-giving is rarely obligatory, and it should never be. However, there are many advantages to presenting gifts at work.

The fundamental objective for having a good gift-giving culture is to improve strategic work production, but you may do this by allowing colleagues to express their appreciation for one another on their own.

Gifts are frequently exchanged over the holiday season. When time is set aside for the exchange and everyone is equally giving and receiving, having an office Secret Santa party is one ideal scenario for office gift-giving.

Employees’ birthdays and other holidays are also celebrated with gifts. Aside from certain occasions, gift-giving is kept to a minimum.

This could work in almost any office setting. However, there are things you can do to encourage entirely selfless and professional giving in between exceptional occasions.
Should I offer my coworkers gifts?

The easiest type of office gift exchange is giving gifts to employees, or colleagues on the same rung of the corporate ladder.

Some issues with co-workers presents’ arise when the giver intends to achieve something other than a show of gratitude and strengthening of professional bonds (for instance, when a co-worker gives an office gift to win a “favor” in return).

Giving intending to achieve a specific result other than an expression of gratitude isn’t really gift giving at all.

What should I spend on an office gift?

Spending too much money on gifts is absolutely not a good idea. It’s fine to inquire about what’s proper, and this may lead to better communication about what to anticipate from your company in terms of standards and policies.

30 best going away gifts for coworkers

Here is a list of the best going away gifts for coworkers.

#1. Benchmark Fresh Cut Bouquet

A stunning bunch of flowers is the best way to say thank you. Furthermore, who doesn’t enjoy receiving flowers? A stunning bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, the Benchmark Bouquet.

It also includes a vase, so your coworker can store them easily. These flowers are certain to bring a grin to their face. So, this is one of the going away gifts you can get for coworkers

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#2. Thank You Pop-Open Cards

This is also one of the fantastic going away gifts you can get for coworkers. The Thank You Pop-Open Cards set includes 30 different pop-open cards, each with a motivational message or phrase.

A personal message can be written on the reverse of each card. Everyone in the office can write a message on a separate card this way.

Your coworker will appreciate how personalized this present is and how many distinct messages they will receive.

“Thank You” is the theme of these cards. However, if you go to the link, you’ll see a variety of themes. They also have themes like “You’re Awesome,” “Carpe Diem,” and “Trust Your Crazy Ideas,” to name a few.

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#3. “Going Places” Compass Necklace

It’s difficult to say goodbye. But it’s a reminder that the individual is about to take the next step in their life, which is thrilling for them!

Get this “Going Places” Compass Necklace for your coworker to remind them that this isn’t the end. Rather, it is a fresh start full of possibilities over which they have power!

In addition, this is one of the going away gifts you can get for coworkers.

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#4. Hallmark Goodbye Card

A card signed by the entire crew is always a good idea. Simple and lovely, this Hallmark Goodbye Card is a lovely way to say goodbye.

It will express how wonderful your coworker was and how much you will miss them. For an added bonus, throw a gift card to their favorite restaurant in their stocking.

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#5. Framed Farewell Guest Book

This Framed Farewell Guest Book is a step up from the standard gift card, allowing you to collect more signatures. She can display this memento on the wall of her new office or at home. This is a wonderful present that she will treasure for a long time.

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#6. A Great Coworker Tumbler

Anyone who enjoys drinking on the go will love this Great Coworker Tumbler. Although it was designed for wine, you could use it for any beverage.

The nicest part is the phrase across the top, which reminds your coworker how much they will be missed and how amazing they were to work with. This tumbler has a tight-fitting lid and is suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

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#7. Sotania Engraved Pen

Because it’s personalized, this gift is both opulent and stylish. Who wouldn’t want a high-end pen with its name engraved on it?

The Sotania Ballpoint Pen is available in a variety of colors, and you may have whatever you want to be engraved on the side of it. This will be a lovely gift that is both helpful and memorable.

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#8. Thanks For Leaving Me Notebook

The Thank You for Leaving Me Notebook is a hilarious gift for your workplace. This is a great present for someone who likes to write or take notes.

Your coworker will appreciate having a place to keep notes or jot down their daily thoughts with this present. You might even want to write a letter to them on the first page to express your gratitude.

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#9. Personalized 20 oz. Tumbler

A Personalized 20 oz. Tumbler is a fantastic present for a coworker who drinks coffee, tea, or water all day.

The extra-large tumbler can contain up to 20 ounces of liquid, so kids won’t need to refill it for a while.

You may get it in a variety of colors and even have a custom design printed on the front. 30 oz. tumbler is also available for those who are particularly thirsty.

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#10. SimpleHouseware Desk Organizer

This SimpleHouseware Desk Organizer is the ideal present for the coworker who is always organized (or who may use some help).

It has lots of storage space for your coworker’s folders, files, pens, pencils, notepads, and other items.

It contains five slots for papers, folders, files, and notebooks, as well as a sliding drawer for conveniently hidden storage.

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#11. Retirement Candle Set

Retirement is a significant achievement that should be commemorated with gifts and lots of affection. This Retirement Candle is perfect for a newly retired person.

This set includes two candles, a 9-ounce and a 16-ounce, made of 100 percent natural soy wax. You may even add a customized note on it!

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#12. Good Luck You Traitor Keychain

The witty, snarky gift isn’t always the greatest. Particularly if you’ll miss your coworker a lot more than you’d want to admit. If you or a coworker dislikes getting emotional, this Good Luck You Traitor Keychain is a fantastic gift.

It will show your love for them without having them cry. It’ll also be a convenient place for them to keep the keys for their future job!

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#13. Retirement Countdown Clock

Some people work their entire lives in the hopes of one day retiring. Why not get this Retirement Countdown Clock for a coworker who is nearing retirement?

They can keep it on their desk or bedside as a reminder that they’ll soon be able to sleep late, watch daytime television, and do anything they want.

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#14. Under Desk Pedal Exerciser

Excessive sitting has genuine health risks, and anything that can assist reduce those risks is a fantastic present in our book.

As a going-away gift, any fitness fanatic will adore this Under Desk Pedal Exerciser, especially if they’re switching to a desk job.

This desk exercise is an excellent way for people to be active while at work. It might also be a nice present for a coworker who wants to get more into fitness and working out.

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#15. Personalized Notepad

Putting someone’s name on office supplies is just so much fun and personal. This Personalized Stationery Pad is an excellent present for any departing coworker.

It will be ideal for taking notes, sending messages, and setting reminders for them. Plus, with their name emblazoned on each note, they’ll feel more professional. You don’t have to sign these!

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#16. Funny Jumbo Wine Glass

This Funny Wine Glass will delight any wine enthusiast. Depending on the type of day they had, they can fill the large glass with wine.

They can stick with the first sentence if it’s been very simple. A bad day, on the other hand, warrants the entire 20 ounces.

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#17. Friends Photo Frame

There’s a reason why they say a picture is worth a million words. Photos remind us of some of our favorite individuals and some of our happiest memories.

If you have a beautiful photo for your coworker, consider giving it to them in this Friends Picture Frame as a parting present. They will be reminded of their wonderful friendships in this manner.

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#18. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Drinking water is essential for good health, yet it is probably something that not everyone does. With this Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, you may help your coworker improve the taste of their water.

This water bottle is simple to use and maintain. Your coworker will have a blast experimenting with the flavors of various fruits in their water. So, getting this is one of the going away gifts you can get for coworkers.

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#19. The Adventure Begins Mug

Moving on from an old job means a step towards something exciting and new…towards an adventure!

Get your co-worker this Adventure Begins Mug as a going-away gift that celebrates the recent change in their life.

They will appreciate this gift amidst all the emotion of saying goodbye. It will remind them they are making the right choice and that adventure awaits them!

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#20. Golf Club Pens Desk Toy

A fun desk toy is always a welcome present. They can assist a stressed-out employee to unwind and provide some relief from a long or boring day. This Golf Club Pen Set is ideal for any coworker who enjoys golf.

They can bring it to their new job and use it to practice putting it for business meetings. The clubs may also be used as pens, thus it serves a dual-use!

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#21. SCStyle Stationery Kit

You might want them to stay in touch after they go. Even if emails, texts, and phone conversations are quicker, nothing beats a handwritten letter from a close friend.

Give this Stationery Set to a departing coworker so they may stay in touch after they go. You could even buy one for yourself and address it to them as letter #1. Remember to add stamps!

#22. Custom Gold Star Trophy

Who doesn’t love a good trophy? This Gold Star Trophy is a great gift to give a coworker who is going away.

You can put whatever you want in the text to commemorate their time working with you. Feel free to make it a funny or sentimental award. Either way, they’ll love keeping it as a great memory.

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#23. Not Working Here Anymore Glass

Funny gifts are ideal for coworkers of all ages. They aren’t particularly emotive, yet they will make you laugh.

This Goodbye Pint Glass is ideal for someone who is retiring or moving to a new job. It can be used as a drinking glass or as a pleasant decorative remembrance.

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#24. New Job Candle

Getting a new job, especially if it means leaving your old one, is really thrilling. Give this New Job Candle to a coworker who is moving on to larger and better things. With elements of cedarwood, clove, vanilla, and Tonka bean, it smells like leather and cinnamon.

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#25. Craftmix Variety Pack

A delicious drink is appropriate for any occasion. You should get this Craftmix Variety Pack for your coworker if they enjoy a delicious cocktail.

They can make Mai Tais, Margaritas, Mules, and Palomas using the 12 distinct mixes included. All they have to do now is combine the mix with the vodka and water and drink.

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#26. Under Desk Foot Rest

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t the most pleasant experience. You might wish to get this Under Desk Foot Rest for coworkers who are leaving for a desk job.

It is designed ergonomically to provide maximum comfort. It’ll be ideal for them, and it’ll make sitting at their workstation a lot more pleasant.

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#27. The Perfect Planner

A planner is always useful for someone who is well-organized. And since this is The Perfect Planner, it has to be exceptional.

Because this planner is blank, your coworker can fill it in as they see fit. They’ll enjoy using it to arrange their days at their recent work or after they retire. It’s an excellent farewell present.

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#28. Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

Nothing says “I love you” like a gift basket overflowing with delectable candies and goodies. When they receive this Chocolate Gift Basket, every chocolate lover will be blown away.

It will demonstrate that you genuinely care about them. It will also assist them in obtaining their daily chocolate fix!

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#29. Morris The Donkey Note Dispenser

They are great believers in having a little fun at work at all times. Morris The Donkey is a great way to have a good time.

Morris will be a hit with any coworker starting a new job at a desk and needing a place to keep their notes and reminders.

It will not only be a fun addition to their workplace but also serve as a wonderful reminder of the kind person who gifted it to them.

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#30. Foot Spa Bath Massager

Working is difficult, as we all know. We’re confident your coworker deserves a foot massage after working at your company (or anyplace else).

Why not get them a massager that they can use regularly? This Foot Spa Bath Massager provides a super relaxing foot massage with hot bubble vibration and 14 massage rollers. Your coworker is well deserving of it!


Send your coworker off in style, so they know how much you appreciate everything they’ve done.

With these gift ideas for coworkers leaving work, you’ll be sure to find something to show them how much you appreciate all of their hard work.

FAQs – Going Away Gifts for Coworkers

What gifts can I get for a male colleague going away?

Any items on this list would be appropriate for a female or male coworker. Because gifts don’t have genders, you can get her anything from the list above.

How do I decide on the best gift for my coworker going away?

Try thinking about her as a person if you want a more detailed answer. What does she appear to enjoy or be interested in?
Is she more likely to enjoy a humorous or heartfelt gift? These are the questions you should ask when looking for the ideal farewell present!

What gifts can I get for a coworker on a budget?

The majority of the things on our list are reasonably priced. We appreciate that not everyone has the financial means to buy a coworker a large present.
Mugs and cups, for example, aren’t particularly pricey. Key chains and other little baubles aren’t either. The majority of books are also reasonably priced.

When can I gift a coworker?

If your business is throwing a departure party for your coworker, now is the time to give them your present.
Give it to them on their last day if there won’t be any form of a send-off! You might think they’ll be too busy on their last day, so do it in the coming days if you think it’ll be more convenient.


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