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How Much Do Subway Workers Make? | 2023

Subway is a network of restaurants that specializes in submarine sandwiches. In 2002, it surpassed McDonald’s as the largest fast-food chain in the United States by many locations. The company provides services to over 100 countries. This article provides all you need to know about working at Subway and how much Subway workers make in 2023.

The company’s headquarters are in Milford, Connecticut. Subway was created in August 1965 by Fred DeLuca, a 17-year-old who needed money for college, and Peter Buck, a family friend with a Ph.D. in physics.

Buck gave DeLuca a $1,000 loan to help him start a takeout restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Since the menu’s specialty was submarine sandwiches, the restaurant was christened “Pete’s Super Submarines.”

Subway is the world’s largest fast-food franchise, with over 44,000 stores in 110 countries. Since its early roots as a modest sub-business in 1965, the sandwich king has developed into a corporate behemoth with a fascinating history.

If you want to work in Subway, this article is a guide on all you need to know, and how much subway workers make. 

Advantages of Working in Subway

If you are interested in working in Subway, there are some benefits that would accrue to you specially. You would have access to;

  • Insurance, Health & Wellness
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Job Training 
  • Employee Discount
  • Reduced or Flexible Hours 

What Does Working as a Subway Worker Look Like?

You must have heard different misconceptions on the reasons you should work in Subway. However, as a Subway Worker, you should know some facts about the everyday life of a Subway worker. They are;

There Isn’t a Lot of Cooking Involved

Despite being the world’s largest restaurant business, your neighborhood Subway does remarkably little real cooking. If you can open a bag, you can manage most of the “prep” job in the Subway kitchens.

The meats are pre-cooked and pre-sliced, the bread is already kneaded and portioned, and even the lettuce is pre-shredded for the convenience of every sandwich artist, according to one purported employee.

So don’t worry about the tired-looking youngster behind the counter’s cooking talents; all they have to do is slap everything together.

They May Have to Serve Old Meals.

In keeping with Subway’s “Eat Fresh” slogan, the freshness of that bag of pre-shredded lettuce has been questioned, suggesting that employees may sling something they wouldn’t eat.

According to certain staff, management will sometimes keep pushing food over its expiration date in order to save money.

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They work with Rotten Meats

It’s one thing to deal with wilted lettuce and flattened bread, but the worst items that employees deal with are Subway’s meat selection.

Many staff struggled to deal with the odor even when it was still fresh from the plastic packing. “The packages of ham, turkey, and cold cuts smell like sacks of farts,” one Reedit employee put it succinctly.

They Might Not Even Be Aware of What’s in the “Light” Mayonnaise

On certain levels, it’s easy to detect if you’re working with expired veggies or smelly meats. After all, a container of rotten lettuce or a stench of week-old chicken is a dead giveaway that your boss is trying to save money.

However, things are not always so obvious. Subway earned its reputation as a healthy fast-food option.

They’re Probably Not Making a Lot of Money

No one expects a fast-food job to pay well, but several former employees say Subway is about as low as it gets.

It’s so bad that the US Department of Labor launched over 1,100 individual investigations into Subway franchises between 2000 and 2013, resulting in over 17,000 Fair Labor Standards Act violations.

By 2014, subway personnel had been entitled to approximately $3.8 million in wage reimbursement.

The “Subway Smell” Remains on Indefinitely

If you’ve ever gone through a mall food court, you’re probably familiar with the unique aroma of Subway’s baking bread.

Some customers have even stated that their coworkers or family members can identify when they have Subway for lunch because of the lingering odor.

Imagine how difficult it is for the unfortunate individuals who are locked there for hours at a time, day after day, smelling like Subway.

The Worst Shift is the Late-Night Weekend Shift

A transition in the foodservice sector can have its difficulties. There will almost certainly be more customers at noon than at 4 p.m. This is true of almost any fast food establishment.

However, just because it’s busier doesn’t imply it’s the worst. Lunch clients are people who have their own hectic lives.

What are the Subway Career Paths?

For the subway career path, there are a lot of careers and jobs for you to choose from. Some of them are:

Sandwich Artists

If you wish to work as a subway worker, you need to understand what it takes and how the sandwich artist’s job path looks.

You’d be in charge of providing excellent customer service and being why customers return. Your job description would entail.

Meeting and serving customers, food preparation, adherence to food safety and cleanliness laws, and managing or processing light paperwork are all part of your job duties.

Maintain a polite and helpful tone while greeting guests and processing their orders. 

You must also be able to show that you understand menu items well and can effectively explain them to guests.

Sandwich Artist Pro

You’ll appoint new or inexperienced individuals as your protégés

Assistant Manager

You will be in charge of the store’s staff and will set a good example for them.

Operation Adviser

You act as a liaison between the Franchise and Subway, aiding the owner in safeguarding the brand and enhancing the profitability of their business.

Multi-Unit Manager

You’ll control several locations and work with individual store managers to create performance targets. 

The Store’s Manager

With your passion for food retail and first-rate customer service, you will lead the team to success. The Manager is in charge of the overall management of the restaurant. These responsibilities include:

  • Directing personnel to meet food safety, product preparation, and cleanliness standards.
  • Maintains restaurant safety and security standards.
  • Recruits employees and manages the training program.
  • In charge of inventory and money management systems; may set up inventory timetables.
  • In charge of local marketing initiatives, which may include contacting potential customers to increase sales.
  • Keeping track of commercial transactions. The ability to provide excellent customer service is a key component of this profession.
  • Completing and posting the work schedules for the staff

How Do I Get a Job as a Subway Worker?

At least six written tests are part of the Sandwich Artist hiring process. There is a hard training period and many tests.

“The training procedure begins with a pre-test,” according to a copy of an official Subway Employee Training Manual. Before each of your five training shifts, you will be given a pre-test.”

At the end of every shift, you will receive a post-test relating to what you trained for that day, the guidebook continues.

You must pass each post-test to pass the validation after your course. You will be given a few questions regarding the Subway process during validation, and if you answer these questions right, it will offer you the position.

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How Much Do Subway Workers Get Paid?

Subway’s estimated average annual pay, including base and bonus, is $123,393, or $59 per hour, with a median wage of $121,637, or $58 per hour.

The highest-paid job at Subway is Director of Sales, which pays $234,991 per year, while the lowest-paid job is Sales Associate, which pays $30,000 per year.

Admin salaries average $63,412; Design salaries average $98,717. Legal salaries average $107,997, and IT salaries average $119,790. Half of the Subway employees earn more than $121,637 a year.

856 employees at Subway rank their Compensation in the Bottom 10 percent of similar-sized companies on Comparably, whereas 830 employees at Subway rank their Perks & Benefits in the Bottom 5 percent of similar-sized companies on Comparably.

What is the Starting Pay at Subway?

The starting pay at Subway varies depending on several factors, such as location, position, and experience. Generally, entry-level positions such as sandwich artist or cashier are paid minimum or slightly above minimum wage, which varies by state and jurisdiction.

According to data from Glassdoor, the average hourly wage for a Subway sandwich artist in the United States is $9.29, with wages ranging from $7 to $13 per hour. However, the wage may be higher in areas with a higher cost of living or where the local labor market is more competitive.

In addition, employees may be eligible for benefits such as health insurance, 401(k) plans, and employee discounts on Subway products. However, these benefits may only be available to full-time employees or those who have worked there for some time.

It is also worth noting that Subway franchise locations are independently owned and operated, so pay, and benefits may vary between locations. It is always a good idea to research the specific Subway location you are interested in working at to understand better the starting pay and benefits offered.

FAQs – How Much Do Subway Workers Make?

Who created Subway?

Fred DeLuca, a college freshman, got the idea to create a submarine sandwich business to help pay for his tuition from Peter Buck.

How was Subway created?

With a $1000 investment from Peter, a business connection was formed that would revolutionize the landscape of the fast-food industry and the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Why is Subway popular?

Maybe it’s just the insanely amazing aroma of freshly baked bread. Alternatively, there are 38 million different ingredient combinations from which to choose.

What was Subway initially called?

Pete’s Super Submarines was originally named after Dr. Peter Buck, but in 1966 it was renamed “Pete’s Subway,” Two years later, it was known as “Subway.” In the state of Connecticut, Subway had 16 locations by 1974.

Is working at Subway stressful?

It’s fast-paced, and some stores are “too crowded” for two employees to work simultaneously. It can be quite stressful when it’s almost time to close, but people keep pouring in.

Are subway employees friendly?

Subway expects employees to be friendly. It’s also crucial to keep on task while offering outstanding service.


In 2013, Subway made its fashion debut with “Project Subway,” a New York City fashion exhibition and competition that challenged up-and-coming designers to produce Subway-inspired creations.

Designers were given creating clothing “influenced by veggies available at Subway restaurants” in 2014. The job the year before had been to make pieces out of sandwich wrappers, napkins, and gift cards.

If you choose to work at Subway, the job will most likely cause you a lot of stress, but it will also provide many benefits.




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