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How Much Does Taco Bell Pay? Average Salaries for Employees 2023

Do you wonder how much does taco bell, pays employees? Well, let’s take a look at the history of Taco bell before diving right in. 

Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant business established in the United States founded in 1962 by Glen Bell in Irvine, California. Yum! Brands, Inc. owns Taco Bell and is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. 

Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty, specialty items, and a range of “discount menu” items are among the Mexican-inspired cuisine served at the restaurants.

Taco Bell serves approximately two billion consumers each year at 7,072 restaurants. More than 93 percent are owned and operated by independent franchisees and licensees.

PepsiCo purchased Taco Bell in 1978 and later spun off its restaurant’s division as Tricon Global Restaurants, which later changed its name to Yum! Brands. 

How Much Does Taco Bell Pays?

What does Taco Bell’s starting wage look like? Starting pay is between $12 and $17 per hour. Nonetheless, Taco Bell has focused on making staff — and consumers — happy in recent years. 

A Taco Bell job is excellent for workers of all ages who wish to earn a consistent income while supplying clients with much-needed food.

There’s more, though! Did you know that Taco Bell offers a “Get Back to School on Us” initiative for students and working adults?  

It pays for your education up to $5,250.00 per year! When looking for a career, there’s more to consider than just a wage, and this fast-food business essentially provides free schooling to individuals who want to work for them. 

This article will discuss how much Taco Bell pays its entry-level employees and how much money they make on average based on their employment. It will also include details on part-time jobs and so much more. 

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Minimum Wage at Taco Bell 

This fluctuates depending on where you work, but the typical starting hourly wage is around $9.00, give or take a few cents. If you work full-time at this rate, you’ll earn about $18,720 each year. 

Part-time workers who work an average of 25 hours per week can expect to earn between $11,700 and $13,400 per year at this rate. 

There is a nationwide drive for higher minimum wages, possibly as high as $15 per hour, and it is gathering traction, so keep tuned for the outcome! 

As one of the company’s perks, Taco Bell employees receive at least a 50% discount on food purchases. You can eat that or something a little healthier, but many workers appreciate the fact that their lunch breaks are less than half the price. 

How Much Does Taco Bell Pay its Employees Parttime?

Part-time employees are paid the same as full-time employees. You’ll make around $9 per hour and have a lot of flexibility with your schedule. It is recommended that you arrive at work on time and are constantly dependable if you want to become a full-time employee.  

To put it another way, don’t be the employee that calls in ill every two weeks. You can go far in this business, or any other company, if you are the worker, they can always trust. 

A part-time employee is always in an excellent position to demonstrate to management that they are always working harder than the next person to obtain a full-time job. So, if that’s what you’re after, you’ve got a good chance of standing out. 

A part-timer will typically work 20 to 39 hours per week on average. Many workers barely receive enough hours from working 15 to 20 hours each week.  

The majority, however, claim that the chance exists to fill in for full-time employees or whenever management requires additional personnel. Working much over 40 hours a week and earning overtime is standard for part-time employees. 

Team Member Pay At Taco Bell 

A team member role is ideal for getting all-around experience at this fast-food establishment to advance your career. This work pays around $9.00 per hour, to begin with. Working 40 hours per week and a little overtime throughout the year equates to about $21,500 per year. 

After a few years of experience, the typical income for a team member is around $10.70 per hour, which equates to a yearly salary of $22,256. 

You will be expected to do more than operate the cash register in this position. You’ll also assist other cashiers and front-line employees in ensuring that customers receive their orders on time and accurately. You must also maintain the cleanliness of your store and parking lots as part of your employment. 

Manager And Assistance General Manager Pay At Taco Bell 

How much does Taco bell pay its manager and Assistance Manager? Well, read on to find out. A shift manager’s hourly wage ranges from $12.00 to $21.50, depending on experience and other factors such as job performance.  

A typical employee earns around $13.25 per hour or $27,560 to $31,300 per year. When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the Taco Bell company, this is a profession that will take you from zero to one hundred. It’s an excellent place to start if you want to work as a general manager in the future. 

You’ll be a few steps ahead of the shift manager here, and you’ll have a foot in the door to becoming a general manager. This job pays an average of $15.60 per hour or $32,448 per year. 

It’s worth noting that you should be paid hourly in this role and not be considered exempt. This implies you won’t have to work 70 hours per week and will only be paid your annual wage. 

That’s because you’ll be doing pretty much everything any other worker does in this job. You might be preparing food when an employee is absent from work. You may need to run the cash register for a minute before going outside to inspect the store grounds. 

General Manager Pay at Taco Bell 

While most general managers earn between $51,000 and $85,000 per year, Taco Bell has announced that in select places, these executives will be paid at least $100,000 per year. 

When you apply, you’ll have to do some local research on your own to find out where these opportunities exist. This is a significant step forward for the organization. Managers have been underpaid for years while working in such a fast-paced and lucrative industry. 

Taco Bell is thanking them for their efforts and claims that it is the best decision for the company as it continues to grow. They’re attempting to recruit the best management talent available. 

District Manager At Taco Bell 

Be aware that this role puts you in command of all Taco Bell locations in your area, and it necessitates regular interaction with general managers in your zone. This highly responsible role requires a high level of commitment, and your pay will reflect that. 

The average district manager compensation is close to $81,000 per year, and with the recent announcement of management raises, it should soon exceed $100,000. 

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How Much Does Taco Bell In United States Pay? 

The average Taco Bell income is $16,502 per year for a Trainer and $132,873 per year for an Information Technology Manager. The average hourly wage at Taco Bell ranges from $8.69 for a Cook/Dishwasher to $22.45 for a Maintenance Technician. 

In the last 36 months, they collected 30,704 data points directly from employees, users, and previous and present job adverts. 

Please keep in mind that all salary amounts are estimates based on Indeed submissions from third parties. These numbers are provided to Indeed users solely to make broad comparisons. The minimum pay varies by jurisdiction; therefore, you should check for exact income figures with your company. 

Does Taco Bell Pay Weekly or Monthly?

The pay period varies by location and is biweekly. Some employees claim that their pay cycle begins on a Thursday and finishes on a Wednesday two weeks later and that they get paid on Tuesday mornings.  

Others claim to be paid on a Friday following the end of the pay month on the preceding Sunday. You’ll be able to choose between receiving payment via pay card or direct deposit. 

What Are the Benefits of Taco Bell?

Working at Taco Bell Has Its Advantages, some are: 

  •  Flexible schedules. 
  • Friday is a year-round flex day. 
  • Every year, you get four weeks off. 
  • A total of five sick/personal days are allowed per year. 
  • There are nine paid vacation days and one floating vacation day. 
  • Each year, you will be given two paid volunteer days off. 
  • For significant milestone anniversaries, take an extra two weeks off during the calendar year. 


In this article, we have talked about how much does taco bell pays in different positions and more. In addition, your uniforms must be kept clean and wrinkle-free at all times. 

You will be given free uniform shirts and hats, which must be returned in good condition upon cessation of service. – Only put on the proper Taco Bell hat. 


How does Taco Bell pay?

Taco Bell is paid biweekly, and the salary is competitive. Every two weeks, but, like other businesses, your first paycheck will be issued four weeks after you begin, so that if you leave, you will still receive one more paycheck from them, whether you are working or not.

Is is easy to get employed at Taco Bell?

It’s usually simple to get employed, but you can run with strange customers. However, a few aspects set Taco Bell apart from other fast-food occupations, such as the educational possibilities and the possibility of making a lot of money as a restaurant manager.

What does Taco Bell’s starting wage look like?

Starting pay is between $12 and $17 per hour. Nonetheless, Taco Bell has focused on making staff — and consumers — happy in recent years.

What is Taco Bell’s Interview Attire?

The Taco Bell Interview Attire should be business casual for entry-level roles such as team members. Dress formally if you’re interviewing for a managerial position. Keep in mind that you want to appear as if you can serve food, so pull it back if you have long hair.


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