How Much Does UPS Pay? Average Salaries For Employees 

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UPS was initially called the American Messenger Company, and it primarily dealt with telegraphy at the time of its founding.

UPS now provides package delivery, specialized transportation, and logistics services through its ground shipping services, retail outlets, and air shipping divisions, among other things.

Employees at UPS have access to a wide range of benefits, including excellent healthcare plans, competitive salaries, flexible work schedules, and tuition aid.

In this article, you will learn more about ups, the benefits of working for ups, and also how much ups pays their employees on average.

What is UPS?

UPS is a multinational shipping firm based in the United States that provides a variety of supply chain management solutions. In 1907, the corporation was created, and today it employs over 340,000 people and works in more than 220 countries throughout the world. UPS is divided into three business units; the U.S. Domestic Package Division, the International Package Division, and the Supply Chain & Freight Division. UPS is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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How Much Does UPS Pay?

How Much Does UPS Pay? The question anyone aspiring to work for UPS asks. Package handlers earn approximately $14 to $15 per hour. RPCD (normal drivers) earn approximately $20 to $35 per hour, and UPS Feeder drivers earn approximately $28 to $30 per hour.

UPS is well-known for paying above-average rates in general, and the longer you work for the company, the more money you earn. You will be able to earn six figures each year, excluding benefits, and you will receive guaranteed rises every year.

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How Much Does UPS Pay drivers per hour?

UPS normal drivers often start at $20 an hour and go to $39 an hour the longer they work. Although their pay will vary according to their seniority and the location they work in. UPS drivers typically earn over $100,000 a year, with UPS feeders earning even more.

For delivery drivers, annual raises are typically in the range of $0.70 to $1. After four years, you will earn the greatest money. By 2022, the majority of top-rate UPS drivers in larger hubs will earn more than $40 per hour.

The income alone may be a compelling reason to consider working with the United Parcel Service.

When you have four years of driving experience, the money for UPS drivers is the best. If you can begin as a driver, this is a fantastic alternative. However, in most cases, you must begin as a package handler and work your way up to becoming a driver. Then a normal driver, at which point you will begin to earn the most money.

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How Much Does UPS Pay package handlers?

UPS package handlers typically earn between $14.50 and $15 per hour. And the pay scale is the same for both part-time and full-time package handlers. This will, of course, be dependent on the geographical location of the event.

However, some locations pay significantly more than $15 per hour for loading trucks. With some locations paying as much as $24 per hour or more. These are unusual, although there are several major metropolitan areas, such as Chicago and Seattle, where you can earn this much money.

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Pros and Cons of Working for UPS


1. Safety

All personnel is given protective clothing to prevent any mishaps from occurring at the workplace. The organization places a strong emphasis on tight safety procedures and is extremely proactive in providing staff with in-depth training on occupational safety hazard awareness.

2. Union

UPS has a strong employee union that fights relentlessly for the rights of its members and the establishment of good working conditions.

3. Maternity leave

UPS provides its employees with paid parental maternity leave, which is a significant motivating element for families who are employed by the company.

4. Diversity

The organization seeks to hire a diverse workforce that supports race, age, education, physical ability, and cultural and religious variety. As well as gender balance, to create a more inclusive workplace. Throughout the organization, every employee is allowed to fully participate in the company’s successful growth.

5. The company’s core values

Integrity, humility, education, and philanthropy are at the heart of the company’s core principles and culture, which are reinforced daily. When it comes to sexual assault instances, the organization has a zero-tolerance policy. Employees are driven to promote beneficial working conditions as a result of such strong ideals.

6. Advancement in one’s career

Employees who begin their careers at the lowest level have the potential to advance to the management level. They are provided with advice and mentorship to help them progress in their professional development. UPS employs a lot of internal hiring. If you stay with the company for a long enough period of time, you may be able to advance your career in the direction you like.

7. A competitive compensation package

Because employees are highly compensated, they have opportunities for personal and family improvement. Employees receive generous benefits packages, which help to raise their overall morale. As a result, UPS provides excellent retirement benefits to its employees, making it a fulfilling career path to pursue. The hourly compensation packages are excellent, and as you progress up the corporate ladder, your compensation and perks increase as well.

8. Experience

Working at UPS will provide you with a vital and huge amount of experience, particularly when it comes to logistics and transport management. This will equip you with invaluable abilities that will help you move up the ladder in your professional career.

9. Medical insurance coverage

Workers at UPS who work part-time are eligible for Teamsters Care coverage, which covers a wide range of services. These include dental, hearing, behavioral health, vision, an employee assistance program (EAP), pharmacy, and prescription medicines, as well as medical treatment and hospitalization. Permanent employees are also entitled to additional benefits such as life insurance, weekly disability, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

10. Compensation and savings plans

With the Discounted Employee Stock Purchase Program and 401(k) plan, UPS provides its employees with the chance to purchase stock in the company. Thereby encouraging long-term ownership of the company.


1. There are time constraints

Workers are needed to put in long working hours constantly, take brief breaks. They also have to be on time at all times to avoid any delays or inconveniences to clients around the world.

2. Management

UPS management piles pressure on employees since they are more concerned with numbers than with anything else, and this can result in employees experiencing work-related stress.

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3. Complex Systems

The organization has a large number of software systems and complex internal procedures that are difficult to manage. This makes it difficult to complete the process in a reasonable amount of time.

4. Work in a fast-paced atmosphere

UPS operates in a fast-paced atmosphere. Particularly when dealing with items on a conveyor belt, which moves quickly and requires the employee to be extremely vigilant to avoid misloading. The ability to deal with the stress of a large number of parcels while having limited time on their hands is required. Drivers are expected to arrive on schedule and complete their deliveries without any delays.

5. Excessive background noise

There is a lot of noise in the warehouse. This makes it a highly confusing working environment and can also make it difficult for employees to concentrate on their responsibilities. Workers in warehouses are the most adversely affected by the high levels of noise. It causes them to experience regular feelings of exhaustion, fatigue, and headaches.

6. Hot/Cold warehouse environment

During the summer and winter seasons, the buildings are either excessively hot or extremely cold, which can create undesirable working conditions. It also represents a health risk to employees, particularly those who have underlying medical concerns, depending on the season.

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7. It is physically taxing to do this job

Employees should be able to lift 50 pounds of products. During peak season, they may be responsible for loading up to ten trucks of goods without assistance from others. Such working conditions can be extremely exhausting, and they can also harm your physical health.

8. Understaffed

In the event of a shortage of personnel, one is obligated to fill in the gaps without receiving more compensation for additional job responsibilities. Fatigued employees are less productive as a result of understaffing, and many mistakes might occur as a result of this.

9. Traffic

Because drivers making deliveries must contend with traffic to deliver packages on time. The majority of drivers must report to their stations earlier than anticipated to make their deadlines.

10. Training

It requires less expenditure to teach employees because most of the training is straightforward and takes place in a classroom setting. This results in less exposure to hands-on training. New employees are provided with a large number of instructional videos and are expected to be familiar with their job group and their responsibilities.

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Are There Benefits of Using UPS for Business Shipping?

Here are a few benefits of using UPS for business:

1. It provides guaranteed express shipping

If you require an item to be delivered as soon as possible, UPS is an excellent alternative. UPS offers a variety of delivery options, including same-day and next-day delivery. Guaranteed delivery provides you with the assurance that your products will arrive on time. This allows you to keep your clients pleased and your business running smoothly.

In the case of heavy shipments, it is reasonably priced (at times). While the United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most affordable alternative for light goods, rates skyrocket for heavier shipments. If you’re shipping packages that weigh more than two pounds, you should look at UPS’s shipping charges.

It may be able to deliver your packages more swiftly (and safely) at a lesser cost than you are accustomed to paying now. Furthermore, if you ship in large quantities using UPS, you should be able to take advantage of available volume discounts. However, you must provide documentation of your prior shipments to qualify for a discount.

2. Unbeatable tracking

UPS provides a thorough tracking service that is second to none. Customers may see the progress of their packages from the beginning to the end. With UPS’s thorough tracking, your consumers will have a greater sense of security, which is also beneficial to you. When you call UPS, they can tell you exactly where your packages are at any point in time. When shipping with UPS, it’s unlikely that you’ll lose track of your delivery.

Disadvantages Of Using Ups For Business Shipping

While UPS is a fantastic service in many ways, it is not without its flaws. If you ship through UPS, you will have to make certain concessions in the following areas:

1. It’s more expensive

While this is not always the case, UPS’s services can be prohibitively expensive, and its shipping costs are exceptionally high. There are a variety of factors contributing to this. But the fees and surcharges that UPS adds to its basic rates are two of the most significant.

Fuel surcharges, extended area surcharges, and other fees are examples of this. You should take into consideration these fees, especially if you’re shipping overseas because they might be quite high.

2. There is no free package pickup service

Although the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides scheduled pickups at no cost, UPS charges a fixed amount for the same service. While UPS charges a flat rate for this service (as opposed to FedEx, which charges by weight). It’s a shame that UPS does not provide this service for free, as the United States Postal Service does.

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3. There is no free Saturday delivery

UPS is the only carrier that does not do so as part of its standard services. This can cause your shipments to be delayed by up to two days. Saturday delivery, on the other hand, is offered as a “value-added service.” To receive your items on Saturday, you will need to employ qualified shipping services and pay an additional charge.

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FAQs On How Much Does UPS Pay

Why UPS job?

It’s probably one of the best-paying jobs you can do without a diploma. Even part-time workers get benefits, so you’ll also have good job security. UPS regular drivers can hit 100k in many areas in the US and even go beyond as UPS feeders.

On the other hand, it can be very demanding and stressful, with long hours. It’s not for everyone, but it does a lot of rewards.

How much do UPS drivers make?

UPS drivers usually start at $20 to $21 per hour and then progress over the years with incremental raises depending on the location. Top pay is $39 per hour, and it takes about 4 years for a UPS driver to reach it.

the best hourly job at UPS?

For an hourly employee, the best job at UPS is probably a UPS Feeder driver. Less physically demanding, better pay, less stressful. Another good option is working at a call center at UPS.


If you’re thinking about working for a firm like UPS, you should be aware of the basic compensation that is offered. As well as the charges associated with being a customer of the organization. Using this information, you know how much UPS pays. Now you can make an informed decision about which company is the best fit for you.


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