How to Address a Job Application Letter in UK

How to Address a Job Application Letter in UK | Samples

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For every job seeker in the UK, knowing how to address a job application letter is a must-learn if you must write a great job application letter for any job.

Although it looks simple, it’s one of the trickiest parts of an application letter and most people fail. Whether it’s how to write a cover letter for an internship.

So, how do you address a job application letter with or without a name or gender? What’s the correct job application letter salutation to use? 

We will unveil in this article the answers to these questions. Not just that, we will also guide you on how to write a professional job application letter that will wow any hiring manager. 

Job Application Letter: What is it?

A job application letter in the UK is a document you submit along with your resume when applying for a job in the UK. In some countries, it is called a cover letter.

In a job application letter, you explain why you’re qualified for the position and outline what you can offer the staffing agency.

Additionally, it must be concise, clear, and professional. It would be best to put some thought into each cover letter you write because it’s your chance to impress the hiring manager.

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Why is it crucial to address a job application letter?

It’s crucial to address your job application letter correctly because it allows you to make an excellent first impression on the hiring manager. 

By addressing your cover letter to the appropriate person, you are setting a good tone for the rest of the application and increasing your chances of getting the job. 

It also shows the employer or recruiter that you pay attention to details and will put in the time to do your research for your application.

The recruiter might receive a sizable number of applications for some positions. By correctly addressing your job application letter, you’re giving them the first impression of a robust application, improving your chances of landing the job.

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Steps to Addressing a Job Application Letter

Every letter, including a condolence letter, a letter of apology, or any other official letter, has a procedure for addressing them.

For a job application letter, the process is simple. Its simplicity lies in the steps which we have explained below.

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Check the recruiter or hirer’s name and address: 

Before you address a job application letter, check the hiring manager’s name and status. 

Note a point of contact for the recruiter or hiring manager is always in job descriptions. Typically, this will contain their name and contact information. They might also have their titles. 

However, ensure that a recruiter does not list the job description. If so, the contact details may not be those of the company you’re applying to’s recruitment manager but rather the recruiters.

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Investigate the business to discover the hiring manager’s name

In some cases, if you don’t find the manager’s name in the job description, you can find the person’s name by doing basic research on the business and the position.

Try to locate the hiring manager by looking up the company on professional networking sites, your preferred search engine, and the company website. 

Alternatively, get in touch with the business via phone or email and let them know you’re applying for a position and need the contact information of the recruitment manager so you can adequately address your cover letter.

You might also get in touch with the recruiter who posted the job and get the name of the recruiting manager if you know their contact information.

Use a general salutation if you cannot find the hiring manager’s name.

Use a generic but professional greeting if the job description does not include the correct name and your research has yielded no beneficial results. 

Addressing the recruitment manager directly with “Dear Recruitment Manager” is the most prominent and straightforward choice.

You can always address your cover letter to “Dear Recruitment Manager.” Still, if you want to be more specific, you could handle it with the particular department manager for which you are applying. 

Alternatively, you could address it to the department as a whole as follows:


Greetings, Human Resource Department

Greetings, Accounting Manager

Greetings, [Company Name] Recruiter

Salutation, Head of Engineering

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Use the Recruiter manager’s name if you know 

You could start your cover letter by addressing the recruitment manager if you could find their name in the job description or through your research. 

Most of the time, they start by saying “Dear” than their first and last name. Because of the absence of gender or title, this is a safe choice. 

For instance:

Peter Fred, please

Jenny Trump, please

Use Titles

It is professional and respectful to address your contact by their title if they hold a professional or academic one, especially in academia, where many educational professionals have doctoral degrees or academic positions.

The hiring manager will note the effort and attention you put into addressing your cover letter. The following are some titles you might encounter:


Doctor (Dr.) (Dr.)

Professor (Prof.) (Prof.)

Reverend (Rev.) (Rev.)

Captain (Capt) (Capt.)

When the hiring manager has a title, you can address your cover letter:

Prof. Tom, Dr. Joel, and Rev. Williams

Having gotten the steps and tips, let’s look at how you can address a job application letter in the UK.

Last but not least, unless you are positively sure that a woman prefers the title “Miss” or “Mrs,” always address her as “Ms.” Making a mistake here can, and should, offend.

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How to Address a Job Application Letter

The first thing to do when an address a job application letter UK is to follow the UK business letter formatting standard rules. 

Start by listing your contact details right-aligned on the page. Then, give a Space and write the date correctly formatted.

Example: 21st October 2021. 

Then give another Space at the left-align, and enter the employer’s contact details.

Check out this: 


[Your First & Last Names]

[Your Postal Address]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your Email Address]

[Date of Writing]

[Manager’s Name]

[Manager’s Job Title]

[Company’s Name]

[Company’s Postal Address]

To Whom Should You Address Your Job Application Letter?

Write ‘Dear Divine’ in your cover letter salutation if you want to use a name. It’s straightforward to get it right, but it’s also simple to get it wrong. 

Useless, anonymous greetings are the worst thing you can do. What chance does the remainder of your cover letter have if you fumble the opening?

Try using the person’s name instead of ‘To whom it may Concern.’

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How to Address a Cover Letter in an Email

The guidelines above apply if you’re addressing a cover letter and sending it by itself. Here’s what you need to do to email the job application letter as the email body rather than as a file attachment.

Make your Subject matter Concise: Hiring managers receive applications for each position. Therefore, ensure they can quickly identify you and the job you want. 

For instance: Write “Application for Content Manager Position—Williams Fred” along with your name and the position you want.

Then, include your contact information. Contact information shouldn’t be the first thing in emails.

Place them in your signature just after your complimentary close. Remove the date and the addressee’s contact information. An email doesn’t require this information. 

Finally, continue to address the recruiter by name. Additionally, adhere to the same salutation conventions as a standard cover letter.

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Should I put my address on my cover letter UK?

Yes, start with your name and address.

How should I address a cover letter in the UK to an unidentified recipient?

In the traditional UK business letter format, write the cover letter’s address. Always attempt to learn who the hiring manager is, but Use a variation of “Dear ABC Hiring Manager” to address a cover letter without providing a name. Alternatively, use “Dear Hiring Manager” if the recipient is unknown.

How do you start a cover letter without a name?

If the addressee is genuinely unknown, you can also use “Dear Hiring Manager.” Remember that the traditional cover letter salutation is “To Whom It May Concern.”

How should a UK CV be formatted?

The most recent should come first. Include the dates, qualification type, and grades. Mention particular modules only when necessary.

How long ought a cover letter to be in the UK?

Regarding the length of these documents, recruiters agree that the shorter, the better. Cover letters should not be longer than three to five short paragraphs on one A4 page.

How should you begin an email to apply for a job in the UK?

Begin with “Dear,” followed by the name of the person whose position is being filled (if available). If a name is not provided, look up the contact on LinkedIn; if all else fails, simply write “Dear Sir or Madam.”




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