How to Deal with a Coworker who is Trying to Get You Fired in 2023

When you start working in a firm or organization, you want to get along with everyone. This isn’t always doable, however. You might work with one or more coworkers who dislike you and would go to any length to get you fired.

You work hard and try to be a good teammate, but one of your employees has a grudge against you and is doing everything they can smear your name.

If you genuinely enjoy your job and want to stay for a long time, you’ll need to know how to deal with a coworker who is trying to get you fired in this situation.

If you suspect a coworker is plotting to fire you, how you handle the situation will determine whether the sabotage succeeds or fails.

Why does your Coworker want you Fired?

Life would be much easier if we could all get along, yet relationships break down employees’ feuds, and a vengeful coworker can ruin your dream job.

In certain circumstances, you can pinpoint why a coworker wants you fired. Perhaps you disagreed during a work meeting, or your personalities don’t mesh.

But what if you don’t know why a coworker attempts to dismiss you?

Naturally, you’ll doubt yourself. You can feverishly review every conversation you’ve had with them, trying to figure out where you went wrong.

Different People in the Workplace

Several people in the office will go to great lengths to make your life at work unpleasant, even to the point of getting you fired, even if you have broken no laws.

Regardless of the type of person you find yourself working with, understand that some are there to tamper your focus at work so they can succeed at getting you fired.

As a result, remain firm and maintain focus. Check the list below to see where your coworker falls in.

#1. The Bully

Just like the unhappy kid in school, a bully benefits from making others uncomfortable.

They do this by either belittling, intimidating, or harassing you. Watch out for this kind of coworker.

#2. The Narcissist

Because narcissists lack empathy, they won’t mind throwing you under the bus to save their job. They’ll take credit for things they didn’t do and insult you in the most derogatory manner possible.

#3. The Office Gossiper

Gossipers create more pain and damage than individuals think by disseminating personal or unsubstantiated information.

#4. The Slacker

This coworker will hardly take responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

What do I do when my Coworker is trying to get me Fired?

#1. Stay Calm

While your reaction to the entire plot might be disbelief and shock, it is important not to act on impulse.

Count 1..2….3, and shove your feelings aside. However, it would be best if you acted immediately.

This is because a worker who wants to get you fired will go to any length to see that it happens.

So, take charge to reclaim control of your work life as quickly as you can.

#2. Do not Confront your Coworker about it

Maintain a professional demeanor by remaining courteous, polite, and respectful.

If you must, limit the time you spend with your coworker, but don’t make it clear to the rest of your team that you have a rift.

Maintaining a poker face and remaining calm in this situation will be challenging, particularly if a coworker is attempting to make you lose your composure.

However, to remain in your job, you must take the high road and deal with the situation professionally.

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#3. Do not Share your Opinions with Others

Keeping your problems to yourself at work can make you feel like an alien but the main reason for this is that news spread quickly ad even with the purest of intentions, it can worsen the situation.

Understanding that not everyone in your team is an enemy to you because of one person’s behavior is expedient.

Also, make sure you have supportive people around you outside of work, even if you don’t inform them about how a coworker is trying to get you fired.

#4. Do a Critical Review of your Time at your Workplace

Regardless of how long you’ve been with an organization, evaluating and seeing if any red flags may instigate your coworker to try to get you fired is important.

If you’ve never had one, request a performance evaluation and review all that has happened since you got on the job.

  • Obtain a copy of your file
  • Examine any previous performance evaluations
  • Make sure you’ve never said anything offensive on social media
  • Examine your work emails and communications with the employee in question

Hopefully, your record will be spotless. But, if any irregularities may not favor you, create a defense case and fight your job correctly.

#5. Don’t Send External Messages about the Problem from your Office

Do not use your organization’s phone, computer, or Wi-Fi to communicate with external persons regarding the issue.

Only use your mobile phone to send external messages, and make sure you’re using your data plan rather than the company’s Wi-Fi.

This is mainly because most organizations may inspect all incoming or outgoing calls.

To be safe, keep any personal conversations separate. That way, there won’t be any more surprises.

#6. Monitor your Coworker

It is mature to not stoop low to your coworker’s level but be wary of that colleague who’s been fighting tooth and nail to get you fired.

Watch how the person interacts with other team members and steer clear so you don’t fall into more trouble.

#7. Do not let the Rift Impede your Job

Remember that your optimum productivity at work is key. So, find a means to curb all distractions and continue to follow the terms of your contract.

This is because you must show your employer that your work is consistent, professional, and of a high standard.

If your coworker tries to have you fired, this will be part of your defense. And most significantly, your performance will be judged by how well you accomplish your duties.

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#8. Don’t Form a Topic of Discussion around it

It may be tempting to start a discussion around what’s happening, but it always doesn’t end well and is unprofessional.

Forming a topic of discussion around the rift with your colleague is one of those things you have no idea how they’ll end.

If a teammate confides in you they’re having similar problems with the same coworker, attempt to remain as neutral as possible and write down whatever they say.

Workplace crises can be incredibly stressful, and you should prioritize your emotional and mental wellness.

#9. Revenge isn’t an Option

During this ordeal, you will almost certainly consider vengeance. It’s normal to want your coworker to suffer as much as you have, but understand that this will not improve the issue.

Trying to give your coworker a taste of their own medicine may get you even more trouble, so ‘kill them with kindness,’ as they say.

Sure, retribution will offer you pleasure and satisfaction in the short term, but ultimately, preserving your work matters.

#10. Demonstrate a Desire to Find a Solution to the Problem

If a series of mediated sessions with the coworker in issue is required, go along with it and be upfront and honest with them.

Be willing to make concessions and show your bosses you’re working hard to defuse and fix the situation.

Finally, be willing to go to whatever length to resolve the issue.


I hope these tips above will help you deal with a coworker who wants to get you fired. However, if you can’t reconcile with your coworker, consider switching teams, so you don’t have to work together.

Also, please speak to your boss about it and show how much work you’ve put into resolving the rift between you two.


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