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How to Decline a Job Offer | Email Samples | PDF

Receiving a job offer isn’t a guarantee that you must accept it. However, it is important to learn how to decline a job offer properly if you believe the position isn’t an ideal fit for you.

You must notify the organization in a respectful and professional manner. It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s also fundamental for maintaining a decent standing. We’ll show you to politely decline a job offer severing no ties in this article.

If you are actively looking for a job and continuously submit good applications, you will most likely get invited to many interviews.

However, imagine a scenario where you land various job offers, or adjust your mind on a position you’re offered?

It is important to decline a job offer with civility and diplomacy. You need to do it so it doesn’t stop you from getting a better offer with the organization later on.

You can notify the recruiter of your decision via several methods, including a letter, email, or phone.

Why Should I Decline a Job Offer?

When good jobs are scarce, there are lots of reasons one would want to decline a job offer. If you would want to decline a job opportunity, it is important to check that beyond reasonable doubt, you won’t take up the opportunity.

However, below are some reasons that will make you decline a job offer.

When the Work Culture Isn’t Ideal for you

While considering a bid for employment, various contemplations become an integral factor. You may feel dissatisfied with your workplace’s culture.

Perhaps, prior interactions with the members of staff convinced you further to decline the job offer.

Rather than mentioning it in the message, you could use a generic tone to explain why you are declining the offer.

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The Pay Isn’t Enough

Most times, this is a hard message to pass across. However, if the poor remuneration is one reason you’re turning down the offer, make your rejection conventional and leave out the wage details.

On the flip side, if you think the compensation is insufficient yet the firm meets up your standards of an ideal workplace, express that the salary is the reason you are declining the job offer.

You can communicate your energy at the possibility of working for that organization and present what you believe is the market rate for your job position and own it.

Employers may consider this point and call for a re-negotiation.

Shuttle Time is Long

You should factor in how long you spend to and from work. If you usually have long drives or the office is in a clogged area, you may reconsider.

The pressure of just going to work may outperform whatever fulfillment you get from the job. So, you can point this out in your message.

There’s not Enough Flexibility for your Current Needs

Some people prefer to work remotely while others want greater adaptability in their work hours. You wouldn’t want to change your way of life for your new job, apparently.

When you update your potential employers on your decision to decline the job offer, you may tell them about your present needs and the degree of flexibility you require.

This could make them react with an adaptable proposal.

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Tips on how to Decline a Job Offer | Step-by-Step Guide

Before sending out a decline letter, ensure you don’t need the job. If a pay raise will make you consider taking the job up, think of re-negotiating with the hiring managers first.

When all of these do not work, sending a polite, thankful, and timely job decline letter is an incredible method to keep your employer happy.

See the recommended steps to decline a job offer;

#1. Don’t Procrastinate

Write to the employer once you’ve decided to cline the job offer. Notifying the organization in a timely manner will allow them to move forward with their procedure more rapidly.

#2. Keep it Simple

Start by being straightforward and honest in your message. It’s a decline letter after all; so don’t go overboard with remarks about the organization or individuals you’ve met.

Say what needs to be said as respectfully as possible and avoid being excessively passionate.

#3. Say ‘Thank You’

Thank the recruiting manager for their time and thought. Most importantly, compose the letter in an appreciative tone, offering your thanks to the recruiter of their time and work.

#4. Give an Explanation, but don’t go into Detail

It is possible that you didn’t accept the offer because the organization didn’t offer you the compensation you needed. Perhaps, you didn’t know if you’d work well with the recruiting manager, or you weren’t energetic about the organization.

While these are substantial reasons to decline a job offer, you should not include them in your decline letter.

However, it is enough to mention that you’ve accepted a job offer elsewhere or that the offer is certainly not ideal for you.

#5. Offer to Stay in Touch

You could consider keeping in touch and provide additional contact information if you felt a warm connection with the recruiting manager yet the job wasn’t ideal for other reasons.

You are under no obligation to do this but it could be your chance to grow your professional network.

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Sample Emails (PDF) | How to Decline a Job Offer

Examine the sample job rejection letters below and use them as templates for your own.

Sample 1: Decline a Job Offer for another Offer

If you have accepted another job position, here’s a sample to guide you in crafting an email to decline a job offer.

Sample 2: Decline Email for when the Job is not Ideal

Though it’s always a good idea to give an explanation, you may not always have one, or you may not want to.

Here’s a sample of what you should write to decline a job offer without providing particular details.

Sample 3:

Here’s another sample you should model to draft a decline email for when you have a higher managerial position.

Sample 4


Although it’s hard to decline a job offer, you’re dismissing this because you’ve made the most ideal choice for you.

There’s no motivation behind why you can’t unquestionably decline an offer if you weigh your options early and create an all around organized answer.

If you follow the samples above, you’ll be able to decline the job offer while staying on favorable terms with the organization.




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