Easy Guide on How to Get Novelty Drivers License | 2023

The importance of a drivers license in every country cannot be overemphasized. Every person who sits in a driver’s seat and drives a car through a path must possess a driving license like a novelty drivers license as driving brings along a sense of responsibility.

A driver’s license is any legal or official document or card that shows a person’s legal right to drive a vehicle. So, talking about Novelty drivers licenses.

Novelty driver’s license is a set of database technicians and specialists who provide genuine legal EU driver’s license, permits, ID, travel documents, and more, well known for its proficiency in satisfying its customers in Europe.

They work with great minds to provide their customers with real and registered driver’s licenses and fake driver’s licenses, fake ID cards, passports, and more.

Therefore, in this article, you will see all you need to know about the legality and illegality of a novelty driver’s license, the requirements for a novelty drivers license, and a step-by-step guide on how to get a novelty drivers license.

About Novelty Drivers License

Novelty drivers license is one of the best IT professionals, database technicians, and specialists who provide genuine and legal EU driver’s licenses, Permits, IDs, travel documents, and more in Europe and worldwide.

They produce real and registered drivers licenses and fake European driving license.

For the real license, all license information is registered into the database system. 

All recorded information in the database system will show up accurately when the ID card or drivers license is examined with a data reading machine, and these documents can be used legally.

They produce fake documents (fake driver’s license, fake passports, fake ID cards, and more). Still, the information on these documents are not registered in the database system, and these documents cannot be used legally.

For this reason, they always advise their clients to go for the Real documents and IDs if they would want to use these documents legally.

Are Novelty IDs illegal?

No Novelty IDs are not illegal. It all depends on the one you want. They provide genuine and legal IDs.

There is a distinct difference between novelty ID cards and forged ID cards, these ID cards are duplicated exactly like the real ID cards. 

They consist of copies of licenses and photo identities from different provinces, with a little difference in font choice, photo size, and absence of important codes which professionals can spot. 

Novelty IDs are not considered illegal. However, no matter how much we try to clone a real ID, fake ID cards can be spotted, mostly by professionals.

These fake IDs can cause harm to the security of society, but sometimes, you may require a driver’s license urgently, and making a fake driver’s license seems to be the only option.

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How to make a fake ID

With the advent of technology, there are several ways to make a fake driving license that could serve for a limited period.

You can make a fake license for pranks, do tricks, show off, or deceive a set of persons. There are four common methods of making a driving license; 

  • Using a fake driver’s license maker app
  • Creating a fake driver’s license at home
  • By making a fake online license online for free
  • Scanning an available driver’s license.

#1. Using a fake drivers license maker app

You can create your fake IDs using a mobile application or software. These apps offer supports for android, ios mobile, windows, and mac.

Below are some of these mobile apps you can use to produce a driver’s license for a prank. 

Fake driving license maker 

This is a 5.0MB app that you can download within 30 seconds. The developer of this app is pearl white.

The only drawback of this fake license mobile app is that the design of the license is limited to India.

Fake ID maker pro 

The creator of this premium fake driver’s license maker app is ChristApp. This comprises several in-app templates that enable you to design a perfect driver’s license that meets your satisfaction.

The disadvantage is that it is restricted to devices with the Android operating system.


DriversEd has created an Apple app called License. Only the iOS platform is supported by this fake driver’s license, which comes with a plethora of templates for making a false driver’s license.

However, the software is no longer available on the Apple Store due to a ‘breach,’ as defined by Apple.

Fake driver’s license generator 

This creative app enables you to make an amazing driving license, created by flipp Voss akerstorm. It is not available in google and apple play stores.

 #2. Making a fake driver’s license at home 

It is quite easy when compared to other methods of creating a fake driving license. You do not need an online presence or any form of internet browsing.

There a several computer centers around your vicinity, all you need to do is to utilize their expertise, provide them with relevant information, show them a sample and allow them to create amazing IDs for you. 

However, there are steps to make a fake ID at home,

  • Get Teslin Paper and Butterfly laminate Pouches.
  • Then use the sites/apps mentioned above to download a driving license template that suits your state online and save it as a photograph
  • Create a passport photo (you can use your smartphone for this). or scan the existing one.)
  • Edit the template and passport photograph by using a photo editing tool like Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.Net, or Firework. Smartphone users should use PicsArt.
  • Add your signature. It may be difficult for smartphone users but using a tool like Photoshop; you can add your signature using the Paint tool.
  • Lastly, print the fake driving license.

#3. Making a driving license online for free

To make a driving license online, it is essential to learn how to attach a fake identification number, this makes it difficult for scanning devices to detect. 

Basic requirements for making a fake driver’s license online include 

  • A mobile phone or pc 
  •  Plastic printer 
  •  Also, a strong internet connection. 

#4. Scan an available driver’s license 

Search for any ID card round, scan with a smartphone or digital camera, crop and edit the picture, and input a fake driving license template. Just like magic, you have your fake ID car for the trick.

Note that using fake IDs are punishable by law, and this site only teaches making fake ID for pranks.

Whilst using fake IDs in the UK is punishable by law, novelty IDs are legal in the UK. Any fake cards sold in the UK are novelty cards not registered in the database or used as identity cards. Using fake IDs other than novelty IDs can get in trouble or even jail time. 

How to identify a fake ID card in the UK 

 Every original ID card must have 

  • A valid date of birth that validates you are 18 and above
  • A smart, smooth surface
  • A photograph that resembles the person’s face. 
  • A 3D hologram with the characteristic ‘A’

To identify a fake ID card, you must ;

  • Check for relevant details that have been altered 
  • Identify artificial-looking holograms in appearance 
  • Identify an incorrect date of birth 
  • Check for the resemblance of photography 
  • The hologram should be plastic rather than smooth. 

Step by Step Guide on How to get a Novelty Drivers License

ID creator is an online ID card designer also available on the google play store as a 2.2 application for android produced by Buzen Technology.

This app creates novelty drivers’ licenses, making them look like real ones. It is important to note that the IDs made by this application is not real and must not be used for official purpose.

Every name entered does not stand officially or legally and must not be used for official purpose as this application serves as a game role. 

how to use an ID creator;

#1. Design 

 Using an online designer. 

log in to IDcreator.com, this is an online design tool with thousands of templates that allows you to create your design free

Using Photoshop

you should have prior knowledge about image editing before using this application. any card to be edited here must be” 3. 375” x ” 2.125” with 0.25mm rounded corners. 

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Step 2: Printing 

Print the cards on synthetic paper such as Arcadia paper or Teslin or use micro-perforated sheets for lamination. 

Any printer can print the Aradia paper because of its high quality and versatility. Inkjet printers can be used to print Teslin waterproof sheets. 

Printing guide; ID Creator will provide you with a pdf ID, align the micro-perforated sheets, and print. if you use design software, place your design on the printer and print. 

Step 3: Lamination 

you can either use the butterfly laminating pouches, standard glossy, or 7mil or 10 mil lamination. 

Step4: Securing holograms

Simply add holographic overlays on your ID card to make your surface rough and not smooth. This makes it difficult to be identified a novelty ID. 

Step 5: Encoding 

Encode your ID card to work with existing hardware, such as time clock and building machines. 


It is important to get your novelty drivers license, either the real one or the fake one, because they give the best professional service.

However, a fake driver’s license is illegal unless you use it for pranks. So getting a real driver’s license is advisable if you want to use these documents legally. 

Therefore, I hope this article gives you all you need to know about a Novelty drivers license and a step-by-step guide to getting a driver’s license.



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