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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Part-time Job | Full Guide

Combined with a well-written CV, a cover letter for a part-time job catches a recruiter’s attention and helps you stand out. U

The samples and writing tips will show you how to write a great part-time work cover letter; even though part-time employment needs fewer hours than full-time positions, preparing a cover letter for a part-time job strengthens your application and shows recruiters you’re serious about the work.

In addition, a good part-time cover letter: matches your abilities and experiences with the job, utilizes interesting language to position yourself as the ideal applicant, and adds some personality to a faceless recruitment process.

With our cover letter template, samples, and advice, you can create a cover letter for a part-time job in no time.

Do I need a Cover Letter for a Part-time Job?

A cover letter is required for part-time employment. The only exceptions are if you’re applying online and there’s no room to attach a cover letter, or if the company expressly requests that you don’t send one.

While not all part-time jobs require cover letters, employers often prefer resumes with cover letters – according to a poll of hiring managers, 56% anticipate a well-written cover letter with job applications.

Because a cover letter’s main aim is to present yourself to the recruiter and show that you’re a suitable person for the job, attempt to write one for each position you apply for.

How does a Part-time Job Cover Letter Help?

When you send a cover letter with your CV for a part-time job, you may describe the skills you learned in college (or in past full- or part-time jobs) and show the hiring manager how they relate to the vacant position so you can offer value to their organization.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Part-Time Job

A part-time employment cover letter should be written as a full-time job cover letter. The most typical format is a business letter. Your name and address are in the top-left corner or centered at the top in this arrangement.

The date, the name of the person you are writing, the company name and address, and a greeting to the letter’s recipient should all appear beneath your information.

First paragraph

The first paragraph of your cover letter should introduce yourself, your interest in the position, and how you learned about it. Someone and their name suggested in this initial paragraph, mention if you.

The salutation is a core part of your cover letter. If you tick a hiring manager off at that place, they won’t read your application. Hence, consider: 3 Rules to Obey in Cover Letter Salutation

The second and third paragraph

In the second paragraph, explain your qualifications and how they correspond to the job’s requirements. Include concrete instances of how you have used these talents in prior employment or even in school in the second and maybe third paragraphs.

Closing thoughts

Reiterate how you believe you can provide value to the firm in the closing paragraph and contact information.

Finish with a closing sentence like “sincerely” or “best wishes,” then sign the cover letter with your name typed beneath.

Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for a Part-Time Job

Here are some pointers to help you produce a well-thought-out part-time work cover letter:

Give a few instances

Consider a time when you used the talents necessary for the job in a unique setting. Include two good instances that can be simply summarized.

Be concise and brief

Because a cover letter should only be one page long, use brevity and succinct wording. The reader will most certainly scan the cover letter but may take the time to read the complete message if it is shorter and more engaging.

Let them know if you are flexible

You may have some flexibility in your work hours because this is part-time. Emphasize your availability, particularly for shift work, and whether you will work many shifts.

Edit often

Try reading, editing, and spell-checking your work several times. If you know someone who can help, ask them if they can spare a few minutes to assist you. If not, check your cover letter using the capabilities in your writing program before submitting it.

Write one

Send a cover letter unless the company directly instructs you not to. Cover letters show your professionalism and your desire to work for the organization.

Writing involves skill and practice. However, you need to start with knowledge. Discover: 10 Best Schools for Creative Writing in the World | 2023

Use appropriate cover letter formatting

Your cover letter should appear professional to make a good first impression. If printing it, ensure the cover letter is the right length (only one page) and that the space and margins are accurate.

Your cover letter should also contain adequate white space to avoid having too narrow margins. The typeface used in the cover letter should be basic and easy to read. Look at these sample cover letters to understand how to construct your own.

Highlight your accomplishments

It’s critical to highlight your job successes in your cover letter, whether you’re a college student, a recent graduate, or a professional with work experience.

But don’t describe your achievements; instead, pick talents that will help the recruiter picture you in the job.

List your academic and extracurricular achievements if you’re a youngster or college student producing a CV without prior experience. In your cover letter, you may, for example, cite your GPA as an accomplishment.

Similarly, if you have a powerful computer and social media abilities, mention them in connection to the job needs.

Tailor your cover letter to the job description.

Including a reference to the job description in your cover letter boosts your chances of receiving an interview. Use keywords and action verbs connected to the role if you’re drafting an application for part-time marketing work.

Name-drop your referral in your cover letter

Employees frequently suggest others apply for open opportunities in their organizations. Mentioning someone in the firm who recommended you for the job in your cover letter will help you get an interview.

Hiring managers will pay more attention to your application if you include a cover letter referral. Employers may speak with your recommendation directly or do a follow-up interview with you.

So, in your initial paragraph, mention your reference quickly to conserve room on your cover letter for your other experiences.

Pay attention to the tone of your cover letter

When drafting a cover letter, authenticity and professionalism are critical since you want to pique the hiring manager’s attention and persuade them to read your cover letter all the way through.

Putting yourself in the employer’s position and imagining the tone you’d want a candidate to adopt is a solid strategy.

Part-time Job Cover Letter Template

To write a cover letter for part-time employment, use the following template:

Your name

Your address/contact information


Hiring Manager’s Name


Company address/contact information

Dear [hiring managers name],

[Introduce yourself, how you learned about the opportunity, and any prospective referrals, if any, in the first paragraph.] [In the second paragraph, discuss your qualifications and how they relate to the job description. Include a few brief instances of how you used your talents successfully in a former job, class, or another relevant scenario] [The final paragraph should highlight why you’d be a good fit for the job and how the company may contact you. You might also mention how excited you are to hear from them about a possible interview.]

Sincerely (or another closing phrase),

[Your signature] [Your typed name]

Examples of Cover Letters for Part-Time Jobs

Here are some sample cover letters that are both concise and compelling:

Janet Dore


Dec. 17, 2019

Mary Song



Dear Mrs. Song,

I’ve always enjoyed singing, ever since I was a child. A singing competition at our local mall aroused my interest in learning to sing. My singing teacher taught me not only how to sing, but also how to be disciplined. She was an excellent instructor, and when I discovered this chance to help other talented singers like myself, I felt it was the right match.

I am presently a fourth-year Music Education student at Chicago University. With my present experience and prior lessons, I would be a valuable contributor to Songbirds.

This past summer, our institution hosted weeklong workshops for kids interested in majoring in music from a neighboring high school. I led a course on how to teach your ears to recognize the correct sounds. It was a fantastic session, and several students were chosen to perform in the Chicago University Summer Concert.

I enjoy teaching people how to enhance their abilities and relish working with Songbirds’ pupils. On Fridays and Wednesdays and Thursdays afternoons, I am available for an interview as well as instructing. 312-655-5555 is my telephone number. I eagerly await your response.


Janet Dore

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cover letters essential?

Cover letters are still necessary. Even if your cover letter goes unnoticed during the application process, an employer may expect it to be linked to your CV. This is especially true if a cover letter is requested as part of the application process.

How do I address a cover letter?

Begin your letter by addressing the recruiting manager with a kind greeting. Use the employer’s or hiring manager’s name if you know it. Introduce yourself and show your interest in the role in the opening paragraph. Also, describe how you learned about the position.


With the above details on how to write a cover letter for a part-time job, you are assured of getting a quality cover letter that would stand out compared to the rest. I hope you enjoyed the read.



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