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How to Write a Graduation Speech that Rocks in 2023!

You have graduated; you should be excited. Another thing that waits is probably your graduation speech. You are probably not a writer or a good orator, but it’s your graduation speech and you should find ways to make it rock.

In reading this, you will learn how to produce a meaningful speech and how to prepare well for your graduation speech.

This article will teach you how to write a graduation speech that rocks and give examples of how best to structure a graduation speech that rocks. Keep reading.

What is a Graduation Speech? 

A graduation speech is a speech you give after you graduate, basically on the day of your sign-out.

In your graduation speech, you would be required to say what is necessary and what would catch the heart of all those who listen, probably land you a standing ovation.  

Like any other piece of writing, your graduation speech should be well-thought-out and neatly organized. Since only a thorough preparation brings fruitful results, you will have to create a list of things you want to discuss. The more detailed your outline is, the easier it will be to craft an eloquently impassioned speech. 

Before your graduation day, you will probably have a lot of activities lined up for you. Try not to procrastinate on writing your graduation speech a few days before, at least to give yourself room for corrections. The sooner, the better. 

How to Write a Graduation Speech: Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Get In The Mood For Nostalgia

Brainstorm about the most precious experience that you had in college. You’ve been a college student for quite a while now, so you can easily ask yourself, “What was the most memorable moment in my academic life? What has this experience taught you? Have you grown up along the way?

Do you know some success stories that happened at your alma mater? What are the challenges that you expect to face in the nearest future?

In asking yourself these questions, you can at least get to know what you want your graduation speech to be all about.  

Step 2: Choose your theme and stick with it 

You would not have enough time for a lot of quotes and 100s of experiences. Instead, it would be best if you chose things you want to talk about that drive to a single central message through your brainstorming, the work on it.

So make sure to choose one key theme or message that you can relate, and compose the rest of your speech based on it. 

Step 3: Structure Your Graduation Message 

Your graduation speech should be structured properly with stories and humor to keep your audience engaged.

Make it short but long enough to pass the message and at least get applause at the end of the speech.

Do not write your speech to impress but to at least get people to understand the point you have made while enjoying listening to you.  

Step 4: Begin Your Writing With A Hook

In writing a graduation speech that rocks, you want to make sure that the introduction contains a catchy story, quote, fact, or even some nice joke about your college routine or your classmates.

Whatever you choose to open up your story, ensure it hooks your audience and keeps it willing to hear more.  

Step 5: Use Your Visuals

Using images as part of your graduation message is encouraged. However, you have to ensure that you- Work on your graduation speech first and then search for visuals to support your words.

Find photos of all your classmates, not just your best friends and the guy you find handsome. Also, keep in mind that you have no right to use embarrassing photos.

If you run the slideshow with someone else, practice together several times to make sure it will work perfectly.

Step 6: Ensure Every Word You Write Counts 

Don’t cross it out if you believe this or that sentence matters. If it is pointless, don’t keep it.

Ensure your text is simple and contains the most important pieces of information.  

Step 7: Check Winning Speech Examples 

After you have written your graduation speech, you can listen to the speech of other persons you love.

This could motivate you towards the right direction and ensure that at the end, you wrote a graduation speech that rocks.  

Step 8: Practice

It does not end with just writing your graduation speech. You should also rehearse actually saying it.

Read it out loud to ensure it sounds like a good thing. Do you like what you hear? Understand why you chose this word, memory, or event. Will your audience get the essence of your message?

You would know you are ready when you are happy with your work. Being unhappy with it only shows that your confidence level is low.

Remember the hallmark of giving a great speech is your confidence level.  

Things You Can Add To Your Graduation Speech To Make It Rock! 

You are brilliant and as such, you should know the key
things you should add in writing your speech. A few of them are-  

  1. A hook: A sentence or question that immediately connects your listener to you emotionally. You could add this in your introduction to grab your audience’s attention and hold it.  
  2. A thesis: This is one to three sentences stating your intention. It can either be sharing your life story or someone else’s experience that offers a valuable lesson. 
  3. Your role model: You can introduce the person you admire and briefly explain why he or she inspires you. 
  4. Theme: Announce the topic of your speech and mention how you connect to it personally. If you choose to talk about a few topics (like confidence, failure, and endurance), name all of them at the beginning. 
  5. Add an anecdote or story from personal experience to relate to the subject. Even if you have already included a personal example, don’t be shy sharing a few to make a point. The crucial thing here is ensuring the stories you tell are relevant to your main argument. 
  6. Use motivational quotes. You can cite one quote and then repeat it at the end of your speech highlighting its relevance and topicality. Before settling down on a quote to use, check its origin in multiple sources. 
  7. Be just funny enough 
  8. Be like Shakespeare but don’t try too hard. In doing this, you keep the diversity of your audience in mind. You are speaking to students, but the students are not all the same. Try to find ways to bring everyone into the scope of your speech without sounding verbose.  
  9. Think about bite-sized ideas. Remember that your speech could come up later as a topic for discussion, so be sure to illustrate your easily-recognizable theme with smaller, easily-digestible examples. 
  10. Avoid the “Real World” and other clichés. Be careful when using clichés in your speech. Tempting as it may be to tell the graduates that they are about to enter the “Real World” (where you have thrived), you should avoid that.  
  11. Keep it short. This is very important. No matter how enticing your speech is, you would probably lose your audience if your speech is too long. You should target a speech of 3-7 minutes. The students, families, and faculty will all appreciate brevity sitting in the sun. 
  12. Above all: relax and enjoy yourself. To do well as a commencement speaker, you need gentle humor, Shakespearean universal accessibility, something memorable for each audience, both a theme and relatable examples, an awareness of clichés, and brevity. And if it makes you nervous to think that college graduates, families, faculty, and even YouTube will be scoring your speech, remember—another commencement speaker will be up on the stage next year. 

Graduation Speech Examples 

Example 1 

“Welcome friends, family, and teachers that helped me get to where I am today. It is an honor to be standing before you on such a memorable occasion.  I want to start out by saying thank you to all my friends, family, and most of all, my Savior who is Jesus Christ for helping me every step of the way.  It has been an amazing journey and one my fellow Class of 2014 members will most likely never forget. 

Four years ago, the Class of 2014 was just walking through the doors of Landrum High School, and we have had many memories over the course of our high school journey. We all had one goal: to make our mark on the school we attended and make our mark on the world once we graduate. We all have different career choices but are bound by the same common cause, which is to GRADUATE! 

Also, we are your Class of 2020 not just because we scooted our way past every year but because we put in the hard work and the effort to get to where we are today and we could not have done that without the friends, family and teachers constantly encouraging us to keep up the good work.  It’s not all about if you look good, or fit in at your school, it’s about the legacy that you will leave once you graduate. 

Dr. Seuss once said, “You’re off to great places, TODAY is your DAY, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”  I pray that the Class of 2020 will walk out of here today feeling proud of all they have accomplished over these last four years. And always remember, it’s not about the friends that you make while you’re in school, it’s the memories that you leave behind that really count.” 

Example 2 

Graduation Speech From A Parent 

“Congratulations on your graduation son! We are proud to see you paving your own way to adult life. We wish you every success in all your future endeavors. Your loving and supportive parents. 

I am sure today is one of your many accomplishments to come. It warms my heart to look back at all the work you have done at school and see your bright future. No matter which path you choose, you can always rely on my complete support and understanding. 

Today is the day to praise your hard work and reflect on the
amount of effort put into becoming a graduate. I am a very proud parent of a responsible and smart kid who is now ready to choose his/her path. Also, I will always be there for you whenever you need me.  I am both happy and sad to see my little girl graduating. You have become an intelligent young woman so quickly. I am thankful for everything your teachers did to help you grow and become the wonderful person you are. 

You have made this day a very special occasion for all our family. We are all proud to see you graduate and begin planning your life as a smart and independent adult. We love you and will always support your choices and decisions.


What if I don’t have the right theme for my graduation speech? 

Think of something that really made you happy while in school, and then link it to something for the future. There! You have a great theme for a graduation speech that rocks.  

How do I overcome stage freight to deliver a graduation speech that rocks?

Practice a lot. Even if it means going on the stage a few hours before the event begins and practicing. Find a comfort zone and focus on it.

Is there an age limit for writing a graduation speech that rocks?

No. If you have the writing skills and the need to write, you can sure write a graduation speech that rocks.

Can I use a sample of a graduation speech to write mine?

A sample only serves as a guide. Even if you copy it verbatim, it would not correspond because they are not your thoughts. Be unique. That’s the first rule to writing a graduation speech that rocks. 

Can I seek help in writing a graduation speech that rocks?

Yes. It would be best if you did not always insist on doing it on your own. You could always source help from wherever you feel comfortable.  


Despite many recipes for a perfect speech, many graduates keep making the same mistakes.

To avoid stepping in the same shoes, read on and learn how to write a good motivational graduation speech. 

I hope in reading this, you have boosted your morale and seen the best ways to write a graduation speech that rock! 



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