how to write an offer letter for a house

How to Write an Offer Letter for a House | Simple Guide

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You found a perfect house that your family would like to call home, and it’s like there are thousands of people interested in the same place. An offer letter for a house can help put the house at your fingertips. 

A house offer letter is a way to seal the deal and communicate your intent to buy the property. Offer letters can be personal, but should always be professional. 

This article has a complete detailed guide on how to write an offer letter for a house. Carefully read through! 

House Offer Letter: What Is It?

A house offer letter is a letter you write as a prospective homeowner explaining your reasons for being interested in a particular property to a seller. 

Typically, it includes a brief introduction to you as a person or something about your family, such as how many people will live there, what kinds of activities you’ll engage in, and how much you’d enjoy the neighbourhood. 

You might want to share tales about how your family enjoys spending weekends playing board games in the living room or how the backyard is the ideal location for the swing set you’ve always wanted to construct for the kids. 

The home seller will be able to visualize you in their space, where they have also made many beautiful memories over the years.

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Do Letters Of Offer For Homes Work?

You might not communicate with the seller directly. Usually, it isn’t best to do that. These things are essentially impossible to convey in a real estate contract. Therefore, including an offer letter with your agreement would be wise.

Like sending a cover letter with a resume for a job, including a letter does the same. You set yourself apart from the competition. 

It provides the best foundation for your offer. It enables you to include all the crucial details that don’t fit the prescribed structure.

You can demonstrate your dependability as a buyer in your offer letter. That precedes any numerical guarantees made by many other paper offers.

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How to Write a House Offer Letter

Here is an example of a letter of offer for a home:

Begin with Introduction

Put their name first. The word that sounds the best to a person is their name.

Please give them a few compliments to ease the tension. Find a point to make about the house. It might have to do with how they maintained the home, redecorated the interior, or planned their landscaping.

Invoke Their Emotions

Draw inspiration from the things that matter most to them. It might be the ability to move money—the pressing need to sell now. Or something is about the state of the house.

Explain why you think getting this house is important and meaningful for you. Don’t appear frantic. Describe what it can do for both you and them.

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Show them you mean business.

It is vital to be able to close and close on time.

A copy of the earnest money deposit checks you placed in escrow with your real estate lawyer or title company may be attached here. 

You could emphasize the amount of the deposit or down payment you want to make. You can draw attention to the lender’s dependability and your mortgage approval letter.

According to The Balance, contingencies are one of the leading causes of pending home sales falling through. 

List any conditions you might be willing to forgo, like maintenance, valuations, or financing contingencies. Be sure to add that if you purchase their home without first selling your own.

Use this section to continue establishing trust. Demonstrate your concern for the issues that matter to them as well.

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Give them choices and a chance to succeed.

Few individuals enjoy it when you tell them what to do. Everyone wants to feel like they are coming out on top in negotiations.

Use this section to help them make decisions while giving them a sense of intelligence and success. You may specify the areas in which you can and cannot bargain.

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How to Submit a House Offer:

To submit a house offer, follow the steps below:

1. Become familiar with the home offer procedure.

The first step is attempting to know and understand the house offer procedures.

Here is the procedure:

First, your agent will have to notify the seller of your offer. Then, the seller will either accept or reject the bid. 

There could be a rejection of the offer if the seller decides your offer didn’t come close enough to their expectations to warrant further discussion.

Afterward, the seller might give you a different condition for the offer. This type of offer is called Counter-offer. 

Note you can accept, counter, or reject the seller’s counteroffer. To reach an agreement, spending as many times as necessary in back-and-forth negotiations is not wrong.

You sign the purchase agreement after your offer is accepted. The contingency period is when all inspections, appraisals, and other contingencies specified in your purchase agreement will occur.

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2. Select a Starting Price

When making an offer on a home, many factors are considered, including your budget, the state of the neighbourhood market, the seller’s circumstances, the property’s condition, and more. 

You’ll be glad you hired an excellent real estate agent at this point. Your agent’s responsibility is to understand your needs, the neighbourhood market, and the best approach for each property. 

3. Decide on your backup plans and other offer specifics.

Contingencies are events you anticipate occurring between the time the purchase agreement is signed and the closing that could alter or terminate your contract.

Appraisals and home inspections are common contingencies. If the house has hidden problems or isn’t worth as much as you thought, it can allow you to walk away or renegotiate your offer.

Alternatively, you can also include non-financial items. If you know that the seller is eager to sell, you might propose an expedited closing. 

You might offer to rent the property to them after the closing so they can take their time leaving. 

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4. Choose the amount to deposit in escrow.

Next is to choose the amount to deposit. Note your purchase agreement will specify how much cash you’re putting down as an earnest money deposit. 

With this money, the seller is sure you are interested in the offer. 

5. Think about including an offer letter for a home.

You can make multiple offers frequently to sellers in competitive housing markets. A house offer letter is one way to distinguish yours from others. 

When preparing the letter that will accompany your offer, let the seller know how much you adore their home if you know they have a strong emotional connection to it.

6. Submit your bid.

When you are ready, ask your agent to deliver the offer to the seller or the seller’s real estate representative. They have until now to respond. 

And while you wait, pat yourself on the back. Whatever happens next, learning how to make an offer on a home is a crucial step toward becoming a homeowner.

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Other Things to Consider

Here are a few things you can consider when drafting your offer letter for a house.

Add a picture

Although photos are not required, there’s no harm in including them in your offer letter if you’re a parent and have your eye on a charming single-family home.

It shows your family-centred values and informs the seller of your true home-buying intentions.

Describe your offer

It’s unnecessary to explain your offer, even though we’ve seen it done before. For instance, if your request and the asking price are substantially different, we advise you to explain this to the seller. 

Giving your offer the context it needs will be easy with the help of your offer letter.

Start Start Start!!!

Once you describe your offer, start writing. Remember that there’s no absolute assurance of your letter acceptance because you wrote one.

The decision of the next homebuyer ultimately rests with the sellers, even if you’ve written an excellent offer letter. 

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How Long Should a Letter of House Offer Be?

What to write in the letter and how long it should be will be determined by your heart and hands. 

Generally speaking, if you’re writing from the heart, take as much time as necessary to discuss the house and how your family will live there. 

In terms of your hand, if it begins to cramp, you might have written too much. 

A handwritten letter should be one or two pages long. A letter that is typewritten or created on a laptop should be one page. Think between 500 and 700 words if you’re trying to estimate your word count. 

You can say everything you want in that, which should take about an hour to write, and it will take four to five minutes to read.

Before giving it to your real estate agent, have someone else read it for you. This friend should have a keen sense of grammar, style, and content. 

This person can tell you if you’ve been too sentimental or should have added more, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. 

Additionally, a flawless letter will guarantee that the seller takes your offer seriously and understands that you are a dependable individual vying for their house.

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What to Avoid when writing an offer letter for a house

When writing an offer letter for a house, you can risk your chances of being selected if you do any of these things: 

Tell lies (Avoid Lies)

It surprises us to see buyers who concoct the ideal lie to get them closer to their dream homes because this is a general rule to follow. 

A seller may detect your deception even though there is no way for them to verify the information you provide. It might seem plausible to you if you can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t. Don’t lie in your letter to avoid the potential repercussions that may follow.

Stay away from using combative language.

Even though making an offer on the house is a competitive process, avoid using an aggressive tone that might put you in a bad situation.

Be sure to respect any boundaries that might reveal your negative side as you express your passion and love for their house to the seller. 

Avoid enquiring about the property.

You must take advantage of the seller’s home tour to ask any pressing questions you may have about the property. You should be confident and knowledgeable about the house you’re trying to buy before submitting an offer. 

Any questions you ask after the fact could show that you are uncertain about your offer or overlooked essential details, leading others to believe you are uninterested.

Avoid taking Much

Your offer letter should ideally be brief—anything over one page long risks boring the sellers and concealing your true motives for purchasing their house. 

You should carefully outline and plan what crucial details to include in your offer letter while avoiding information overload if you want to keep it concise and to the point.

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How long should a house offer letter be?

A house offer letter should be no longer than one page — about 500-700 words.

Should you write your house offer letter by hand?

For ease of delivery to the seller, it is best to type your house offer letter and email it to your agent.

What should you say when making an offer on the house?

Explain your reasoning for your offer, including how you calculated nearby homes’ prices. If you make a low offer, you might want to justify it. 

Do buyers enjoy letters?

Data suggests they do. An offer letter can help you stand out from other potential buyers and convince the seller that your offer is sincere. The offer letter can help the buyer and seller develop an emotional bond in addition to demonstrating your seriousness.


Remember that an offer letter is not binding, but it is a formal way to start the negotiation process.

Use common sense and consult with an experienced real estate agent or attorney before signing anything. When in doubt, have someone else review the contract before you sign.




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