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How To Write Product Manager Resume + Free Tips and Samples

They tag you as a good product manager if you know how to listen; you can understand customer needs even in your sleep; you can handle a dozen spanning several functions of teams, speak their lingo, and have them deliver low-cost solutions in a pulse.

As an outstanding product manager. You can easily balance feature requests, talk to customers, and switch between marketing and technical dialogues.

To show that to potential employers, you shouldn’t have to be a resume writing specialist. All you have to do is to read through this article.

It will help you learn everything you need to know about how to write a product manager’s resume.

Some questions you may ask could be:

  1. What is product management?
  2. Who is a product manager?
  3. What does product management involve?
  4. How do you press it all into a professional product manager resume?
  5. What are the product manager skills for a resume?
  6. How can a resume for a product manager oversee more interviews? 

And finally, fact is, your resume may be the most essential product you manage.

In addition, this following piece of information is to be considered in understanding a few more things about product management resumé:

  1. A product manager resume example is better than 9 out of 10 other resumes.
  2. How to write a product manager resume that lands more interviews.
  3. Tips and examples of how to put skills and achievements on a product manager’s resume.
  4. How you describe your experience on a resume for a product manager to get any job you want.

What Is Product Management? 

Product management is an organizational function within a firm that deals with new product development, business justification, planning, verification, forecasting, pricing, product launch, and marketing of a product or product at all stages of the product life cycle.

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Who Is A Product Manager?

A product manager is a person who creates both internal and external product vision, leading product development from scratch.

He or she also defines customer needs, works with stakeholders and teams on creating the required product, and carries responsibility for overall product success.

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What Does Product Management Involve?

The actual wholesome process of product management involves:

  1. Vision development
  2. Customer understanding
  3. Strategy development
  4. Product development
  5. Marketing and sales
  6. Metrics tracking

How Do You Write A Product Manager Resume?

1. Format Your Product Manager Resume

Product managers are used to making it happen. Thus, it’s possible for you to make it happen in your resume by: 

  1. You ought to show your best accomplishments which match the job offer.
  2. It makes it easy for the hiring manager or recruiter to locate your value.
  3. It creates a better presentation than any ad.

In the end, this begins with the reverse-chronological structured arrangement. This also makes it the best product manager resume format.

Why is this so?

This is because it shows your most recent work first. That’s critical in a field where previous products are as past as Afro hair and the AM radio. When you have the experience, this resume format highlights it as a pro shelfie.

Make use of white space, clear fonts, and big headings to keep your message clean and legible.

On a final thought, ask yourself, should you save your resume in PDF or Word? And then, the ancient advice to avoid PDFs is out. While modern PDFs are machine readable. When in scepticism, you ought to save as PDF and MS Word .doc.

You could choose to check the general business resume guides for better understanding of how you go about the format:

  1. Consultant Resume Sample
  2. MBA Application Resume Sample
  3. Business Resume Sample
  4. Supervisor Resume Sample
  5. Management Consultant Resume Sample

2. Write a Product Manager Resume Summary or Resume Objective

Your product manager resume ought to be excessive with projects. Although, this does not mean you must drown the CEO in an ocean of words. You could lob her a lifeline in the style of either a resume objective or a resume summary.

A resume summary explains the aggregation of catalogues of experience. Make use of it if you still have an old hand.

While a resume objective projects your passion instead. You can make use of it if your experience is on the slim side. Anyway, support it with enough accomplishments to impress your hiring manager.

3. Describe Your Product Manager Experience

CEOs of those dominant companies want an answer to a big question, which is: Can you deliver? That bothers you with how you show experience on a product manager resume.

The key to this you may tie that to the job description like ‘a conversion funnel to a product launch.’ Present your most recent job first. Include 3-5 bullet points supported with related accomplishments.

List achievements to get the CEO to notice you.

4. Resume for Product Manager With No Experience

You probably already have what it takes to write a product management resume like that. Which is tiring your resume to the job description.

Furthermore, to do that, you may ask, what is product management? And what does a product manager do?

You may also want to upgrade the User experience of your product owner resume by using action words. All these keep the hiring manager reading such that you get more interviews.

5. Mention Your Education

You need to show education on a resume for a product manager. However, you shouldn’t just list it.

This could mean having five cross-functional teams, then by implication use them to make your coffee. 

So begin with the basics:

  1. College Name and Location.
  2. Years in School.
  3. Degree.

6. Put Skills on a Resume for a Product Manager

You could decide to peek in on the owner of a company probably while she’s looking through a stack of over 200 product manager resumes.

Probably she comes across yours and sees a list of 50 skills. Do you think you would impress her?

Fact is, it’s not about the number of skills you list. It’s actually about whether they match what’s listed in the job offer. And also includes whether you can prove them.

7. Show Certifications on a Resume

You may ask, “Does an AIPMM certification look good on a resume for a product manager?” If you’re applying for entry level, you are certain of your PowerPoint skill.

So, don’t just include it as an afterthought. Put it accordingly after your name in the resume header. Include it to your summary. And last, put it in a special section right above “Experience.”

Certification on a Product Manager Resume

The Certifications are:

  1. Certified Product Manager, AIPMM
  2. Agile Certified Practitioner, PMI.

That way, irrespective of where the hiring manager looks through first, he definitely gets to know you’re qualified. There’s literally more to valuable product management certifications than just a CPM.

You may ask, What’s the most essential thing about certifications on a resume for product management? Just make sure they fit the job description.

8. Add Other Sections for an Effective Resume

The product management field is absolutely competitive. Most product managers have lots of experience and an MBA.

You may ask yourself, for instance, how can you stand out like the Nike Air Jordan launch?

Include non-work accomplishments to special extra sections in your product manager resume.

9. Write a Cover Letter for a Product Manager

What’s the reason various experts say, “Don’t write a cover letter for a product manager resume?” This is because various cover letters are generic. I advise you not to write “Here’s my resume” kind of cover letter.

It’s advised that you make your resumé personal and passionate. First, use the recruiter or hiring manager’s name. And then, show you understand the person’s needs. Then, show evidence that you can fill it.

10. Add Contact Info to Your Resume

It’s important you include this contact info to your product manager resume:

  1. Full Name
  2. Updated Phone Number
  3. Professional Email Address

What are the Product Manager Skills for a Resume?

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Strategy
  3. Management Skills
  4. UX
  5. Detail Oriented
  6. Feature Definition
  7. Research
  8. Effective Communication
  9. Forecasting
  10. Defining Product
  11. Collaboration Skills
  12. Marketing Skills
  13. Product Iteration
  14. Creativity Skills
  15. Profit and Loss
  16. Scope Management
  17. Listening Skills
  18. Product Vision
  19. Agile
  20. Problem Solving
  21. Cross-Functional Teams
  22. Scrum
  23. Time Management
  24. Ideation Leadership
  25. SDLC
  26. Analytical Thinking
  27. Project Management
  28. PowerPoint
  29. Decision Making
  30. Product Design
  31. Microsoft Project

You can make use of the above product management resume skills list to get started. It doubles as a substantial list of product manager resume keywords which you can boot.

What Other Positions Are Like A Product Manager?

Positions similar to a product manager include:

  1. Strategic planner: These professionals develop long-term business goals for the company and instruct their employees on how to accomplish them.
  2. Designers: In huge technology firms, designers also conceive ideas and assume product management roles to supervise complete development.
  3. Engineers: they task these professionals with developing products from ideas conceptualised by product managers. Engineers can come up with products from their ideas and experience and develop them to be market worthy, or form their own firms.


Digital product manager questions

Questions like: 

  1. Tell me about a time you used data to decide. 
  2. Tell me about a time where you made a fearless decision without the use of data.
  3. Describe a scenario that called for you to say no to an idea or project.
  4. Tell me about the most challenging problem you’ve confronted as a Product Manager.

Product Manager Salary

In the United States, the median salary for product managers is $109,000.

Product Management Tools

  1. Aha!
  2. Trello
  3. Asana
  4. JIRA
  5. Wrike
  6. Productboard
  7. Confluence
  8. Slack
  9. Google Analytics
  10. SurveyMonkey
  11. InVision
  12. Typeform
  13. Technology roadmap
  14. Balsamiq
  15. Mixpanel
  16. Airtable
  17. Axure RP
  18. Figma
  19. Pivotal Tracker
  20. Basecamp 3
  21. Zendesk
  22. Task management
  23. GoToMeeting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are various industries that hire product managers to develop and execute new ideas, which include:

  1. Technology
  2. Entertainment
  3. Finance
  4. Healthcare

The fact is that the role of a product manager today is trying to grow because of technological advances. A potential product manager keeps up with the technological trends becomes an advantage while hiring. Product manager careers in the technology niche are also among the most profitable.

Bad product managers are used to creating overpowering excuses. They push products out to customers and lack the intent to understand why they aren’t successful. They pay attention to the advantages that other winning products & teams around them have, and not what they could’ve done better.

Absolutely Yes! They can award you the Certification of AIPMM to be Certified Product Manager. The AIPMM is the Association of International Product Marketing and Management, and it is the world’s largest association of professional Product Managers and Product Marketers.


To create the best resumé for product management, remember:

  1. Emphasize achievements. That means products you’ve launched and metrics you’ve improved.
  2. Tie your product management resume to the job offer like a wireframe to a website. List achievements that fit what’s listed in the job description.
  3. Add “other” sections to show your product manager skills run deep. Those can include conferences, publications, or volunteer work.


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