How To File For Illinois Unemployment In 2021

Unemployment is one of the global issues, which gives rise to poverty and hunger. This is why Illinois has developed an unemployment scheme for unemployed Illinois citizens by providing financial benefits for the unemployed in the state. 

The IDES, ”Illinois Department of Employment Security” is the department of the state government, responsible for administering unemployment benefits by providing wages and employment opportunities to the unemployed. The IDES also assesses and communicates information on the labor market for the employers and residents of Illinois.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Illinois unemployment rate increased from -0.1% to 7.0%, so the insurance taxes obtained from the employers in the state are returned to eligible workers who got separated from work. If you are looking forward to receiving Illinois unemployment benefits, read this article carefully for pieces of information on how to file for unemployment in Illinois.

What is Illinois Unemployment Insurance? 

The Illinois unemployment insurance is a scheme by the State government of Illinois to provide provisional relief to the needy, especially those who are separated from work. Before you can be considered eligible for these benefits, you must meet these conditions:

  • You must reside in Illinois
  • You must have worked in Illinois for a period not less than twelve months/one year
  • You must have received a minimum wage specified by Illinois policies
  • You must be vigorously attempting a job each week you collect benefits

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Where Is The Illinois Unemployment office located?

So far, there are different Illinois unemployment offices scattered in the United States, check this link for the office near you.

The phone number for the Illinois Department of Employment Security” (IDES) is IDES: (800) 244-5631

How Much Are Unemployment Benefits In Illinois?

The Illinois unemployment rate benefits are not the same for everyone. Your benefits will be decided by calculations on the earnings of your previous job when you were employed. 

Your weekly amount is calculated by determining the base period of the wage you earned when you were vastly paid and adding your income in the second quarter of this period. When you obtain the total, abstract 47% of the amount earned in the base period and divide it by 26. This will give you the results of the weekly benefits you are entitled to. So, if you are pondering how much is unemployment in Illinois, take a pen and make your calculations.

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At the Illinois unemployment rate, you are entitled to be paid either via direct deposit or debit card. Though the Department of Employment Security (IDES) suggests the use of direct deposit as the most convenient and fastest method. If you will go for debit cards, read the debit card information documents thoroughly and note the fees, terms, and conditions related to the use of the Debit Card. You may enjoy the Illinois unemployment rate benefit for a maximum of 26 weeks.

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How To File For Illinois Unemployment In 2021

Filing for Illinois unemployment benefits immediately after losing your job is advised, to prevent delays in obtaining benefits. To file for unemployment Illinois benefits, you can either register at one of the Illinois unemployment office locations or through the IDES website. 

There are many personal pieces of information to give and documents to file for before you can be considered for unemployment Illinois benefits. They are:

  • Your state ID or driver’s license
  • Report of all gross wages must be reported, including the Sunday of the week you are applying for benefits (if you work on Sunday).
  • Your Social security card details. The name and security number must be written as it appears on your security card
  • Social security details of your spouse and/or children (if you profess to have one)- make sure you include their dates of birth.
  • The name(s), telephone numbers, mail addresses of your previous employers. You must also include the separation date, and reasons for separation at your previous workplace. This informations must be within the last 18 months.
  • As a Federal government civilian employee, you will need a copy of Personnel Action 50, and Standard Form 8 if you were separated from work.
  • Your Wage records.
  • If you are a veteran who is recently separated, you will tender a Member-4 copy of the DD form
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Once your application has been reviewed, and you are found to have met the eligibility criteria of receiving Illinois unemployment benefits, your certification day will be assigned to you. On your certification day, you must reach the agency to authorize your eligibility status, after which you can request your benefits.

It is important to note the instructions carefully, many people have lost the unemployment Illinois benefits within a week because of inaccurate or failure to adhere to instructions. And if by any means, you tender misleading or false pieces of information to gain unlawful benefits from the government, you can be prosecuted. Penalties for these criminal acts are jail terms, fines, and inability to benefit from this scheme until after 2 years in penalty and a refund of the ransom.

What Disqualifies You From Unemployment Benefits in Illinois?

Several things can disqualify you from receiving Illinois unemployment benefits. Some of which are:

  • Quitting your job for no reasons
  • If you are an administrator, teacher, or researcher and you are temporarily on an academic break.
  • When the pension you receive is higher compared to your entitled unemployment benefits.
  • If you disregard the job given to you with no cogent reasons affecting your morals, health, and safety.
  • When you are benefitting from other sources.
  • If you are an athlete or you are engaged in any professional sports activities, and you are between sports seasons.
  • Being fired because of your misconduct in your working place

If any of these reasons are related to you, you won’t be considered eligible for benefits from the Illinois unemployment scheme.

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Can Uninsured Workers Receive Unemployment Benefits?  

Uninsured workers are workers who work with employers that do not make donations to the State as a fraction of the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act. Their work does not fall under the law, hence exempted from making insurance payments.

These are examples of Uninsured workers:

  • Work training employees 
  • Some certain family employment
  • Any temporary retail business or establishment 
  • Consumer products seller or home-based establishment
  • Solicitor paid exclusively on a commission basis
  • Officials hired or elected for a short time, following an emergency 
  • Agricultural workers are not covered. There are some exceptions if their employer pays a minimum of $20,000 wage to employees in any calendar quarter, employed a minimum of ten employees during the preceding or current calendar year.
  • Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act covers Railroad employees.
  • Are immigrants qualified for receiving unemployment insurance benefits in Illinois?
  • Not all immigrants are eligible for receiving these benefits. However, some certain categories of immigrants are qualified for the unemployment Illinois scheme. But you are qualified if;
  • As at the time you earned your wages and the time you are looking for a job, you must possess a valid working authorization.
  • You must be a permanent residence, having your green card.
  • You must be law-abiding and not caught in any criminal activities
  • You must be a resident in the US to perform services under authorization
  • You must be a DACA recipients
  • If you are an immigrant or refugee that has been granted asylum. You must reside Under the Colour of Law.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For how long can I enjoy the unemployment benefits?

You can benefit from the Illinois unemployment scheme for a maximum of 26weeks.

How can I create a resume?

There’s is a resume maker tool on Illinois workNet. The tool will assist you to build a professional resume.

If I decide to quit my job on account of the Covid-19 pandemic, will I still be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits?

if you leave work voluntarily, you are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Except you talk things out with your employee, stating tangible reasons for leaving work.

How can I get a job as a UI beneficiary?

You can use the IDES online job search tool, which is


This benefit is often given to candidates who are willing to work. So, you need to register with their Employment service system and log into to complete your registration process. After registration is complete, build a resume and start surveying for work. 


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