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Interview with Hiring Manager: 8 Ways Excel in 2023

Looking to get on an interview with a hiring manager soon? Here are a few tips to help you find your way in there.

So, let’s get started.

interview with hiring manager

Who is a hiring manager?

A hiring manager refers to a person in a company who is responsible for finding and hiring the right employees to fill an open position.

Hiring managers are usually members of the hiring department and frequently function as the new hire’s future boss.

Hiring managers collaborate with their human resources department, which oversees the interview and hiring processes. A hiring manager’s job is to find the best candidate.

What does a hiring manager do?

Hiring managers are in charge of a variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Identifying a new or open position’s personnel requirements
  •  You must first obtain clearances from the department and corporate executives to open a job request.
  •  To attract the top people, provide an accurate and informative job description. Recruiters will most likely use this description as a template for evaluating potential candidates’ abilities and qualities.
  •  Defining the hiring team’s tasks and responsibilities
  •  Keeping track of the hiring team during the hiring process
  •  Creating a framework for the interview process

What does hiring managers look for in an interview?

There are quite several things to look out for in a prospect. In this section, we will look at some of those invaluable traits hiring expect from you that nobody has told you about.

#1. Learn about the company’s culture

What are the basic values of your potential employer? How would you describe the working environment? Is it more serious, professional, buttoned-up, or more informal, laid-back, with an openness to working remotely? Furthermore, understanding the company culture necessitates conducting a preliminary study before your initial interview.

#2. Do your homework

You might not know who you’ll be interviewing immediately, especially if it’s only a phone interview, but you should inquire. When you’ve decided who you’ll interview, look into their background, experience, and function within the firm.

This should give you a better understanding of the recruiting manager’s requirements. If you’re interviewing numerous people, research each of them, get a feel of their duties, and try to predict what questions they’ll ask in your interview. You will appear to be a better “fit” if you are well-prepared.

#3. Demonstrate how your experience is relevant

What better method to demonstrate your “fit” than to explain how your expertise and skill set will benefit a company? In this sense, be specific. Give specific examples of how your previous experiences will help you succeed in your current position.

#4. Examine your interviewing abilities

Businesses use a variety of interview formats. Inquire about the interview format with the recruiter or HR professional before your interview. Then, develop interview questions using what you’ve learned about the organization and related employees. Then, in an actual interview setting, rehearse those questions. To work out any flaws with your voice delivery, get a buddy to play the interviewer’s part and answer each of their questions aloud.

What do Hiring Managers Wish You Knew?

Numerous articles and blog postings on the internet provide lists of things hiring managers to wish applicants knew before their interview. Here’s a rundown of the most common items from those articles:

  • Before your interview, companies have already done their homework on you.
  •  Details matter, so pay attention to them.
  •  Organizations are on the lookout for “red flags.” Hiring teams, for example, look at your social media accounts.
  •  Asking the correct questions to demonstrate that you are familiar with the firm.
  •  Negotiations should be saved for the offer letter, not before.
  •  References are checked by hiring managers.
  •  On the day of the interview, don’t be late for anything.

How to excel in an interview with a hiring manager

Here are some proven tips to help you excel in your interview with a hiring manager.

#1. Demonstrate relevant experience

The best way to show that you’re the right person for a job is to make it clear to the interviewer that you have the skills and experiences that align with what’s required for the position. The best way to do this is to discuss specific experiences and accomplishments you’ve achieved in prior roles.

If you’re changing careers or industries or even if you’re just recently out of school, you can still accomplish this by giving examples of experiences that are transferrable to this position.

#2. Be enthusiastic

Make it clear to the hiring manager that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work for that company in that specific role. Write it in your cover letter, emphasize it during your interview, and reiterate it in your follow-up letter after the interview.

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#3. Show that you’re easy to work with

Because the hiring manager will be assessing whether you are a good fit for the managerial style of your potential supervisor, you can take some steps to show that you’re easy to work with. One way is by demonstrating that you’re a great listener. Make eye contact, ask questions, and give thoughtful answers. Share with the hiring manager that you appreciate constructive feedback and enjoy learning new skills.

Another thing you can do is ask the manager directly how they would describe the managerial style of the potential supervisor. If their style aligns with your preferred management style, you could say something like, “That sounds great. I find I work well with managers who are [your preferred style].”

#4. Be precise about why you want the job

After researching the company, you should have clarity on its mission, key competitors, products and services, and target audience. Look for something you can draw on during the conversation that shows you are interested in the opportunity.

This is also a great opportunity to demonstrate that you understand the role you’re interviewing for. Familiarize yourself with the job description and discuss what the job entails and why you’re an ideal match based on your background.

#5. Ask thoughtful questions

Typically, you will be asked if you have any questions at the end of the interview. Have high-value questions prepared that show you are thinking about things that most matter to the interviewer? For example, a great question could be, “What does success look like in this position?”

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#6. Talk to people at the company before the interview

Before your interview, leverage your friends and acquaintances to get an introduction to someone who works at the company. Once you’re introduced to that person, invite them to an informational interview to gather information about the company before your formal interview. This will help you enter your interview fully prepared and demonstrate to everyone how interested you are in the position.

#7. Show that you’ve been paying attention

At the end of your interview, thank the interviewer for sharing information about the position, company, and what it’s like to work there. Reiterate that you believe that your experience aligns with what they’re looking for in a candidate and share that you have specific skills they’re looking for, naming them. This response demonstrates professionalism and clarifies that you’ve been paying attention during the interview.

#8. Relax and be yourself

Ultimately, every interviewer wants to get to know who you are. Consider the interview a networking opportunity where you’re marketing your best qualities and skills. Do your best to relax and be yourself as you share your relevant experiences, work-related interests, and things you love most about the industry and your career.


The tips given here have been tried over time and proved effective. If you follow these steps and tips, you will land your next big job. No jokes about it. We do wish you well.


  • – 10 Ways To Impress a Hiring Manager During an Interview



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