20 Jobs For High School Students In 2022

There are several jobs for high school students that you can do to earn some more money. A high school student has several reasons for needing a job, to save up for college, or to have money to take care of other personal needs. With a job, they can earn some transferable skills, good work experience, a sense of independence, and also satisfactory income. Jobs could be part-time or seasonal, depending on what you want.

In this article, we have compiled a lot of jobs you can do on part-time, full-time freelancing, and one-off opportunities as well as other things you need to know about them.

How To Find A Job As A Student

During the summer or any holiday period, high school and college job searches are at their peak. Students tend to look for jobs that will keep them busy and enable them to make some money during the holiday. The good news is that there are always more than enough for many of them who are serious with the search.

This is why you need to plan so that you can get the best of the job offers before others will occupy the position you would have loved to, leaving you with little or no choice. The following is the step-by-step guide on how to get the best jobs that match your interest.

  • Determine the type of job you want. Not all jobs are fit for you. There are some jobs you can never do, either because you do not love them or their requirements are too high for your caliber of person. Consider the price, skills required, location of the job you want, and what the employer is looking out for.
  • Evaluate your current skill set to determine if what you have corresponded with what the employers are looking for.
  • Develop a carefully constructed resume that will accommodate your skills and experiences. You can never know everything. Get a professional to help you out.
  • Look for specific job opportunities that match your resume. You can get via online, family and friends and location.
  • Start your application. Some employers require both a resume and a cover letter. Others may indicate that you should fill out the company’s application.
  • If a reference is needed, you can ask your teachers, supervisors or those who know you well to stand in the gap for you.
  • Follow up with the companies for your application. If possible, schedule interviews with them.
  • Go on job interviews and follow up with appreciation notes.
  • If you are offered the right job, accept it. This is why you need to apply to many places. If one place did not accept to work with you, another might find your skills interesting. 
  • Make sure you show up on your first day and do that on time and prepared. Do not forget that making a good and lasting impression is a must. How you behave at work will determine how you will be treated. If you would love to come back to the job the following year, you must earn your employer’s commendation.

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Why Do You Need A Job As A High School Student?

Getting a job early in life is a way to learn some important life skills like time management, money management, interpersonal skills, working and interacting with people, and so on. If you can manage an income at an early stage in life, it is a good way of starting your adulthood.
Another benefit of the jobs for high school students is that your employer already knows that you have little or no training regarding the position you are to assume. Hence, on-the-job training will be provided for you. Except where it is specified that you need to possess certain specific skills, what is much needed from you is your availability and willingness to perform your task.

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According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the teen workforce has declined over the years due to pressures for students to attend college. Another reason is the increased summer school attendance with coursework. You should consider getting your first job as a teenager because it will offer you a lot of benefits as you progress in life. It also helps you to identify your skills early in life.

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What Is The Average Salary For A Job For High School Students?

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. You cannot work full-time as a high school student, except over the summer. Many jobs can pay you more than the minimum wage, look for them and compare them with your skills. If they are a good fit, you can apply and might become lucky to get employment. 

What Type Of Jobs Do High School Students Do?

The most important aspect of jobs for high school students is that you can get a job without any prior experience. While searching for a job, consider your long-term career goals too. The jobs you might now become your reference point after college for an entry-level job. Go for jobs that interest you and industries you may wish to find yourself in the future. Nevertheless, you may not always do such a job but if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to apply. Taking out different jobs may also help you to identify your core skills and the areas you may not know you have the ability in while eliminating the ones you are not interested in. 

Furthermore, for high school students, the following are the high-paying jobs you can do.

  • Summer jobs. With summer jobs, you will get to spend quality time outdoors while doing your job.
  • Jobs that will teach you interpersonal skills that will carry you through your career.
  • Technical jobs that will help you to put into practice, what you have learned in school.

Top Jobs For High School Students

Some of the jobs you can do as a high school include:

1. Cashier

Doing a cashier job is a good option for a high school student. It runs on a shift basis and you can choose to work part-time while school is in session and full-time during the holidays. You could be a cashier in a boutique, gas station, restaurant, pharmacy, and many more.

2. Yard worker

A yard worker helps to mow the lawn, rake the leaves, spruce up the garden, or shovels snow, depending on the season of the year. It is physical labor that helps you to stay in shape and enables you to stay fit to handle your academics. So, all year round, you will have something to keep you busy and earn you some money as a yard worker.

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3. Babysitter

If you have a special liking for babies and children, you can turn it into a job and make some money while doing what you enjoy. Babysitting is perfect for high school students who can help parents after school and during weekend hours while they go on with their duties. Though you might have to clean the occasional mess and attend to a baby’s needs now and then, it gives you ample time to peruse social media and keep up with the guys.

4. Catering coordinator 

Your role, in this case, is to assist those who cook in taking calls, helping to prepare the food, and making sure the food gets to the right customer and at the right time. It offers you flexible hours to work and your passion for working around food will keep you going.

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5. Dishwasher

You already wash dishes in your house, isn’t it? The only difference now is that you are going to do it for a fee. Isn’t it amazing? You will work in a restaurant, fast food, or related fields,  help in washing the plates and pots, and put them back in the rotation where they will be easily picked and used.

6. Barista

Barista jobs involve taking drink orders, suggesting the right sides and desserts that can go with the drinks, preparing beverages, coffee, or tea, and getting the restaurant sparkling clean when customers are gone. It is best worked in shifts. You can also choose to do it in the evenings and on weekends, even as the customers tip you now and then for doing a great job.

7. Dog walker

Walking is already a form of exercise recommended for everyone. What’s more about walking a dog? If you are a canine lover, walking a dog down the street and onto the next is a very interesting activity to do after school hours. Some busy dog owners may not have all the time to do this and helping them out with it is a great job as you would be paid by the end of the day.

8. Front desk officer

They could also be called receptionists. Sitting at the front desk, receiving calls, and explaining stuff to clients is simply a great job. You will almost always be seated while being air-conditioned as you carry out your duty. You can work in different settings like the gym, a hotel, a small or medium scale firm, and other settings. Do not forget that you are not doing it for free.

9. After school tutor

If you love teaching and helping others academically, you can turn your knowledge into a profiting venture. The good thing is that you can teach your mates or lower students and can do it within the school premises. This can be challenging to you as you might need to refresh your knowledge with some topics before starting. But then, no knowledge is a waste.

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10. Restaurant server

The job might keep you busy for the better part of it but it pays well. Moreover, there are going to be two to three of you working at the same time. Customers have always been known for giving tips to servers. You might get lucky enough to make more than your salary as tips. Away from that, you need good customer service for this role.

11. Fast food worker

Working in a fast food offers you the opportunity to come in contact with food. There are varieties of roles you can play for your employer.  From taking orders to preparing and serving food to attending to customer needs and wiping out the table. You can never get bored doing this job. Most fast foods are always looking for a helping hand; you can get on board and get paid too.

12. Car wash attendant

Assuming this role will allow you to wash and dry the exterior of a car. However, most car washes are automated in this modern time, but it does not mean every car wash owner does so. Aside from that, there is other little stuff you can help in doing in a car wash like guiding the car on the track and ringing owners up.  You need much strength and stamina to carry out this task because it is more of physical activity.

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13. Farmworker

Getting your hands dirty once in a while is not a bad idea as long as it is rewarding financially. If you dwell in rural areas, you can find one or two farm owners looking for a helping hand. Even though they might have full-time employees, there may be a role for those who may work part-time. You get these jobs mostly during your breaks. Your role includes picking fruits and flowers, planting seeds, composting, and sorting out goods. You may also get involved in operating heavy equipment, and make sure adequate safety measures are put in place.

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14. Gas station attendant

You will help in manning fuel station dispensers and equipment, pump gas, and also handling the register and stock shelves. You will need the ability to multitask and good customer service to do this job. 

15. Mover

When people want to change location, they call the removal company to help in packing their items securely and transporting them to the new location. At the new location, the items will be unloaded carefully, ensuring not to damage anything. You can be employed by the removal company to help in this situation. It is a physical job and requires physical strength because you will carry many heavy objects. So, before applying for the role, check if your strength can carry you. 

16. Personal assistant

As a personal assistant, you will help an establishment to handle some administrative roles for one of its top leaders. You may also help some individuals who need helping hands during some occasions by working closely with the person and helping out with the administrative side of the role. You must be flexible and willing to multitask as you can never tell the role you will be assigned to. Strong professionalism is needed for this job.

17. Data entry

If you have an eye for details, then, this job will be a perfect match for you. It will also require a basic level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Your job role may include moving information from excel spreadsheets into a program and vice versa. You may also enter information into the excel sheet and save it for future purposes. Your pay varies depending on your employer.

18. Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will help your employer with their schedules, organize files, and do other administrative tasks. You can do it virtually from the comfort of your home. If you are considering a summer job, becoming a virtual assistant might suffice.

19. Transcribe videos

Transcribing videos is one task you will enjoy doing if you love working online. All you need is a working system and access to the internet. You can transcribe such tasks lectures, interviews, speeches, and presentations. You do not need many skills, except that you must pay attention to details to be able to perform your task well.

20. Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard might interest you if you love swimming as well as saving lives. It does require special training and certification and the ability to swim is the major criterion. Working as a lifeguard will help you to appreciate life better if you happen to save a life from drowning. Your employer could be hotels and other facilities with swimming pools. 


We hope this helps you to make a good selection. While considering the pay, also consider the fun and fulfilling part of the deal. Any job taking away from you more than you need to give out should be scratched off the menu. Do not forget to give attention to your education too as that is a great way to balance your schedule.


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