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Jobs In School: High School and Middle School Titles

In recent years, there has been a rising demand for qualified and exceptional teachers. Most jobs in a school make do with what is available in terms of the quality of manpower. There is a gap between the quality of teachers employed and the availability of quality teachers. What should schools do to close this gap?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), between 2018 and 2028, the demand for high school teachers will increase by 4% and that of middle school teachers will increase by 3%. 

Moreover, many careers exist in the school setting and not just about teaching professionals. For instance, a standard school must have school administrators who are no-teaching staff, of course. Some of these job positions in a school do not require professional or degree certificates. All you need is to present your skills and be ready to defend them.

In this article, we”ll provide an array of available jobs in a school system that is worth searching for. Carefully read through.

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Jobs in a School

There are often different jobs found in the school. These job positions make up the school management. No school is comprised of only teachers. It will make the job less interesting and attractive. Those interested in working in a school setting but do not want to teach can find themselves occupying these various job positions. Schools typically have both academic and non-academic staff. They are both important to the progress of the school, as well as in helping the students develop their skills needed at the present and in the future.

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What are the Roles of Teachers in the School?

Teachers are mostly the livewires of the school. They are the reasons the students are in school. They teach specific subjects, all of which build up the students academically.

Furthermore, teachers help the students to build up the lasting education tools they will need for their future success. For instance, a maths teacher will focus on instilling problem-solving skills in the students, and giving them group projects will help to enhance their communication and teamwork skills. The same goes for other teachers. Aside from all these, the teacher covers a range of the following:

  • Prepares engaging and challenging lessons for the students.
  • Develop tasks that will connect the lessons to the big picture.
  • Have varying teaching styles which drive out boringness in learning and encourage diversity. In the end, the student’s academic needs are met, which is the ultimate goal.
  • Takes part in after-school clubs or tutoring.
  • Meets with parents to discuss the performance of the students and suggests ways they could do better.
  • Grades students’ assignments and exams and awards mark to each of them.
  • Offers enhancing feedback that will help the students understand the subject better.
  • Take part in professional organizations.

Where to Find Teaching Job Openings

To find a teaching job, you have to prepare your mind for what you need. The best place to search for a teaching job is on the internet. Some websites advertise teaching-focused jobs. Most schools go to such places to hire teachers and other school workers. Applicants also go there to look for prospective employers.

Such websites include,,, or You can also visit for some roles at independent or private schools. 

Another way to get the best of your job search is to head straight to the source. You can visit the websites of the school districts where you would love to teach. There are a lot of them in your area or around the place you wish to teach. For teaching positions, you may apply for the role of a teacher aide.

That should be a great way to place your foot in the door. As you manage the role and an opening for the position you want comes up, you can apply and with your familiarity in the school, they may consider you before others.

You can start your job search any time you wish. However, there are particular times when your application might receive the best of attention. Remember, you are not the only one in the queue. So, you must do whatever you can to get what you want. Due to the lengthy nature of the interview and hiring process, you must submit your application very early.

Some schools will first allow every applicant to prove themselves by granting interviews to everyone. Then, they can start the next level by eliminating those who could not make it to the first interview. For this reason, it is good to apply for more than one school if possible. Do not put all your eggs in one basket because it is better to have multiple options than to be disappointed at the end. With the numerous options, you may negotiate a better salary.

The Interview Process for Jobs in a School

Some interviews take time to complete while some do not. For some job positions, the date of the availability of the job or the urgency to fill up the position determines the length of time for the interview. Some positions are hotcakes like maths, English, and special needs teachers. As a result, some hirers usually snap up such applicants before others would take them away. That does not mean that other positions are not relevant. All you need is to prepare yourself for the task ahead and be ready to defend yourself during the interview to be able to get exactly the position you want.

Salary Ranges for Teachers

The average salary for teachers in a high and middle school, according to Pascale, is between $37,000 and $79,000, with the mean salary as $50,743 per year. 

Requirements for a Teaching Position

The teacher requirements are stated below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in teaching and relevant fields
  • A minimum of two year-experience
  • Thorough knowledge of teaching methods and legal educational procedure
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent leadership and organization skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal and presentation skills.

Work Experience

You need work experience to assume some job positions in a school. You must include your experience in your resume as that is one of the selling points you have. In case you do not have any, you might volunteer to work in a high or middle school to gain experience. This experience will help you to apply for a job in a school in the coming session. 

If you are applying for a teaching job position and have other experiences in sports, youth clubs, summer camps, tutoring, and others, it will add some weight to your application. In addition, stay current with the national curriculum for your subject and ensure to show motivation, commitment, and strong communication skills. These skills are relevant to your promotion.

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What to Expect While Working In A School?

As a school worker, you may not always carry out the specific role you applied for. Sometimes, the duty might call in another role and you will need to stand in for your colleague until they are back. You may also have to give up extra hours of your time to attend other programs in the school like parents’ meetings, inspection preparation, breakfast clubs, after-school extracurricular activities like sports, drama, and field trips. Sometimes, some staff development opportunities may arise, or you may be included in occasional trips with the students where you may stay away for a couple of days.

Job Titles In High and Middle Schools

Below are some of the jobs titles you can find in high and middle schools:

1. School Administrator

A school administrator is the one at the helm of affairs. They run the day-to-day administration of the school. They ensure that every other aspect of the school function properly. They ensure the school lesson plan aligns The school administrator acquires a master’s degree in education management, in addition to their skills as a teacher, in order to manage the school better. 

2. Admission Director

Admission directors usually work with a private or provincial school. They are responsible for admitting and assessing new intakes. They give orientation and campus tours to the students, discuss programs of study with parents and students, manage exams, allocate scholarships and awards as well as represent the school in diverse meetings.

3. Subject Teachers

Teachers are the major pivots of the school. Their primary duty is to impart knowledge to the students. they work with the students in the classroom setting and prepare them for the future. High school teachers, unlike primary school teachers, do not teach all the subjects in the school. They focus on one subject area and teach the students everything about the subject. There are different subject teachers and they are maths, English, computer science, accounting, chemistry, economics, literature, history, and other subject teachers.

4. Food Service Specialist

Food specialists are not just known for cooking and serving meals. They do more. They come up with plans on nutrition for the students and make sure they have more fruits and veggies, minimizing the number of calories. The categories of people here include school chefs, food service workers, and food service assistants.

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5. Librarian

Librarians work in the school libraries. They keep the school stocked with educational materials like books of all classifications. The catalog and manage the way books are handled by the students. in addition, they help the students with research, while working with other librarians to ensure the provisions of resources. The people that work in the library include the head librarian, librarian aide, librarian assistant, library technician, technical service assistant, and webmaster.

6. Athletic Coach

Athletic coaches manage an array of sports for the school. They are hired to manage different sports activities for the students and to help them exceptional ones prepare for competitions and other sports events were to represent the school. The coach coordinates extracurricular activities for the school while helping the students to improve their performance in all aspects of sports. There are diverse coaches in this category and they are athletic directors, football coaches, health and physical education teacher, soccer coach, track and field coaches, and many more.

7. Music Teacher

Music teachers instruct students on how to sing and play musical instruments. They also teach music history. In some big schools, the music teacher may organize an orchestra and concerts for music in the school or even for some groups of schools. They ensure that the students are properly trained to carry out the musical activities.

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8. School counsellor

A school counsellor is needed in the school for the delicate roles they play in the lives of the students. they do not just counsel students, they help them to discover their potential talents and interests regarding the major they might focus on, either in high school or the tertiary institution. In order words, while teachers impact the students, the counselor ensures the students take the right path that would enable them to arrive at a great future. Furthermore, they help the students to apply for admissions and scholarships as well as their college credits.

9. School Nurse

The school nurse manages the health of the students within the school. They ensure the students are properly vaccinated and keep a record of their medical history in each of their files. They assess the students for their heights, weight, hearing, and eyesight to ensure everything is functioning appropriately. If the students encounter any illness or injuries, the nurse is burdened to provide care for the interim until everything normalizes or the student is taken to the hospital, where applicable. 

10. English-as-a-Second-Language Teacher

These teachers are mostly found in non-native English countries. They have to work with students who are second speakers of English to improve their fluency in spoken and written English. Some of them also migrate to non-English countries to coach the students in the English language and help them improve their English speaking and writing skills. In other cases, they are employed by the parents of these students to coach them better during extramural classes to ensure their children are on top of the game.

11. Director of Student Services

These professionals are involved in an array of programs in the school. They ensure to meet all the student’s needs by being part of their extracurricular activities. By doing so, they increase the students’ participation in activities, while identifying their areas of strength and helping in developing them better. Besides, they create policies and guidelines for the students to follow on campus.

12. School Bus Driver

The school bus driver drives the students to and fro school. They pick them up at their designated bus stops or homes in the morning and drop them at the same places after school. Some drivers work additional shifts to drive students to places where they hold extracurricular activities and also bring them back. Bus drivers must ensure the safety of the students. moreover, they must make certain the school bus is neat and good-looking. 

13. Groundskeeper

The primary duty of a groundskeeper is to maintain the school’s outdoor areas by pruning the lawns, watering the garden, planting flowers, and cleaning walkways. In addition, they make sure the outdoor sports fields like the football fields are properly trimmed and maintained. In areas where there exist snow, these professionals ensure to remove snow and ice from parking lots and sidewalks.

14. Special Education Teacher

A special education teacher, as the name implies, works with special students with disabilities. They provide instruction and guidance to them and help them measure up with their mates. They design learning plans, monitor the progress of students as well as provide social and emotional support to them.

15. Webmaster

A webmaster plays the role of developing and maintaining the school websites. They engage in writing programming codes and performing system tests on the websites. Furthermore, they work with website providers and school officials to make certain the smooth running of the websites, while updating them with new information. 

16. Principal

The principal is the head administrator of the school. The principal overs all the teaching and non-teaching activities of the school. They do not teach students but ensure the teachers and other staff carry out their duties judiciously. They also help in disciplining the staff and students. they have vice principals who support their roles and over when the principal is not on seat. In some schools, the principal is the sole, aide of school owners. But in big schools, there may be a need for other administrators, performing closely related roles as the principal.

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17. Secretary

The school secretary works together with the principal to ensure the efficient running of the school. They often have their offices in front of the school building, close to the principal’s office. Their major duty is to handle the paperwork of the school. More so, the secretary makes sure that everyone who enters the school signs in and out of the premises. 

18. Speech Therapist

The duty of a speech therapist includes identifying students with speech with-related issues and providing specific services to them. They also write, revise and implement all speech-related issues.

19. Reading Specialist

A reading specialist works with students who have difficulties in reading in a group setting. They help to identify the problem of the student and help them with their struggle while preparing them to meet up with their mates as soon as they can.

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20. Encumbrance Clerk

This role is quite burdensome. They are in charge of the school payroll and billing and also take responsibility for other financial issues of the school. They must make sure the account is balanced because any money they approve or spend must be accounted for. An encumbrance clerk must be organized and stay current with all the laws guiding the school finance. They are also known as the bursar.


Working in a school is fun. With the right mindset, you can help to impart the up-and-coming leaders.


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