15 Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals | 2022

The chemical industry has witnessed steady growth due to technological advancements. Most college students on graduation have their eyes set on some of the best paying jobs in major chemicals.

The chemical industry has a wide range of career options open for interested candidates to select from. Most of the best paying jobs in major chemicals come with impressive pay and added benefits.

These benefits make them one of the most sought-after labor sectors. A degree in chemistry puts you in a good spot for the best paying jobs in major chemicals.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in major chemicals? Keep reading, as we clearly review the best paying jobs in major chemicals.

Benefits of a Career in the Chemical Industry

There are several reasons why there is an increased interest in the best paying jobs in major chemicals. The benefits of pursuing a career in the chemical industry include:

Impressive pay and added benefits

According to a study, professions in major chemicals account for a sizable portion of highly compensated experts. Chemical engineers made a median pay of $102,160 in 2017, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Chemical engineers typically receive a generous benefits package from their companies, which includes paid time off, matching retirement plan contributions, and health insurance.

Transferable skills

A chemistry degree puts you in an excellent position for the highest-paying employment in the chemical industry. You’ll gain a variety of useful skills.

While your curriculum will be targeted to provide you with the skills you need for a career in chemistry, the talents you learn will also apply in non-chemistry-related fields.

Working in a major chemical company can help you develop core skills including research, critical thinking, spoken and written English, teamwork, problem-solving, and data analysis.

Intellectual work

For chemical engineers, monotony is rarely an issue. Job opportunities in major chemicals are virtually always demanding and intellectually stimulating.

Typical projects can include improving the efficiency of a refinery’s hydrocarbon cracking process or collaborating with the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up a heavily polluted Superfund site.

In either instance, resolving the issue will need innovative thought, investigation, and a great deal of effort.

Steps to Pursuing a Career in the Chemical Industry

Gain a Degree

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree, which serves as the foundation for an entry-level chemical career, is the first step in any chemical-related career. A bachelor’s degree in physical science normally takes four years to finish and gives a solid and wide basis of knowledge and training in the field.

Gain a master’s degree

A master’s degree in any chemical-related field will set you up for success in any career in the chemical industry. The best paying jobs in major chemicals are high in demand, with a master’s degree you have a high potential of getting one of these lucrative chemical positions. A master’s degree in chemistry will help you prepare for management and leadership roles in the sector.

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Gain experience

Most of the best paying jobs in major chemicals require applicants to have a stipulated amount of experience level. Having relevant work experience separates you from the amateurs in the field.

Additionally, gaining the required work experience improves learning outcomes since students will have the expertise and skills to put their learning into context. You can gain experience by interning at chemical factories.

What are the Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals?

The chemical industry has a diversified range of career options for interested applicants to select from. The Best paying jobs in major chemicals include:

Chemical engineers

Chemical engineering is undeniably one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals. In addition to being one of the Best paying jobs in major chemicals, the career option is also one of the most sought-after in the chemical sector.

Chemical engineers invent and develop chemical production processes using a variety of research approaches, including mathematics and biology. Their activity contributes to the production of pharmaceuticals, food, fuel, and other goods.

They have an estimated average salary of $97,450 per year.

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With an estimated average salary of $87,762, Geochemistry is one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals. Geochemists examine the structure, mobility, and impact of the earth’s chemical components.

This could include things like compound transportation and distribution via water systems, mineral chemical constitution, and more. You’ll also investigate the transport of those elements into soil and water systems, as well as the composition of fossil fuel deposits, using organic chemistry.


Pharmacologists play a critical role in the chemical industrial sector. They research new and existing medications, as well as other pharmaceuticals, to see how they affect humans and animals.

They look into the origins of medications as well as their chemical makeup. They may be in charge of ensuring that pharmaceuticals are safe and that rules and regulations are followed.

With a bad salary of $94,416 per year, pharmacologists make up one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals.

Chemical technician

A chemical technician is estimated to make about $17.48 every hour. Chemical technicians are in charge of ensuring that research chemists can conduct lab experiments correctly and efficiently.

They might finish activities like monitoring equipment or applying approaches to aid in certain research projects.


Toxicology is one of the most demanded of the best paying jobs in major chemicals. Toxicologists are primarily concerned with gaining new knowledge about how harmful compounds cause their effects.

They are to detect medications, poisons, alcohol, and other chemicals in the body by examining various blood and tissue samples.

Toxicologists also play an important role in the criminal or justice sector by helping to provide answers to questions about criminal cases. An entry-level job as a toxicologist can fetch you $60,000 yearly.

Analytical chemists

Analytical chemists perform roles similar to forensic scientists and toxicologists in the chemical industry. Analytical chemists have an estimated income of $59,370, making them one of the best-paying jobs in major chemicals.

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Analytical chemists investigate substances in order to conduct toxicity tests, produce medications, and solve forensic questions. Analytical chemists may work for a specific laboratory or organization.

Quality control chemist

Quality control chemists constitute one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals. A quality control chemist is a sort of laboratory chemist whose main responsibilities include measuring and testing lab materials and products using industry-specific standard techniques.

Typically, jobs are found in the pharmaceutical or manufacturing industries. As a quality control chemist, you ensure that all federal standards and safety procedures are followed.

Some QC chemists are also in charge of calibrating and maintaining lab equipment in addition to performing stringent quality assurance on samples. The estimated average salary for quality control chemists is $67,770.

Research scientists

Research scientists work in nearly every field in science. They design and conduct experiments and research in a variety of fields, including geoscience, medical research, meteorology, and pharmacology.

A research scientist will most likely be focusing on a much more specialized issue, such as gravitational waves or stem cell biology, in these wide study areas. Take a look at our research chemist job description if your specialization is likely to be chemistry-based.

Planning and performing experiments, documenting and analyzing data, carrying out fieldwork, such as collecting samples, and presenting results to senior research personnel are just a few of the responsibilities of a research scientist. Research scientists can earn as high as $85,300 every year.

Forensic science

Forensic science makes up a very important part of the criminal justice system. Soils, body fluids, fibers, plants, and explosives are among the evidence kinds examined by forensic scientists.

They make use of cutting-edge chemical and biological technology. Mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography are two biological technologies utilized by forensic scientists.

In addition, forensic scientists take photographs, drawings, and reports of their discoveries, communicate with numerous specialists, rebuild crime scenes, and testify in court as expert witnesses when appropriate.

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Environmental consultants

Environmental consultants are witnessing an increase in demand due to recent changes in the climate. They are among the Best paying jobs in major chemicals.

Efforts to promote renewable energy and low-emission technology are receiving an increasing amount of government money.

Environmental consultants might be found working with organizations that invest in research and development in these areas. They have an in-depth understanding of environmental legislation and can advise clients in the private sector or public sector organizations on how to avoid fines, legal action, or ill-advised deals.

An environmental consultant is equipped with the scientific knowledge and technical expertise needed to undertake comprehensive environmental evaluations. Environmental consultants have an estimated annual salary of $62,700.

Material scientist

The material science career field is one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals. People in this field are estimated to have average annual earnings of $86,670.

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Materials scientists investigate both natural and manufactured objects in order to understand more. Their discoveries could be utilized to create new materials, modify existing materials, or make judgments on how to use resources differently.

Laboratory Technician

Laboratory technicians play a critical role in every laboratory. They are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of any laboratory. Lab technicians assist the team with inventory, lab equipment maintenance, and communication with management.

As a laboratory technician, you are in charge of guaranteeing that all standards and protocols are adhered to during procedures. The estimated base salary earning for a laboratory technician is $37,000.

Hazardous waste chemist

Hazardous waste management chemists are in charge of detecting and identifying chemical pollutants in the air, water, and soil. They make major contributions to reducing pollution and resolving hazardous waste-related issues. Evaluating and managing the storage and handling of hazardous waste is also part of the job.

Dangerous waste management chemists employ analytical chemistry skills to assess the chemical composition of a potentially hazardous object.

This career option constitutes one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals, with an estimated Median average annual salary range of $27,000 – $48,750.

Water chemists

Water chemists play a critical role in ensuring public health. Water chemists are responsible for analyzing and managing water quality and cleanliness.

Bench chemists and data review chemists are two types of chemists who operate in this sector. They usually work for the government or for environmental management firms in the private sector.

Water chemists are passionate about the environment. They are objective, pragmatic individuals with strong analytical abilities. They have an estimated average salary of $67,315.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best paying job in major chemicals?

Chemical engineering is usually referred to as the best paying job in major chemicals.

Is a career in chemistry good?

Yes, a career in chemistry builds a strong knowledge base for branching to other related fields.

Are jobs in major chemicals in high demand?

Yes, jobs in major chemical are expected to grow exponentially in coming years

Do chemistry majors make good money?

Yes, the estimated average annual salary for a chemist is projected at $83,750.


A degree in chemistry opens up options in a wide range of disciplines, including science, research, business, and healthcare. With a chemistry degree, you can find a job that matches your interests while simultaneously earning good pay.



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