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20 Best Jobs That Requires Travel And Pay Well | 2023

Do you find traveling amazing and you always want to be on the go? Have you considered making a career with it?

It can be super fun when you get to see new places, have new experiences, interact and rub minds with other people from different fields.

Yes! You can also make cool money from it, have your space, and set schedules or work hours. 

In this article, I will guide you through how to work, travel, and make that money. Also, I will list out a few jobs that require travel and pay well.

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Can I Get Paid To Travel?

Yes! You can travel around the world and still get paid while having lots of fun. If you want to be paid to travel the world, then you need jobs that require travel and pays well because you will definitely want to earn a lot.

There’s lots of prove that you can earn while you travel the world. Lots of people have been traveling the world for years, earning big time from high-paying jobs that require travel.

Working and traveling doesn’t give you money quickly; it’s something you build with time.

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How to Travel the World While Working

Working and traveling the world isn’t a simple job. If it was, many people would have hopped in. A lot of these professions aren’t something you wake up and decide you will do immediately.

They require passion, commitment, talent and of course special training. If it’s something that you don’t have to put much effort or commitments then consider the pay, it would not worth it.

The truth about high-paying jobs that require travel is that they need years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Apart from that, it’s never impossible not to work and travel.

There are many people out there doing that, and you too can. You just need your kickstart tools- dedication, hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.

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 High Paying Jobs That Require Travel

There is lot of jobs that pays you to travel but I will provide you with insight on the best 20 jobs worth having.

These jobs pay handsomely as well as required you to tour the world, of course.

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1. Travel Blogging

Guess you have seen people who post pictures online about new places they have visited. Those people don’t seem to have a steady place.

This is because they are travel bloggers. Travel blogging is one of the high paying jobs that require travel.

Just like the name, it involves you travelling to different countries or states and sharing all your experience with you followers or audience on social media handles or elsewhere.

It’s not easy earning a living with a travel blog; it requires hard work and can take years to get a success.

Travel blogging isn’t the only thing you can do while travelling, you can also blog about food, fashion, events and lifestyle.

These bloggers get income form advertising, selling products, affiliate marketing and also influencer project.

Before you can get to the money aspect you have to first build your audience or followers.

Average income: $500 $20,000+ per month.

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2. Airline Pilot

Being an airline pilot gives you the responsibility of navigating an aircraft safely to where the destination is.

You may f an airplane from a private jet or a major airline for different passengers.

This particular job is one among many jobs that require travel and pay well. Some airline pilots are responsible mainly for cargo delivery, war purposes or passengers.

Captains and first officers responsible for major airlines usually make higher salary.

Average income: $3730+ per month.

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3. Meeting, Convention and Event Planner

These planners are usually professionals in their fields. They work hand-in-hand with their clients to select the best location for their client’s weddings, conferences or any other events.

Once the location is decided, they travel to the selected location to make further arrangements that suits their client’s desires. They make special events happen by travelling and getting paid by their clients.

To be a qualified event planner, a bachelor’s degree is needed in communications, business, event management or any similar field.

Also, you can get a professional voluntary certificate for planners from several organizations such as the events industry council or society of government meeting professionals.

Average income: $4,217+ per month.

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4. Massage Therapist

These set of professionals might work in any small area of their choice. They could also travel out and within the country if they are hired by a sports team or cruise line.

Massage therapist are of two types; those that provide massages that encourage relaxation and wellness (these are therapist who work at resorts or on cruises) and those who travel with various athletes with the aim of helping them improve their performance or avoid getting injury.

Massage therapist are of good importance and therefore required to be licensed or certified by most states or countries. This means they have to graduate from an approved program and pass the therapist exam well.

According to the best job analysis, massage therapist have a good work life balance, less stress and excellent job prospects. 

Average income: $3568+ per month

5. Photographers

This is one of the most wanted jobs that require travel and pay well. Who wouldn’t want to see the world as they take their tour around?

A photographer enjoys taking pictures of still lives and others. Their pictures appear neat and eye catching.

Many photographers have turn photography to full time work where they earn highly from.

Various companies want and use captivating images in their advertising and marketing.

Some of these photographers can be employed full time by big companies or brands. Even if they are not employed, they can still make money by selling stick photos or prints.

They can also sign up as a personal vacation photographer or other forms of photographers where their travel expenses are easily funded by their clients.

 Average income: $3,495+ per month

6. Millwrights

These are not the normal jobs you can think of. It’s not sexy or cool but it’s worth the try.

They are called industrial mechanics and have lots of flexibility in whatever project they partake in. They can work wherever machinery is required.

Their works involve installing, dismantling, repairing and assembling machinery for power plants, construction sites and big factories.

Average income: $4,608+ per month 

7. Conservation Scientists

Bet you skip this job anytime you think of jobs that require travel and pay well but it’s a very important and sought after job. It involves massive tourism.

It’s a job that makes sure the habitats are intact. A conservationist scientist manages land quality of forests, rangelands, parks and so many other natural resources.

Average income: $ 5,404+ per month

8. Teach English Abroad

This is a good travel job for you if you know how to speak English very fluent. English teachers are sought after around the world with very attractive sum.

You can be an English tutor overseas or online from your laptop. Before you can be qualified for this job, a college degree is required for online jobs.

For foreign teaching jobs, a TEFL certificate is required too.

Average income: $2000 $3000 per month

9. Yacht Sailing Jobs 

You can’t have a yacht sailing job if you’re scared of water. Lots of persons find it difficult to carry out any work once it involves water.

To have this high paying job, you must first overcome your fear of water.

This is an amazing job where you get to cruise in a yacht! Who wouldn’t want that beautiful tour where you get to see exotic places?

Your accommodation and feeding gets cover too especially if you’re working in a private yacht. When considering jobs that require travel and pay well, have a try at this.

If you have never had this type of job then don’t panic. You can learn if through a course and practice.

Average income: $2000 $3000 per month

10. Hotel Manager

How can a hotel manager be among jobs that require travel and pay well? Being a hotel manager is one of the high paying jobs that require travel and pay well.

First let’s talk about the roles of a hotel manager.

A hotel manager is solely responsible for the hotel’s operation. The manager also oversees the employees, caterings, accommodation and marketing.

The hotel manager ensures that every operation runs smoothly to the satisfaction of the guest. This is among the travel jobs because a hotel manager needs to secure vendors, figure out what part of the hotel needs upgrade, build contracts with small on-site restaurants and also shops.

In order to achieve all or most of this, the manager needs to travel frequently to learn more about how to carry out his duty to customer satisfaction.

He might also need to manage other hotels and visit other hotels to gain this knowledge.

Average income: $4,263+ per month

11. Infection Preventionist

Their duties are to research, gain knowledge and understand as many diseases as possible. They are able to identify disease’s pattern within a population and in certain groups.

When the infection preventionist understands more about a disease, they can quickly look for ways to prevent and curb that disease from spreading.

They travel the world to conduct researches and interviews on how different people react to the diseases. In such process, they are able to attain the cure for such disease. 

Average income: $ 5,881+ per month

12. Geologist

A geologist as one job that requires travel and pays well! Yes, it is a serious work like every other high-paying jobs mentioned here. They figure out and determine how natural disasters can affect the earth.

Geologists study landslides, volcanoes, and earthquakes. They give special advice in terms of buildings or constructions to avoid damages.

They consult architects and may need to travel to different parts of the world to consult with them or people in similar fields. 

Average income: $6,151+ per month

13. Cartographer or Map Makers

Map makers gather information, draw new guides and update existing ones. While a portion of these experts invests the vast majority of their energy in an office, the BLS says others travel broadly.

This hand-on work might be to check geological highlights or gather other data about the area being planned. This is one of the high-paying jobs that requires travel but also adds to your knowledge.

Most mapmakers have a four-year certification in map-making, studying, and geology.

Our Best Positions system observed this vocation positions high for future development, low pressure, and a decent balance between serious and fun activities.

Average income: $5,456+ per month

14. Travel Nurse

Don’t get confuse!, We have our normal nurses who are satisfied with staying at a particular place but also there are travel nurses who find pleasure touring the world as they perform their duty.

Some registered nurses were part of the few workers who traveled around the world and helped out with the covid-19 pandemic issue. Most travel nurses are not operating under any government organization or an employer.

They are mostly independent registered nurses who enjoy traveling the world as they perform their duty.

A travel nurse can be contracted for certain periods such as 13 weeks, before they relocate to provide care in their new area. 

If you want to become a registered nurse, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in nursing from a nursing program that’s approved. You will also have to pass a licensure exam to get qualified.

Also, registered nurses will have to spend at least one year working as intern in acute care clinical firms. 

Average income: $6,108

15. Travel Writer

This is one of the best jobs that require travel and pay well. Most people think travel writing is a waste of money and time but they don’t seem to know the fun and how much you can earn from it.

If you like writing and wish to explore more about it then try travel writing. You sure will be amazed about a lot of things you can find interesting to write about.

As a writer, you can be paid to be a full-time, salary writer to a website, magazine, newspaper or blog. You can also be a freelance writer, become your own boss and create your own schedule.

Average income: $5,897+ per month

16. Architect

The job of an architect is not necessarily limited to only in an office. They can travel to consult with other workers, brainstorm with other workers on new projects and go to construction sites.

Architects create the drawings required to construct new buildings.

Average income: $6,730+ per month

17. Interpreter and Translator

The need for interpreters and translators keeps increasing. This set of persons can easily find jobs around the globe.

They help people understand and communicate effectively.

Most interpreters and translators are self-employed and travel around the world as they perform this work.

Average income: $4,319+ per month

18. Auditor

As one of the high-paying jobs that require travel, an auditor is like an accountant who makes sure the operations of the firm are running effectively.

They assess a company’s records of finance. 

Average income: $6,493

19.Market Research Analyst

These set of individuals analyze what people need, their wants and their behavioral pattern towards goods.

They get this information for companies who might need them to be able to improve and create new products.

They travel to various places to gather this information.

Average income: $5,954+ per month

20. Agents (Sports and Performer)

Being an agent is a stressful yet exciting job. They are normally surrounded by celebrities.

Also, they represent those celebrities and tend to keep the image of their clients intact.

Their job may require travels in order to negotiate contracts and certain deals on behalf of their clients. 

Average income: $7,573+ per month

FAQs On 20 Jobs That Require Travel And Pay Well

Must i close deal to keep my job?

Yes, the work of a sales representative involves closing high-paying deals and most deals might be out of the country or state. This might require traveling to those countries.

Are there are high-paying jobs that require travel?

Yes, there are high-paying jobs that require travel but doesn’t require a certificate. An example is travel blogging.

Can a family man/woman travel often for work?

You can raise a family while traveling and working but with time, you might end up spending less time with your family, quitting your job, or traveling less.


Travel jobs are fun, and they allow you to explore the world while you earn.

If you are a free-spirited person who likes and enjoy traveling then these jobs that require travel and pay well are your dream jobs.

You won’t want to miss the adventures and intriguing moments that come with these jobs.


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